I'M NOT A NICE GUY! Why We Need to Stop Labeling Average Men "Nice Guys"

I'M NOT A NICE GUY! I get it Ladies, I'm not attractive to you because I'm not an athletic superstar or a good singer. I get it ladies, you don't like me because I'm not wearing the most expensive Jordans or yeezys. I get it ladies, you don't like me because I'm not driving a truck or a nice flashy car. I get it ladies, you need a strong man with big arms and a big wallet to protect and provide for you. BUT STOP CALLING ME A NICE GUY! and a creep, and a weirdo, and a nerd, and a loser, and all the other insults and labels you give average men. I'M NOT NICE TO YOU BECAUSE I'M A DOORMAT THAT WANTS SOMETHING FROM YOU! I'M NICE BECAUSE THATS HOW I WAS RAISED, TO TREAT OTHERS! THE WAY I WANT TO BE TREATED! I can't help it if I'm actually sensitive and care about doing the right thing. I Can't help it if I like to read and collect action figures. I understand ladies, those are all boring and uncool things. But please, if you can do anything, STOP LABELING AVERAGE MEN NICE GUYS! I'm not a creep, I'm not a weirdo, I'm not a nerd or a loser. I am just an average man that wants to be treated with respect and that's the only reason I'm writing this. Your probably thinking that I'm just another, "nice guy" on an angry rant. I don't care! I just hope you'll think about my words. Have a nice day!I'M NOT A NICE GUY! Why We Need to Stop Labeling Average Men


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  • "I get it Ladies, I'm not attractive to you because..."

    You sound an awful lot like a typical "nice guy" to me. You've certainly got the whole "I know everything there is to possibly know about women and what they want and how they act" thing down.

    • I'm speaking from the perspective of how most average guys nowadays feel. As if they can't live up to all these standards western society's women have placed on us. I'm pretty good myself, I'm just raising a point.

  • Yes you are one of those "nice guys", you guys always project this bullshit on to women and are obsessed with thinking women are always after your money and honestly it's tiresome seeing it on this site and youtube. Yes, there are some women who use men to get to the top the same way there are men who use women for 5 mins of pleasure but you don't like us mentioning that cause when we do, the first thing you scream is "don't lump us together". Well imma tell you the same thing, stop lumping all of us women together. It's not women who are obsessed with money, its actually men who are most of the time cause look how you mention freaking air jordans and a fanzy car. I don't care if you own those things or not but apparently you do. You are definitely one of those "nice guys" who immediately assumes a woman wants an asshole or a rich guy just cause she's not into you. Should I assume a guy is player if he's not into me? No. I am so happy my boyfriend is not like men today in the west, you're paranoid, obsessed with money, anti marriage/relationships, and you blame all this shit on women as if you didn't help with the destruction of our society. Like honestly seeing you guys always speak this nonsense makes me want to go mgtow my damn self cause to be truthfully honest you guys sound like nagging women.. you really do.

    • 😑... my god. The post is not about women it's about the comments they use.

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    • No, you like to say that we do, but the way I see it, women are the first one who like to complain about men but then when men do the same, oh it's always men's fault. If we have to admit our lacks etc, it will be kind if you will start doing the same, or else... if we have to act like teens, you as a class will keep saying men are this men are that? We will repay you the same way, fair enough.

    • @TheJoe92 we don't always say it's men's fault and neither do I. I think this is just something you guys like to throw on us women cause you don't want to admit you're at fault even if you are.

  • Nice Guy
    A badge of martyrdom. Men who spend their most of their time whining about how women “just want to date jerks”. Oblivious to the fact that no one finds people who feel sorry for themselves attractive, much less people who blame others for their lack of success. Most self proclaimed “nice guys” are just as self-centered and misogynistic as the jerks they gripe about, they are just much more spineless. To stupid to figure why women don’t find them attractive, they conclude that in order to get laid they must treat a woman like shit.
    They tend to befriend women with the expectation that women owe them something more than friendship, then get all pissed off when the women tells them she’s not interested. Often going after women who are already in relationships, they misrepresent their intentions and try to use emotional manipulation and the facade of friendship as an excuse to get closer to them and score with them.
    The sort of man who will give my definition a thumbs down. :)
    Nice Guy: Why don’t women date nice guys like me?
    Honest Girl: Because, you have no self-esteem and you have to blame other’s for your problems.

    Nice Guy
    1. A manipulative male that forms friendships with females under the false pretense that it won't be a sexual relationship. All the while actually lusting after the female. He is then generally confused as to why the female goes after males that are open about their desires, and blames the female when it is his own fault for creating a friendship when he really wanted to date her.

    2. The guy that's always there for his friends.
    "Jim's such a nice guy, he tried to get into my pants after telling me he just wanted to be friends."

    • Nice guy
      A Nice Guy is nice with an ulterior motive; he believes pretending to be a decent human being entitles him to endless sex with his unfortunate female target. Instead of openly expressing interest and then moving on if rejected, the Nice Guy prefers to attach himself like a barnacle to one woman, hoping that if he pretends to care about her feelings long enough, he'll get at least an awkward handjob in the bathroom. Nice Guy is then bewildered when acting like a friend results in his getting treated like a friend. The advanced-level Nice Guy will call his lady of choice a frigid bitch while simultaneously patting himself on the back for being so nice. Nice Guy fails to understand that acting nice in hopes of getting sex is not actually the same as being nice, and as a result can be found in his natural habitat martyring himself all over the internet.
      If women really only dated assholes, then "Nice Guys" would have no problems getting women.

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    • It's one thing rejecting a guy or just turning them down off that was just it but "Nice guys" don't accept that. They hang around, try to interfere in your relationships, spread rumours that your slut or your boyfriend is cheating, pretend to be your friend, try and get you drunk, try and slip something into soda, steal your underwear, jerk off to your Facebook pics, try to walk in when they know your changing, video you in the shower, wait until your emotionally vulnerable after a break up or bereavement to make sexual advances all while pretending to or trying to pretend to be your friend. Or they just get really aggressive and intimidating when you reject them the first time. All because you won't sleep with them.
      A good decent guy accepts when you turn down his sexual advances and nice guy does not.

    • And I agree but I think we are still using the wrong label. We shouldn't call them nice guys if they do these things and still claim to be nice. We should just stick to straight up calling them creeps and pedos. On the other hand I'm still not talking about these kinds of men. I'm saying that too many shy and socially awkward males are bullied and called a nice guy and get the reputation of all the stuff you just said regardless of if a woman is involved. So you are right but we need a term to call the men you are describing so the, "good" or decent men don't get wrongly accused

  • The men who are seen as creeps and pedofiles and sociopaths being called "nice guys"? Really?

    I think this is literally only a thing in west... maybe.
    I don't know first time do I hear this. I'm from Europe.

    This is some counterintuitive BS.
    Very weird.

    Words shall be used for what they mean.

    This is bot even sarcasm. This is some twisted shit, ... if it's true... which I have hard time believing in.

    • Google nice guys and see what I mean

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    • It's more an English-country speaking thing as far as I can tell.

    • This guy is not a rapist for God’s sake. Just a person whose suffered bullying from the general public.

      The term ‘creep’ needs to stop being used because it’s really a form of bullying used to people down, legitimately kind and honest people at that, who are just trying to live their lives. I’m getting tired of watching people like this guy get bullied.

  • 1- If you are truly a nice person, why is it bad getting called nice?

    2- the pejorative meaning behind 'nice guy' was created by some men to make themselves feel better.

    3- when a girl is rejecting you and using nice guy in her 'rejection speech', it's no the nice that she rejected you for but the 'But' that comes after.

    • Google nice guy and see what I'm talking about. The post is about women who use the term to insult men and say that they are doormats/pedos/creeps because they are polite. Not every guy is like that

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    • @levantine99 Well, but ‘weak,’ ‘withering’ And ‘unconfident’ have nothing to do with kindness. One can be all of those things and still be exceptionally kind.

      But this guy doesn’t even necessarily want women to like him, he just wants to stop being a target for bullying. I think he’s basically right.

      Men and women need to stop picking on these people for no reason.

    • I think you might have your definition of ‘nice’ and ‘kind’ confused with something else, like maybe ‘altruism.’

      Kindness is defined as: the quality of being generous, friendly and considerate.

      Nice is defined as: Pleasent, agreeable and satisfactory.

      Altruism is defined as: the belief in, or practice of, the disinterested selfless well being of others.

      As you can see, there exists a big difference between ‘nice’ and ‘altruistic.’

      I don’t think women even value men being pleasant, agreeable or satisfactory at all, and therefore they don’t even like niceness.

      Altruism, on the other hand, seems to be valued. But here’s the interesting thing. Men who are naturally more selfish are more likely to be less nice, but more altruistic. The theory goes that because they are actually less considerate of others, they compensate for that by doing objectively good tasks— ie. Altruism, even though they are ultimately disinterested in the well being of others.

  • Only two girls have up voted this. That makes me sad, for all you women who aren't up voting... I'm embarrassed for you, as you apparently haven't the sense to be embarrassed yourself.

    • Lol, apparently you don't understand the point of the mytake. It's not about being bitter over women. I literally have a girlfriend. The point of the mytake is that women should stop beta shaming men when they reject them

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    • Thank you! Also please call out any airhead sister of yours who shows the faintest hint of thinking that "marching" is a good idea. If you see a "white knight" saying this tell him that chances of him laid are the exact opposite of what he thinks they are if he participates in that bullshit.

    • @somewheresomeway lol too true!!!

  • It's usually the guys themselves who label themselves nice guys. It's them who usually say "I'm a really nice guy, why won't women date me?". Apparently you're not one of them, I'm just saying this is what I see most.

    Also, the things you said in the beginning of your myTake (provided you mean them) show where the problem begins. If you really believe most women want an "athletic superstar" who wears expensive Jordans and drives a truck or a flashy car, then your perception is clearly warped. And a warped perception is often the main problem of guys who can't find a woman. They have this really odd, over-generalized stereotype of women in their mind and won't let go of it.

    Are there such women? Yes, of course. But these are a certain type of women. It's 2018. There are so many different women out there who are into different things. It's really a matter of what type of people you hang out with. I literally never encounter women (my age) who only want to date super athletic guys. Most women I know don't care about a guy being wealthy, because they're independent and earn their own money.

    Anyway, to get back to your original point. What exactly is it that bothers you about being considered nice?

    • I upvoted this. This has been my case at some point in my life. Good advise.

  • by whining about it, assuming women only like "athletic, good singer, rich men" and saying "oh look at me im not cool im a geek and nerd :("

    is exactly why women call you a nice guy. instead of changing things you do that deter women, you decide to whine and complain. there's a reason people think you're a "nice guy", and judging by this post, i dont blame them.

    • holy shit are you fucking retarded
      you are so fucking stupid

      look you are just another stupid bitch

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    • “He’s obviously being creepy.” No, actually he’s not. He’s standing up for himself because all his life he’s been called a geek, ‘nice’ and a creep (notice how all these are being used synonymously).

      I think you’re the one being delusional here, in reality. The simple fact is that this guy was probably bullied in elementary school, junior high school, high school and in college. And will likely continue to be bullied in the workplace by the very same people that bullied him as a kid.

      Sure, there are places he can go to find like minded people, but that’s always been the case. That doesn’t improve his station or change that fact that he’s obviously been bullied. And to be perfectly honest, labeling guys as ‘creeps’ is also a form of bullying at this point.

      Save it for criminals, but don’t label regular guys like him as ‘creeps.’ Come on.

    • @RaijuRainBird white knight much? lmao men like you are a joke

  • I dunno why guys are soo weak nowadays? there is nothing wrong with being a nice/kind guy!! women love that! and not just for women.. but why would you want to meet your creator having spent your whole life being a jerk?
    you never regret being kind!! I love a respectful kind guy!! no woman worth her weight in salt would ever give any attention or love to a jerk. Women who do... are pathetic and will soon realize their fault!
    never change who you are or think its "uncool" to be nice. Takes a lot of strnegth/courage to be kind! especiall in the face of an unkind cruel world

    • It's because some men who aren't actually nice call themselves nice. This causes some men to think that being called nice (as in, legitamately nice) is an insult, when it's actually a compliment.

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    • Well calling the guy weak is actually quite rude. So you should try and be more respectful.

      With that out of the way, it’s because people use the term as a put down, and people pick up on these things in day to day interaction. Lots and lots of people use it as a form of bullying, and that’s got to stop.

    • You got to remember the take owner is 18. He’s meeting girls who are going through their moron bad boy chasing stages.

      Sadly LEGITIMATE nice guys lose out with many women during this phase (and I’m not talking about the whiners either). What sucks even more these girls are at their most attractive around these ages too, but nice guys aren't usually cherry poppers.

      Some guys (including myself) never felt the need to go around showcasing their assets. They might be smart, athletic, tough, etc. but they were taught to be humble about it. Many women sadly overlook those guys too

  • Or how about these guys stop calling themselves nice and admit that they're just not that desirable to women?

    • It's not about that 😑. The post is about women using nice as an insult. Google nice guy and you'll get a shit ton of women bashing nice guys and labeling them weirdos and creeps.

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    • Again, this has nothing to do with sexual desirability. Why do you assume that’s what this is about?

      This is about bullying people face for liking things that other people lable as geeky. This guy is obviously a victim of bullying from people, and honestly, your response is a form of bullying as well. Assuming he’s concerned only with sexual attractiveness even though he never mentioned anything about that at all.

    • everything has a rationale. there is no such thing as undesirable to all women. i know a woman who likes fat perverts who jerk off to dolls. oh yes such a woman exists. nor are women a prize to be earned and all the effort is on men. it goes both ways.

  • Men are the ones who labelled themselves as 'Nice guys' not women.

    • But women twisted it and turned into an insult.

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    • Wow. You're being extremely rude.

    • I can somewhat agree that the "nice guy" is boring or something and how the asshole is more confident.

      But many "nice guys" were raised to be humble about their attributes. They don't feel the need to go around showcasing their talents. It's likely that they could be very smart, athletic, attractive, physically tough (although usually not verbally), creative and even funny.

      But it takes effort for a woman to discover these things in a guy. Loudmouth dbags remove any need for thinking, so women will flock to those guys whether they are really successful or not (posers can do well with women).

      THAT is the issue we have here. THAT is what the take owner is pissed about. Being "nice" doesn't mean we "deserve" to get laid, but we don't deserve to BE MOCKED/BULLIED either.

      One other much uglier reason that assholes are attractive to women is because they VALIDATE her low self-esteem. His abuse fulfills some masochinistic twisted desire in many women.

  • Look, dude, women label men just like men label women. Why? Because women are no better, despite what your mom told you. Most women are sniveling, jealous little manipulative cunts. They will stab you in the back and they cry to their daddies if you call them out. That's human nature. So stop worrying about "women" and worry about "woman," as in the one woman out there who is a match for you and actually worth your time.

  • i actually don't care if you have all these thing money, fame..
    we all just want someone who loves us for us

  • You know, I actually find nice guys attractive... Guys who open doors and whatnot. I don't need a guy with abs or Yeezys. I need a mature gentleman.


  • A r/niceguy is only nice to people he wants something from. The very fact that you are saying "LADIES" and not "people", most likely define you as one.

    • I think the OP's inarticulate point is that just because a man is polite, empathetic and mild-mannered in public does NOT mean they are trying to manipulate you into sleeping with them, which is an accusation that is legitimately leveled in public.

      He shouldn't have said "ladies" as that is always somewhat demeaning. Any sentence one ends with "... ladies!" is kind of off-putting, I agree. However, it is mostly women who make this assumption, and it is certainly women who are more willing to engage in social aggression due to the connotations associated with the "Nice Guy" label.

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    • Well to help you prove your point about PC culture, I'm going to go ahead and report you, which is totally within my rights, but really mostly just to inconvenience you, because you're obnoxious and we weren't talking about racism. And that is what OP is saying, albeit inarticulately. Have a good day!

    • @WhistleForTheChoir Same to you!

  • The only people who use the label "nice guy" are guys referring to themselves in my experience.

  • humans are animals. you are not a saint either. you wouldn't marry a woman looking like a troll for her "golden heart". likewise, most secular and even christian women want certain traits in men. they are biologically wired to do so. him being an alpha, standing strong on his feet, not getting triggered, being cool under pressure, socially savvy and with good social circle. if you achieve those you will be called cool, not nerdy or weak anymore. its your character lacks that doesn't make women wet not your hobbies. bet you are a nice guy truly in some aspects. but what life taught me, is that in the jungle you can't play with the rules of heaven. you need to toughen up. and to socialize up.

    • the wise man takes this criticism with gladness and adapts. the beta man gets triggered and downvotes, and then proceeds labeling himself nice. dont shoot the messenger. the truth is just what it is. watch a youtube channel like the fearless man or real social dynamics. to learn a bit more on how to up your social and eventually your dating game.

    • ain't gonna lie... you speak the general truth... if not the absolute truth... i haven't tested it yet.
      I have dated a girl who had a great personality and to top it off... an ass that was moulded in hell to tempt men... but the face? meh... no, not so good... and well when push came to shove... she got friend zoned.
      So you speak some wise words... but you miss his point... he's talking about choosy ass females. and you are talking about choosy ass males lol... kinda funny... you are both on the same page

    • It's still a hell of a lot easier for women. Stay relatively fit and healthy, dress tolerably, maybe add a touch of makeup, and don't be a pain in the ass: done. Men have to literally have everything together as well as always being mindful of raising their social status.

  • ... judging from this, I think you're right. You're not nice at all.

    • Pretty heavy knee-jerk reaction here.

      I'm not saying I agree or disagree with what he says. But please do tell how he's suddenly an asshole.

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    • @Odysseas That's REALLY unclear. There's nothing in the post that makes it clear that he ISN'T talking about himself.

      And like I said, this does not look like something the "average man" would say, unless the "average man" is a whiner and a jerk. I sort of like to think that the percentage of whiners and jeks isn't quite as large as that among guys.

    • @DinaM I know that It's unclear in his post. I just told you what he was trying to accomplish judging by his replies in other comments in his thread. That's all.


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  • I can see you have much anger and resentment towards women, and as long as you do things aren't going to change. I know because there was a time I felt exactly like you did. It's a not attractive, or a turn on. I had to learn the hard way that I was the problem, and not them. I can see you're going to learn the hard way too. You're basically saying "I'm a nice guy, so go out with me you dumb bitch" If being nice was all it took to snatch up a significant other, then everyone would be with someone. I'm sorry, but being nice isn't a special gift or talent, and none of these women owe you anything just because you're nice to them. You're nice to someone because it's what a decent human being does, you treat otheres the way you would like to be treated, not because you're expecting something in return. Thats not how it works. You need to be confident and someone that she can believe in, someone that makes her laugh, will listen, and bring out the best in her. The best thing you can do at this point is to focus on yourself, your goals and the plans for your life. I wasted so much time when I was younger complaining and being angry just like you are, instead of just focusing on myself. When I started just doing me, that's when I developed confidence and the women started noticing me, and even then it wasn't that big of a deal. I finally understood those guys that got the good looking girls but really didn't make a big deal out of it. To sum it up: confidence, goals, plans and abilities are sexy and what's going to get their attention. Whining, complaining, anger and resentment is un attractive and if that's the way you're being, it should be no surprise that they want to avoid you at all costs.

    • The post isn't about me. It's about using nice guy as an insult.

    • I see then. Well what it all comes down to is that this whole fiasco of "nice guys, bad boys, and friend zones is all bullshit. The thing with these kinda guys is that they feel they're bound by this set of imaginary rules and regulations they have to follow to get the girls, which of course never works. They see it like, if this doesn't work, I'll try this, and X+ Y x Z = a date, or she smiled so I completed the first step! It's just a lot of over analyzing and pointless gestures.. They fail to realize that they can take off these imaginary chains they have on anytime they want and just be themselves and that they just need to stop trying so hard. It's like I said most of these nice guys are going to learn the hard way and when they finally take off those chains, and work on becoming a confident version of who they are, then that's when things will change.

  • cf.girlsaskguys.com/.../...1-a74e-1b24b1bc14e7.jpg

    Try older women! Less baggage and less drama overall. And they know what they want most of the times. And often they are in their sex crazed stages. Go for it boy!

    And stop pitying yourself like that. It's even more unattractive than being broke. Or else you'll get 0 pussy.

    • I know, I'm just sick and tired of normal guys being labeled for not being rich or super attractive. I feel like men get so much shit for no reason

    • "Little girls", who are in high school are like that in my experience. College was not too different.

      Hence associate yourself with the older folks and older women. They'll give you what you're after. Well, not the money or anything but directions and advises. Just make sure, that you listen to the right people, not some religious fanatics or manipulators.

      The older folks have usually no time for drama and games. I've been like that myself in the past. Here I still am.

  • It's fine bro, don't worry about it. My tip to you would be to not invest too much of your feelings into a person until you know how they feel about you. That way if they hit you with "nice guy" you won't be as upset. Don't change who you are though, stay a nice guy.

  • Nice take.. I'mma nice guy.. A genuine nice guy.. Basically a gentlemen.. I'm sure not all girls see it that way or use "nice guy" as an insult.. But you are absolutely right in many aspects.. Unfortunately that's what nice guy was been reduced to.. A pun for guys are just wanna get in girls pants, or a weaklin..

    • Finally someone that understands! People keep thinking I'm angry. The post is just written from the perspective of men who feel this way.

    • Yes of course exactly!..

  • lol @ the female comments.

    But really, your life will be sssooooooo much easier once you stop caring what other people think because most people are barely rational primates. Focus on yourself and find people who you enjoy being around and fuck the rest.

  • So... average guy... got it... but it ain't changing no women.
    I actually commented because i LOVE LOVE LOVE your fucking delivery, the use of caps and emphasis... You are 18... ugh... the things i can teach you... but first... first... you wanna hear yourself speak? check my profile and read my Rantisodes... then check in again lol.

    Lovely article... good shit.

    • Thank you. The post is really about me though. The rant is about women using nice guy as an insult and making men out to be something they aren't. Thank though

    • Did you read the rantisodes?

  • Unfortunately, we are living in a generation where being called nice is actually an insult.

    To be honest, if you really don't want to be called a nice guy, you gotta first stop caring about what they say about you. It's just the first step, but it'll be the biggest change.

    If you like collecting action figures and it makes you happy, why do you even care what people will label you after they find out about your hobby? People will always bark no matter what. They even criticise the people who give charities. They call them "show-off". They'll always find and highlight the bad in you. The best you can do is to keep doing what you do, considering it is good and progressive, and let the good in you rule your life ans dominate the world.

    • The late, lamented, Terry Pratchett had something to say about this. I can't find the exact quote but it ran along the lines of "why is it normal for a child to decorate their room with pictures of football players, but not of science fiction heros?"

      People are stupid.

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    • I wish it was a proper quote, I'm sure he put it better. I miss him. :(

    • @goaded well, at least you got to experience his idea in its true form and managed to engrave it into your philosophy :)

  • I think I get what you're saying.

    Women say they want a nice guy, and when a guy is nice to them, they assume he wants something from them. Well yeah, everyone wants affection and to feel accepted. Yet only nice guys get shamed for wanting human interaction with the opposite sex.

    So here's my advice: Stop being nice to women. They don't deserve your respect until they earn it.

  • It's not that they are nice guys or weirdos or nerds it's simply that they are probably boring and predictable. The so called NICE GUYS are usually not very interesting. The video below kind of explains this. Hope this helps someone!


    • Your not understanding the point of the mytake. Even if I'm boring and predictable, you don't have to make me feel like a monster, I'm just a human being and I have feelings too.

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    • ... Because I want love and respect too but apparently I'm not good enough for others the way I am.

    • We all want that but demanding others to treat you that way certainly isn't going to work. I am short, fat , and bald but I can tell you I worked real hard not to be boring and predictable. Everyone can better themselves socially if they want to put in the work. I know I did.. very hard to overcome being short bald and fat.. but we get the cards that are dealt and WE ourselves need to turn that hand into a royal flush not demand respect for a two pair.

  • You don't get to decide how people perceive you or treat you.
    If you're discontent, it's you that's gotta adapt, buddy. Blaming others for misunderstanding you is useless and counterproductive. Doing so condescendingly makes you weak. When women speak of "nice guys", it's code for weak guy. Given your sense of self importance and finger waging rant, you're not a nice guy. You're weak. That's why people perceive you as creepy. You think the world owes you respect and when they don't, your frustration comes oozing out of your fake "niceness". No one owes you respect. Respect is earned.

    • Respect might be earned but it doesn't give anyone the right to mistreat someone. The issue with society today is that everyone should hate one another and everyone should be okay with that. We need to go back to having values and that's all I'm saying.

  • If you're being described as a Nice Guy, then it's because they don't really know you. What you WANT to hear is you're a "Good Guy" or even a "Sweet Guy". Because in either case you're at least being qualified in a real way. I've only heard guys being described as Nice if they were people pleasers who are afraid to get anyone upset, because they want everyone to like them.

    You don't have to be a super hot guy for that to happen. My guess is that since you're so bothered by this. You're probably trying to hard as a people pleaser who wants approval too much.

  • I read, collect information and knowledge.
    Result guaranteed. There's always something I didn't know, something to explore.

  • If she keeps talking to you about bullshit u dont want to hear or ask opinions about other guys or make u do some stuff instead of her doing it herself whatever the reason is fkn block her dude if she is not your girlfriend
    I can only accept a little whining from my girlfriend if she does that
    Im not gonna tolerate whining bcs u dont know what to do fkn deal with it its your problem i dont care im not your boyfriend so dont use me as a shoulder to cry on fuck off :)
    Yes that was brutally honest that is why im not a "nice guy"

    • Other thing is when u are genuine person i dont see opening door for a girl as a nice guy thing or helping with 100 pounds bag


  • Let's stop trying to impress women with shiny words and shiny new shit. Bitches ain't SHIT!! Do you and have fun for your own damn sake

  • lol, its kinda humorous to me how "nice guy" has become such a negative and controversial term now. It seems like women are pissed off more by "nice guys" who never really did anything to them aside from maybe complaining about how they are always rejected or calling her a slut than they are by players who actually cheat on them or lie to use them for sex.

    Sure, maybe the guy who claims he's "nice" isn't actually that nice, but it just seems silly for girls to get so mad when most of the self proclaimed nice guys never do anything beyond complaining or acting bitter.

  • Just stop being a pussy. You'll be happier. Trust me.

  • You got a lot of things wrong, brother.
    Being "nice" does not mean people

    • Being "nice" does not mean people can do as they want to you.
      Make sure people don't do that.

  • l am a real man yes and far to nice fuck it l am still very single l need a girl

  • wha f'ing wha. LOL

    • Still not understanding what I'm saying i see 😔.

    • You're seeing WOMAN. It's what they do. Watch what they do, not what they say. It's just all about the FEELZ, and they'll change their mind in the next second.

      And never forget, YOU ARE THE PRIZE! So act like it. Women will come and go, but a real man is a prize to behold.

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