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Nobody tagged me, but @Unit1 challenged everyone who read his get to know me to do this, so here I am!

@ultimega started this #TagGame
If I start a "Get To Know Me" Tag, would any of you guys participate?

Name: Alice, Samira are common pseudonyms I use online - I don't tell people my real name because it's rare :)

Nickname: tallandsweet (I'm 6" or 184cm)
Gender: female
How long I have been on Girlsaskguys: joined in December 2019
What are your favourite categories: Entertainment & Arts, Health & Fitness, I like all categories more or less though
Birthday: 2001
Star sign: Libra
Current time: 18:39
Last thing i googled: naoh molmasse
Average sleep: 5-6 hours
Lucky number: don't have one
Currently wearing: Lousy Livin pants, black, tight, longsleeved shirt, thong, bra, socks
Dream job: Software Engineer, Data Scientist or Cyber Security specialist
Dream trip: some remote cabin/chalet, just relaxing in the snow for a while. Alone.

Old timber cabin, Geilo, Airbnb
Old timber cabin, Geilo, Airbnb

Favorite food: porridge, lasagna, Butterzopf, Topfen (Quark for the non-Austrians)

Butterzopf :))
Butterzopf :))

Favourite drinks: water, tea
Instruments: piano and violin (not good at playing the violin though)
Favorite song: Chemie Chemie Ya by Kraftklub

Last song you listened to: Sie seit by Stereo Luchs

Last film I watched: Running for good

Last book you read: Der Prozess by Franz Kafka - really liking it so far

What food are you craving right now? Porridge. All day every day.

Last person I called: my therapist, she wanted to know how I was doing.

Cant believe Im taller than her lol (Sanne Vloet)
Can't believe I'm taller than her lol (Sanne Vloet)

Tagging: I encourage all readers to follow up with this tagging game. Make sure you tag @ultimega and add the #TagGame to make sure that everyone who sees your post can see the original questions!

Get to know me - @tallandsweet
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  • SydneySentinel
    That remote cabin looks sooooo cozy and inviting! Smarty pants cyber security!
    Thanks for sharing!!
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  • Unit1
    Good job tall and sweet young lady :)
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    • Unit1

      Thank you for the most helpful opinion :)

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  • AlexBlack007
    I'd love to do this but uh... For some reason I feel nervous about this. Yeah I'll do it someday I guess. Nice knowing you @tallandsweet! 👍
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  • theCobbler
    How do You, do! ? I am
    theCobbler, a. k. a. Dave, !
    Enchanted, to be sure! Get to know me - @tallandsweet
  • Plitty-Tank
    Yes. I like a lot of that food and I drink tea quite often.
  • Kejaco
    Wow there are some creepy responses to this, but sure I will give it a go
    • I just noticed yeah, removed most of them :DDDD
      Feel tagged!

    • Kejaco

      🤣 nothing like a bit of online flirting

    • Kejaco

      Also may I dm you, perhaps you can help me i can't figure out how to do a my take

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  • Lemia
    @tallandsweet Nice to meet you. I'm a Libra too
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  • ohshee
    So I want to tag you so what do I do lol
  • Agape93
    Awwwww :) nice to meet you
  • BBBorn
    Hey @tallandsweet nice to meet you 🐭
  • crazygus77
    Nice to meet you