Get To Know Me--- SydneySentinel

Get To Know Me--- SydneySentinel

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name :
nickname : Ray
gender : Female
How long have you been on Girlsaskguys: Since October 2018 (old account and new account)
What are your favourite categories: Relationships and Dating are my most used categories but I find a lot of content I like in others too.
birthday : September
star sign : Virgo
current time :
last thing i googled : the location of my daughter's next soccer game
average sleep : maybe 5 hours?
lucky number : 333
currently wearing : Jeans and a tank top
dream job : NatGeo photographer and writer
dream trip : Greece, Italy
favorite food : cheesecake (can't have it often), Chipotle, or chicken with riced cauliflower (my version of chicken fried rice)
favourite drinks : coffee, diet mt dew
instruments : cello-- I'd like to learn someday
favorite song : Lover, You Should Have Come Over-- Jeff Buckley
last song you listened to: Sweet Caroline
last film you watched: Lawless
Last book you read: Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher
what food are you craving right now? Lobster



Get To Know Me--- SydneySentinel
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