Good Guy vs Bad Guy. A showdown or is it?


Now, I dunno why these topics are making rounds on G@G. Because it feels completely unnecessary and mundane. The nonsensical stereotypes of nice guys and bad guys are more fiction than fact. Like that nonsense that EL James and Stephanie Meyer and various other female novelists who make it to the NY Times Bestseller list spew in their novels. Gone are the days of Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott and heck even Ayn Rand who gave a comprehensive yet detailed analysis of the male psyche, even in their female centric novels. Men are just men. It is what we choose to be that makes us who we are. Not women.

Good Guy vs Bad Guy. A showdown or is it?
Now, what makes for a bad boy? Why is the idea so popular among women?

a) Women like excitement and danger.(Who doesn't?)

b) They mostly take surface value and believe that they know everything there is to know about a guy.

c) There is always hope for a happy ending in a girls book.

Now it might be the culture shock or the climate of thought but more and more of the guys feel like the ladies would prefer a 'bad boy', or a rebel of sorts.


All your doing is promoting is a lack of responsibility or a general disrespect for women. Both of these are fatalistic if you ever want to build a stable relationship with your girl. It is also shown that the "Bad Boy" inspires low self esteem in those who have low self confidence already. Which is plain stupid, I mean why? What about your own good points? Are you so worthless that you pity yourself because of someone else's confidence? Be your own man, if you ever feel dissatisfied with yourself, change yourself on your own terms.

Now since its the girls who actually passively promote the stereotype, in their own words I say

Good Guy vs Bad Guy. A showdown or is it?

Its a matter of choice to you girls too. If a guy doesn't respect you, you have no obligation to be with him in the first place. Don't ever expect a man to change for you, or anybody for that matter. I think most women who choose 'bad boys' do it out of their maternal instinct. Regardless, a girl ought to know better than fuel his hubris. At the end of the day a jerk is a jerk, no matter how hot, how mysterious he is or how good he is in bed.

Now, what makes for a nice guy?

a) is decent and has a better safe than sorry attitude

b) somewhat of a pushover, there's something wrong with being too polite

c) there is always hope for a happy ending in his book

Now I'd say I like Mr. 'Nice Guy' over your average 'bad boy' just because he has somewhat more humility than them.. Humility is always a good sign, among either gender, it shows a willingness to understand and learn or even adapt. But where this goes horribly wrong is when they suffer from low self esteem, then we get your typiical "White Knights', Doormats, Shuttlers(someone who acts as a middleman between the girl he likes and her boyfriend in the hopes of gaining her favor, weird right?), second choice boyfriends and so on and so forth.

Also it doesn't help that these guys allow themselves to be picked on. Lord only knows why. It brings their self worth to such lows that they never feel that they deserve better, which is a tragedy, seeing that there are so many of them.

Don't be like this. If you want change, you ought to change yourself.

Good Guy vs Bad Guy. A showdown or is it?

Now for the girls who date lesser men and feel like they deserve better.

Good Guy vs Bad Guy. A showdown or is it?

This has happened more often than not, some women often sideline their most obvious and safest choice to an element of surprise. Why? Because of variety. A guy or girl who truly enjoy their lives are reluctant to commit because they can avoid the complications of a relationship. Ultimately, I guess when it comes to choices, men ought to decide where they stand and who they will be and not aspire to be someone else. When you aspire to be someone fake, you will never succeed.

To end things, guys, stop being so sensitive. The other day I saw this anon running around bitching about how he was bullied online. If you can't even own up online. What will you do in real life? Outside the safety of the walls of your room? You don't have to be a 'bad boy' to get respect. You just have to hold your own and just be your own guy. Because when something bad happens to you, its a learning curve. Its painful, but ithere's a lot to learn.

Good Guy vs Bad Guy. A showdown or is it?

So to conclude, I will say this, the concept of 'nice guy' or 'bad guy' is redundant. Only you can choose what you want to be or who you want to be. No matter what any one says or does, the final choice is yours as Churchill couldn't have said it better

"A man does what he must-in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures-and that is the basis of all human morality"

Thank you for reading this long MyTake.

Good Guy vs Bad Guy. A showdown or is it?
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  • redeyemindtricks

    It's folly to think you can un-hardwire the "badboy" thing, which is a pretty obvious product of human evolution.

    For all those 100,000's of years, "survival of the fittest" meant survival of the most ruthless people -- whoever could kill the most of the other, equally ruthless people.

    For a woman, personal survival meant hooking up with a man strong and brutal enough to keep all the other men from killing her, but not so brutal as to kill her himself. Familial survival meant passing down sufficiently aggressive killer genes, too. Killer but protective.

    Given all that, the baseline badboy attraction is pretty much "duh", unless you are actually willing to declare that the entire concept of natural selection is a null-and-void crock of shit.

    You can't undo 200,000 years of evolution with 50 years of social engineering.

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    • Chief16

      In my mind 'badboys' don't exist, only men do. They and their actions. we've come to the point where we can make a conscious choice to be what we ought to be. If evolution has taught us anything, its humility if nothing else. Those who do not learn it will suffer consequences, its just the way things are.

    • Well, yes. But you can't choose the people to whom you do (n't) feel primal attraction.

      It's a bit rich to ask teens and early-twenty-somethings to make that kind of conscious choice. Some can, most can't. Primal urges are "primal" for a reason.
      Non-coincidentally enough, those are exactly the years when the "badboy problem" is at its zenith.

      The humility yr talking about does tend to come with increasing age.

    • Chief16

      If you do not feel the need to improve, you're just killing yourself. Its sad that most people break their lives thinking they're stuck in a box. Attractions, they believe is all there is to life. People always judge a book by its cover and not its content, they never realize that even a book with a torn cover can have a wealth of content, quality content even. Sometimes all you need is a change of perspective.

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  • aficionado

    It does not matter if he is a nice guy or a bad boy. Women date him if he has good looks. End of story! :P

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    • Chief16

      Not true and I say this by experience.

    • aficionado

      If it was your own experience, then you have no idea because you're tall and good looking yourself! :P

    • Chief16

      No, not me. My best friends, who are dating. Thy're marrying this March. The guy is shorter than the girl and she's a beauty! I haven't met a guy who's been more true to himself. And he has a excellent sense of humor.

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