New Podcast for Gagsters

New Podcast for Gagsters

What Have I Been Up To?

So, I haven't been on here very much over the past several months other than to talk to some people via message. There was a reason for it, I was working on a podcast for all you Gagsters out there.

A G@G Podcast, What?

I remember seeing several questions posted about a podcast based on the G@G site. Well, those questions came and went, but I never really saw anything come of it. So, I thought "I have the basic equipment. I have the time. Let's see what happens." And, I went for it and did it. Now, we are in no way officially affiliated with Girls Ask Guys .com in any way. But, I remembered those questions that were posted.

I started recording myself and after a couple of weeks, I got a co-host for the show. Her name is Ashley. We messed around with recording options that really didn't work and then did a HUGE upgrade in our technology around episode 11 or 12. Before that, it was pretty rough going. We currently record with the same technology as the BBC, World Radio, Discovery Networks, and some other impressive names. Why is this important?

New Podcast for Gagsters

Be On The Show

Because you can be a guest or guest co-host on the show. Yeah, you could just submit questions, but every podcast pretty much does that. Being on the show allows you to follow up and get clarity. You get to engage and delve deeper into the question or opinion. That technology stuff? That allows you to come on the show via phone (mobile) or via the internet (with or without video). All you need is a stable connection and some type of plug-in microphone. Yes, you can be anonymous if you want. We use the same editing software used in Hollywood and television production companies. The software for the show "Walking Dead" audio, yep that's what we use (around episode 9).

As a guest co-host, you get to give your opinions on submitted questions or topics just like we do. And we cover a lot of ground in 30 minutes.

New Podcast for Gagsters

The Launch Of The “Girls Ask Guys Show”

There have been over 20 shows recorded already covering a WIDE range of topics. We just launched the show today. Three episodes are available today. One show will release per day for the rest of the week. Then we switch to our regular schedule of two shows per week. Who knows, we may have just answered one of YOUR questions on the show.

Find Out More or Listen

If you want to know more about the show you can head over to the show's website.

If you want to listen to the released shows you can find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or on Spotify. Just do a search for "Girls Ask Guys Show". More distribution services are coming.

You can also use our Universal Link. This will take you to Apple or Google depending on what operating system you use.

You can also just message me directly if you have any questions.

New Podcast for Gagsters
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