Assholes vs Alpha vs Beta/Nice guys: Forever explaining the foodchain


So, Today im going to clarify these 3 different breeds of men...I think i can tell you the best since I've been running race with them for a girl for quite some time, and is now finally disclosing...

Lets Start with the Beta/Nice guys

I'm not going to spend to much letters on this one but tend to be followers, afraid to make choices, afraid to argue with women, manipulative with women, afraid of whats bigger and appears stronger etc...You get the picture.

Forever explaining the foodchain:Assholes vs Alpha vs Beta/Nice guys

Alpha males

They are the leaders as everyone knows, but the big difference with assholes is they dont need to assured they are. They could look crappy, be a little poor etc...Their confidence and wisdom will eventually always outshine and set them apart. They look strong cause they think strong. He is the first to think, say it and perform it. Not afraid of no one and knows he needs a strong, loyal team behind him. Someone to correct him,get input from, share ideas with. With women theyre honest, they cut to the chase. Dont manipulate, and make a women feel good that she is in the presence of one. He doesn't need fancy restaurants etc...All he needs is a walk on the beach, his words, confidence, charisma and humor to win a girl. He will appear dominant but he actually transmitts his confidence over to the girl, which girls find attractive, you know the deal.

Assholes vs Alpha vs Beta/Nice guys: Forever explaining the foodchain


I despise them, I hate them. To quote Jay-Z:

You know the type, loud as a motorbike/but wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight.

This is exactly what assholes are. They seek power in anothers flaws. They're vulnerable, but try to hide those insecurities by scoffing at other people. An asshole is the type of fucker to go in a club, order bottles and just takes a cheap picture with it, let his "followers" get drunk whilst he impresses the ladies with his calmness. He is the one to start scoffing people, get in the fight, get beat up and tell people it wasn't his fault and let his followers go and take revenge.

He is the guy to manipulate women. Make them feel wanted (believe it or not I've noticed that at least 80% of those who are assholes, are just into bragging; materialistic wise, like showing off fancy things on dates) by giving them what they want, which causes the women fall in love with the "hustle" not the person. Cause the real person is just a sad guy hiding behind fancy things and big words.

Assholes vs Alpha vs Beta/Nice guys: Forever explaining the foodchain

Why do I say this? Let me say this; I was in a battle with a nice guy and asshole. She felt for me cause I was direct and etc...The nice guy would make stupid remarks and be like hopeless and dying for attention. Whilst the asshole would contact her (where I kinda didn't; I'm not that into texting :/ ) but leave her in line, but yet everytime they got together it was at his appartement at the beach (this guy is prob 18yrs old), I've seen pics of him with bottles, fancy and expensive clothes etc...And I've heard he is a fuck boy/asshole.

Now I'm not saying he is but by looking on social media it kinda leads in that direction...I know I seem jealous but I'm not cause I'm happy. I learned that same girl while we were dating to appreciate her self, and learned her to pedostal herself, be free. She admitted she is in love with me, but I think the upperhand goes to the asshole atm and I dont feel like coming in between a romance. I know how long it will last and I won't probably see her for the rest of my life :/

Anyways thanks for reading, ladies and gents.

Have a nice day.

Assholes vs Alpha vs Beta/Nice guys: Forever explaining the foodchain
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  • Kirah
    This alpha/beta stuff is false and over-generalizing. It's also labeled differently by different people, so the definition is as of yet useless.

    Some people would label shy guys as "beta". Doesn't mean they're automatically manipulative.

    I'm not really into alpha males, anyway.
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    • Anonymous

      again, i know there are many, i used the ones in my example. And who asked which type u liked? :p

    • Kirah

      I said it because you described beta males as being these supposedly unlikeable manipulative douches, and described alpha males as being supposedly "desirable".

    • Anonymous

      i gave my own opinion, you decide how you interprete it, no problem... But most betas i know are different when they are hanging around with their friends than with their crushes. I didn't say douches at all.
      Alphas are different, i described the one closest to Rocky (in the pic and in my envr)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    Just because a guy's not confident/socially awkward/introverted doesn't mean he's manipulative with women. This is a load of shit.

    "They seek power in another's flaws. They're vulnerable, but try to hide those insecurities by scoffing at other people."

    Sounds like you to a T.
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    • Anonymous

      Well they will be more afraid to open up, and will lie about things to act cool and agree more...

      I am what i am, consider me an asshole man... I mean, its the internet

    • Anonymous

      "Well they will be more afraid to open up, and will lie about things to act cool and agree more"

      Or they just won't talk to anybody, and what's wrong with agreeing to whatever people say? It only harms the person who agrees, so let them do it without sh! ting on people who normally already hate themselves.

    • Anonymous

      tbh i hate people who constantly agree with me, it makes them suspicious tbh in a sense of being afraid to hurt my feelings when all i want is your input...
      And people who agree more are more likely to be used since their seen as soft

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  • PtitZiziSolitaire
    Yeah, so... this is a lot of bullshit for promote the "real man" and vomit on "virgin/losers/pussises/etc/etc"...
    • Anonymous

      nope, lmao why even name virgin in that row? i have massive respect for them, im not promoting shit man... Why would i even do that? im just pointing out

  • DarkHumorRUs
    There are no alpha males or beta males. That's something that guys with too much self-confidence and not enough self-esteem made up to make themselves feel better. And they call themselves alphas.

    Really, everyone is too different to group them into only two labels. AND, peoples' shyness and confidence and most of their other traits are static, not dynamic.
  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    Thats a cool mytake. Sorry about losing your crush although you kind of sound like you dont care so i take that back lol. What if im a mix though like im confident, im a happy guy and dont let people bother me but im also a follower. If someone knows what they are doing it would be stupid not to follow his lead. I dont know, i just felt like saying i was a mix of all of that so i dont know where to put myaelf at. Guess you can put a label next to me other than confused lol.
    • Anonymous

      well thanks first of all, and yes shit happens lmao at least i got her to smile and saw her "naked".
      Well you'd be for me a beta, you seem. You look like the kinda guy to be confident enough to say whats wrong and shit but will never do it straight to the face, you'd rather have the leader of the pack resolve it. Its good that you dont care what other people think, but you should always arouse yourself with people who have the same taste or vision but another way of approaching it. It gives you more input and knowledge over certain emotions and situations...
      Well ofc it won't be stupid to follow their lead, but what is it that makes you FOLLOW HIM and why won't they follow you for example. Even the great make mistakes...

  • front2back
    I don't define myself with labels like that. I am a man, I have my own way of doing things and living life. A guy isn't an alpha or beta or gamma or whatever because he talks more or less than me, or has had more or less girlfriends than me. That's BS.
    • Anonymous

      have it your way, no one said to believe, the thought is sold and shared for free

  • PiuBelloAmante
    ASAP Rocky and his whole crew are gross

    Logically thinking it would make sense for a woman to want a combination of alpha and nice guy

    But women dont think logically, so yes alpha all the way
    • Anonymous

      asap rocky isn't gross, actually listen to his interviews, he really says thoughtfull things about the world, art and women

  • NatashaAnnJames
    Well, I dislike Alphas and A holes, so I guess I must like Betas and nice guys. I think your description of them is a little harsh, I mean "manipulative with women?"
    • Anonymous

      most are, which i know in MY enviromnent, but i find assholes even more manipulative

    • Well I suppose we will just have to agree to disagree on this point.

    • Gommers

      No guy believes this for a second.

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  • Johnyk
    Alpha males usually want alpha females. But I think they are rare today. So, alpha males get easily bored up and frustrated and often change themselves into either beta or assholes to match with the available females.
    • Anonymous

      yeah thats what i exactly said in another comment, most alphas change in assholes... But ofc there are diff types of alphas aswell you know

  • jokery56
    You should have went into more detail with all of these. Its like paper rock scissor. Except if the cards are played right they can beat each other. Their are different types of ass holes, alphas and betas.
    • Anonymous

      ik there are mutliple types, but i explained those whom ik from my enviromnent and related to the post most, being about the women i lost :p

  • ThisDudeHere
    All right. May I ask how do you define someone like me who doesn't care for attention (like, I actively avoid it) and doesn't strive to be a leader but doesn't let others walk over him either? Like, I personally just don't give a shit about others. This one drunk aggressive guy once came over to me recently and if I were a few years younger, I'd whimper and run like the spineless kid that I was but to my own surprise I simply stood there and faced him off. Luckily he walked off and it didn't escalate but I understood something about myself - I wasn't afraid, I didn't act brave either - I simply didn't give a shit.

    What does that say about me? And no, I don't care about labels much. If you were to ask me, I wouldn't think of myself as alpha (don't want to be it tbh) but neither a beta. Then what am I?
    • Anonymous

      you're alpha my man... there are different types of alpha:
      you're the more quiet observing man, just like i am;calm, never get stressed etc... but i do tend to be loud like when there is a party i like to turn up. I do like to joke... but foremost i think im quite and kind of more vibing, inhaling the atmosphere and situation... You wouldve been beta/assholish if you wouldve shouted him off (to me atleast), cause that wouldve escalated the situation...
      Instead you remained calm, showed you had nothing to proof and let happen whatever was meant to happen, chears

    • All right. Cool, dude. Cheers :)

    • Anonymous

      well i would say dont think about it, just life your live man
      sometimes pressure gets u to much and the thought of being a leader... It might just turn you into an "ASSHOLE" :/

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  • Luvme66
    The alpha male are poorly explainer here and the beta males not explained at all.
    • Anonymous

      i felt like beta male is a very wide concept and same for alpha, i took the alpha male closer to my enviromnent... There are so much forms of alpha and betas

    • Luvme66

      Can u give me any websites where I can get a bit more descriptive material?


    • Anonymous

      well I don't know, i should say start looking to yourself first before you start changing lmao
      And this is based of what i know and i have experienced, no sites

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  • Noxifer626
    Why are you comparing human society with animalistic hierarchy?
    • Anonymous

      MY take, i offer you my plate my painted canvas, you choose how you wish to interprete it sir

    • Noxifer626

      Calling people betas and alphas is clearly comparing them to animals. No two sides to that.

    • Gommers

      Humans are nothing more than animals man, don't think you're special.

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  • Phoenix98
    Lol this crock of crap again?
    • Anonymous

      yep the same old bullshit, just like life ain't it

    • Phoenix98

      Yup sure is.

    • Anonymous

      cruel world

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