9 Ways Men Lie in Order to Sleep With You

Nine ways men lie in order to sleep with you


I'm single

When a man desperately wants to get in bed with you, he’s going to do everything he can to achieve that purpose, and that includes lying about his relationship status. If he tells you he has a girlfriend, chances are you’ll run in the other direction. One of the common lies men tell is that they’re single when they’re actually in a relationship. Sometimes you have to take his word for it, but if you take the time to do some digging of your own, you might find out something that will kill any feeling you have for him.

I won't tell anyone

Sometimes, you like a guy, and want to hook up with him, but somehow, you have doubts about his ability to keep secrets. Now, being the smart man that he is, he’ll want to delete your doubts. He’ll promise you that he’ll keep your romance a secret, but he’ll end up bragging to his friends. Once he blabs to one person, it can quickly become public knowledge, and it won’t stay secret for long.

Showering you with compliments

Ladies, beware when a man constantly showers you with compliments. Of course, they’re genuine sometimes, but often times, they’re nothing but a ploy to get you in bed. If he feels like he has to butter you up before you’ll kiss him or have sex with him, he’ll say whatever he has to say. He’ll tell you you’re beautiful, and that you’re so ‘marryable’ (if there’s such a word). He might even tell you that he loves you. If you’re anywhere near a bed, don’t always take his word for it.


I earn big $

This lie is often used on women who are more attracted to men with higher incomes. If a guy perceives that you’re easily impressed by a fat wallet and fancy things, he’ll use that weakness against you. He’ll lie about his job; how much he earns, and what he does for a living. He’ll tell you that he makes six figures, or that he recently got promoted. He’ll say whatever he can to appear more marketable. There are women who just fall prey to this sort of lie, not because they are attracted to money, but because they met the wrong guy.

I love children...can't wait to have mine

If a man’s really desperate, he’ll also lie about something as important as children. I mean, what do women love more than babies? In an attempt to impress you, he’ll make you believe that he loves babies, and that he wants to get married and have kids as soon as possible. That way, you’ll think of him as a potential mate, and won’t mind jumping into bed with him. This is one of the most deceitful ways men use to get into a woman’s pants.

Your wife material

Men know most women want to marry and will use that against them as a weekness. They will tell you that your wife material for them and build up your hopes that he could potentially be the one for you.Dont believe him he is just trying to get in your pants. Everyone he meets is wife material if he wants to sleep with them.

I just want to cuddle

Yeah right... It’s common knowledge that women like cuddling a lot. They love to feel a man’s body pressed against their own, and most times, when they do it, they do it for the sake of it, and nothing more. However, men rarely cuddle for the sake of it. If a man wants to cuddle with you, chances are he wants to have sex in the process…so ladies, always be wary. It’s possible that he’s romantic, but most times, he’s using cuddling as an excuse to get into your pants.

Decietful Decorations and common lies told by these cruel men.

"I really, really like you.”

“This could be a real game changer.”

“This is new – I haven’t felt this way about a girl before.”

“I’m really interested to see where this goes.”

“You’re my dream girl – you have all the qualities of the perfect girlfriend.”

“I would never hurt you.”

" Your the best girl ever "

" I wasn't be with you forever"

" I'm not seeing anyone RIGHT NOW "

This last point shows that this playboy knows the letter of the unwritten relationship’s law!

When he says he is not seeing anyone else right now, he means, now, as in this minute. Because he is with you. Tomorrow doesn’t count, nor does a long-distance regular hook-up. He is aware that he must combat a reputation for treating women poorly. His best bet is to convince you early on that you have hooked him up for good.

Becareful Ladies Wolves do come in sheep's clothing. Words are just words just causes he said it doesn't mean its true it probably really means nothing.......


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  • Hold off on the sex. Make him wait for it and get to know you first, take you out on actual dates, etc. I think the problem these days is that so many women are falling for these stupid fuckboy types games too easily.


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What Guys Said 71

  • When I read this my first question is to enquire whether this is a public service announcement or a damnatio against the male gender. While I agree many men have used these since time began I hardly think it is much of a secret that certain men will discredit themselves and their gender by resorting to these things just to sleep with a woman.

    In my case I can say with absolute certainty that I am not desperate enough, nor am I base enough to use these common ploys. Further, some of the lies you mention can cause deleterious effects such as saying you want kids or that you're a high earner. If you say that you want kids she may not be ready and you're less attractive. Tell her that you're a high earner and some women expect more than what you what you're comfortable doing at that time. Say that a girl is wife material and you probably won't get another date. So the lies you say work to get a woman in bed might work for some but not all.

    What I would urge to anyone male or female is caveat emptor; meaning you should have a healthy scepticism until the person proves themselves to be worthy of trust. You should not believe everything just because it is wrapped in compliments or is physically attractive. Cruel lies are not the exclusive domain of men although I would agree lies are typically used by unworthy men to accomplish their objective. Each person must be judged on their own merit and if they prove themselves you might have a winner, but even then there are no guarantees in life.

  • Sure seems like a lot of work and wasted energy just to get a piece. If she is not hitting on me and wetting her pants, I don't bother. Most of my sex has been actions first and then words later. This is a hoot in my opinion.

  • I don't your exact location on planet Earth but where I am from?
    Woman are not that stupid and they actually bother to look at the outcome of your actions but till enjoys the compliments.
    "Treat her like Princess in life and Fuck her like whore in bed" and She will never cheat on you.

  • If u can't sense a liar whoever it is dude or chick u basically can't live in this world 2k fucking 18 :)

    We are spinning in opposite direction

    But wwho cares everybody lies to get something from the other person most of the time , whatever it is sex , favor , money , whatever the fkn reason is its always about something when someone lies to you

  • Wow, just who hurt you? I get there are bad guys out there, but seeing this list makes me feel ashamed of myself.
    In my 23 years, have never bedded any girl, but said some of the points mentioned above and meant them, cross my heart.

    In all honesty, many of theese "ways" to "get the girl" sounds ridiculous. 'I won't tell anyone' what are we? Highschoolers? I guess for some people idea of sex without love comes unfullfilling, but there are plenty of people who want to hookup for a little bit carnal desires.
    Another point, although many people try to force the idea that men are empty hearthless husk incapable of love, unable of genuine emotions, this simply is not true. I love the idea of someone just cuddling under the blanket, just for the sake of it. (I would probably fall asleep quickly but that is something else)
    What I mean, words are just words, its up to you to distinguish whether they are genuine or not, life doesn't come with manual and the fools are those who try to create one.

  • Owl girl, your take is cool but what makes me laugh is that i don't fall in any of these categories that you have mentioned and you know it 🙂

    Because i'm 100% honest, also won't lie on a girl to get her in bed since i want sex after marriage 😄

    But yes i might lie in something to make the owl girl smiles 😜

  • Wait a second. First point the guy lies about being single and is rightfully a prick. But second point the woman is hiding a secret (implying SHE is cheating with the guy) and yet the guy is still depicted as an arsehole?

    Hypocritical much?

  • hahahaha if I wrote these for the countless lies women tell I'd be here all day. These are all lies that scumbags and young guys in their early 20s tell women.

  • All I have to say to you is that I really, really like you. This could be a real game changer. This is new – I haven’t felt this way about a girl before. I’m really interested to see where this goes. You’re my dream girl – you have all the qualities of the perfect girlfriend. I would never hurt you. Your the best girl ever. I want to be with you forever.

    So, dinner at my place? Bring your lingerie set with you just, uhm, for cuddling purposes (I like to cuddle just for the sake of it). See you then boo boo 😘

  • the funny thing is the hottest girl i ever had anything sexual with (not actualy sex but more foreplay) i never lied to, and wanted something serious with and to this day i still never told anyone what actually happened between us... yet she kinda played me and then ran away.

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What Girls Said 25

  • I’m always up for cuddling if I like someone... When I cuddle it’s JUST cuddling. So It doesn’t really matter if yesprtendjhg to want to cuddle or really likes it. If yes oretrndjhg too bad for him bc cuddling is all that’s happening. I’ll cuddie for years before sex , so he can lie all he wants. It’s his own time he’s wasting.

    Thre hs nit a single compliment or expression if feeling that will get me into bed. If I don’t want sex it doesn’t matter what you say. And if I do it does not matter if he ‘ lied’. I will have only acted upon what I wanted anyhow. And we will both have had sex bc we wanted to.

    It’s too bad there is so much pressure on women to have sex only under impossibly perfect circumstances. Otherwise they wouldn’t need to be using up valuable time constant lie detectors. life is messy that's OK, not everything is an exemllificatopn if morals.

    And for people who genuinely want a real connection before sex... you can’t lie your at into a connection. It’s beyond words. let’s only in the superficial ways lying can work and in that case the sex wasn’t a big deal anyhow it’s just people through up feeling guilty. and I think that’s what the effort to suds oit lies comes from. Avoiding guilt not avoiding unwanted sex, bc if you don’t want it lying isn’t going to change that.

    Like if I lie and tell you thjs oue is amazing but you’re not hungry , you won’t bite.

    If you’re hungry and are under false impression as to it’s quality, you’ll spit it out -so no harm done.

    Sex is highly visceral act... I really think absolutely, Unless you as rapaee or ghreatened, you won’t have sex if you don’t want to, and at that point it’s nkt bc you are being flattered.

  • So, what I'm getting from this take is no woman should ever trust any man be it words or actions because they are all just lying bastards who just want to get laid, would that be an accurate summary of this take? I mean, I don't personally feel that way but that's what I'm gathering from what you wrote.

    It's sad really, you make all men sound like evil masterminds with black souls and stone hearts. And, you make all women sound really naive and incredibly stupid with the urge to give it up easy to any guy who talks to her.

    I have to say I disagree. I know there's a lot of untrustworthy people out there, I'm the queen of distrust. So, I get it. I know that there are men who would stoop to tactics such as that to get laid, just as there are women who would do the same. However, one jackass guy should not ruin it for the rest. Not all men are like that, most probably aren't but with the power of suggestion women are going to think they are. It's all very sad especially, since I don't believe it to be true. No guy is perfect but not all are as bad as women on here make them out to be.

    • You don't know a person's intention as well as the next cat. Find something else to do. Go read the national inquirer

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    • It was entertaining

    • I know right, i`ve noticed almost all of her takes have negativity towards men. Maybe she`s the issues going for those kind of men, lol. But hey, you know. Share your take and get those likes lol

  • he may try to get you drunk
    if you're a hopeless romantic he'll say he's never felt so connected
    if there is one language girls speak its the language of jealousy. boys may exploit it in the following ways just to get you to bed;
    he may give you attention and then divert it to another girl just to drive you mad
    he'll hit on your less attractive friend
    he'll make you feel you aren't sufficient by comparing you to others

  • Like this? 😶

    • Exactly like that
      Thank you love

    • Your welcome 😊
      Yeah, I found this awhile back and it reminded me of my ex. Cause he was very persuasive like this and I felt shocked like the girl in the pic.

    • 😪😥😥😣

  • I normally disagree with everything you say but for once you're right. Good MyTake
    (But please stop editing your pictures so much, they would look so much better without it!)

    • Please don't say you dislike me and then critique me. Makes no sense?

  • All true but a smart woman can mostly see through the bs. A good trick is to withold having sex with a guy for a month or even six. If he's into you he will hang about, if he's just after sex he will get frustrated and angry and move on.

  • Yes, some of these are true. I would have to say the "I'm single" or pretending as if they are single is the number one lie that is used often. But anyways, you just have to watch out for these type of men, as soon as you start getting those spidey senses that this dude ain't worth the time, then run.

  • So... Do i have to make a Take about 9 Ways I use to make Men sleep with me? :D

    Just be honest... everybody does everything to get sufficient bedsport :D

  • They are predators, this is what an old man told me about men, not even lying.

    • It's true
      And thank you for the support 💞

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    • No problem.

    • He's right

  • Right on point!

    I always got my wife doesn't like Sex anymore so she won't care if she finds out

    If you really loved me, you would show me

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