Get To Know Me -- Robertcw


I figured, what the hell. I haven't seen any guys write one of these yet.

Get To Know Me -- Robertcw

1. Name: Robert
2. Nickname : A friend of mine says I should go by 'Robert-Crawford' -- who knows.
3. Sex : Male; Gender : prob. agender tbh
4. Been on GAG: 2018
5. Fave GaG categories: sexuality, flirting, how do I look
6. Bday: Oct. 1993
7. Star sign : Libra
8. Current time : 7:58pm
9. Last thing googled : Sunset Sound Recorders
10. Avg sleep : 9-10 hours
11. Lucky number : ?
12. Currently wearing : Chino shorts, t-shirt and Janoskis.
13. Dream job : fitness coach for pro athletes and actors; astronaut
14. Dreamtrip: Gaza, Egypt through Athens, Greece to Madrid and Barcelona, Spain and finally Thailand, Madagascar, Caribbean, Croatia, Tibet, China, Columbia, North Korea and Japan; and to see Earth from space.
15. Favorite food : Chicken breast and rice
16. Fave drinks : water :P
17. Fave instruments : bass
18. Fave song : too many to name
19. Las song you heard : Back Home Acoustic, by Yellow Card
20. Last film you saw: Can't remember, but one of my favorites was Annihilation, Paramount Pictures.
21. Last book you read: I never finish books I start, 🀣😁
22. Food you crave rn? Wild Salmon.

I'm going to tag my man @COMMODOREII and @just_a_potato

Get To Know Me -- Robertcw
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