Get To Know Me--- SydneySentinel

Get To Know Me--- SydneySentinel

#TagGame @ultimega

I was tagged by @Agape93

name :
nickname : Ray
gender : Female
How long have you been on Girlsaskguys: Since October 2018 (old account and new account)
What are your favourite categories: Relationships and Dating are my most used categories but I find a lot of content I like in others too.
birthday : September
star sign : Virgo
current time :
last thing i googled : the location of my daughter's next soccer game
average sleep : maybe 5 hours?
lucky number : 333
currently wearing : Jeans and a tank top
dream job : NatGeo photographer and writer
dream trip : Greece, Italy
favorite food : cheesecake (can't have it often), Chipotle, or chicken with riced cauliflower (my version of chicken fried rice)
favourite drinks : coffee, diet mt dew
instruments : cello-- I'd like to learn someday
favorite song : Lover, You Should Have Come Over-- Jeff Buckley
last song you listened to: Sweet Caroline
last film you watched: Lawless
Last book you read: Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher
what food are you craving right now? Lobster



Get To Know Me--- SydneySentinel
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  • AndrewMG

    name : Andy

    nickname : Oh it surname based so for privacy reason's I'll pretend it's Dave

    gender : Male

    How long have you been on Girlsaskguys: A couple of years or so, I was a blue anon for a while just observing and adding one or two smartarse comments, I joined when I was full of flu and bedridden so my initial comments were probably a result of sleep deprivation and flu medication

    What are your favourite categories: I put everything in GAG community and then GAG comes back and gives me a serious bollocking and moves it somewhere else

    birthday : May

    star sign : Taurus

    current time : 2.45am

    last thing i googled : Oh I want to say something interesting but it was genuinely football results

    average sleep : I need on average 8 hours a night to function on a relatively normal basis (and about 10 hours a day lol)

    lucky number : 13

    currently wearing : Shorts (knee length) and what I can only describe as a long sleeved t-shirt

    dream job : Sports Journalism

    dream trip : I've been to most places I wanted to visit... maybe South America... Argentina/Brazil

    favorite food : Probably seafood... depends on my mood.

    favourite drinks : alcohol wise-lager/jack daniels non alcohol.. watermelon flavoured water/yorkshire tea

    instruments : Triangle... the only instrument my music teacher thought I had the talent to play

    favorite song : Totally depends on my mood. I have feeling sad songs/feeling happy songs/feeling indifferent songs/feeling Christmassy songs... At the moment I'm in an indifferent mood so lets go for something from the Stone Roses

    last song you listened to: Crazy by Patsy Cline... admittedly I was watching Tyson Fury's walk on music so not something I chose.

    last film you watched: Watched a film called Submarine this evening... great film.. Richard Ayode wrote/directed I think

    Last book you read: Well I'm reading a book called "Richmond Unchained", which is a book about an American Slave who fled to England in the 19th Century and became a sporting legend and even acted as a guard of honour at George the 3rd coronation. The reason I'd love to be a sports journalist is if you did deep another there's some fascinating stories.

    what food are you craving right now? It's 3am... If I'd had a few beers it might be a kebab, but instead I'd settle for anything that helps me sleep lol

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    • Anonymous

      So it can be described as a long sleeved t-shirt but it isn't?
      Argentina would be really cool to visit.
      I bet you're great at the triangle 🤣
      Crazy is a great song!!

  • lightbulb27

    my brother/wife just did motorcycle tour of Greece, much enjoyed it. hope you get to do that... maybe take some pics. Me... I want to go Slovenia or Italy.

    Do you believe in, understand, or find value in, astrology?

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    • Anonymous

      I'm not sure if I'll be on a motorcycle... LOL but yes! I hope to go someday.
      No, I do not really follow or find value in astrology.
      You should make one! The world of gag wants to know about lightbulb27!!

    • name :
      nickname : Mr.
      gender : male, always have... always will.
      How long have you been on Girlsaskguys: Since 2015 off and on after a breakup and I wanted to understand better... you know whose... "waskaly wabbits"
      What are your favourite categories: Relationships and Dating
      birthday : August
      star sign : Leo
      current time : 3:20pm EST
      last thing i googled : Multiple Sclerosis... understanding for someone who has
      average sleep : 7-8hrs
      lucky number : I haven't found one yet...
      currently wearing : work clothes, I'm workin'
      dream job : Spiritual healer, Private Detective
      dream trip : Travel to space and back
      favorite food :
      favourite drinks : water (good h2o), tea, v8
      instruments : guitar, I little piano (not a tiny one, I play chords)
      favorite song : My eyes adored you, Frankie Valley, but depends on my emotional state. Right now it's 21 Guns, green day. Kinda diverse ya know?
      last song you listened to: Superman, 5 for fighting
      last film you watched: Joker
      Last book you read: Reading Intuitive Medicine, Trauma Recovery Training
      what food are you craving right now? choc cake.
      Pets: cat (s) Car color: blue, tan, gold

    • Anonymous

      I LOVE that song!! I like Who Loves You... I used to sing that to my daughter when she was a baby... pretty baby.
      I must have missed the pet part and the car!!

Most Helpful Girls

  • midnightmoon05

    name :
    gender : Female
    Been on gag since: Sometime 2012... second account now

    What are your favourite categories: Various... I enjoy reading diff. things here... and learn about diff. people/personalities
    birthday : June
    star sign : Gemini
    favorite color: white - pure
    last thing i googled : restaurant going with family later
    average sleep : maybe 7 hours?
    lucky number : 7
    currently wearing : Burgandy skinny jeans, blouse
    dream job : Go to other countries - read, sing with children. Teach them English, bring them books.

    Get To Know Me--- SydneySentinel

    dream trip : Kyoto (Japan), Italy, France, Switzerland, a few south Asian Countries.
    favorite food : Japanese, Italian, Indian, Seafood...
    favourite drinks : water and tea
    instruments : Gu-Zhen (a type of Chinese Instrutment
    favorite song : too many to list
    last song you listened to: My daughter sang one for her talent show
    what food are you craving right now? Vietnamese soup

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    • Nice dream job.. one of my best friends brother was a Nat. Geog. photographer..

    • Bluemax

      I would like to go to Kyoto someday, too.

    • @Bluemax thank you for reading. One of the best in life, to be able to expereince diff. cultures.

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  • Izumiblu

    Holy crap. My nickname is Rei. Literally pronounced almost same as ray.

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    • Anonymous

      When I was a kid, my friends spelled it Rae!

    • Izumiblu

      Weird coincidence. I’ve never known anyone to have a similar name before.

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  • Bluemax

    How did you acquire the nickname Ray? Ray of light? Ray of hope? Ray of sunshine? Everybody Loves Raymond?

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    • Anonymous

      Sent you a PM.

    • Would love to get to know you Bluemax

    • Anonymous

      He is a very kind gentleman and a great conversationalist! Teaching is a common theme here.

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  • EnglundUberAlles

    Hi Soocer Mom!

    You sound way too normal to be on GaG.

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    • *Soccer... can't blame that on the keyboard. tsk

    • Anonymous

      We're all a little weird if we're on Gag.

    • Anonymous

      But yes, Soccer Mom!

  • R_ūshī

    I feel so dumb rn🤣🤣🤣

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  • DeeDeeDeVour

    Now, you got me craving for lobster & cheesecake. :)

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  • Likes2drive

    Yeah interesting profile, mine is not private and has a few things but not that extreme, some people are more private on here

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  • HaveNoName

    What? All the good people here are Virgos? No kidding !!! Just found that out about @Apple1996

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  • lucas262

    Buster brown
    About 2 years off and on
    10:58 pm
    Putlockers, the godfather
    3_8 hrs
    Long Pajama bottoms
    Tank top under red t shirt
    CEO of international construction company/film maker.
    Smithsonian institute. Washington d. c
    Little ceasers pizza with crazy bread.
    Vlotage mt dew/SIMPLY pineapple mango juice/ straight coffee
    tried harmonica
    Too many fav songs.
    Not strong enough by apocilyotica.
    Part of lights out
    Fan fic sifi book online

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  • Plitty-Tank

    Wow! I just was informed of you about 3 or 4 days ago.

    Whoa! So your favorite number is exactly half of the Mark of the Beast!!! Does that mean you are halfway scary or halfway serving Satan?

    • Anonymous

      No!! No beast accosiation. LOL It's rather stupid that I like the number 3, so three 3s are even more appealing.

  • stuntbrain

    You didn't bother to tag me, so this is me not responding 🤐

    • Anonymous

      Haha I would not have thought you'd do it! But everyone wants to know, Stuntbrain.

    • stuntbrain

      Don't bother trying to appeal to my sad, desperate need for approval and dreams of widespread popularity. It's far too late for that now... there's no soothing this broken heart💔

    • stuntbrain

      Lol I'm very proud of this 😅

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  • Creepazoid

    Cute photo. Is that you?

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    • Anonymous

      Lol yes but most of the time, I don't have little tiles on my face!
      You should share one?

    • Creepazoid

      Nah. I dont want my photo associated with this account. Gag is a place where I admit too much about myself and my past. I don't want that coming back to bite me on my ass. You got snap?

    • Creepazoid

      wasn't sure if it was you. Wouldn't take you as a girl who would color your hair colorful. Purple suits you tho

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  • LiamSawyer

    I'd love to get to know you way more Ray!

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  • NickiB1

    I'm also a virgo.

    Great mytake

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  • October808

    I like the hair.

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    • Anonymous

      Thank you! Lol

  • Texaskid1

    Uffff... you are a cutie pie!!!


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    • Anonymous

      Ohhh well that was very unexpected, Mr. Kid! Thank you.

    • Texaskid1

      You are welcome you naughty girl.

  • Jjpayne

    I love this!!! :)

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  • justcurious2019

    i nice to meet you

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  • LexyIsSexy23

    Where did that Chinese boy go?

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  • bklynbadboy1

    Wow! I like that

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    • Anonymous

      You should do one too

  • coolbreeze

    Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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  • Sevenpointfive

    you seem like a cool dude

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