Get To Know Me -- Robertcw


I figured, what the hell. I haven't seen any guys write one of these yet.

Get To Know Me -- Robertcw

1. Name: Robert
2. Nickname : A friend of mine says I should go by 'Robert-Crawford' -- who knows.
3. Sex : Male; Gender : prob. agender tbh
4. Been on GAG: 2018
5. Fave GaG categories: sexuality, flirting, how do I look
6. Bday: Oct. 1993
7. Star sign : Libra
8. Current time : 7:58pm
9. Last thing googled : Sunset Sound Recorders
10. Avg sleep : 9-10 hours
11. Lucky number : ?
12. Currently wearing : Chino shorts, t-shirt and Janoskis.
13. Dream job : fitness coach for pro athletes and actors; astronaut
14. Dreamtrip: Gaza, Egypt through Athens, Greece to Madrid and Barcelona, Spain and finally Thailand, Madagascar, Caribbean, Croatia, Tibet, China, Columbia, North Korea and Japan; and to see Earth from space.
15. Favorite food : Chicken breast and rice
16. Fave drinks : water :P
17. Fave instruments : bass
18. Fave song : too many to name
19. Las song you heard : Back Home Acoustic, by Yellow Card
20. Last film you saw: Can't remember, but one of my favorites was Annihilation, Paramount Pictures.
21. Last book you read: I never finish books I start, 🀣😁
22. Food you crave rn? Wild Salmon.

I'm going to tag my man @COMMODOREII and @just_a_potato

Get To Know Me -- Robertcw
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  • You must not be looking around.. theyre everywhere lol. I seen more guys in my follow list post this than girls 🤷‍♀️
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    • Not sure why i got downvoted... all i did was say more guys already answered this... dumb hows i tell ya

    • *hoes

  • just_a_potato
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Creepazoid
    Agender as in non gender? Lol wouldn't have thought you'd rep that
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    • Robertcw

      Yeah man lol. I don't go around cross dressing, but I also don't go around acting macho. I'm pretty much genderless.

      Sure I love working out, health and fitness. But I think gender is basically about persona more than anything else.

    • Nah, I dont think gender is a persona I see sex and gender one in the same. If you dont go around being macho then that's because it's just not part of your personality and being so would just come across fake but you do you, you're a cool dudeπŸ‘πŸ€™

    You can find mine at:

    Get to know me -- COMMODOREII
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  • Jamie05rhs
    Do you mean Giza?
  • liburnia
    Ahhh, Croatia, great choice lol
  • CT_CD
    Thank you for letting us get to know you
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • PatlBrowm
    A poem or biography