Why I Hate Being the "Skinny Guy"

Why I Hate Being the "Skinny Guy"

The skinny guy, or the "hard-gainer" as people call it in the fitness industry, are people that find it hard to gain weight or muscle, but find it easy to lose weight. Now, some people believe that is a blessing, but I believe it's a curse. I am, unfortunately, a hard gainer. I'm 17 years old, 5'8, and weigh about 118 pounds. I've been working out for about a year now and I've only gotten little results in the gym.

When I go to the gym, I work my absolute hardest. I stay there for at least an hour every other day doing both compound and isolation exercises. However, I come home, take off my shirt, and I'm sad because my body is nowhere near where I expect it to be. Today, I'm going to explain why I hate being skinny, why it's important to me to build muscle, and why I may be skinny for the rest of my life.


Everyday I look at myself in the mirror and imagine the body I want and then compare it to the body I have now. Then, I compare my body to my friend's bodies using my photographic memory. This is what keeps me motivated to go to the gym, but it also makes me hate myself because i'm skinny. Take a look at this picture.

Why I Hate Being the "Skinny Guy"

Does he look familiar to any of you? If you're into fitness, you would know that this person is Connor Murphy. My friends at school are somewhat close to his physique, but I however am not. I take a look in the mirror and compare myself to him and it is no where near is physique, as expected. This is what I want to look like in about a year or so, but with the track i'm going down that might never happen. Let's take a look at what my body looks like.

Why I Hate Being the "Skinny Guy"
Why I Hate Being the "Skinny Guy"

As you can see by these non-flexing an non-pump photos, I am pretty skinny, and I hate it. There are three reasons why I hate being this skinny.

1.) Girls hate it

Girls hate it when a guy is this skinny, they want a guy with more meat on him so that when they snuggle the guy's bones isn't hurting them. Girls tend to weigh more than me and they become unattracted to me when I lose dominance matches with other men, which I will explain in my next point

2.) Guys want to challenge you in everything

Guys who are bigger than you, in my case almost everyone, want to challenge you in these dominance matches. What I mean by that is they challenge you in things that will show their dominance, like arm wrestling, so they can either satisfy their selves or other women. It become annoying really fast because once you lose enough matches, my last point become more relevant.

3.) People don't take you as seriously

People don't take me seriously because they know I can't do anything. Like for example, someone can take your phone from you and then you ask them to give it back, but then they say "What are you going to do about it?". You can't do shit, because the other dude is bigger than you, and you'll get your ass beat unless you're a black belt in karate.

Now sometimes you come across a guy who will give you shitty advice, here's the advice I've heard from other dudes on how to get more muscle. It may not be shitty to you, but it's shitty to me because it doesn't work on me

1.) Eat more

Why I Hate Being the "Skinny Guy"

I absolutely hate when someone tells me to eat more. Here's the deal, I'm 17 years old, I do not have the money to go and buy food all the time, nor do my parents. I can't eat all the time because if I eat too much I'll throw it up; my body cannot handle this bullshit 3000 calorie diet that these guys give me. All I can do is workout basically, and then come home to some small meals.

2.) Only do compound exercises

Why I Hate Being the "Skinny Guy"

This personally doesn't really work for me that much because I go to the shitty Planet Fitness. I'm broke and my parents don't care enough about my fitness life for them to get me with a real fitness place, and they don't allow me to get a job, so i'm stuck with PF. At my PF, we don't have bench presses, just the shitty smith machine, but I gotta work with what I'm given. I usually do a combination of both compound (smith press, dumbbell bench press, shoulder press, squats) and isolation exercises (exercise machines that target specific muscles). I don't see what the problem with isolation exercises are, in fact I believe they help me better than the compound exercises.

3.) Move less

Why I Hate Being the "Skinny Guy"

This has to be by far, the dumbest piece of advice given to skinny guys. People would say "move less, walk less, and fidget less". Uh, I have to walk to places in order to get to other places. How the hell are you going to expect me to walk less when I need to walk? It's the dumbest shit I've ever heard.


Not wanting to be skinny is a huge factor in my life and it's something that is now at a high importance level, right under school. Here's why it's important to me

1.) To get more girls to be attracted to me

Girls, especially my age, want a guy who is more muscular. Now I know there are exceptions to the rule out there, but most want a guy who is muscular, athletic like. They find it physically pleasing and most imagine that every guy is like that, similar to how guys think that only girls with big boobs are good in bed because of porn. It's a goal of mine to get an attractive girl to say "Wow, you have a nice body." Kind of like how girls react to Connor Murphy. Maybe one day I will achieve this goal, but they chances are very slim

2.) To get people to take me more seriously

I want people to take me more seriously and I believe that they will when I buff up a bit. Skinny guys get the short end of the stick, even fat people (no offense to them) get more respect and acceptance by society than skinny guys. I believe that fat people's is more noticeable because of media, but skinny guys are the main ones being insulted behind the scenes. In today's society, people respect you more if you are buffer.

3.) My own personal goal

This one is kind of hard to explain, but being big is my personal goal because that is how I want to satisfy myself. Working out and joining the military (yes, I plan to join the military through ROTC) shows myself and to all my haters that I'm not a pussy, but I can't show them that if i'm not gaining any progress.


1.) No progress

I want to show you guys something

Why I Hate Being the "Skinny Guy"

This, right here, was me in 2014, my freshman year of high school. I started my fitness journey my Junior year, or in 2015. I'm pretty skinny here, I probably weighed about 100 pounds.

Why I Hate Being the "Skinny Guy"

Why I Hate Being the "Skinny Guy"

Now again, this is my today. weighing in at about 118 pounds with about a year of working out. Not much change at all, barely any. At this rate I don't believe I can make my goals a reality.

2.) Eating

This is going to sound like I've contradicted myself, but hear me out. Eating is important to gaining weight, but I simply can't do it. I always feel like I eat enough, but apparently I don't and if I eat any more than I do i'll throw up my food because my body cannot handle the amount of calories going into me. It is physically impossible to take on these 3000 calorie a day diets, nor do I have to money to spend on these meals.


So in conclusion today, It is almost impossible for me to gain weight. I don't have the money to buy weight gainers or spend a bunch of money on food everyday nor do I have the stomach to do so, I don't believe I have the genetics to do so, and I don't believe that any of my goals will be fulfilled. There are many skinny guys out there who feel the same way too, so I am not alone on this. Obviously there are guys who went from skinny to buff, but they had the money and the stomach to do so, which I don't. Anyways, thanks for reading if you have any comments feel free to leave them down below!

Why I Hate Being the "Skinny Guy"
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Fathoms77

    Heh... it's always funny when 17-year-olds think something about their lives or their bodies is going to stay the same way forever. ;)

    Obviously, your metabolism and body type are going to keep you thin for a while but eventually, your metabolism will slow and if you start eating more and doing less, as you mentioned, you will certainly see a change eventually (and not for the better, unless you continue to work out).

    I'll repeat: You're 17. Your metabolism is going like a rocket right now and you don't like to eat a ton of crap. On top of which, you're always burning calories by going to the gym, so gaining a lot of weight is going to be tough. Gaining muscle isn't impossible for anyone; my recommendation would be to see an actual trainer or expert. I'm aware this costs money, however; if you can't swing it, do some more research online and see what other "hard-gainers" have done to achieve results.

    I can only promise that your body will change with time, whether you like it or not. That, my friend, is unavoidable. It may seem like a long way off right now but trust me, it's coming... and when it does, you may be thanking your lucky stars that you have the body type you do. ;)

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    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but I want to join the military, and I need to be of a certain weigh. Right now I'm under the minimum requirement.

Most Helpful Girl

  • ElissaDido

    Many girls prefer your body type over the bulky ones.

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    • Cosytoasty

      ☝️this, and they also care about the face way more.

    • Anonymous

      Why is that? Wouldn't girls like to cuddle with someone who has more meat on them and not bony?

    • Trust me man I'm a chubby guy girls call me their teddy bear and cuddle with me but I hate it. I tried expressing my feelings to a girl once and she just told me that I was just her friend that's what all girls tell me when they cuddle it fucking sucks by the way you're okay man.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • btbc92

    "To get more girls to be attracted to me". No, it will not. I've seen guys buff and all, and this did not get them dates or girls. In fact, just because a girl lusts after you because of your body, it doesn't mean she wants you. I wouldn't. Because I'm not interested in a person with an ego.

    "Girls hate it". How do you know that? Have you met every girl in this world that hates skinny guys? Most East Asian males are skinny. Do you see girls complaining except for the ones who don't like them? Nope. In fact, most foreign girls love them. Its called preference. And anybody who follows you for your body is just a 'follower', they don't have their own brain. You can be skinny, and healthy. I rather for you to work at it because you love fitness and to be healthy. I can't stand males who do this just to get chicks! And expect to attract me as well. I turn in disgust.

    "Guys want to challenge you in everything". Male pride. We get it. I'm sure all of us get it. But like the old saying goes. Pride comes before the fall. Don't be fake. Be authentic! Or else everything you gain, you will loose. Heck I can challenge a guy at wrestling, and love the challenge.

    "My own personal goal". This is good, but what your saying is very bad. Were you being bullied and mocked at in high school? Because all I hear is insecurities. That is NOT attractive to a woman no matter how cute or 'hot' he looks. A woman cannot put her faith in a man who has problems, or else she can and will take advantage of you. Do it for YOU. NOT for other girls.

    " People don't take you as seriously". Atcually people are not going to give a crap what you look like. If your there boss, then your their boss. They have to respect you or else you can fire them. People respect a person of authenticity, has no record of faults and have a magnetic and charismatic personality. A person they can RELY on. Not an irresponsible person.

    I'm not trying to discourage you here. But I'm just look at this as you just being young. It is not the reality. Your 17 years old, your still going through puberty like we all are, even in menopause for women. You will have to go to the doctor if your physically unfit and unhealthy. 5'8 for a male your age should have a bit more weight then that. BUT, you need to also stay away from junk food as well if you are eating any. Overall don't worry. Its genetics and the environment. These things take time. But a girl will date skinny and confidence than skinny none at all.

    • I fully agree with you. I'm buff and get nowhere near the amount of women my friends get. And they have beer bellies.

    • btbc92

      @Scrambledagain Like it or not. Some girls are attracted to beer bellies that they can rub and hug and lay their heads on like a soft pillow. Not my thing unless you just grow old together that way.

    • yeah I agree. See it often. Rather a fun guy with a beer belly than a disciplined guy with a 6 pack. Story of my life.

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  • rjroy3

    Half your 3000 calories right here.


    It's cheap, easy to stomach and some of the ingredients last awhile. You just need foods high in calories that aren't as filling. Eat nuts like cashews and add oil to pretty much everything you can. Coconut oil is best. Buy bargain brand.

    Cut out cardio training. Only cardio you do should be little to no rest between sets, during your workouts. Do endurance based core training and build up to body levers. Stick to higher volume training for your arms and shoulders. Keep your main strength lifts for everything else closer to 5x5 range. If your calves are lacking, do at least one set of 180 calf raises or 3 sets of 60 varying calf raises. Certain body parts require endurance to really explode.

    Also if you can stomach it... drink milk

    It's easy to get in calories if you do it right

    • rjroy3

      Personally, I love the taste of milk. So drinking a lot was never a problem for me. Drinking calories add up fast.

    • Anonymous

      But at the end of the day, You'll only get in about 1,200 calories. That's what happens to me when I do stuff like this.

    • rjroy3


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  • dipta

    How much fishing for compliments is this?
    You're perfectly fine for a 17 years old and I hardly doubt your friends at school look like that guy - I hope they don't.

    News flash, you're not skinny but thin.
    You're fine.

    • Anonymous

      Not fishing for compliments at all actually. My friends don't look like him but are similar to him. I believe they are going to look like him in the next three years or so.

  • KeepcalmandLARPon

    Well I understand not liking your body. I don't like my weight and the guy i'm in love with is in your boat, kind of. He went from chubby to really thin but he can't bulk up. The thing he doesn't realize is I love thin guys, and for the most part I hate muscles. So your body is perfect to me, but that is just my type.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the compliment.

  • CaliSoccerGuy

    You're an adult... "broke" and your parents don't care about your fitness health so you are pissed you don't have a better gym to go to?

    LOL This made my morning!

    And bitching and nagging like this turns more girls off then anything else dude (tip for ya)

    • Anonymous

      Woah woah. I'm 17, not an adult yet, I'm broke and my parents can't keep buying me food, I'm not pissed that I don't have a better gym to go to, I'm just saying that my gym is shitty, but I can work with it

  • RainbowFanGirl

    I think you look fine and have should have no problem getting girls because many, including myself, dig skinny guys.

    Now try being a chubby chick. That's much harder in my opinion.

    • Also, you mind if I write my own version of this? About being a "fat" girl all my life? I may just do it anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Go ahead. Have fun with it.

    • Anonymous

      Send me the link when you're done I wanna read it.

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  • skeptic002
    • skeptic002

      i had a body skinny body when i was young
      i just did exercise now im thicker and stronger
      and women love it so just keep going and yes it took years this wasn't a one week quick and fix

    • Anonymous

      Awesome, but you can't just workout. You need to eat too, which I can't do.

  • meatballs21

    Dude, you are ahead of like 90% of guys out there. Even if you aren't bulked up and cut with low body fat, you're still defined and toned.

    • Anonymous

      That still doesn't meet my personal goals.

  • soul1112

    I saw your last *uestion, and I have answers to most of your doubts.

    Well, for starters, I'm floating on a similiar boat... sort of, anyway. Like, I'll be closing in on 3 years at The GYM, and I've only lost weight since then (assuming you want to take that role, then we go by these numbers?). Thing is, I learned, and I still am. The consistency has generally been there, though, I admit, there were periods were I wasn't 100% consistent (like these last two months). I focus on the most important basic, which is to get stronger in COMPOUNDS. Why is this important, you ask? Short answer, I think it's just how your body wants to work. It's a mechanical thing, and stuff like The Bench and The Deadlift works key areas and produce the most results in less time- but, here's the thing. I don't get stronger. Like, I've been roughly stuck for 2 years, and I'm pretty sure it's...

    1) I'm not eating enough. This is a thing. apparently I only need about 2300-2400 calories if I want to lean "bulk". This should be enough, and it's only just above my TDEE by about 200-300. The reason I do this is because I'm still 12-13% boyfriend, and I don't want to build any fat.

    2) Not enough protein. Contrary to popular belief, apparently 0.7-8 is about enough to build muscle, assuming your calories are in check.

    and, well, I'm actually not that skinny. I got results, as underwhelming (at least due time) they may be. I only weigh 8lbs over you at 5'9", and I get told a lot I have a pretty "ideal" body". It's about proportions, not weight.

    I also feel a lot of this is due to your very own ways, as how you choose to come across. You take yourself for granted. People don't respect you any less because you're skinny- you allow them to do so (however indirectly) by putting yourself down this way. You can choose to take that shit, or not. Don't want to arm-wrestle? Don't. Don't play their game (in more ways than one). Play by your own rules, respect yourself first. You think M shirts don't look baggy on me? I don't give a shit. I walk straight, chin-up and able to look a person in the eye.

    Bottom line:

    - Find your TDEE and eat slightly above that.
    - Don't neglect veggies, fruit & shit, but spread them out. These are super-filling, so watch out.
    - Eat more easily-digested food that's calorie-dense, like peanut butter+jelly, peanuts, etc. There's no secret.
    - On compounds vs. isolates, just focus on getting stronger on the former.

    To Give, or To Not Give a Shit.
    a Life Lesson, by

    • Anonymous

      I appreciate the advice. At my school, however, people want to dominate other people. It's just how it functions. If you aren't dominate, then they will think you're a "bitch".

    • soul1112

      And what about everything else I said?

    • Anonymous

      I don't know if I can eat 2300 calories a day

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  • justagirl5

    You look like you made progress!

    And for the record my guys skinny like in your before pic and my gosh I can't help but look when his shirt comes off. I love him though and when you love you don't care about looks... but he is sexy in his own way;)

  • Kaazsz

    Well you said it yourself. You won't eat, so you'll never get bigger. Period. That food you eat? Yea it gets turned into muscle you damn idiot. Either wait till you move out and buy your own food, but then again you said you can't eat a 3k calorie diet which isn't even that much. Guess you'll be skinny forever until you figure out how to stuff your face.

    • Kaazsz

      Oh, and you can't look like connor murphey in a year of training.

    • Anonymous

      I guess I will be.

  • 10dsw

    All these reasons to be bigger are incredibly shallow.

    There are plenty of girls who are into skinnier guys. Especially skinny/toned. Moreover there are plenty of studies in the past that have shown that being a leaner makes a guy more seem more trustworthy.

    There's also plenty of girls who don't see ultra-muscular guys as very attractive because they come across as too intimidating.

    Lot's of "plenty".

    I am 6'3" and 170 lb. I am a stick. And yet I have not had a particularly hard time scoring dates.

    • Anonymous

      Well did you check the age range in that study? Girls care a lot about muscles between the ages of 16-30. Plus, it's more than just attracting girls.

    • 10dsw

      Haha I didn't realize you were under 18. Sorry but you're not qualified to speak as to what women between 16-30 look for haha.

    • Anonymous

      I'm 17 and I also have friends who are older and they experience the same stuff I do

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  • AskNaz

    Lots of people prefer a lean looking guy rather than the big bulky one.

    I think if you just completely accept your body type and are okay with it, then it'll be much easier to progress.
    You'll be happy with what you got and progress will be seen as a bonus.
    Rather than not being happy and stressing yourself out over it.

    You look good bro. Just focus on health.

  • Swim_Isaac

    I have to agree with everything you've said. I'm a fellow skinny guy, 6' 2 and 140 pounds... I've been working out for the last 1 1/2 years at my local YMCA. I don't really have much to say other than you're not alone on how you feel. I often find myself wearing long sleeve shirts and pants to hide the fact that I look like a stick. But I'm not too upset, I've gotten used to it. I just wished I could see more apparent results for my work at the gym. Good luck to you and your fitness goals!

  • Kuraj

    You are just complaining about not getting something because you refuse to get it.
    This is as moronic as an obese person claiming they can't lose weight because having to eat less and work out is a "shitty advice" that they don't have the stomach to follow.

    Eating more and moving less is the correct advice, it is not our problem you are unable to follow it.
    Either follow it, or accept being skinny forever, you can't magically have it both ways.

  • AleDeEurope

    I feel you hahaha I have the same problem as you. I eat a lot, but can't gain weight. I work out, but can't gain muscle. I'm not as skinny as you, but, I'm not bulky at all, and though I know some girls like my type of body, I know the ripped one is the preferred. It's not just girls, but myself too, I think I'd look better if I was bigger.
    I don't "hate" being skinny, but I do dislike that I have a body type that makes it very difficult to gain muscles.
    I've never had a problem with not being taken seriously though, I think that has more to do with your personality and how dominant you are, but if people don't know you, they do tend to assume you're not dominant.

    I'm gonna keep on working and hopefully as my body reaches a point where it decides to start building muscle, if not, then I'll just suck it up xD

    • Anonymous

      Exactly my man. Keep working towards your goals!

  • AdamThomas

    What kinds of foods do you eat? And how many calories would you say you consume in a day? It's cheap if you get the right food. I used to be just the same but I forced myself to eat until I almost threw up, drank a lot of full fat milk, and as I gained weight it got easier to eat the calories I needed.

    • Anonymous

      Easier said than done. I don't want to feel like shit throughout the day because I ate too much.

    • AdamThomas

      I did it. If you want to put on weight that's what you have to do, but it only makes you feel like that for maybe a week then your appetite grows.

  • BubbleBoy69



  • LordIheanacho

    You were still fine even in 2014, and 2015 was only a slight improvement. If girls are crying over your body type than they have a delusional sense of biology. No man has to be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Brad Pitt to be someone, that's just magical thinking for a woman to have some absurd expectations. Any woman that does this is not worth the credence of existence.

    KEY lesson - NEVER let women (or other men) judge your life. They are not the measure of your success. YOU are the measure of your own success. Your career and goals are what makes you someone.

    • Anonymous

      Well by you're logic, the majority of women would have this delusional sense of biology

    • Sadly, it seems to be true. That's why I'm a nihilist. Modern generation women are not relationship material; their friend material. I can't believe it took years of getting burned and exploited to realize that. It was only when I finally stopped wasting my time with them and gone my own way did my life become less of a nightmare and more focused.

  • Omar5881

    Don't be sad with what you can't have because there is a lot you already have , and no-one is perfect brah

    • Anonymous

      But some may seem perfect

    • Omar5881

      Wait till you know them , there's no such thing as perfection dude

  • TheDeplorableOne

    If you can't gain right now, then focus on other more objective goal such as massive strength gains (which can be achieved through weight work and eegads, even body weight when more advanced variations and a focus on time under tension and intentity techniques/modifiers are added to the mix.)

  • mits777

    You are a loser if you think this. My best friend is skinny and short like 5'5 and is a leader among men, the super alfa on earth. It has to do with attitude not whether you are skinny or muscular. And about this point "What are you going to do about it?" hahahahha you think muscles give you respect and people will fear you if you have muscles hahahha. If you lived where I lived muscles meant nothing ;) a bullet in your head and bye to the muscles and to all your supplements.

    • Anonymous

      Muscles do get people to respect you. It's like art. People look at a masterpiece you've made and people respect it if they believe it's amazing. Same way with muscles.

    • mits777

      Youbare under 18 too young to understand about what. people respect. If you want to get respected only for having muscles and not a brain I feel sorry for you. You should get respected only for your personality

  • Jan1ssary_

    Lmao these ectomorphs (skinny) 😂 Yeah thats hard for you to gain weight you must get high calories every day to be bulky.

    Ya know my body type is Meshomorphic which means I am naturally muscular hah!.. 😎 So I don't have problems but you can be better with great nutrition&workout routine.

    • Anonymous

      Congrats. Want a cookie? It's easier said than done. You're not an ectomorph so you wouldn't know what stuff skinny guys need to eat and what workouts skinny guys need to do.

    • Jan1ssary_

      Why so mad bruv? Lmao, yeah I am not an ectomorph but it doesn't mean I don't know shit about what ectos need to eat. I am doing this shit since I was a kid I wrote many programs to my ecto friends. Some people are lucky and some aren't, you need good dicipline to achieve your goal and know about what to do, you can even be a gaint in few months.. 😎

    • Anonymous

      Yeah well I don't have the money to be buying all this food everyday.

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  • JSmuve

    Dude, when I was 17 I was 5'8" and weighed about 118 lbs. Eleven years later I'm 5'9" and weigh 155 lbs. You're not destined to be skinny forever. Your metabolism will slow down and all that food you eat will start sticking to you. Best to make sure it sticks as muscle instead of fat. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll slowly get there. The people you idolize would be fat with a gut if they stopped working out. Different bodies give different results.

    • Anonymous

      How do you know? Some people's metabolism doesn't slow down and they stay skinny forever. How do you know that won't happen to me?

  • kinglody

    great question fam, im hella skinny too whch sucks, i only eat 1-2 times... I don't know why dont get hungry... even if i ate 5-6 times a day i won't get any weight.. i have this umm what is called oh yh high metabliom... which sucks! believe me I LOOK LIKE A SKELTON

    • Anonymous

      I feel you

  • Theodorable

    You look good man. Just keep lifting. By the time your 27 you'll be jacked. You're not likely you have a dope job and your own house at 17, and you're not going to have a body of a grown man when you're still a juvenile. Keep working hard. Buy a house, become a house. #LiveItLoveIt

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the advice

  • JoyGirl

    Feel ya dude. I am skinny myself, and I am always told to eat more as well.
    But to be honest, there is nothing wrong with being skinny. There are girls out there who like skinny guys, and guys out there who prefer skinny girls.
    It's ok. Just chillax and let your body do it's thing.

    • Anonymous

      It's about my own personal goals too

    • JoyGirl

      To become muscular, huh... kk.
      I hope you reach your goal. 😊🙋

    • That is a nice dream but he is not aware of how difficult it is to gain weight yet. He will probably gain 90 percent of his weight as FAT, NOT MUSCLE.

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  • Gommers

    You're lacking protein intake. Start eating a hell of a lot more than you think you need to eat. 3k calories is not enough to gain. I was putting away close to 10k when I was bulking. I'd hesitate eating less than 4k now that I'm cutting.


    There's no such thing as a hard gainer, just poor nutrition or inefficient workout.

    • Anonymous

      10k will leave my hospitalized

  • Jesenia

    Sorry, but eating small makes you look slimmer (You are also doing hard exercises). My body is also ectomorph like yours. But, even I eat like a tiger I couldn't gain weight. Well, after making a good diet and exercise plan, I started to gain lean mass. I'm still slim but everyone says my body looks athletic (being thin and fit are not the same)

    I think you need to gain some courages. If you train hard, you need to eat more and more (I even threw up cuz of eating, but I kept mooving) Did you try any supplements?

    • Anonymous

      I use to take protein supplements, but I couldn't stand the taste and I couldn't stomach drinking thick protein shakes everyday.

    • Jesenia

      Which supplements did you take?
      You know, taking proteins from the meals are more effective than takin'em from the supp. s.
      Also, how many days per a week do you go to gym? How about your sets and the weights you are lifthing? Maybe you should calm down a bit cuz even you gain muscle, without taking enough energy from the meals makes you loose muscle too. If you do cardio, in my opinion you need to stop (Adv cycling, running.. etc)
      How much calories do you take in a day, and how fast is your basal metabolism?

    • Jesenia

      If you train hard, you need to eat as if you are a monster.

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  • heathers1988

    Ok bowie and jagger hugee heart throbs were know/ known for being rail thin! Own it with confidence!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but I have a goal that I want to achieve.

    • Just saying. Good luck tho!

  • CorvetteGirl

    I don't know what other girls think but you're smoking hot! I don't care what you weigh you're hot!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks lol!

    • You're welcome. ☺️

  • Popo21

    I think your body is nice and so would many other women so relax

    • Anonymous

      It's more than attracting women, It's about my own personal goals too.

    • Popo21

      You should be happy with what you have and just keep working on it

  • Coolerthanyourmom

    The advice I can give since I'm a junior in highschool also is to lift as heavy as possible. The only way to really get stronger is to lift weights that you can only hit about 5 reps with. Do 5 sets of 5 reps twice a week for each muscle group and you'll start gaining much faster!

  • Elarra

    Dude, I teach sophomores and juniors in high school and they always come back like 2 years after graduation with a weight increase. You'll be fine. Your weight is only temporary.

    • Anonymous

      For some, yes. But not for all.

    • Elarra

      Lol, then be pessimistic about it and don't do anything about it.

  • mrsingle

    I have the same issue but I'm 30 and my body looks like yours but you actually have a bigger chest I guess because I don't work out. Girls always overlooked me. I out eat heavier men.

  • JohnDoe3000

    Dude, girls find your face much more important than your muscles. If you can't eat more in general you can still eat more protein, which is what your muscles need to grow.

    • Anonymous

      But if you have an unattractive face, your muscles will compensate. Protein alone will now help you grow.

  • ProbablyTooMature

    One of the hottest girls I know would be into you.

    If you were 15 years older.

    Dude, you're going to be built like Bruce Lee... what's wrong with that?

    • Anonymous

      Because I'll never be the legend Bruce Lee was. And in my head, I always think i'm skinny.

    • Well that's an "in your head" issue. :-)

  • Truthatanycost

    This is what you do to increase your calories. Buy 4KG of ultrafine oats, or if you want to save even more money, buy a whole load of cheap oats from the market and use a blender to pulverize them into dust. Drink 100 grams of this with cold milk after every shitty small meal that you eat. That's over 400 calories each drink. Get some peanut butter or buy some Wheat germ and add that too. All of that is cheap.

    Can't eat enough calories? DRINK them instead. I've been doing that for years and have gained lean mass. You can buy enough oats for very cheap.

  • AlwaysBelieving

    Dude, you have more muscle definition than I did at that age. You're far from skinny. You just have a runners / swimmers body.

  • GHostIH

    im 20 years old boy my height 5'9 and my weight 50kg and i have never gotten any girlfriend they refuse me every time because im skinny and evreybody ignore me and think that im useless

  • It is very easy to be fat. Eat more and Move less, you will be fat. It is really so easy to be fat. Don't bullshit yourself with how you cannot be fat.

    • They guy you posted above, the big one, I am sure he is using steroids.

    • his name is Connor Murphy, huh? Forget having a body like his if you won't use steroids.

    • It's really not that easy if you have a small stomach and have a body that naturally does not store fat. It would also cost me bank to be fat. I had a hard time getting my weight from 125 to 140 and I have to make an effort to keep it 140+, it more work than being skinny (I'm 5'11")

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  • joelkc

    Mate, I'd rather have that body with muscles than bulky with no muscle. You have physique of an athlete and if you keep as it is, weight won't be issue for you as get older.

    • Anonymous

      I don't know. I may not grow at all

  • EleniMkd

    Your body is just great ! Actually most girls dig for your bodyshape. Being overly muscular is a big turn off for me.

  • wanderlust78

    Skinny guys are my types. They are what I am attracted to and I have dated a couple of skinny guys. I feel that you may be a little harsh on yourself.

  • Saoirse_Nua

    Personally I prefer the lean fit look to the bulky look.

  • GreatnessBack

    Yo, I'm sorry you feel that your body is holding you back.
    I'm was a thin guy myself.
    I used to be 5'9 130lbs (58kg), I wanted to be big like Arnold, who was my idle (still is), but I could never gain.
    However, I learned to work with what I had. Even though I couldn't be big, I became hard. I tighten my muscles to a point that made them close to Bruce Lee strength. lol.

    With that said, here are some things I got to tell you:
    1. I can tell you from fact girls love the slim guy. A well toned slim guy is Adonis-like.
    2. Well, I take martial arts, so size is not a major problem is challenge. Beside, no one is immune to sharp objects. gggrrrr!! :D
    3. That's a state of mind.
    This guy was 5'6 and leader of "kill your own king" France, which is badass!!
    Size is not a factor.

  • TheTruthHurtsImSorry

    Get a part time job and buy yourself some protein powder. You only need a few hours a week. With the extra money you can buy more food and increase your calorie count. If you can't find a job try and mow lawns for money to get you some protein powder.

    Either way you do it, this WILL solve your problem.

    The reason you aren't making any gains is because you're burning more calories than you're eating, you literally can not build muscle mass because there is literally nothing to build it from.

    That is your main problem right now.

    • Anonymous

      So you're saying that the main thing I need is protein powder? Cause I already have some.

    • No, you didn't read through it all the way.

      You're burning more calories than you're putting in your body.

      In order to make gains you HAVE to put in more calories than you're burning. No exceptions.

      Example: If you workout and burn 1,500 calories a day you'd want to eat 3,000 calories.

      Most people I workout with double their burn for their caloric intake. It had to be a constant and consistent diet. Your body can't build something from nothing. It needs those additional calories.

      The protein problem is part of the solution, they are usually high in calories. However, it is not a meal replacement. It is meant to be used in addition to regular meals.

  • matt1209

    Don't worry as you get a little older you will probably pack on some size.

    Instead trying to jump to eating 3000 calories maybe try to up your calorie intake a little at a time add a small snack every now and then. Eat things with a little more protein and carbs.

    Just because you have muscles do sent mean your tough or can fight. Try taking up wrestling in school that will make you tougher, stronger and build more confidents. Also it will help for self defense.

    If you just want size for girls work on your abs and arms in every workout even add arms on leg days. Try super sets. Hope this helps.

  • Primemutton

    i hate this stuff , why is it men who have to look great all the time. you are at a natural weight and can't get a girl because the media has told us a different body style is attractive. i could tell you how to put weight on but its not good for your health and being obese is worse than being skinny by a long streak. I'm sorry ai can't give you a definitive answer other than eating small amounts of fatty carbs which i wouldn't recommend for health. I'm keen to see some of the female responses on here.

    • Anonymous

      It's because a majority of women find muscles attractive

  • bloodmountain1990

    It's better to be the skinny guy over the fat guy.

    I'm skinny by the way.

    • Anonymous

      Fat guys actually tend to be more liked by women than skinny guys, just because they want fat to cuddle up with.