The real struggles of being a handsome man

The real struggles of being a handsome man

The struggles of being handsome in the real world

  1. You are more likely to be overlooked for competitive roles, the male superior in your work who perceive himself “alpha”, wouldn’t want any competition.
    It’s proven that people take authority from good looking individuals promoting you would undermine that authority.
  2. If you are considerate to others you will come across as “fake” or “gay” if you are straight you might miss some chances with the ladies. And if you step on any ones toes you are considered a “douche bag”. No mercy lol.
  3. Other men are threatened and overly aggressive. "Guys are competitive,".
  4. Women become more hostile when rejected ( This is true for me I rejected this girl in the first year of college she turned a large group of girls against me and loathed me for the rest of the 5 years we spent together in university).
  5. Being groped by women in public yes it happens
  6. If you are going through hardship people won`t give you the same consideration.
  7. Women gawking at you constanly can be creepy we know what girls go through when it happens to them.
The real struggles of being a handsome man

The struggles of being handsome in the dating world

1. If a good looking guy hits on an average looking girl....she would either think that he is just playing around with her or he must be a loser for hitting on her because she thinks he can do better.

2. When a good looking guy hits on a hot girl, she automatically assumes he must be a player and hence will put up more and difficult sh!t tests, than she would to an average guy.

3. The girl knows he is good looking and will be less open to him, because she knows that if she opens up to, she might end up doing the nasty with him. (the girl will be even more less open if she is in a relationship.)

4. Good looking guys really can't use the methods out there like negs and c+f, like how average looking guys can, because they will seem like an *******. So what happens is, that the conversation gets boring because you can't bust her balls because she will take it too seriously and she will start losing interest.

5. When good looking guys talk to girls they get so nervous they just want to leave, which sucks.( I can attest to that happeining to me more than I can remember)

6. Girls automatically assume they are taken.

7. Here is a good one...if a girl has a boyfriend and you don't even like that girl and just want to be friends..she will act so distant from you because she doesn't want other people to think that she is cheating on her boyfriend. wtf? Just because your good looking. Bummer not even qualifying for the friendzone.

The real struggles of being a handsome man
The real struggles of being a handsome man
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  • pnl86
    I'm so confused. Is this supposed to be about work or dating?

    Sure, being good-looking presents different kinds of issues in "dating," but I think like a lot of people have already mentioned, those issues are probably better to stomach than the alternative issues unattractive people go through.

    As far as work, I haven't found that to be true. It depends on your profession, job function, and the dynamic that sex appeal may even play.

    For example, men are responsible for hiring me. 60+ year-old men, mostly white, married with children that are sometimes older than me. To them, I'm just a child, a tool, a very specific tool for a very specific job. I'm not taking their wife away from them. I'm not exactly threatening their sex appeal, or "alpha" status. Instead, the opposite is true. I'm an "extension" of them. I'm the face that represents them. So, they like and prefer the fact that I look a certain way. That's something that works "for" me.

    When it comes to collecting money, I bring in money through the door without having to send a single e-mail, or letter, or file a lien, or file a lawsuit. How? I introduce myself to the girls at accounts payable. I ask them about where they went to school, how long they've been working there, etc. Yes, I will admit, sometimes I take off my wedding ring and leave the door of uncertainty and ambiguity open wide for them to question whether anything that was said or done was purely business or potentially flirty. From that point on, they bite on the bait and the hook is set. Just a phone call, and, "Sorry about that, that was my mistake I've been so busy, I'll have the check out to you by today."

    On the other hand, if a good-looking female attorney was involved? Automatically, men are on-guard. Why? Because women have a "reputation" for using looks/sex to get what they want. They have a "reputation" for manipulating men "through" sex/looks/flirting. So, men are "automatically" on guard. If she uses those tricks, RED FLAG, steel wall comes slamming down. If she doesn't use those tricks, she still faces an uphill battle.

    Men don't have a "reputation" for using sex to manipulate women into doing things, and women don't have a "reputation" for routinely being the idiots to fall for stuff like that. So, girls are less "on guard" to those sort of things with good-looking guys.
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    • Anonymous

      This mytake was about struggles in the dating and workplace

      You brought some points, but the working relationship I meant was more geared towards middle managers and those guys that are middle aged and also the young obviously a near retirement working college won't be threatened by your good looks since he has other priorities or already been there done that.

      Plus the male male jealousy is more of a mellenial generation phenomenon.

      True that guys will be more at guard with beautiful females but that shows your alpha intrinsic side a Beta male would fall for a women's seduction more easily.

  • Anonymous
    ill tell u the struggles if i can remember them

    if u r really up there in the looks dept only women who equal you in looks will signal you at the same time theyre really afraid youl reject them so theyre overly sutble which doesn't help ur confidence if ur shy

    lots of guys feel intimidated by you lots of people want to hurt you lots of them want to use you for narcissistic supply to b ur friend lots of people want to help you AT THE SAME TIME they WANT TO HURT YOU its a crazy world

    lots of people won't help u if u need help if ur ugly u get almost 90% more help beleive me I've seen it no offense intended to more average looking people

    almost all women will not express interest in you unless theyre on your lvl or u express invested interest in them

    its easier for people to be disapointed in you because theyre expectations of u and ur looks are so high u have to live up to high high standards much higher than normal.

    people r just more afraid of you in general it makes it harder to get to know them unless u actually try to get to know them and comfort them

    people dont c u as a normal human being that can have flaws u r criticized a lot more closely and the backlash is much stronger

    if ur a good looking guy or well above average like me things are less smoother. if ur in the middle u have more equilebrium but if ur not everything is more extreme. the bad goes to real bad and the good goes to real good.
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    • Anonymous

      it makes things REALLY REALLY hard if your not prepared for the life of a very good looking person. just like if u have a lot of money. a lot of money could be really good but it could be really really bad if your not prepared to handle it

    • Anonymous

      lots of guys feel intimidated by you lots of people want to hurt you lots of them want to use you for narcissistic supply to b ur friend lots of people want to help you AT THE SAME TIME they WANT TO HURT YOU its a crazy world

      You summed it up pretty accurate there I know its a moxed blessing being handsome. Just like some guys here think that beautiful girls don't fart hmm because they are just that beautiful I. e. they are not seen as moal. humans its the same flawless ness expected of us

Most Helpful Girls

  • talias288
    Read my rant about the same thing. I wouldn't mind having a few platonic guy friends. If they're hot even better. I just made friends with an unattractive, really old looking guy thats overweight but he thinks just like me and I get so EXCITED talking to him. But we've only known each other for a month or so and he's already contacting me every other day... clingy. Great! JUST GREAT!!!
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    • OralB

      Of course you had to make it racial

  • Clairehandy13
    This is what my mom told me.

    If good looking guys with no shirt on is sweaty, he's caled hot.
    If a average or "ugly" guy eith no shirt on is sweaty, he's gross.

    If a good looking guy stares at a girl, the girl feels fine ir something.
    If an average or ugly guy stares at a girl, he's called a pervert.

    Kind of unfair...
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    • Anonymous

      your mum is wise

    • Are you saying because of what you said good looking guys have it easier?

    • Azara

      its the same with women though. thats not about men, thats about being attractive or not.

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  • Enaya
    Saw a couple of guys being very rude with a handsome guy at the office even though they didn't know him. I think men do the same thing that women do against pretty women. They get jealous and refuse to help them.
    • Anonymous

      I didn't know girls noticed males bullying each other BCof jealousy but with us i think its not as common

  • Stacyzee
    I bet the unattractive men still would want to trade places with you any day.

    Who do you think has it worse?
    • Stacyzee

      Should that even be a question? Hah

    • Anonymous

      People see with a rose tinted filter, they don't know about the downside of others lives

    • schnipdip

      Dude you sound like a pretentious dick... Complaining about how hard you have it. .. yeah.
      Dating is 1000000 times easier for guys who are hot because every girl wants to fuck you... You need no work.

      Online dating. Women have been put on pediatals so high they all believe they deserve a hot guy. They won't talk to a guy who is "average" because they have these "hot" guys making them believe they can get better.

      21 years of alive I've been called handsome once by a tranny.

      Grow some balls you prick.

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  • GoodDogNigel
    • Anonymous


  • John_Doesnt
    This is like a rich white person complaining about their problems. All the ugly guys in the world would gladly trade places.

    And if it's really so bad, then just make yourself ugly. Seriously, if you really mean that it's tough being handsome then just get some bacon grease on your face and get some gross acne or something. Add some love handles or stop grooming yourself so much.

    Obvious hypocrite is obvious.
    • Anonymous

      Dude I was highlighting amh you sound pissed off over nothing

    • Anonymous

      Secondly the struggle with not being promoted could mean a loss of eaening s into the thousands, so I don't see why someone should invalidate that

    • The "struggle" of not being promoted is only based on hard work. And as for a reality check; minorities have a way harder time getting promoted than you. Imagine being black or gay, that's a hard position to get promoted at a job.

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  • Marinepilot
    I'm told I'm handsome, although I've never been comfortable with it. Everything said here is true. In spades ! Especially in getting hired for good jobs. Most HR guys are
    nerdy guys who don't have a lot of talent and they really are insecure and jealous. You're
    damned if you do and damned if you don't. Moreover, you'll be accused of doing the nasty with girls that you may not know or have no interest in.
    • Anonymous

      There's more more jealousy now days that's a given.
      I think it stems from the mellenial generation upbringing of them being the centre of the universe.

    • schnipdip

      I am the center of the universe fuck-face

  • LittleSally
    I get that...
    I have to say - I agree.

    Similar things happen to good looking women - in both aspects.
    • Anonymous

      So you get rough treatment from women?

    • From women and men - especially ones I reject...

  • pavlove
    Yes! Love this take and topic.

    Struggle: Talking to a girl and there's a mirror next to her head and you keep catching glances and getting lost in your eyes instead of hers...
    The real struggles of being a handsome man
    • Anonymous

      Can't be chatting her up in front of a mirror then

  • AleDeEurope
    I agree, most of those things happened to me.
    I had a group of girls go against me in HS... gotta say I dated all 3 of them, and if it wasn't because I was dating another of her friends, things could've gone worse xD
    • Anonymous

      You felt the hate when you dumped them I take it?

    • I felt the hat of all three when one of them wanted to get back but I didn't, that's when all started.

  • Watermelonoma
    its damn hard being hot. I'd know. Being attractive has a particular burden to it that is oft not understood by the general public and the peon classes
    • Anonymous

      People reading this mytake seem to have taken it as a piety asking mytake. Instead of an insight into the supposed "perfect" world of some men.

  • SchmouSee
    Actually this makes me think of one particular guy and honestly, what you wrote is almost 100% my thoughts. I hate to spoil the party for you but this is actually true. Not sure how to change it, but I hope people will get to know the real you without being weird around you
  • Bandit74
    It probably depends on how good looking you ate. I can imagine being like a 8 or 9/10 potentially turning people off. However I think being like a 7 would be ideal because you're still above average but you're not soo good looking that people will write you off or be intimidated.
  • verticallyinsecure
    retards like you make me feel good about myself lol
    • U look like the retard

    • Anonymous

      You proved my jealous men point

    • wtf, @truthhammer, the guy in your pic is average or below average looking, no offense and mytakeowner is anonymous lol, Why would I be jealous of some anonymous dipshits XD

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  • Entity
    This needs more citations. It would be interesting if this were real and backed by some serious anecdotes even if they were personal and survey based.
    • Anonymous

      well I made this mytake from anecdotes I think there were studies done on how having a "handsome appearance" could affect you negatively nut not sure of the source.

    • Entity

      Well, I like it anyway!

    • Anonymous

      thank you my good man by any chance have you experienced this?

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  • BackInGame
    I'm kind of handsome - easy to get a job, people gather around you, everyone is tolerable and less demanding, people perceive you as smarter and more capable as you are, you get away with making mistakes and stupid things all the time, cashiers and receptionist are all nice and smiling, people say you have a sense of humour, halo effect is everywhere (google this up), people smile at you, getting laid is easy and straight forward - even with very good looking women, you don't have to pay women a shit instead they pay you, you get invitations everywhere, building a social network is a routine, you get a lot of friends on FB, you get job offers from random people, almost half of population covers your back (women)...

    I know the difference of average joe and handsome world, because I went from average-fat to fit and kind of handsome. It's like landing on other planet. I have lots of friends who are handsome too. I just graduated and I was the 1st one who got a job from my class, despite the fact that they were many better guys applied for job.

    GOOD FACE = GOLD and basically there are no cons. Saying that having very good face has drawbacks is stupid and probably coping from a non-handsome person. Your face is at least half of your personality.
  • Humping_Tornadoes
    I don't want to sound arrogant, but I know I'm not bad looking, and I can attest after working for almost 8 years in several places, that at least the first three points, and six are 100% factual. Guys are critical to women that they gossip and talk shit of other girls (which is true), but guys do the same thing only in a less passive aggressive manner. Also, yes some girls are vivid stalkers if they are attracted to you, and can lead to very awkward situations at work.

    And there's not much to add in the dating world thing, it happens and it sucks.

    Great take man!
    • Anonymous

      Thanks man its so pathetic when men act like women

  • SkittleMayn
    I'm a good looking guy (or so I've been told numerous times) but I have not run into most of those problems. I think most men just try to blame their incompetence on something else. One thing I do notice, however, is that women have no confidence approaching me because and I quote: they feel like I'm "out of their league", when they usually are not.
  • ScruffynateAK
    I know your pain, sucks being one of the hot ones right? ;)
    I don't know that I'd trade places with a better looking guy actually. I'm fat and have a baby face, but I'm pretty comfortable with myself and would lose a large per of my humor if I couldn't make fun of myself.
    That said, your problems aren't worse than us averages, just different.
    • Anonymous

      I wasn't making myself a victim. in this mytake rather giving people an informed insight that not everyone's lives are perfect if anything this should have given others a comfort that there isn't any one who is not struggling.

  • kreamykraemez
    i mean i been groped in public and I didn't like it at all and girls are pretty hostile to me when i reject them and some gilrs do label me as gay when they see me. But that does not really make my life harder in anyway. There are things I struggle with a lot more.
    If people label me as handsome at least lol.
  • Elaurious
    Similar to what attractive women face, great take, by the way, want to be facebook friends and read an article I wrote on my page about a similar topic to this?
  • Logorithim
    Well, that is interesting and provocative, but I think most of us would agree that these are "luxury problems" and would rather be attractive than not.
  • MissGee212
    Despite all the setbacks of being good looking, I much rather be that than ugly or average. In my case as a female, women are more negative towards me than men.
  • mrbobz
    I dont know if the two are related... I was quite fat and dressed pretty geeky and i had a few female friends in work, some i would even hang around with outside of work, then i lost a ton of weight and started looking after myself and dressing better... the female friends i had in work barely speak to me any more, i often suspected its due to that as nothing else makes sense... its puzzled me for a while... its kinda lonely now. There could be other factors at play am not aware of, all these female friends have bfs and i have a girlfriend, i suspected i was no longer able to be written off as "just a friend"... who knows, maybe i just turned into a douche! :)
  • CT_CD
    There are no disadvantages to being good looking. If there are any disadvantages then they are far outweighed by the advantages. Many studies show that being attractive gives you an advantage in society.
    How many attractive people would trade their good looks to be a plain, average looking person? Thousands of people get cosmetic surgery every year to try and look more attractive.
  • Beaver19
    True but it still outweighs with positives being a plain or unattractive guy
  • GreatnessPersonified
    I understand your pain. I get that sometimes.
    So, my solution was to date really hot girls. They seem to accept me more.
  • Yeah, I recognize most of these. But it isn't really Armageddon, not unless you for some reason care so much about what people think of you, and the boons outweigh the cons easily.
  • MisterAnon69
    I can derinitely relate to the groping one. This year alone I had to file reports on 3 girls who went waaaaaaaaay beond even that, like stalking and following me into bathrooms and shit. Like fuck off I need to piss.
  • Kemil_Zhoki
    I should write one about, "The real struggles of inheriting your grandmother's multi-million dollar beach house" What a crock of whiny B. S. Also it might be taken more seriously if it were not posted by an anon.
  • Azara
    those guys are not even attractive., they are not gross but they are not hot. the second looks nice eyes but dirty and both look aged.
    • Anonymous

      Well beauty is subjective

    • Azara

      of course.

      by the way i dont do any if throws throngs to guys i think are hot. i treat them like everyone else as long as they are respectful as anyone should be..

  • Mysterio421
    As a guy who gets called handsome a lot, I have experienced most of this. Girls look at me a lot in the classroom and gawk and stare. I have had a few approach me. Some were nervous when I talked to them, etc. Do I like the attention? Sure, but with the whole mind games and the dating scene getting worse, I think it's a waste of time right now. I am just focused on my business, investments, college, etc. What amazes me is when you reject a girl they become pissy. Even to the point of trying to sabotage you. I shaved recently and as a result get less attention and have to worry less about this. It feels great.
    • What are you saying? You saying you are not as handsome or not handsome at all after you shaved?

    • I was saying that I am handsome with the stubble but I decided to shave everything and I no longer have stubble. I have that baby face for now. But I still look handsome.

    • Yesitisme

      I have similar situation, I don't think I have a very handsome face, but I have a sense of style and I used to wear my hair mid length, that draw a lots of attentions and jealousy at work, I am getting very very tired of people not taking seriously at work and they all accuse me only want to get attentions from woman in work all the time. And I do also get unequal treatment by girls in work, when I don't say hi to them or when I just try to focus on my work when they walk by, they will give me this nasty look and start being rude to me.

      So last week I decided to shaved my hair, and I already feel people suddenly becomes friendly with me, and I myself actually feels better talking to others now it's strange. haha

  • RussianNestingDoll
    Lots of parallels with being a good looking woman
    No guy ever wants to be just friends
  • IsabellaIII
    Start dressing like an 80 year man and sport ugly hair.
  • clampfan101
    Why does being attractive have such unfortunate impacts on people? You’d think being too attractive would be impossible, but it seems to somehow backfire on both genders in different ways.
  • douride2
    Trouble with many handsome men is they think there looks is all they need to succeed.
  • Halucinator
    I heard this somewhere- “I feel bad for good-looking people. They’ll never know the struggles an average person faces”
  • Muhammad1999
    none of this can happen to a handsome man if he has a solid personality , others who perceive themselves as alpha won't bother with you if you are aggressive .
  • loveslongnails
    I'm getting 6 points for saying "gee, what a terrible problem to be a handsome man in the world today". Give me a fucking break.
  • Bananaman177
    Yeah, I'm sure the dudes in the pictures above have just as hard a time getting hired as these guys, uh-huh. Right. Sure. Absolutely.

    The real struggles of being a handsome manThe real struggles of being a handsome manThe real struggles of being a handsome manThe real struggles of being a handsome man
  • ManaX
    It's the same for good looking women.
    • Anonymous

      Yes ma'am

  • russomakesmusic
    I’m not even gonna read this. Any good looking people that complain about being good looking don’t know what it’s like to be ugly.
  • IdentetarianimSucks
    Why do i have the impression that you just have an enormous ego?
  • LuWe22
    Yes that can be annoying, but mostly hot guys get more attention
  • giovannimontolivo
    Lmao. You made this seem like it is a negative thing. But what you said about dating is waaaaayyyyy off brah. I used to be skinny, but then I worked out and acquired aesthetics. The way women treat me now is a day and night difference from what it was before. Girls randomly touch my arms, chest etc. and throw themselves at me. So if you are good looking, you will NOT have girls putting up defences, rather they will want you more. So I'm not sure where you got all the info you put under the "dating world" category.
  • Darknut
    Maybe that's the issue, women won't have anything to do with me. Good perspective.
  • WhoDatGuy
    I heard the term sexyism earlier. Good looking privilege exists!
  • OpenWine
    I've wondered how back then the fat guy in class told me in front of the other dudes that I am the ugliest guy he's ever seen. another dude used to kick my bag through all classroom and was hostile to me for doing nothing. he just told me "I don't like your face".
    there were also times where I got compliments but fortunately I don't take off from all the charming words I've also been bombarded with, mostly by older women.
    for a fact I like your take, even I will always keep at the benefit of a doubt and not call it fact but a point of view.
  • Iron_Man
    I don't know about that being good-looking has its rewards
  • sephylove
    What a struggle to have.
  • abundantlyrich
    I don't think you are Liam hemsworth
    • Anonymous

      Never said I were

    • I'm guessing You never proved you were someone with a proper personality besides your 'handsome' looks anyway.

  • Dalisay
    I think the pros outweigh the cons.
    • Seriously, there aren't any cons to be being handsome except the ones you make up in your own head, or if you act like the male version of a bimbo. But that would be on you, not your looks.