Women create the Bad Boys/Cheaters/Players


Of course this would be a seesaw argument when you really give it some thought but sometimes when I hear #women complain too much about how bad #men are I get a little annoyed.

Generally the man haters of the world make this insinuation that all men are dogs but if we were to break down the psychology of things there's potential for the idea that women actually create the man they hate most. This came to mind when I first saw the movie Hitch and remembered the scene when Will Smith was the innocent young man who had his heart broken by a girl he was in love with.

Women create the Bad Boys/Cheaters/Players.

It was his strong interest in the woman that chased her away which was the changing point in his life where he realized nice guys finish last. So he became the kind of guy most women resent by playing the game they created to begin with and its in that nature where i felt that guys shouldn't really be getting all the heat for being that way.

If we were to break it down in simpler terms it would look something like this:

Little Boy has crush on Little Girl

Then Little Girl Breaks Little Boys Heart

Little Boy hates the feeling of having a Broken Heart

So Little Boy Becomes Cold So It Will Never Happen Again.

End Results = The Player

What also makes this even worse is that it is scientific fact that women prefer a desirable man so even if they were a player chances are they'd still end up with a guy like that. And if guys are just playing the hand they were dealt to get the girl then why would it be surprising when they are just wearing the outfit the woman picked out for him.

Yet according to a man hater its the guys fault which is an argument they would probably still back considering they never had the sense to realize this to begin with. Hey I'm not saying all people are good people I'm just saying there is a starting point to everything and the second Women acknowledge this the less complaining they'll end up doing in life. Woman power right?

Women create the Bad Boys/Cheaters/Players
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