GAG Update for MHO's

BeeNee a
GAG Update for MHOs

What is a Superb Opinion?

You may see Superb opinions among the MHOs in a separate section. They are picks (based on an algorithm) from among the opinions selected. Only one is selected. A Superb Opinion pick can be from among the MHOs selected, but not necessarily. If the Asker picks the same pick as the algorithmic pick for the Super Opinion, he/she will earn 8 extra Xper. The user whose opinion was selected as a Superb Opinion will also be rewarded 8 Xper.

GAG Update for MHOs

How many MHO's can I select now?

In the old system, users were allowed to select up to 4 MHO's, 2 per gender. Now you may select a max of 2 MHO's meaning either 2 of the same gender, or one per each gender.

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GAG Update for MHO's
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Most Helpful Guys

  • CallMeDave
    I still don't really understand the Superb Opinion and how the criteria for choosing it differ from the criteria for choosing MHOs. I also don't understand how an opinion can be a Superb Opinion but not be an MHO. Not being MHO seems like it would mean that there were other better opinions. Can the Superb Opinion be different than the MHO even if the system picks MHOs or only if the asker does and the system disagrees?

    Maybe I'll understand better once I start seeing some picked.

    Regarding the number of MHOs, I was thinking the same thing that @Femdomina said - ideally the number of MHOs should depend on the number of opinions. If there's only a few opinions, one MHO total should be enough, but I've had several questions that got more than 60 opinions and there were usually several really good ones so for those it would be good to be able to choose several MHOs. So I like the idea of the number of MHOs being based on the number of opinions. Also it might be good to have an option for the asker to indicate that none of the opinions were helpful and then have the algorithm not choose one. I've seen some questions like that with no useful responses at all but some were still chosen as Most Helpful meaning that someone got rewarded for an unhelpful opinion.

    I don't like the 3 day limit before the system-generated MHO selections. With that, the window between when we're able to choose MHO and when the system does is too small, plus there are sometimes still good opinions coming in at the 3 day mark. I liked a week. Even 5 days would probably be OK, but I think three is not enough.
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    • Is the Superb Opinion thing working yet? I haven't seen any yet on any of the questions I've looked at.

  • Anonymous
    The idea of anyone except the Asker selecting the MHO is dumb and I will never support it. I already hate the fact that MHOs are automatically selected by GAG and adding a "Superb Opinion" selected by an algorithm is even dumber. It cheapens the entire concept of an MHO in the first place.

    Well done, GAG! MHOs are now completely meaningless.
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    • BeeNee

      We do make the distinction in our MHO tags whether or not the user selected the MHO's or it was system selected. We do want to give anybody who answers your questions/mytakes the opportunity to gain xPER points whether they are from users, the system, or both.

    • If the system didn’t pick MHOs after a certain amount of time, most questions on here wouldn’t have MHOs selected at all, because a lot of askers forget to pick or can’t be bothered doing so. Knowing you aren’t going to get MHO regardless of how good your opinion is can completely take away any incentive to post an opinion at all for a lot of users, so the system MHO selection is just in place to ensure that users are rewarded for their helpful opinions in case the asker isn’t able to pick MHOs themselves.

      Personally, I think the time should be extended to give the asker at least a week or two to select MHOs on their questions, but I don’t agree with removing the automatic selection altogether.

    • Anonymous

      @BeeNee Where does it show whether the MHO was selected by the Asker or by GAG? I don't see it, I've never noticed it, and I doubt anyone else has either. But regardless, the entire concept of MHO becomes pointless when a computer selects it. If you want users to have the opportunity to get xPER points, in my opinion there are lots of better ways to do that which wouldn't compromise the integrity of MHO. Just having a lottery that assigns xPER points to 4 users in every question would be a much better solution than destroying MHO just for that purpose.

      In the past I always made a point of reading MHOs because it was likely a good answer and it told me a lot about what the Asker was looking for and about their beliefs and values. But since the whole auto MHO thing started I just ignore them because they mean absolutely nothing. MHOs are useless now.

      @CarpetDenim I disagree with your argument. I don't think most users post opinions just for the purpose of getting MHO. I don't care about getting MHO, and based on the types of comments most people leave, I don't think they care either. And I certainly don't think anyone would be any less inclined to leave a comment just because they think the user might forget to assign an MHO. Based on comments I've seen from ather users about this issue, I think it's far more important to most users that the MHOs actually meant something.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Femdomina
    I have a suggestion, the number of MHO's should depend on the number of answers to each question, from minimum one, to maximum two.
    For example: Less than 10 answers altogether (girls and guys combined) - 1 MHO per gender.
    Up to 10 answers by girls and 10 answers by guys: 2 MHO's per gender (one of those can be Superb opinion).
    More than 10 answers by girls & more than 10 answers by guys: 3 MHO's per gender (Gold Opinion, Silver Opinion and Bronze Opinion).
    Feel free to use the idea or modify it as you like.
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  • CarpetDenim
    May I ask what motivated the admin team to make the decision that an asker (or the system) can select two opinions from one gender, as opposed to the original system where askers had to pick one of each gender? That seems a little strange to me.
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    • BeeNee

      You can still pick an MHO, up to 1 per each gender, or you can select 2 of one gender if you so desire. If you only like the opinions of one gender in your responses, or like both, the choice is yours.

    • I understand that, but why even allow people to only pick MHOs for just one gender at all?

    • BeeNee

      Why not?

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • ShadowofRegret
    I know you guys mean well with the whole "MHO" thing, and I mean no offense when I say this, but honestly, I think most people generally don't care about MHO anymore, the whole thing about it being automated in such a way kind of takes away the value of it, and it only makes it about Xper points, which really don't seem to have any real value aside from increasing one's Xper level, it just makes the whole thing seem kind of pointless...
  • Unit1


    The system auto-picks MHO 72 hours after asking a question. This leaves no time for the author to check for opinions.
    Therefore I stopped bothering with MHO's altogether.

    • Me too! I don't even select them anymore! Sorry guys!

    • I don't like the 72 hour thing either. We're not allowed to pick MHOs for something like 18-24 hours and then if we don't pick by 72 hours, the system does it. That leaves a pretty small window for users that don't come here every day. Also, sometimes opinions are still coming in on questions at the 72 hour mark so being forced to choose MHOs might mean that a really good opinion that comes in late can't be chosen.

      I liked it at a week as it was before, but even 5 days would probably be fine. I think 3 days is too soon.

    • Unit1

      @CallMeDave my point exactly. I think 1 week time is a real sweet spot. On top of that i think there shouldn't be any auto selected MHO's on questions with just 5 opinions.

  • Being_a_good_Indian
    *"How many MHO's can I select now? In the old system, users were allowed to select up to 4 MHO's, 2 per gender. Now you may select a max of 2 MHO's meaning either 2 of the same gender, or one per each gender."*It's my suggestion that G@G should allow 2 MHO's ONLY. Each per gender. It will reduce confusion among users.
  • LatinaMami2020
    Might as well give a trophy to everyone.

    A real useful Edit to this website would be to remove the downvotes on comments or make it to whoever disagrees must comment on why they disagree.
    • BeeNee

      Thank you for your suggestion, however, we wouldn't want to force users to comment if they do not want to whether they upvote or downvote.

    • Hear, hear! Downvotes are mostly just used to abuse people you disagree with, without sticking your head about the parapet.

    • or above it

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  • TadCurious
    I wish you would have explained the criteria for how the algorithm will generate what is the "Superb Opinion" for a particular question.
    • BeeNee

      The algorithm takes into account things like user engagement, likes, replies, length, etc. to help determine a superb opinion.

    • Okay, that was helpful. thanks

    • ecfresh

      So a longer reply scores better than a shorter reply?

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  • Lemia
    As Much I like to applude the system I think its stupid. Firstly @girlaskguys should give the user a list of users that they think has the best opioion and then select that. Secondly How put a monkey in charge of reducing the MHOs from 4 to 2.
  • 0112358
    For active users MHO is completely irrelevant since this site is not actually a useful repository of answers you can look up and learn from. In reality the site functions more like a forum and once threads die they’re dead. Xper is just a measure of age and doesn’t work like karma.

    Maybe GaGs revenue is all of showing ads to lurkers who are reading stuff from years ago though.
    • Hello fellow Redditor. Doesn't xper work exactly like karma? Wdym

    • 0112358

      @Political_dude karma is much more a bet up/down and hence measure of quality. Xper is primarily a measure of activity

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I prefer the time when we were allotted 30 days to pick the MHOs. If we snooze, we lose! G@G steps in and picks the MHOs. Nonetheless, thanks for the heads up anyway.
    • Anyway, is this "Superb Opinion" something new here on G@G?
      Has anyone been given a Superb Opinion award already?

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing this MyTake , Well written and explained
    i wondered what this was and glad you explained it.
  • madgoat
    It's nice you want to keep tweak and developing the portal but I personally don't get the point of xper or mho other than a measure of how much time I've spent here. I kinda like the labels - I think I'm Yoda at the moment. Reminds me of Elite in the 80's...
  • Algorithm, can you please pick this response as superb?
  • YourFutureEx
    1. Creeps and feminists will only select Girls as MHO now.
    2. It will further complicate the things for the new users. Should have kept it simple.
    3. Instead of giving us more time to select the MHO, you kept on decreasing it again and again to the point where no one bothers selecting MHOs anymore.
    Consequently, opinions are selected only based on the algorithm instead of the opinions that really helped the asker.
    (This is coming from a user whose 90% of the opinions are selected as MHO by the algorithm)

    MHOs have become totally irrelevant now, except being a way to farm Xper.

    I don't have only negative things to say. I liked that you have reduced the number of MHOs per thread as having 4 MHOs on a single question is very superfluous.
    • +1 I don't remember selecting mhos for most of my questions or takes. Tbh algorithm sucks.

    • @Political_dude algorithm only works for the rich class (hight Xper lv & opinions with the volume of encyclopedia)

  • dthomas89
    Not only do I think this is a stupid idea

    I also think they should completely remove the idea of the MHO

    How can you get MHO for "what's your favorite color"?
    • Stop being so cranky.

    • dthomas89

      Just sayin'

    • dthomas89

      1 girl even agrees with me

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  • HoratioCaine
    the algorithm is bullshit. i have so many colorful words for that but nothing will change
  • loveslongnails
    It sounds like you are trying to fix something that isn't broken, really. Limiting MHO's to a max of 2 seems restrictive to me. I liked the old way better.
  • CubsterShura
    Welp gonna leave this hereGAG Update for MHO's
    A whole lot of trolls are gonna get superb, the MHO algorithms are trash.
    • wankiam

      couldnt agree more... to me if the user doesn't pick mho then nothing or no one else should

  • andreasderjuengere
    I don't know: to exchange opinions and points of view is not really about collecting 'merits'?
  • douride2
    This has been here for a month now & I have yet to ever see a S O
  • Plitty-Tank
    Cool. I doubt I'll ever get a superb opinion. If I do, it will be a lucky shot.
  • wankiam
    thought you had left us
    • wankiam

      i do hope you grace this question with your presence once more so you can see how little users are behind this change... it seems about as popular with them as the stupid tweek to the blocking system was with moderators... you know the other thing where feedback was completely ignored

    • I do!!!

  • Jamie05rhs
    This is bullshit!
  • WesBrewer
    what is the algorithm?
  • TonyBologna25
    Funny pic lol
  • EnglundUberAlles
    An algorithm? Really?
  • Meatunnel69
    This makes me wanna gag 😂😂😂
  • alance99
    Thanks for sharing info on this
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    Further suggestion: get rid of that stupid captcha at log in. It is bad enough having it at sign up, but at least, it then deters spammers. At log in, it just doesn't work unless I dive into my tablet's settings and disable some of my protection.