Get to know Smahala1991

Get to know Smahala1991

Name : Stephen
Nickname : Steve
Gender : male
How long have you been on Girlsaskguys: July 2013
What are your favourite categories: food, entertainment and arts, other
Birthday : February 10th
Star sign : Aquarius
Current time : 5:13 pm
Last thing i googled : closest store
Average sleep : 5 to 6 hrs
Lucky number : 7
Currently wearing : tshirt and pants
Dream job : Teacher
Dream trip : Disney World
Favorite food : pizza
Favourite drinks : diet Pepsi
Instruments : can't play but wanna do guitar
Favorite song : lotd
Last song you listened to: Kerosene by Miranda Lambert

Last film you watched : Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Last book you read: don't remember

What food are you craving right now?: hamburgers

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Get to know Smahala1991
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