How to know when a man will never deliver, and what to do about it?


So of course (there are exceptions), but the principle of this take is, you want to prevent heartache. I'm writing this for all my girls.... I do however recognize some men will be upset because it will mess up there game, or expose how they are, but you have information to take or leave, and see what hasn't worked for you , and try something different? So I'm no expert on relationships, but I have read brilliant advice from (The mirror aphrodite) I thought I'd share my experiences plus her approach.

How to know when a man will never deliver,  and what to do about it?

Recognize the signs

If a man does not see no future with you, whether, no relation, you are a passing fling, he isn't that interested, or truly in love there will be signs from the beginning. Men are different and want different things, but a few of these you might notice.

He keeps the situation between the two of you the same as when he first started showing signs or agreeing to starting something with you.

So it's been 3 months or more now, and this guy is still only flirting with you, only still texting you whenever it's convenient for him, and he's never tried getting to know you more, he doesn't want to know what your looking for in a relationship, you've never hung out. He probably just wants an ego boost, and you jump to his convenience.

You've hung out, but he's never took you on any dates, except the "sofa date" you've probably never met his family, because he sneaks you in the house.

It's been 6 months of this, and he still doesn't know you. You've offered going elsewhere but he brushes it under the couch, and you don't bring it up because you don't want to nag him. because he just wants sex. While dates aren't obligated, it's the principal behind people's actions.

He throws negative talk aimed at you.

He might say something that offends you like "Mmh, that girl over there is so bad" while you're on a date. He might say something offensive in front of his friends, but he's just a guy so you brush it under his couch. He talks recklessly, in no spare of what you might think of him. Some might not know it's offensive but I'll explain this later.

He flakes on dates.

It's a difference if something really came up, but say he never called you that day, or the day before, but he called the next day or a couple days later. He flaked on you, and he didn't care to call for 30 seconds, or text you. He might have even text you back like nothing happened.

He still hasn't asked you out after 6 months...

It doesn't have to be specifically this long, but usually this is the time people fall in love. If he still hasn't fallen in love or is displaying disinterest he isn't going to.

So, what to do about this? From the very beginning it's important to call him out on it. Do not brush what hurts you under the couch, even if it's a misunderstanding, he should know what hurts you, and you should know his motives. If a guy did not agree on dating you, and you didn't agree on getting to know each other then you are single, he's single, and you shouldn't focus on what he is and isn't doing. :) Of course you can show him your interest, but Most man take advantage of women who pursue. When you text him first( all the time,) when you tell them you like them, when you give your heart away before he can even ask you on a date. He feels no need to do anything because he already has you.

When you call him out on his flakes, his rude comments, and etc.. (things that hurt) you shouldn't nag him, or complain, but you should simply ask him why, and explain that you don't appreciate it and don't want to get to know someone like that. He'll either straighten up, or he will use the guilt trip on you, and blaim you for his actions, and if he doesn't straighten up, and he apologizes but does it again, you shouldn't further anything with him because that's what dating is for to get to know a person and see if they have the same morals and values as you. He will keep this behavior and you cannot change a man, into treating you the way you want him to!

You can also ask him, what his intentions are, and why he wants to get to know you. If he really likes you this shouldn't scare him away. When you ask about why he hasn't asked you out yet, I believe in setting time limits to prevent waisting time. He shouldn't have a problem doing so, but after so long and he still making up excuses you have to cut them lose, because that's the purpose of dating to enter a relationship.

In doing this, he might grow to treat the next woman better.

How to know when a man will never deliver, and what to do about it?
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