The Secret of Being Attractive


The secret of being attractive

So I've been browsing around here and have found so many questions about 'is this pretty?' or 'du guys/girls like this?'

First of all, I know how nice it is to have some support and have someone tell you that it does look good or the opposite gender does like it.

But everyone is different and there are guys who tend to like wavy girls or walking sticks... There is a variety as large as there are possibilities to look...

But even though a person may have a certain type. It's not built into stone.

So what is really attractive?

I'm going to go straight to the point here.

When you love yourself, others are going to love you too.

I know that most people think that people who are adored and told to be pretty by others that they then feel pretty as a result from that. But it is the other way round. You've gotta feel pretty first and then people are going to recognise you as pretty. You've gotta like yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin. If you don't, Change. If you do, never change for anyone.

It is scientifically proven that when feeling confident and comfortable, other pheromones are released by your body which attract the opposite gender Because they are compelled by nature to like self loving girls. Because someone who is comfortable in their own skin and content with their own life is most likely healthy and can provide healthy offsprings... That's the way it is...

So please just start by looking in the mirror, smiling and finding something about yourself you like. And then others are going to see that too.

God has created you to be perfect, don't doubt him.

Bless you all and good luck with your flirting or dating or finding someone :)

The Secret of Being Attractive
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