Why I don't care about gender-only-based questions/mytakes any more

Why I don't care about gender-only-based questions/mytakes any more.

It's been a while now since GAG admins added the for-one-gender-only questions and takes. Many dislike it, so did I. The whole purpose of girls asking guys and vice versa got so to say castrated with it. Today I see this feature only as a tool of talking bad about one gender (usually the opposite) without receiving comments from the forbidden-to-comment gender, which I consider is sexism and to some degree against gender equality.

Rumors were they were going to remove this feature. Well, time has passed and this has not been changed. However other things have changed. Looks like this one anti-girls-ask-guys-feature is going to stay.

The reasons why I don't care about this feature anymore

  1. People come here, asking for something. They decide to receive answers only from one gender. Basically they cut the answers they seek theoretically by a half. In other words they deny what they demand.
  2. Like in the first reason both genders own some value of wisdom and advices. Sometimes we wait for the right moment to quote someone or ourself and trying to help the one who asked. Yes, I know, it pisses us off to see they deny answers from our gender if we are here trying to help but that's not our problem we are trying to solve. Or are we?
  3. This reason is basically a copy-paste from number 2 with a difference. Troll's tool to speak bad about gender-based things. Does this make a reason to rather care, that this feature should be removed? It doesn't matter because we do not feed the trolls. Usually the principle is, that they suck at seeking the right relationship they really care(d) about and complain about their problems (again) and blindly start to generalize the gender and seek approval from the one's alike
  4. If you can't comment on such a topic, where your gender has been forbidden, save yourself the time and consideration for the next thing you have in mind (except you want to check it out of curiosity). Move on! If you are bored, then google/yandex/bing something against your boredom.
  5. Some of us tried to make this feature disappear. It didn't happen. Well, at least we tried. It's out of our influence. Girlsaskguys is girlsaskguys, not our own webside but certainly our favourite one. Well, many good things may come to an end and we will have to live without them sooner or later. The only thing we can do is to not make use of one-gender-only filter when we ask girls and guys. Other's do but it's still not RIP GAG.

All in all, I consider this feature is still bad but I can live with it anyway. There are some contras such as wanting to check out what one blocked gender had to say about this matter, it would have been interesting to share. There are some work arounds with these such as creating an analogical question for both genders. But still, this feature is viewed as a big deal in this webside and I hope I could ease up the deal for some of you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Odd thing is often times the answer they are looking for will come from the gender they have blocked.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I fully agree with this, I like to see both sides on everything. You can always just ignore the gender you're not aiming for... it is like people who complain about the wrong gender voting on poles, its all color coded and everything... just ignore the data answers you don't want.


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What Girls Said 1

  • If someone wants to filter their audience then so-what

    Some people just want to hear an opinion from guys only / girls only.
    There's nothing bad about it.
    Most questions are repeats anyway and you can answer on someone else's question if it really matters.


What Guys Said 5

  • Some topics may merit prohibiting one gender to comment. Some topics may be wery sensitive to either of the genders and and scandalous for the other. And people from the gender that is sensitive about the topic may find it hard to express their opinion out of the fear of being ridiculed by the opposite gender due to said gender being mostly uneducated of the situation in it's entirety due to not having experienced it.

    More often than not, questions about a woman sleeping around or getting pregnant from said activity are filled with biggoted men ridiculing her for her life choices.

  • Yeah our revolution of #GAGersAgainstGenderFilter may have been failed but it's not quenched!!

  • i do it because females give bias, unrealistic too personal opinionated and stupid responses.

    Just cause a female has a nice guy boyfriend she states opinions as if everyone is just like her.

    How can I avoid these types of answers without turning into a blockhead? How about only allowing tha fellas to answer.

    Thanks fellas for your answers!! I appreciate it.

  • If people want to filter their audience then they should be able to. I really don't see anything wrong with it. You may see it as limiting but I see it as flexibility.

    • You could just ignore the answers from the gender you don't want to hear from.

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    • @Remonster
      Not if you're someone who stumbles across the question wanting to know what everyone thinks, and the person who asked the question disabled the other sex from responding. You see, it's sometimes not beneficial for the asker, but it can be beneficial for the other people that look at the question. Allowing everyone to post will not hinder anything. At worst it would be neutral, and at best it would be positive, therefore it's better to get rid of the feature because it would simply become completely free, whereas continuing to limit posts can be non beneficial for some people.

    • @Remonster
      I forgot to mention, GAG can just add an "ignore notifications from m/f or none?" questions feature.

  • Sometimes I only want a girls opinion. . I personally like the ask only one gender.. but I also ask for both grnders