The moderators and admins on G@G.

Feeling a bit cheesy tonight so might as well, I think this is the right place?

I wish to share an opinion I’ve formed over time and give a big shout-out to the mods and admins of this site. Never mind the fact that the site is always “clean” (despite the amount of bs our mods/admins have to deal with), they are very down to Earth and incredibly pleasant to talk to. On many other sites the mods/admins rule with an iron fist, getting an ego-boost out of their ability to ban people, our mods/admins genuinely do care while still allowing us our freedom of speech. They are also interactive with us like any other user, which is amazing.

All in all, I really think we have gotten lucky with this site. I have been on a few forums but G@G really lets me express myself comfortably, I believe many others agree. It’s a great site in general.

Enough cheese. Thanks for making this site pretty darn great!
(If this isn’t actually a MyTake I’m sorry :c)

The moderators and admins on G@G.
The moderators and admins on G@G.
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