Women create the Bad Boys/Cheaters/Players


Of course this would be a seesaw argument when you really give it some thought but sometimes when I hear #women complain too much about how bad #men are I get a little annoyed.

Generally the man haters of the world make this insinuation that all men are dogs but if we were to break down the psychology of things there's potential for the idea that women actually create the man they hate most. This came to mind when I first saw the movie Hitch and remembered the scene when Will Smith was the innocent young man who had his heart broken by a girl he was in love with.

Women create the Bad Boys/Cheaters/Players.

It was his strong interest in the woman that chased her away which was the changing point in his life where he realized nice guys finish last. So he became the kind of guy most women resent by playing the game they created to begin with and its in that nature where i felt that guys shouldn't really be getting all the heat for being that way.

If we were to break it down in simpler terms it would look something like this:

Little Boy has crush on Little Girl

Then Little Girl Breaks Little Boys Heart

Little Boy hates the feeling of having a Broken Heart

So Little Boy Becomes Cold So It Will Never Happen Again.

End Results = The Player

What also makes this even worse is that it is scientific fact that women prefer a desirable man so even if they were a player chances are they'd still end up with a guy like that. And if guys are just playing the hand they were dealt to get the girl then why would it be surprising when they are just wearing the outfit the woman picked out for him.

Yet according to a man hater its the guys fault which is an argument they would probably still back considering they never had the sense to realize this to begin with. Hey I'm not saying all people are good people I'm just saying there is a starting point to everything and the second Women acknowledge this the less complaining they'll end up doing in life. Woman power right?

Women create the Bad Boys/Cheaters/Players
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  • RationalLioness
    Wrong. Hitch isn't a bad guy. He understands and even SAYS that rejection happens and is natural.

    What he does do that I don't agree with is manipulate situations in order to make men seem more favorable to women. For instance, the scene in where the dog runs out of the elevator and the dorky guy sets up a "near accident scene" so the woman will be grateful and give him a date? If I found out a guy set me up like that, I wouldn't contact him anymore.

    You sound like you're complaining. ALL women are NOT to blame for the bad guys out there. There are some women who use men constantly and many men have met one too many of these women so they become heartless bastards, but that still isn't an excuse.

    Those guys chose to do their repulsive actions. They didn't have to... but they did. Either out of pure irrationality or simply because they're assholes.

    Thankfully, I believe most men aren't like that.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • RationalMale
    That's not only the way it goes.

    How many decent looking, honorable guys who treat women find see women rejecting them and then sleeping with trash guys or players who really don't care about them?

    Men do what women reward. I feel sorry for the little girls growing up now... good luck getting married, ever!
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  • dartmaul15
    then cold little boy (player) screws over little girl

    little girl gets hurt and goes cold

    little girl turns into oportunistic bitch or woman saying "all men".

    it's a vicious sycle creatd by both men and women, and their lack of will to realize that perhaps it simply just weren't the right girl, or perhaps (s) he was just using me.

    Perhaps we could stop this victim blaming shaming (or whatever you want to call it), and actually shut the fuck up and just move on? We're all responsible for it in equal amounths, and it's all caused by people who are too stuck up to realize they're not perfect.
    Hence why they let ONE single person hurt them. Well, actually they're just hurting themselves, by making the other person the bad person and thus jutifying their whole complex of blaming the other sex.

    THAT is the real problem here. That NOBODY takes some fuckign responsibility, and stops throwing shit at the other sex. Men break up, women break up. But maybe it wasn't because the other percon is just a jerk looking to get laid, or a bitch looking for a walking ATM?
  • JackTyler
    So getting dumped by one woman is your excuse for being a jerk, and you decide to blame all women for it. That's the move of a coward. Grow up and accept that she just didn't want you.
    • Anonymous

      You obviously didn't understand the article and thought this was someone spouting their real life experience, so you can have an excuse to attack them. This is about in general rule of thumbs of what guys go through with several women that causes them to plummet to assholes. Guys adopt to what get women. If women are rewarding assholes, then guys will become assholes to get women.

    • JackTyler

      I wasn't talking to you here. I was referring to all guys who are like this.

  • LightsOff
    What a massive cop-out. You're in control of your own behavior and your own personality. Guys become players because that's who they want to be. Doesn't matter how they ended up there. They were the ones who made a conscious decision to become that kind of person. It's like saying that the person who flipped your burger at McDonald's did a poor job and now you're forced to eat Domino's pizza for the rest of your life. That's not how it works. You don't have to quit eating at McDonald's just because you got one bad burger, just come back another day and you'll be fine. And nobody is forcing you to eat at Domino's for the rest of your life, you have the choice to eat whatever the fuck you want. Don't be such a drama queen.

    Ok, I admit that I ran a bit too far with that metaphor, but you get what I'm saying. It all boils down to being in charge of yourself. Unless the girl holds a gun to your head and threatens you to become a player, or else she'll kill you, she didn't MAKE you become a player. She didn't TURN you into a player. You did that. YOU. You made that conscious decision. So take some responsibility for yourself. Trying to blame others for the person you've become is weak. It's pathetic.

    Nobody is entitled to a boyfriend or girlfriend. Girls shouldn't feel forced to date a guy because he *might* decide become a PLAYER if she rejects him!! Oh no!! The horror!! Not everyone is going to like you or want to be with you. So either accept the fact that you'll get your heart broken, just like everyone else, or stay out of the dating game completely if your fragile ego can't handle it. Don't blame others for your lack of success. Especially don't blame those who reject you. They should NOT be forced to like you. If they don't like you, then they just don't. There's nothing THEY or YOU can do about it. So suck it up, like the rest of us.
  • Bonnie12I27I12
    we dont create them. people choose to be players. both men and women. getting your heart broken doesn't mean that you have to become a player. its an immature move in my opinion. every time you get rejected or heart broken try to become a better person. you'll eventually find someone and if you dont then you can always adopt like 30 dogs. i would personally love that.
  • Dandeus
    the non-skewed version of your scenario is

    Little boy wants something.

    Little boy doesn't get what he wants.

    Little boy throws temper tantrum.

    Little boy becomes mal-adjusted man.
  • Stacyzee
    What a way to not take responsibility for your own actions. Just pass the blame on to a woman.
    People are in control of themselves in the end.
    No body else.
    • Oigit

      If I could up vote this more than once, I would.

  • Scrambled
    I think that you are spot on in some areas, but you can't generalise it. Me and my idol, Neill Strauss are those guys who became players because we just wanted answers to why we couldn't get girls. We never had a broken heart or anything, it was just more of a solution to a problem.
  • Aud_Queen
    So we shouldn't reject guys we don't like? That's life dude. Girls get rejected and friendzoned all the time too.

    Your in control of yourself and your emotions. Not every girl you like is obligated to like you back. If you choose to harden your heart and be an a player that's on you. Saying that " girls made you this way" is bullshit. Learn to take rejection or go for another type of girl.

    "it is scientific fact that women prefer a desirable man"

    You don't need science to see this. It's the same way with guys wanting desirable females. If your undesirable by a lot of people, your screwed no matter what gender.
    • Anonymous

      lol no. If a guy finds a girl hot, he finds her hot. He doesn't give a fuck if other guys are chasing her.

    • Aud_Queen

      Hot girl= desired

    • Anonymous

      hot girls=hot. Guys don't give a shit what other guys think.

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  • HollyK21
    This post sounds a little one sided, and the fact that you're doing it anonymously speaks volumes, too.
    If you are targeting the women that treat men badly, or create the cycle of cheating for certain men, I can't argue with that. But to bunch us all up in that category is unfair. Like you said in the beginning of your statement, I could just as easily say that guys do the same thing, but it's because it's true. In my opinion, some men can be terrible when it comes to cheating or playing a game. They're spiteful because it was done to them, so they do it to us because we "deserve it" or "are all the same". It's a hurtful, and unfair way of thinking. The moral of my story is that both genders are guilty of doing what you claim women are responsible for. It's the people, men and women, with bad experiences in dating that keep this vicious cycle going. If I've misinterpreted your statement then I apologize, but this is what I got from it.
  • creepycreeper
    When girls stop giving sex out like free candy at the homecoming parade then guys will show more commitment. See the thing is when women are young and attractive they have all these dozens of guys constantly coming onto them so they develop an ego and start thinking they're the hottest thing since spontaneous combustion. Then when those same women get older and their looks go they start getting ignored because men are now hitting on the younger, prettier females. So they get all bitter and realize they wasted their opportunity to land a good husband, then they start indoctrinating their daughters and little sisters to make the exact same mistakes they did, because women apparently hate each other. Men on the other hand teach our sons and little brothers NOT to make the same mistakes as us which is how players come about.
  • Riverock
    Don't hate the player, hate the game. That applies to men and women.
  • DaddyRollingStone
    Even more than that, if you want to stop enabling them then stop sleeping with them. It's really that easy.
  • CandyandPinkCats
    No, all those men have learned to read women really well.
  • 104755555
    I think the cycle starts with women. Women control sex and relationships. Most men (not me) will do what women reward. I really women's nature is bad they hurt guys then they give in to their nature to win with them. I think the world would be a better place if women didn't make men assholes. We natuarally attract what you are women are selfish and don't care about the guy don't want genuine relationships thrive on manipulation, and mostly care about money while being treated like trash so men become this
    • Nyx_85

      You're young and have a lot of growing up to do. Plenty of women are NOT like that. You just have to be smart. Guys often get so enthralled by a chick before they even really know her. I've seen all my guy friends who after girls who I could tell were bad just because she was hot. I can tell them she's a bitch and they don't care. I've seen guys so desperate to date that they'll throw away their own self respect to go after someone totally wrong for them. The cycle didn't start with any one gender. Everyone gets hurts. How they choose to deal with it is up to them.

    • Nyx_85

      *go after girls

    • 104755555

      @Nyx_85 I guess everyone gets hurt but women aren't honest with the situation

  • LittleSally
    Oh yeah... Hahahaha
    I'm sure it's all out fault. =)
  • Princessofpersia
    I honk guys are just assholes and should take responsibility for their actions and not blame women
  • RunTheRares
    If you don't have game, don't blame womens.
  • Anonymous
    Grow up little boy is what I'd say to that stupid scenario!
  • Anonymous
    You have a point but it was kinda worded wrong. Women do create the players but its due to the shallowness that they aren't willing to admit to like guys are willing to admit to. 98% of women are only attracted to about 15% of the worlds guys. Since this a very very small number of guys, those guys in that percentage group get those women and since there's so few of them,. they have multiple opportunities for dating and sex. Women don't make these guys work like they make that average/below average looking good guy they settled for after their looks fade and they're stranded with a couple of kids.
  • Anonymous
    I agree sorta. I wasn't rejected though. I loved this girl more than anything. I thought she liked me. Then she decided to fuck with my feelings. I was broken for a really long time. I will never let a girl get that close to me so that she'd be in a position where she could hurt me again.
    Don't fuck with my feelings
  • Anonymous
    HA NO.

    Boys are usually the heartbreakers and get mad when girls aren't as easy as guys.
  • Anonymous
    It works two ways buddy. Men break womens' hearts too.