6 Things NOT to Do When You Ask People to Rate You

Yes, most of us use our profile pictures for the “How Do I Look?” or “Rate Me” sections on various websites, but you’d be surprised at what some people use for their profile pictures. Here are some tips on what not to do, so people can truly rate you at your best.

6 Things NOT to Do When You Ask People to Rate You

1. Blocking yourself with your phone

How are we supposed to rate you when your phone is blocking half your face? You do know that most phones now have front-facing cameras and self-timers, right? If you can’t figure out how to use those features, ask a friend to take your picture.

2. Wearing tighty whities

Unless you’re David Beckham, crop the tighty whities out of your “How Do I Look?” photo. Not only are tighty whities a bit revealing, they also tend to lose their tighty-ness after a couple of hours of wear, and you’ll end up looking like you’re walking around in a dirty diaper. Definitely not hot.

3. Forgetting to check your background

Yes, we can see the reflection in your bathroom mirror and everything else behind you. It’s hard to rate you when all we notice is your wedgie or that pile of old pizza boxes in the background. So please, pay attention or stand in front of a wall.

4. Failing to use flash

If you don’t have good lighting in your room, use flash. You know, that lightning bolt symbol on your camera. It’s impossible to rate your looks if we can’t see you. We’ll just end up rating your IQ instead.

5. Using the wrong angle

We’re not suggesting that you should know which is your good side. We’re just saying that not all angles are equal. For example, holding the camera above your head at the wrong angle can magnify your face, making you look alien-like. That’s not how you really look anyways, so is that how you want people to rate you? Play around and post a flattering photo of yourself.

6. Including your jealous boyfriend or girlfriend in the picture

He or she will end up getting rated too, whether or not that was your intention. This can be ego-boosting if you are both undeniably hot, but most likely, it won’t end well.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Gotta disagree with flash. Flash makes almost everyone look worse.

    Take the pic where there's reasonably natural light.

    • Flash... My name is Barry Allen. And I am the fastest man alive.

    • What is worse is raking a picture in front of the mirror with the flash going into the mirror. The picture ends up being almost nothing but flash. And Barry Allen does not like being in everyone's photos.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Rule 1, don't ask rate questions. Strangers will either lie to make themselves look better, or they will be too honest, just to make you feel bad. Validation from strangers on the internet won't help your self-esteem in the end. It won't matter what you look like outside if you're ugly inside. I don't care how hot a guy is, I'd rather date Quasimodo simply because he is gentle and kind.

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    • Aw, but I just added a Take of my own to that category ;) As much as I despise "rate me" questions, the people should still know how to take a proper bathroom selfie. My Take should be easy to find ;)

    • I can see how people who are decent looking but want reassurance get some at least short term out of it.

      If I were 15 years younger and better looking, I'd probably be doing it -_-

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What Guys Said 4

  • Hahaha I remember being part of the hot couples at school lol. I think I look the same and back then I didn't have the greatest confidence, but apparently I was "hot" lol which kind of makes sense how else would I get the prom queen xD (not bragging but this was more than once) and some pictures I have are the both of us like for example at prom night the best picture was me holding her up with my arms like her knees bent over one arm and her back on the other like she's laying down xD

    I miss high school lol. I never went to my own high school's prom I went to two other high schools for their proms cause I graduated 2 years early lol.

    Great post here. People ask me or show me pictures of themselves and it's all dark and fuzzy and I tell them but they don't seem to get it. Now maybe I can use this as an explanation <3

  • Rule 7: Use a picture that's actually of you and not some random instagram model

  • I have this problem, every time I take a selfie, a pretty baby dies. So I try not do it lol

  • Has anyone noticed any of these issues with pictures on the GAG community?


What Girls Said 3

  • Yes! Especially the one about the background! Today's a big thing for me

  • that was on point

  • Flash is the devil. Tell those peeps to take photos outside.