GaGers and their Qualities

When I first joined GAG I never expected to stay on here for this long. I never expected to meet a variety of people and become good friends with not just people from my faith, age, etc but people older than me and who don't share my faith.

A lot of people join this site and leave. I will someday too.

But the point of this question is to say something about a Gager you know, are friends with, or follow, etc.
So even when you leave this site they will remember you!

Lol I'm not leaving this site. But I'd like to take this opportunity and thank:

@CoolBreeze - you're one of my first friends from when I joined this site. I don't know what to say lol. You're just great. You've seen me mature and get confident with speaking my mind. You're a great friend. One of the best things I love about you is the fact that you genuinely like helping people. You take the time out to listen to me. And you read what I write and ask honest questions not many people do that. One of the first things you do when you log on is respond to my messages, or message me. You always put a smile on my face with all the questions, etc.
I just wanted to say a big thankyou to you.

@Lifes_curve_ball - lol I don't what to say apart from you're a great friend, very educated. You're always teaching me stuff. You have a nice heart. And you're determined to make me adopt a cat lol. Fellow gagers if you ever need technical help -refer to him! He’s really good

@akatadank44 - you're really very nice. Very helpful and friendly

@Despondency - I've only started to talking to you but I think you're a really caring person even though you don't like showing it.

@chocolateismylover - You've been my friend for a year now. And you're great lol. I'm used to your profile pic being a McFlurry so I'm still getting used to Mr Goat lol

@HandsomeRaj - you're a very helpful and nice person. A great friend and a uncle figure. You always give me good advice and ask me for opinions too!

@YourFutureEx - I haven’t talked to you a lot but you’re really very nice and very helpful

@KnowMeYourself @BlueSJ @JustBanannaz - all of you are my friends from when I first joint and great one’s too. BlueSJ - you’re really good at art -so if Gagers ever needed help with that, they can always turn to you. I’m going to add @Phoenix92 in here too because his art is really good too. @Knowmeyourself - is a very compassionate person - so if Gagers ever needed to have a heart to heart - they can always go to her. @JustBanannaz - is very stylish so if you need style advice go to her

@askaway2012new - is really good at poetry and a great friend to have. So if you need help with poems or need one written for you turn to him!

@RasmusAiken @EvenLift @DoctorFeelGood - are really very good at giving advice and really good friends to have.

@Kambo_Trick3y and @JackKerouac77 - if you're looking for a laugh - then Kambo and Jack are the guys

@Klaatu51 - if you're looking for good questions to answer then search up Klaatu's profile he asks good questions!

I never expected that I'd find so many kind and friendly people here. I'd never imagined that when I first joined. It just shows GAG is not just Q/A site, it's something more...

GaGers and their Qualities...

This isn't GAG - it is Family!

The pic is cheesy I know lol but I think its fits well with the fact we all are from diverse backgrounds but GAG has brought us together. So a big thankyou to Tolga for introducing GAG to us.


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