What the hell happened to this site? (The tensions between men and women)


I'm not sure if this going to justify a mytake or if this is just going to be a rant off the cuff BUT this site has gone down hill & developed into a cess pool.

I'm going to rewind a bit all the way back to early 2015 when I made an account on here because I was going through some personal turmoil. I had no one I could talk to about some difficult subjects revolving around friends & relationships and I felt like a group consensus and outsider opinions could be useful... and for the most part it was, I got some interesting takes, insight and ideas on the issues I was going through. I had some enjoyable private conversations as well.

I was never really a regular user on here, usually I'll come on ask & answer a few questions during a period of a few days & weeks then disappear for a few months and repeat that process.

What I've noticed in the past few weeks and more so in the last year of coming on & off this site has been a little disheartening and it has me wondering why I even come back at all. The engagement on questions has really dropped off compared to years ago and even worse there seems to be a major division between guys and girls on here. Maybe that's a sign of the times but there's a lack of understanding on all sides that has turned this site into a reincarnation of Yahoo answers or something similarly idiotic and trivial & banal.

I see a lot of guys straight up attacking women in the comments section as if they personally done them wrong and ruined their lives. I understand where you are coming from but parroting Red Pill & MGTOW ideologies as if they are the holy gospel in a hostile manner at women who are uninterested in hearing it isn't going to change their minds and just make you look deranged.

And for the girls I see very little engagement & empathy. Most of time the responses are not well thought out and lack any understanding especially when it comes to complex women & mens issues (I could say the same for guys for this as well). The level of care is at the floor and predictability for how people are going to react is about the same.

I feel like I'm on some sort mismatch of Vice magazine/Jezebel.com (the female mindset on here) meets an incel/nice guy reddit forum (the male mindset on here). Getting agro and venting at people as if they are responsible for your misery isn't going to solve your problems. I just find it ridiculous how negative and the lack of acknowledgement for personal blame/responsibility I see on here, a lot of you are ruining your own lives but you are to stubborn & ignorant to see that... it's no one else's fault but you're own so stop demonizing other people and especially the opposite sex.

*End Rant*

What the hell happened to this site? (The tensions between men and women)
What the hell happened to this site? (The tensions between men and women)
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  • nolabels
    It's not only about men and women, but just about any subject that someone can and will pick a side to vehemently argue about.
    G@G seems to attract that crowd lately.
    Like I mentioned to you in your recent question about the length of time someone has been here, I've recently learned to just avoid the crap, and look for meaningful subjects.
    I really don't have a lot to say on the subject of men and women, unless a specific question strikes a chord in me.
    I'm more of an answerer than an asker.
    I don't know the criteria that G@G uses to present MyTakes.
    It seems that some just never even get put into the Live Feed.
    I posted my first MyTake last week. The only place I could find it was to search in my own profile.
    It was actually rather silly.
    It was my birthday, I was feeling lonely, and had a slight bourbon buzz going.
    I made a MyTake posing myself as an old, dying 17th century pirate wishing himself a Happy Birthday, hoping that someone else would see it, be amused by it, and wish me a Happy Birthday as well.
    It was completely ignored, if it was even seen by anyone.
    I couldn't find it and I was looking for it.
    I didn't see yours either, and I spend hours on G@G scrolling over an over through everything.
    Thanks for drawing it to my attention.
    Sorry I wasn't more help on the men/women subject.
    I've been married for 27 years.
    I'm going to continue to hang in here.
    I hope you do the same, if only occasionally.
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    • That's a shame, yeah this site is very hit & miss when it comes to engagement and that's the primary reason why I'll disappear from it for awhile... but send a link to your mytake.

    • nolabels

      I'll try.
      The link you sent to me for yours didn't work.
      I just went to your profile and easily found it there.
      That's probably the easiest way for you to find mine.
      I have to warn you, it's rather silly.
      Please consider my state of loneliness and mild inebriation while reading it.

      Today, July 19th, is me birthday! ↗

    • Happy belated birthday! 🎂

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  • ChrisMaster69
    Yeah I joined in February and was surprised just how toxic it was.

    there is a huge element of bigotry within the site and nothing done to stop it.
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    • It's not the site's fault, it's the state of the world, it's a reflection of a dominant mentality and people are venting their issues.

    • @WhateverMayBeWillBe if the Admin were more active we would not have multiple posts by the users preaching hate, glorifying rape etc

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  • harmseygracelu
    I completely agree. I made my first account on here 4 or 5 years ago (I know, a bit too young) and it was different even then.
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  • RedFever
    Damn. I should have been here back in 2015 then.
    Is this still revelant?
    • It was definitely a different place but that's because it was a different world. Certain things weren't known about and certain topic weren't discussed, on one hand I thinks it's great that some of those topics & issues are being looked at but at the same time it's being done with too much hostility and unwillingness to understand or change opinions.

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  • zagor
    It has always been that way. There used to be chat rooms on GaG but they dropped them. Probably because too many got hijacked by trolls who were just being assholes.

    Once I was in chat room on here talking with a couple people. Then this other guy comes in and starts bagging on one of them just because he was black. The baggee soon left and so did I.
  • 0112358
    Yeah I think what you said is true.

    and that's without getting into the political/culture stuff. I ended up blocking a bunch of those topics. But really it is the entire Internet. Well... and the world.
  • Celtero
    It's just the direction the culture is moving in, my man.
  • hi_it_is_me123
    Because reddit incels get banned. So they are on youtube and gag now.
  • Ghost141414
    Nonsense. It has always been like that.
  • bulletbob555
    Noticed a bit of this myself.