Men read this and still find a way to call woman self centered


Perhaps I change the title...

Men read this and still find a way to call woman self centered

Men who are in it only for Sex

Hopefully you will read it this time...This is something most men would take rather they cared for a woman or not. Many men string women along for years just to get it.

Most guys move on once she shows interest

This happens a lot although many guys say they want woman to approach, so that they don't have to, woman do approach, and when they do, the guy repels. It turned out this particular guy wanted the chase.

Men who take advantage of a woman's kindness

My sister's boyfriend says on the phone "I'm just living with her until I get on my feet" many men, mooch of their girlfriends so they stay bouncing relationship to the next, for a place to stay, to be fed and have clothes washed. While you might not be the type this is what woman face.

To single out the Guys who give up easily

This is my personal reason. There are a lot of guys out there who don't fight to make the relationship work! I fight to make my relationships work, and when I'm tired they hold the door open for me, I don't want that. I know that the guy whom I'm waiting for isn't focused on relationships right now, he's figuring out what he wants to do with his life, but when he finds that right one to settle with, he won't just let it go, and I need to know that before I invest my feelings in him, in a guy with commitment phobia, how much does he truly want me?


So I made a myTake called "Why woman play hard to get". Apparently they only read the title and misunderstood myTake. This led me to realize that We are getting advice from men who act this way.

Ps. I will approach a shy guy I like, after I'm 100% sure he liked me.

Men read this and still find a way to call woman self centered
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