Reasons I'd Rather Be A Woman In Society


Here are the Top 10 reasons that I, as a male, would prefer being a female it today's society.

Reasons I'd Rather Be A Women In Society

I would be free to have emotions.

It's no government security that males in today's society are encouraged and conditioned to almost not feel pain or sorrow, this is where the terms "Grow a pair" or "Man up" come from. Personally, I cannot remember the last time I cried which may have something to due with being taught all my life that "Men don't cry!". As a women, you're free to feel these emotions like normal human beings without being shunned by society.

My word in abuse is taken seriously.

As a women I would be able to make an accusation against a man that abused me in any way and that accusation would be taken seriously by authorities, but as a man most of the time it's not. It's actually pathetic that most people believe that a women cannot rape a man or abuse a man physically and or mentally.

I can defend myself if hitten by a man.

While it is uncommon that your average women can absolutely dominate your average man in a duel its quite clear that if a women lays her hands on a man in self defense its perfectly fine and encouraged but if a man turns around and does the exact same thing its the most immoral thing ever. The fact many people believe that in any circumstance, even if it involves life a death, a man should never place his hands on a women is scary and leads many people to develop this idea they can do whatever they want to men physically and the system protects them.

I can get jobs I'm less qualified for.

As a women, I'd be able to get jobs that the opposing male competing for that job is literally more qualified for simply because I'm a female.

I can go for a walk in the park without being considered a pedophile or creeper.

As a women, if I'm feeling like the weather is beautiful out and I'm in the mood I can go for a walk in the park or sit or stroll or whatever without having the cops called on me or told to leave because I'm disturbing the peace of nearby mothers.

My sexuality would be less shunned.

This is probably the most arguable to many, but not to me. A women's sexuality is FAR MORE accepted then a man's sexuality, if a girl doesn't have a date to a party? She can ask a friend to go with her and everyone is cool for it. But, let a guy try that with another guy and his rep is officially over and he's considered a homosexual.

I can wear men's clothing or even clothing that is less feminine without being rediculed.

It's no secret that a women can get away with wearing more masculine clothes but a man can't even consider doing the same exact thing without being shunned for it by everyone around him.

If I ever get a divorce I will benefit more.

It's no secret that in the event that a maried couple gets a divorce the wife will almost always benefit severly moreso then the husband. This benefit even extends as far as getting complete custody of any children.

I have more options when amplifying my apperance.

When it comes to changing the way you look in a minor or major way the female almost always takes the cake with the cherry on top. An average looking or ugly female can suddenly become someone remarkable with just some makeup and way more options for fashion, but this almost never will apply to a man. This is probably why your average male gets rejected more in dating than your average female.

Reasons I'd Rather Be A Woman In Society
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  • Anonymous

    1- no women get told to grow up, stop being hysterical, stop being over dramatic etc.. It's only on TV they can cry all the time with no judgement.

    2- not always. That's why so many women have ended up dead well after an abuser had been reported. It's happened so many times now it's ridiculous.

    3- this one is fishy because too many confuse hitting back in retaliation and defence when they're totally different.

    4- no, not really.

    5- this one is definitely true. Nobody can ever deny this one. Even men judge other men in the park.

    6- this is because of men. Same with the lesbian gay thing and how lesbian women are more accepted in life than gay men just because men find lesbians hot and gay gross.

    7- only hot women aren't laughed at for this. Ugly or fat women are laughed at and called "dike" or other offensive words for wearing mens clothes.

    8- financially who ever is richer will lose money, not always the man, just look at how many celeb women have had money taken after divorcing a less rich man. As for custody, in this day and age it's much different and men get to see their kids if they go through court... Unless he's done some fucked up shit.. I know this because I personally know so many men who have done so and I used to know a woman who tried and failed to stop her ex seeing his kids.

    9- true with the make up haha. Fashion isn't true though because there's so many different styles for men just that most men don't have the confidence to try it and all wear the same old thing.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • LiveFreeorDieHard

    Right, good points but like my dad always tells me, life is a bitch and then you die. So stop complaining, dont cry, go out and do what you want. Chase girls and compete for jobs you dont even think your qualified for because just why the hell not. Yeah it sucks that we are expected to act manly and all this other bullshit but you dont have to do that. I walk around acting like a decont human being wearing normal clothes. I dont get riducled at all. Life isint as bad as some people think it is.

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  • ThisDudeHere

    I agree with most of it here and I also agree that the one about shunned sexuality is debatable. That's about the only place where I think where both have it more or less equally bad in different ways, not the same.

  • Anonymous

    I can be a virgin and not be shunned for it

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