Common Questions and Their Answers


Common Questions and Their Answers

Following on from @RandomStudent's take, people who commented wanted some other common questions answered so here they are!

Q - "Do white guys date black girls?"

A - Yes they do, just like black guys like white girls and every other variant there is. Anyone can date anyone and anyone can find anyone attractive, skin colour doesn't come into it. Just because it's unheard of where you're from for this to happen, it doesn't mean guys aren't interested in a particular ethnicity or it doesn't happen at all. I can assure you, it does.

Q- "Does he/she like me?"

A - Usually, they do like you. You're asking because they've done/said something which gives you the impression that they do, so you should follow your gut instinct. Obviously, if they're never replying to your messages, then they're probably not too fussed on you. You should be careful not to fall hard for someone because any kind act they do for you, could be mistaken for interest/flirting, making yourself believe what you want.
You're the only one who can give the best answer compared to a group of random strangers. If it's bugging you that much, ask them!

Q - "Do guys like boobs or asses more?"

A - This is down to preference and everyone's different. I always find there to be an equal amount of men for each and many of them say they like everything about a woman's body, maybe because they all come with breasts and a bum so no matter what they prefer, they still get both. There's not much else to think into about this.

Q - "I wear ...-size cups. Are they too small?"

A - The media and society make you feel they're too small, when there are loads of beautiful small breasted women. There are many big breasted women who wish they had small ones too. There are guys who love/prefer small breasts over large ones. If you've not long gone through puberty, give it time, breasts change quite a bit but this should never concern any female. Embrace your breasts, whatever size and instead of trying to change yourself, find someone who loves you for who you are (they do exist!).

Q - "I had unprotected sex. Am I/is she pregnant?"

A - This is what sex education and pregnancy tests are for. If you're willing to have unprotected sex, then you should have a pregnancy test and a plan ready. If you're not up for this risk, always use contraception or don't have sex at all. You ladies may think it won't happen to you but you still have a uterus and eggs like any other woman - you're not immune to pregnancy.
If you "pulled out" in time, there's still a small chance (about 1%) of pregnancy through pre-ejaculate. If semen manages to find itself on the outside of her lady parts, she won't get pregnant unless the semen is pushed inside. However, if you have sex and you ejaculate with no contraception, there's a very high chance that she's pregnant but we're not going to give you the answer, a pregnancy test will. It would be unwise to ask such a question, everyone says you're not pregnant which you believe and accept, only to find you are pregnant months later.
Pregnancy tests should be taken a morning or two after sex, not immediately after sex because women don't conceive instantly; it would be too soon to show up.

Q - "I'm a 12-year-old virgin. Am I weird or a loser?"

A - No. We've all been/are a virgin, does that make everyone weird or a loser? People expect 12 year olds to be virgins. If your under-age friends brag about not being virgins, they're probably lying to fit in so don't take any notice. If you know they're not lying, they may regret their decision in the future because they evidently rushed into it. You should think about all of this when you're of legal age and only lose your v-card when you're ready, not when your friends are. If you get picked on for your virginity, you'll realise when you're older, what a stupid reason that is to pick on someone.

Common Questions and Their Answers
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  • xobrowneyedbeauty
    I don't know i disagree with the "do they like me" posts. i think a lot of them actually are people severely over analyzing something pretty meaningless. other than that though, these are great. especially the pregnancy one! it drives me nuts!
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    • bdeakol

      I agree

    • Hannah591

      You can't be too harsh in takes ;)

    • it's not harsh though it's honesty. if you're not actually giving your real opinion on something because you don't want to be "harsh" why post the take in the first place?

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  • Imupforit
    As for boobs, they are... magical, like unicorns and the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow!
    There is no "perfect" set, by the same notion, there are none imperfect either. Thank you God, for boobies... amen.
    Can you guess which side of the "asses or boobs" argument my allegiance hails?
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  • Nicolás25
    i like this take but i sincerely thought that the penis questions were going to be on here as well as how much hair down under is liked by the opposite sex
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    • Hannah591

      There are way too many common questions.

  • palomajoa
    About the question of "if she/he likes me?" I don't agree much. Usually people tend to see little things as a fact of people liking them. When you have a crush on someone usually if they aproach to you, is a sign of something. As human we interact. So, not everything shows that someone likes us back. It's true that if don't 'go for it' we'll never know. But not always we believe someone likes us because they show us a reason. Sometimes is just our imagination.
  • micheal727jovanie
    5. How come I don't have a gf/bf?
    4. Does she/he likes me?
    3. Does the size of my Boobs matter?
    2. Do I look ugly?
    And drum rolllll please *fast drumming *
    And # 1 question goes to
    The famous Penis questions!!!
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  • DanteSparda
    you forgot to add penis and boobs size questions!!! LMAO xD

    by the way this one is an insightful article :)
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  • emilyg25
    Even 2 days is too soon for a pregnancy test to detect a pregnancy. I believe the earliest one now is a week after you've had sex.
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  • YourFutureEx
    Great take, TakeQueen.
    However, in the last question you should have written 16-20 instead of 12 to persuade more readers.
  • luvme56
    what about... the questions in which men and women are compared on basis of their intelligence! :O
  • Gabby21924
    Really good take
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  • Michael_Rc46
    This should be a mandatory read before signing up
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  • Ihav2fart
    I applaud your effort but it will still be asked.
    • already proved you wrong on this one friend, choose a different battle

    • Ihav2fart

      @RandomStudent or so you think. I gotta feeling it'll continue to be asked my friend.

    • Hannah591

      I know, but it's also for people to get another opinion on their question.

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  • SurströmmingLover
    What about 11 year old virgins?
    • Hannah591

      Every question was an example one. You could argue that the first one should be "Why don't white girls/guys like black guys/girls?". It's just an example of one, not restricted to one age.

    • I know, I was kidding. I liked your take

    • Hannah591

      Oh, someone else pointed it out so I was like "what have I done?". Thanks. :)