Anonymous identity is the refuge of cowards


I just wanted to write this for the cowards that have insulted people anonymously just because they wanted to, with no provocation, or anything. but also to those that have been victim of these low self esteem individuals. Anonymous identity gives you freedom, because you can be listened but not judged. There are a lot of damaged people in the world, people with scars and wounds. But mostly, there are people that have repressed their own feelings and traumas.

Anonymous identity is the refuge of cowards

Unfortunately, when you don{t express an emotion, it does not die, it kills you, it kills you inside and ill your heart and mind. When someone find the opportunity to express their shit and garbage without being judged, there it is when we find these individuals that just look to cause harm. So don't let them. Keep the good, return the bad, allow them to keep their emotional garbage. Allow yourself to ignore and refuse to accept an offense from an individual that first of all, dont love themselves.

Anonymous identity is the refuge of cowards

This site allow people to put their trash outside, so I decided I won't be anybody's emocional punchbag. No one of us should. If they are feeling bad, and hate themselves, allow them to hate themselves, allow them to keep their suffer, they are responsible for their own life, we are not responsible for their pain and bad childhood. Love yourself, and just allow the good to come in :)

Anonymous identity is the refuge of cowards
Anonymous identity is the refuge of cowards
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  • elisa_0
    Being anonymous isn’t wrong in itself. But if you use that to insult and be a bitch to others then that just means you have deep seated issues that you can’t express in the real world for one reason or another. These are the same people who are abusive behind closed doors.
  • BurnHollywoodBurn
    Well technically everyone on this site is anonymous whether they post as it or not lol.
    • Exactly. You probably would not see these guys acting like this on facebook. They do it here because it is anonymous

    • I have come across a lot of cowards on here and I know for a fact they would not mouth off like this in person. They might do it on social media just for the fact that they are nowhere near the person they are insulting so they feel safe and secure enough to talk trash.

  • OpenNudist
    My personal opinion is that You're somewhat Naive in the world, but then again that is just my humble opinion
    • Thank you! I try to look like that.

    • ;) lol

    • Just to clarify: these are psychological facts. And I do mean to make people feel uncomfortable. So if you feel defensive, it is probably what you needed to read! Best wishes

  • Daniel3035
    HAHAHA Only a woman who will never experience pain who will never have to work for her husband or a date could ever think of such a deluded lie.
    • This is psychology, but it is fine, I tried to make feel uncofortable people like you, so I am happy that you read it.

    • Uncomfortable me? I'm right in my comfort zone. If you are a psychologist then your not doing very well because you really don't understand a thing about anonymity. Unlike you, I didn't need to study psychology to be good at it in fact I'm so good I'm tired of interacting with people because the one thing I can't stop doing is analysing them.

  • DocT1977
    All in all, I think this is a pretty good take. They are not secure about what they post either. When you make a statement, put a face and a name behind it. Show people that you are not afraid to truly stand behind your statements.
    • check my instagram: isart. jpg I have a photo in my profile. I am not insulting anybody.

  • dirtshoveler
    People have reasons for doing things a certain way.

    Is it right or wrong? Who can say. At the end of the day does it matter? No.

    I follow simple rules:
    Don't be a dick.
    Remember everyone is different.
    You truly don't know a damn thing about any 1 person, you only know what they let you know.
    • Jasoft

      People have their own opinions about everything shouldn't Care about what other people think

  • NerdInDenial
    Anonymity allows people to let out their inner anger. Sometimes, it's healthy to just lash out especially when it's just words.
    • Yes, it is healtlhy, when you express your traumas, in a helthy way, but not in a website by insulting people or commenting just to let them down. That is not useful either for the receptor as for the one who attacks, it just increase the negativity in their lives.

    • Sometimes, people just need a virtual punching bag and the good news is that you can ignore terrible comments.

  • OfDeath
    But remember that rubbing crystals on your genitals is not personal hygiene. Wash yourselves properly everyone.
  • NYCQuestions1976
    The Anonymous feature is greatly abused by users on this site.
  • Absolutely. @Jack9949 just blocked me after losing yet another argument.
  • Rangers
    I agree, but you sound very hypocritical in stating that people should own what they say while you use anonymous
    • I am not using anonymous... I can give you my instagram 🤷🏻‍♀️ i have pics of mine in this site

    • Rangers

      You were using it earlier and that won't be necessary

    • ? Hahaha okay. Lol

  • MountAverage
    But why are you allowing anonymous answers on this very question then?
  • asshole_
    I always insult people, non anonymously. That way, I'm at least not cowering
    • The fact is this. You are anonymous becuase this page is not facebook. This is a hidden site for some of us that discovered it, so even if you dont use anonymous, you are. So every soul that use this platform to insult, is just expressing their pain, that they are not able to express outside, mostly low self esteem.

  • Jasoft
    Because they're parents didn't beat their ass like back in the day
  • Bhavin2184
    Agree with your take
  • Guardian45
    Very true usually!
  • Anonymous
    Some of them are just being honest though. Doesn't necessarily mean they have low self esteem.
    • goodgirl82

      Insulting is way too different to being honest. 2 different things.

  • Anonymous
    We are coming for you...
  • Anonymous
    I am offended. But I dont give a shit. 😜
    • you are lying ! for you are offended and you do give a s--t ! thanks

    • Anonymous

      Not really. Just bored. Someone has to spice things up around here. Who better than the anonymous ones?