Meet John Lewis

Meet John Lewis

To say John Lewis is all talk, talk, talk and no action is more than laughable. It's offensively ignorant. Forget that Lewis was recently one of the main congressmen holding a sit in at the house in demand for gun control.

He's one of The Big Six. The Big Six of the Civil Rights Era being MLK, James Farmer, John Lewis, A Philips Randolph, Roy Wilkins and Whitney Young. These men organized the March on Washington in 1963.

Meet John Lewis

To say John Lewis is all talk, talk, talk is ridiculous. This amazing patriot was one of the first 13 Freedom Riders.

This man organized the Civil Rights march of 1963 knowing that the mere mention of it could get him killed as it ultimately did for his fellow Big Six organizer MLK.

This man is nearly 80 and isn't being given the respect he deserves. HE's THE LAST SURVIVING MEMBER OF THE BIG SIX.

People we just honored MLK but MLK would want to see John Lewis honored at least once before he dies. Obama couldn't do it because they are both black.

But to let John Lewis go out being made fun of is unthinkable.

He needs to be remembered now not in his death.

It was easy for me to march. I knew my life wasn't on the line. John Lewis woke up everyday during the 60's with his life on the line yet he continued.

Meet John Lewis
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  • Neverrrmore
    John Lewis is a liar and lately an absolute joke. He has become the very thing he marched against in my opinion. I respect the man for what he did then, because that takes courage and balls. And even now the man ain't scared to stand up for what he believes in, but he's going about it all wrong. Instead of doing something productive he is causing even more division.
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    • Dis bitch serious 😂😂😂

    • @Other_Tommy_Wiseau lol I'm sorry. I get a little carried away sometimes. I think he's a nice man. I met him in a wedding once. Nice guy, very polite, but I cannot support him lately.

    • Lol! I don't care that much about this (actually, not much at all), but I really do wanna know how you can justify standing up against segregation and blatant racism to the point of literally bombing cars, attack dogs and hosing people to today about speaking out against a dude who, according to roughly 50% of the population at best (more like 65 considering how many people didn't vote and how many just hate Hillary that much) has perpetuated racist and xenophobic connotations (not saying he is, but definitely pandering to many of that ilk) as being remotely comparable... I don't care to debate this, but I do want to understand that line of thinking cause it always sounds like shit people say and rhetoric people go to without actually understanding what they're saying or thinking. And to be noted, this goes to both sides of politics. I could give less of a shit. I just think people who take such interest in sides that don't have actual power are part of the problem...

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  • Waffles731
    all these idiots claiming he protested democracy, when 3 million more people voted for clinton,
    You know who you are
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  • echoaj
    John Lewis has done a lot of great things in his life.
  • Thisperson98
    He did protest democracy, so...
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