Get To Know Me--- SydneySentinel

Get To Know Me--- SydneySentinel

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I was tagged by @Agape93

name :
nickname : Ray
gender : Female
How long have you been on Girlsaskguys: Since October 2018 (old account and new account)
What are your favourite categories: Relationships and Dating are my most used categories but I find a lot of content I like in others too.
birthday : September
star sign : Virgo
current time :
last thing i googled : the location of my daughter's next soccer game
average sleep : maybe 5 hours?
lucky number : 333
currently wearing : Jeans and a tank top
dream job : NatGeo photographer and writer
dream trip : Greece, Italy
favorite food : cheesecake (can't have it often), Chipotle, or chicken with riced cauliflower (my version of chicken fried rice)
favourite drinks : coffee, diet mt dew
instruments : cello-- I'd like to learn someday
favorite song : Lover, You Should Have Come Over-- Jeff Buckley
last song you listened to: Sweet Caroline
last film you watched: Lawless
Last book you read: Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher
what food are you craving right now? Lobster



Get To Know Me--- SydneySentinel
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  • name : Andy

    nickname : Oh it surname based so for privacy reason's I'll pretend it's Dave

    gender : Male

    How long have you been on Girlsaskguys: A couple of years or so, I was a blue anon for a while just observing and adding one or two smartarse comments, I joined when I was full of flu and bedridden so my initial comments were probably a result of sleep deprivation and flu medication

    What are your favourite categories: I put everything in GAG community and then GAG comes back and gives me a serious bollocking and moves it somewhere else

    birthday : May

    star sign : Taurus

    current time : 2.45am

    last thing i googled : Oh I want to say something interesting but it was genuinely football results

    average sleep : I need on average 8 hours a night to function on a relatively normal basis (and about 10 hours a day lol)

    lucky number : 13

    currently wearing : Shorts (knee length) and what I can only describe as a long sleeved t-shirt

    dream job : Sports Journalism

    dream trip : I've been to most places I wanted to visit... maybe South America... Argentina/Brazil

    favorite food : Probably seafood... depends on my mood.

    favourite drinks : alcohol wise-lager/jack daniels non alcohol.. watermelon flavoured water/yorkshire tea

    instruments : Triangle... the only instrument my music teacher thought I had the talent to play

    favorite song : Totally depends on my mood. I have feeling sad songs/feeling happy songs/feeling indifferent songs/feeling Christmassy songs... At the moment I'm in an indifferent mood so lets go for something from the Stone Roses

    last song you listened to: Crazy by Patsy Cline... admittedly I was watching Tyson Fury's walk on music so not something I chose.

    last film you watched: Watched a film called Submarine this evening... great film.. Richard Ayode wrote/directed I think

    Last book you read: Well I'm reading a book called "Richmond Unchained", which is a book about an American Slave who fled to England in the 19th Century and became a sporting legend and even acted as a guard of honour at George the 3rd coronation. The reason I'd love to be a sports journalist is if you did deep another there's some fascinating stories.

    what food are you craving right now? It's 3am... If I'd had a few beers it might be a kebab, but instead I'd settle for anything that helps me sleep lol
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    • Anonymous

      So it can be described as a long sleeved t-shirt but it isn't?
      Argentina would be really cool to visit.
      I bet you're great at the triangle 🤣
      Crazy is a great song!!

  • lightbulb27
    my brother/wife just did motorcycle tour of Greece, much enjoyed it. hope you get to do that... maybe take some pics. Me... I want to go Slovenia or Italy.

    Do you believe in, understand, or find value in, astrology?
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    • Anonymous

      I'm not sure if I'll be on a motorcycle... LOL but yes! I hope to go someday.
      No, I do not really follow or find value in astrology.
      You should make one! The world of gag wants to know about lightbulb27!!

    • name :
      nickname : Mr.
      gender : male, always have... always will.
      How long have you been on Girlsaskguys: Since 2015 off and on after a breakup and I wanted to understand better... you know whose... "waskaly wabbits"
      What are your favourite categories: Relationships and Dating
      birthday : August
      star sign : Leo
      current time : 3:20pm EST
      last thing i googled : Multiple Sclerosis... understanding for someone who has
      average sleep : 7-8hrs
      lucky number : I haven't found one yet...
      currently wearing : work clothes, I'm workin'
      dream job : Spiritual healer, Private Detective
      dream trip : Travel to space and back
      favorite food :
      favourite drinks : water (good h2o), tea, v8
      instruments : guitar, I little piano (not a tiny one, I play chords)
      favorite song : My eyes adored you, Frankie Valley, but depends on my emotional state. Right now it's 21 Guns, green day. Kinda diverse ya know?
      last song you listened to: Superman, 5 for fighting
      last film you watched: Joker
      Last book you read: Reading Intuitive Medicine, Trauma Recovery Training
      what food are you craving right now? choc cake.
      Pets: cat (s) Car color: blue, tan, gold

    • Anonymous

      I LOVE that song!! I like Who Loves You... I used to sing that to my daughter when she was a baby... pretty baby.
      I must have missed the pet part and the car!!

Most Helpful Girls

  • midnightmoon05
    name :
    gender : Female
    Been on gag since: Sometime 2012... second account now

    What are your favourite categories: Various... I enjoy reading diff. things here... and learn about diff. people/personalities
    birthday : June
    star sign : Gemini
    favorite color: white - pure
    last thing i googled : restaurant going with family later
    average sleep : maybe 7 hours?
    lucky number : 7
    currently wearing : Burgandy skinny jeans, blouse
    dream job : Go to other countries - read, sing with children. Teach them English, bring them books.Get To Know Me--- SydneySentineldream trip : Kyoto (Japan), Italy, France, Switzerland, a few south Asian Countries.
    favorite food : Japanese, Italian, Indian, Seafood...
    favourite drinks : water and tea
    instruments : Gu-Zhen (a type of Chinese Instrutment
    favorite song : too many to list
    last song you listened to: My daughter sang one for her talent show
    what food are you craving right now? Vietnamese soup
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    • Nice dream job.. one of my best friends brother was a Nat. Geog. photographer..

    • Bluemax

      I would like to go to Kyoto someday, too.

    • @Bluemax thank you for reading. One of the best in life, to be able to expereince diff. cultures.

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  • Izumiblu
    Holy crap. My nickname is Rei. Literally pronounced almost same as ray.
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    • Anonymous

      When I was a kid, my friends spelled it Rae!

    • Izumiblu

      Weird coincidence. I’ve never known anyone to have a similar name before.

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  • Bluemax
    How did you acquire the nickname Ray? Ray of light? Ray of hope? Ray of sunshine? Everybody Loves Raymond?
    • Anonymous

      Sent you a PM.

    • Would love to get to know you Bluemax

    • Anonymous

      He is a very kind gentleman and a great conversationalist! Teaching is a common theme here.

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  • EnglundUberAlles
    Hi Soocer Mom!

    You sound way too normal to be on GaG.
    • *Soccer... can't blame that on the keyboard. tsk

    • Anonymous

      We're all a little weird if we're on Gag.

    • Anonymous

      But yes, Soccer Mom!

  • R_ūshī
    I feel so dumb rn🤣🤣🤣
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Now, you got me craving for lobster & cheesecake. :)
  • Likes2drive
    Yeah interesting profile, mine is not private and has a few things but not that extreme, some people are more private on here
  • HaveNoName
    What? All the good people here are Virgos? No kidding !!! Just found that out about @Apple1996
  • lucas262
    Buster brown
    About 2 years off and on
    10:58 pm
    Putlockers, the godfather
    3_8 hrs
    Long Pajama bottoms
    Tank top under red t shirt
    CEO of international construction company/film maker.
    Smithsonian institute. Washington d. c
    Little ceasers pizza with crazy bread.
    Vlotage mt dew/SIMPLY pineapple mango juice/ straight coffee
    tried harmonica
    Too many fav songs.
    Not strong enough by apocilyotica.
    Part of lights out
    Fan fic sifi book online
  • Plitty-Tank
    Wow! I just was informed of you about 3 or 4 days ago.

    Whoa! So your favorite number is exactly half of the Mark of the Beast!!! Does that mean you are halfway scary or halfway serving Satan?
    • Anonymous

      No!! No beast accosiation. LOL It's rather stupid that I like the number 3, so three 3s are even more appealing.

  • stuntbrain
    You didn't bother to tag me, so this is me not responding 🤐
    • Anonymous

      Haha I would not have thought you'd do it! But everyone wants to know, Stuntbrain.

    • Don't bother trying to appeal to my sad, desperate need for approval and dreams of widespread popularity. It's far too late for that now... there's no soothing this broken heart💔

    • Lol I'm very proud of this 😅

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  • Creepazoid
    Cute photo. Is that you?
    • Anonymous

      Lol yes but most of the time, I don't have little tiles on my face!
      You should share one?

    • Nah. I dont want my photo associated with this account. Gag is a place where I admit too much about myself and my past. I don't want that coming back to bite me on my ass. You got snap?

    • wasn't sure if it was you. Wouldn't take you as a girl who would color your hair colorful. Purple suits you tho

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  • LiamSawyer
    I'd love to get to know you way more Ray!
    • Anonymous

      You know me pretty well, Liam!!

    • Never well enough!

  • NickiB1
    I'm also a virgo.

    Great mytake
    • Anonymous

      Tag, you're it!

    • NickiB1

      hey not fair

    • NickiB1

      just kidding. i will do it

  • October808
    I like the hair.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you! Lol

  • Texaskid1
    Uffff... you are a cutie pie!!!

    • Anonymous

      Ohhh well that was very unexpected, Mr. Kid! Thank you.

    • Texaskid1

      You are welcome you naughty girl.

  • I love this!!! :)
  • justcurious2019
    i nice to meet you
    • Anonymous

      I nice to meet you too.

    • thanks mind if i asked what you do for work now?

    • Anonymous

      I'm a teacher!

  • LexyIsSexy23
    Where did that Chinese boy go?
    • Anonymous

      Not sure. I liked that chinese boy

    • Me too🙂

  • bklynbadboy1
    Wow! I like that
    • Anonymous

      You should do one too

  • you seem like a cool dude
  • coolbreeze
    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  • Nik1hil
    This is interesting series!..
  • motownplayer2000
  • dthomas89
    No thanks
  • NightOwl8801
    That's cool stuff
  • pizzalovershouse
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take.
  • CT_CD
    Thank you for letting us get to know you
  • engel23
    Are you in sydney?
  • Anonymous
    Aren’t you that Wowgirl too?
    • Anonymous

      No but she made the photo I used here.