GaG Gives Back!

Thank you to everyone that helped!
Thank you to everyone that helped!

Hi everyone! This MyTake is mostly to all the moderators on the site. Some are aware of what myself and some of the other mods/influencers have done this year. If not, read on!

GaG Moderators and Influencers can earn a $25 USD Amazon gift card if they are the top moderators or influencer in a month’s time.

We are NOT paid employees of the site. We are volunteers. This is a perk we get for spending time volunteering on the site either as a moderator helping keep the site safe and fun or an influencer providing consistent content.

Each month, there are two moderators selected as the top moderators of the month, along with four honourable mentions. The top two receive a gift card from admin as a thank you from the admin team.

This year, some of us decided to take the initiative to donate the equal amount to charity each time we earned that reward. In addition to that, anytime I was awarded, my fiancé and I matched that donation with an additional (equivalent to $25 USD) to a charity in my country “Ending Classroom Hunger”.

In total, $675 USD was donated this year to a variety of charities and causes. This came from not just me but a group of moderators and influencers that donated and also supported what we did. Money went to:

Children’s Hospitals

RAINN (Rape Abuse Incest National Network)

Humanitarian Aide to Ukraine

Ending Classroom Hunger



Families that have very ill children

While it may not seem like a lot of money to donate, it was selfless of those that helped donate and get donations to the people that truly need them. I want to mention:





@WhatTheHeckkkk (now inactive)

There are more, but I can only tag five right now. Other users helped make sure this reached the right people. For that, I thank you.

This last part is to all you moderators. I have requested that admin no longer considers me for that monthly award. Admin was kind enough to respect my wish to not be included in consideration. So, I just wanted to let you know that I have NOT given up on you. I will continue to participate as part of the moderation team.


GaG Gives Back!
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