My Experience of Being a Skinny Guy

My experience of being a skinny guy

Most people today would say that being skinny is a blessing. Although that is true to some degree for girls, guys who are skinny are treated like outcasts to buff and even fat guys because they correlate skinniness with weakness. Today, I am going to talk about my experience being a skinny guy and how it has effected my life.

Growing up I was always pretty scrawny. I weighed about 98 pounds my freshman year of high school, extremely underweight. It wasn't until my junior year of high school that I decided to change that and go on the journey of fitness. When I started working out, I weighed about 115 pounds. Now, as a senior in high school and over a year of strength training, I am 18 years old and I weigh about 126 pounds. The reason I started working out was because I was, and still am, getting teased about being skinny. Girls wouldn't want to date me because I was too skinny for them and guys teased me because they felt like it. Guys teased me not out of jealousy, but out of thinking that teasing the small kid will make them feel better about theirselves. This made me spiral into sadness and feeling worthless. I would come home at night and think "damn, I want to get big so I can show these guys that I am worth something and show these girls that they should date me". Kinda corny, I know, but that is how I feel when stuff like that happens to me.

My Experience of Being a Skinny Guy

I still get teased today. I not only get teased by my fellow seniors, but underclassmen as well. The other day a guy told me that I had a 12 year old's body and my crush told me that she hates skinny guys. This has made me consider a drug that could help drastically change me outcome, steroids. I considered taking steroids, but didn't know and still don't know where to find any. I don't care for the side effects because I am desperate and I feel worthless. I get made fun of for my progress too. Sometimes people come up and say "Hey, how much weight have you gained this week?" and I'd say "a pound" and then they would reply "haha pussy, I gained 18 pounds this week! Just eat you fucking bitch! Skinny pussy!". It's really irritating and I hate it. It is the reason why I am going to a college that is far away from where my school is so that I don't have to see anyone there. I pray that this stuff doesn't happen in college, but it might still if there are a bunch of angry meat heads there.

So in conclusion, I hate being skinny because I get teased by EVERYONE. My plan is to continue working out and pray that one day I will be big and shredded. This take wasn't to make fun of meat heads or anything, it's just me explaining m experience so far of being skinny. If you are wondering, no I am not suicidal so please refrain from sending in the suicide prevention hotline, I am just frustrated and tired of being teased for being skinny. Thanks for reading my take! Feel free to leave comments below! (PS, I don't know why it automatically puts this take in the sexual behavior section, but oh well.)

My Experience of Being a Skinny Guy
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  • Octavius

    I know how you feel exactly. I've always been on the skinnier side. I literally can wrap my pinky (that's right I said pinky not middle or index finger) and thumb around my wrists. I also eventually started weightlifting.

    Keep at it. You'll gain in size. You WILL (I'm telling you this because I know a lot of skinny guys feel like they aren't getting bigger) get bulkier if you keep it up and make sure you're eating enough calories and protein specifically.

    I used to hate the warm months and loved the cold months, that way I could have a sweater on and hide my skinniness. Now I don't mind wearing a short sleeve tshirt whatsoever.

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  • ashleyrene

    I think skinny guys are incredibly attractive, for what it's worth.

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  • bruceh

    Embrace and accept your being a skinny guy, I finally did in my fifties. God made you skinny and you are not junk. I am 62 years old and still hear comments how skinny I am. Now I don't care if people call me skinny. Finally, I love being tall and skinny now.

  • French_Pierre

    Try the GOMAD diet. It was made for skinny guys like you. You'll get some gainz

  • Anonymous

    Is't photoshop awesome?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah pretty cool lol.