Why Women Call You Creepy


If someone called you a creep, chances are you deserved it

Women do not call guys creeps for being ugly--that is not a thing, so stop complaining about it. Girls call guys creeps if they are being creepy or otherwise making her feel uncomfortable. You may be creepy or exhibit creepy behavior without knowing it, but that doesn't make you any less a creep. If one girl calls you a creep, she may have been a one-off or the situation was sketchy, but if you've experienced a pattern of women calling you a creep, then that can only mean one thing: you're a creep

Why Women Call You Creepy

Before you go accusing women of being creeps, I will admit that is true. But women don't complain about being called creeps, so this is not targeted at them. Women who are creeps know they're creeps, and plenty of guys are into that, so they don't have to fear being rejected for it

Creepy behavior

Let's start off with some creepy behavior. In general, creepy behavior centers around unwanted sexual contact or desires. Even if you have no intentions of impressing such desires on a woman, she may still feel like the possibility of you doing so is a risk. If you don't want to be called a creep, then it is your responsibility to exhibit non-threatening behaviors

* Stalking -- Stalking is number one on the list. Stalking takes unrequited feelings to an excessive level and often ends with someone going to the hospital or jail. Ex-boyfriend stalking is not the only bad stalking. Even if you've never dated a girl, it is not okay to stalk her...This one is also illegal

Internet stalking is also creepy, especially if you're searching Instagram and Facebook for pictures to masturbate too. No wonder these girls call you a creep in real life. When you spend everynight obsessing and fantasizing about girls you have no relationship with, it ruins your ability to speak to them in person because they have not shared the same fantasies and emotions as you

Peeping Toms are creepy
Peeping Toms are creepy

* Staring -- An action that is often a key component of stalking, unwanted staring or prolonged eye contact can be considered creepy. When two people are interested in each other, eye contact is a good thing, but only if you are sure you like each other. If you are unsure whether a girl is interested in you or not, do not stare at her incessantly. Even if she is interested in you, staring at her for an hour from across the room without blinking or looking someplace else is creepy

* No means No -- I have actually had guys tell me "Sometimes no means yes" when I've told them no. So no, no always means no. Don't push it; if a girl rejects you, then drop it and leave her alone. If a girl has told you that she is not interested, then she is not interested. Oftentimes a girl will subtly tell you no using body language; if you are unsure how body language works, then you should read up on it because it's probably why you're coming off as a creep

There is more than one way to say no
There is more than one way to say no

Once you're in a relationship (or whatever it is people these days consider themselves to be in if they're just fooling around or afraid of commitment), you can still come off as a creep by not respecting her telling you to stop. If a girl is clear with you that she is not interested in you or something you want to do to her, and you push the issue, then you are a creep. This could refer to a girl whom you're on speaking terms with or hang in the same friend group or class with because she may be comfortable speaking to you as an acquaintance yet not want anything more than friendship. It is also creepy to push a romantic relationship onto a female friend who has told you multiple times she doesn't desire the same

* Crossing boundaries -- Similar to the one above, crossing boundaries of any kind is a huge problem. Something so much as leaning too close to a woman without giving her enough personal space (no less than 2 feet if she's a stranger) is creepy. Hugging a girl who isn't comfortable with hugging you (even in a friendly way above the shoulders) can still be creepy. If you are in a sketchy place (like a dark alley or empty parking lot at night), then give her 20-30 feet of space and never approach her car

Why Women Call You Creepy

Some girls will have more of a personal boundary than others and sometimes the situation will dictate their response. Approaching strangers in public is one of those things. Grocery stores are generally a non-risky place to meet someone, but going up to a girl at 4 AM in Walmart is not a good time. You should also gauge the situation before approaching a girl in a group with friends because they are often out to have fun, not meet people. If you are ever unsure, it is okay to approach, succinctly ask if she would potentially be interested in you, and then quickly leave if she declines. The key to any situation you're unsure of is leaving if she says no or tries to leave herself

Be careful with hugging women
Be careful with hugging women

* Social cues -- Probably the biggest issue with being creepy is not picking up on social cues or acting outside social expectations. This goes back to reading up on body language if you're unfamiliar with it. The most important social cue is when someone is not interested in you because many guys who are called creepy by women are also rejected as being creepy by other males who do not want to be their friends. So if you have a history of difficulty making friends with other kids your age, then you may need to study up on social cues to attract women as well. An example of missing social cues or expectations could be laughing when nobody else is or wearing pyjamas to school instead of proper clothing

This guy doesn't understand social cues and expectations
This guy doesn't understand social cues and expectations

Yes the clothing you wear is an enormous factor is dating because wearing clothing that is not socially appropriate can definitely come off as creepy. For example, one time when I was at a club, this really tall old guy in a Michael Jackson white leather jacket and weird 80's haircut was there. Every girl thought he was creepy because he just didn't fit in. When the song "Thriller" came on and he started dancing like a maniac, everyone jumped out of the way. He tried to grab a girl to dance with him but nobody wanted to. This guy missed a ton of social cues...which is why he probably didn't have a friend to bring either. (He also only had one or two teeth in his mouth which wasn't creepy, but was pretty gross)

* Leagues -- Now I get that a lot of people don't agree with leagues being a thing, and many people can score a date or even marry someone outside their league, but this can be the main reason a girl calls you a creep. Your league is a compilation of your looks, intelligence, personality, financial status and ambition, culture, social awareness, and any other qualities that could make you more or less attractive. If you're hitting on a girl in the next league up, that won't be a big problem, but hitting on a pretty girl who is dressed well when you haven't showered in a month and have blood leaking through your jeans is extremely unsettling. Many guys confuse this with girls being shallow and calling guys ugly, but that's not the case. Maybe there is a better word for this one than "league," but the basic concept would be the same. Whenever a guy who is twice or three times my age hits on me, I get pretty creeped out. If you have a fear of being called a creep, test your odds at hitting on girls within your league rather than ones two or more leagues above

Some girls date below their league
Some girls date below their league

Try not to be jealous of old rich guys who date hot young girls. Either they have a shallow, contractual relationship, or she has daddy issues. Just because a guy who is older or uglier than you can date a girl who is younger and hotter than a girl you think he should be dating, doesn't mean you could date the same caliber of woman. Personality is an enormous factor in dating as well as compatibility, so it doesn't matter what you look like. If you look like a troll but are otherwise a sweet, intelligent man who treats his woman well and can provide for her, you will do much better on the dating scene than an attractive man with a poor personality and no job. Since your league is a combination of all factors you, then try to go for a girl who is in a similar league with the combination of all factors her

* Bad humor -- Again, this ties in with everything else because someone who is adept at reading social cues and respects a woman's boundaries would understand not to bring up certain topics or jokes. Many guys make girls uncomfortable by suggestion, bad humor, and subject matter. Many jokes that other men would think are funny can really creep a woman out, such as joking about putting surveillance cameras in a girl's shower. Watching what you say when you're in female company can immensely help with being called creepy because just one off-beat comment early in your Freshman year can make your whole school label you a creep for 4 years

Why Women Call You Creepy
I would be creeped out by this guy

Cheesy pickup lines fit into this category. You have less than 5 seconds to make a first impression on someone, so don't waste it with something overly sexual or corny. The best way to approach a woman is to compliment her on something like her beautiful curly hair or say you think her platform boots are exciting. Simple subjects such as commenting on the weather or asking if someone knows where the molasses aisle is can be a non-threatening way to break the ice. Simply approaching a girl to talk is not creepy, so you can always start a conversation without making any implications of attraction just to gauge whether she is open to speaking with you or not

How not to be a creep

Once you understand the basics of being a creep, you can work at not being so creepy. Isn't that the point afterall? If you've been called a creep and don't want to improve, then you have nobody to blame but yourself. But once you're at the bottom, you can only go up from there

Why Women Call You Creepy

* Improve your looks -- For all of you who think you're being called a creep because you're ugly, that is a simple fix. I wrote a MyTake about that one a little while back, so you're more than welcome to start there. If looks is your main issue, then that is a simple and quick fix, and you'll have a girlfriend in no time flat

* Improve your personality -- Personality is probably your biggest factor here if you're looking to improve yourself. Griping and moaning is a bad attitude, so stop all of that complaining and focus on improving your life. If you're a young man with no direction in your life, you can start by studying Dr. Jordan Peterson's material (he has plenty of free videos on YouTube, but I've hear his book 12 Rules of Life is excellent). He may help you find purpose in life and change your belief system. That will, in turn, drastically change your personality and the things you decide to put effort into. Women are attracted to a man with personality and ambition in life, so that should be your first step

Maybe listen to this song or develop a taste in music
Maybe listen to this song or develop a taste in music

* Decide what you want -- Mapping out your life to a T isn't helpful because one wrong turn will make you feel like a failure, but deciding what you want in life is a crucial part of achieving it. If you want a stay-at-home wife, 2.5 kids, and a house with a white picket fence, then find a job that will financially support you and buy the house. Once you take the first step, all the rest will fall into place, and a woman fitting the description of what you want will appear in your life. Likewise, if you want a successful career-driven woman, then maybe try an online dating site. Not only is a man who knows what he wants more attractive, but he is also more likely to get it

* Talk to some girls -- One thing I've notice from guys on this site is they just don't know how to ask a girl out because they've never had a one-on-one conversation and never ask girls out. If you refuse to talk to women or practice it seldom, you will come off as a creep because you won't understand the social cues necessary in conversation with a female. So if that's something you struggle with, then try asking a sibling or cousin if you can hang out with them and their female friends or start with female cashiers and waitresses. You don't necessarily have to ask them out, but becoming familiar with female conversation will not harm you when it comes to being creepy

Smile and be pleasant
Smile and be pleasant

* Respect women -- If you respect women, then you will not be called a creep. If you make an effort to make women feel safe when they're around you, then you will not be a creep. Considering that respect is the most important thing in a long-term relationship, respect is a prerequisite to not being creepy. Once you get that part down, you won't have a problem with anything else

Why Women Call You Creepy
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Kaazsz
    This is how I see it:

    I picture society as if we are chimpanzees, highly
    Complex ones.

    95% of female chimpanzees will be in the “in” group. The highest ranking males mate with the females. Maybe that’s the top 20-50% of males.

    The other 50% do not reproduce. Because they are low ranking males, females are not interested in them.

    These “out group” males do not learn the social norms of the in group males.

    Females judge a males attractiveness by his status, and his status is determined by his competency.

    Low ranking males are not given the opportunity to become competent. Because of this, the in group females will never find them desirable (tho beta male chimps do get sneaky lays sometimes lol.)

    The only option for the majority of low ranking males to reproduce is through rape. A few can get sneaky lays but rape is the only real option for most.

    Females evolved a defense mechanism against rape. That defense mechanism is the creepy factor.

    Women are creeped out by men who display out group behaviors. Those behaviors are exactly this:

    Not aligning with accepted social protocol.

    Out group males cannot align themselves with social protocol. It is not instinct it must be learned. They are denied the ability to learn.

    Many men in human society are out group men. We never got to learn the social skills needed to understand and attract women.

    The solution for us men who have been labeled creepy:

    Just say fuck it, go out, and talk to and hit on women repeatedly until you figure it out. It’s literally our only option. Don’t accept that you’re somehow a creep by nature. You are not. You simply lack experience with females. Your ONLY option is to force yourself to get experience. It’s extremely hard but it is what it is.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Yes! I'm not normally a fan of monkey analogies, but since being a creep is a primitive behavior, I approve this one. That's the point I briefly mentioned about creeps often being rejected by other males for friendship. Nice answer

    • hey very smart outlook!!! u sound hot. ben a while since I flirted on the net like this, I'm a little rusty since my husband Aiden died2 yers ago from Lyme disease, but u just seem so hot and smart. remind me of my Aiden... pls respond xoxozoozozozoxoxox

    • Kaazsz

      @dropsofjupiter2006 lime disease oh no! That sounds horrible was it from a tick?

      I liked your name when I read it, so you got a good first impression going I suppose.

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  • Dchrls78104
    To all Incels and some men in my country: heed!
    Is this still revelant?

Most Helpful Girl

  • Felinegirl
    To all the guys STILL saying women call guys creeps for being ugly: that is just so not true. As an ugly guy you might be less lucky in the dating scene. And handsome guys get away with creepy behaviour way more often. However, no man is ugly enough to be a creep by default.

    A tip I'd like to add to this mytake, following the social cues-part: if you are struggling with being seen as a creep, what helps immensely is to start by making female friends. Do not try to date the girls, that is not the purpose. This approach has two benefits:
    1. you build up social skills and learn how to interact more comfortably with women. You'll learn to understand them and they might teach you what you need to be more attractive.
    2. Once you have female friends who see you as a nice person, your creep reputation starts to disappear. They may tell their friends what an awesome person you are, and suddenly there are more girls willing to talk to you.
    Is this still revelant?
    • You say that handsome guys get away with creepy behaviour, but then say being ugly isn't a factor in being called a creep. Isn't that a contradiction if looks you just said looks at making a difference?

    • @AllThatSweetJazz I said: ugly looks don't make you a creep. Creepy behaviour makes you a creep. BUT if a handsome and an ugly guy are both acting creepy, the ugly one gets seen as creepy slightly sooner. As long as your behaviour is good though, looks don't matter.

    • "good" behaviour is relative though. It's not some objective set of rules and to exacerbate the problem, behaviour expected of men is necessarily pressed right up against the boundary of creepy and it's really a roll of the dice as to whether on a particular day with a particular woman if you're going to be well received or seen as creepy. Furthermore, when you're doing things that skirt the ever-shifting line that margin that come with being attractive could make all the difference. If he's ugly then he's more likely to stir discomfort, even if it's the mildest thing and not quite creepy, well the next thing he does is going to be even farther down that slippery slope.

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  • TonyBologna25
    "If someone called you a creep, chances are you deserved it

    Women do not call guys creeps for being ugly--that is not a thing, so stop complaining about it."


    I disagree. I tried to mentor a friend in college with girls, and I saw a side of women that was really disgusting. He's was an average looking guy with good social skills and was very intelligent. He was also pretty traditional and believed in chivalry. I got him on tinder, and got him to approach on campus. Not only was he rejected by a lot of girls on campus, but he was insulted by a lot of them as well just for attempting. He tried to display chivalry and was just overall very respectful, and it got noted off as creepy. It was kind of eye opening, because I had no issues with women and I wasn't chivalrous at all. I was an arrogant steroid using bodybuilder. A lot of younger girls these days throw around the word creepy simply when they see guys that act nice and chivalrous or if they're simply not attracted. It literally happens all the time. Your opinion on this matter doesn't really change what's actually happening. It's just your anecdotal opinion.
    • No it is not just an anecdotal opinion. I have had plenty of men grope me or follow me home from gas stations or try to kidnap me. Men are creeps when they act a certain way. And if they act like that to me, they're acting like that to ther women as well

      Your friend came off in a way that women didn't like. I don't know him, so I can't tell you what it was. But he was most likely disingenuous. Hitting on lots of girls is disingenuous. He needs to find one girl he truly cares about

    • Again, that’s your personal experience and it surely doesn’t define everyone else’s lol. My friend does have a girlfriend now and it worked out. He’s just fine. He’s just very traditional.

    • You clearly don't know what an anecdotal experience is. That means it only happened once. I have met many more than one creep in my life and all of these situations I mentioned happened more than once. Therefore, that is a pattern and no longer an anecdotal experience

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  • MrOracle
    You are being VERY disingenuous if you don't realize that LOTS of women call guys creeps just because they aren't attracted to them.

    My weekend job is being a mobile DJ, so I go to a LOT of parties, and I see a lot of male-female interaction.

    A hot guy can say and do things that would get an average guy arrested and most girls will smile and laugh and follow him around. But many average guys can simply introduce himself or offer to buy her a drink and get shouted down as a creep.

    Now, there are plenty of ACTUAL creeps - I see those too and they are cringe worthy, but I think if you spent a week in a guy's shoes, you would have a very different opinion than the one you started with here.

    You make a lot of good points otherwise, but you can't deny that a lot of women really abuse the creep label, and often in especially cruel ways.
    • Most of the time when those girls use the word "creep," it's because they're not intelligent enough to explain why they find that guy creepy. If it were just based on looks, those shallow bitches would just call him "ugly" and not resort to a word like "creep". You can't know for sure why a girl rejected a guy unless you're her

    • A lot of the time girls are afraid to use words like "creepy" because they think the guy will try to kill them for the insult.

      So they resort to "creepy."

  • Have to disagree with you on the first part. Women do sometimes call ugly guys who approach them creeps, and more handsome guys sexy.
    How do I know that? I've seen it myself, with myself. I've been able to come on strong towards many girls without a problem, but less attractive acquaintances of mine have been called creepy.
    • If you read MyTake, you'll see where I addressed that issue

    • I did read it, that's why I wrote what I wrote?

    • Then you should've also read where I addressed the issue

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  • i1T2daty
    Though I wouldn’t disagree with most of your list, you seem to have neglected -or it’s discounted as unimportant- the cultivation of an inner life that includes wisdom, an understanding of historical, cultural, perspective that has too little space for humility, ecstasy, or compassion. Without a grasp of those along with other similar traits of a cultivated inner life, you are left with the equivalent of Barbie & Ken dolls.
    • If I included all of that, I would've ran out of characters lol. But I do agree that's important as well

  • Mir95
    A lot of women don't want anything to do with men they think undesirable and sometimes creepy is another way of saying undesirable. The thing is some shallow women don't even want to spend a second talking with or dealing with an undesirable guy, even if he's just trying to ask for directions.
    • Yup. And that's where the confusion comes in. They don't use the right word, so guys misconstrue what they're trying to imply

  • firefop
    Even more tryhard feminist propaganda. Statistically speaking, 80% of women want 20% of men. The fact of the matter is, as an attractive man, I can get away with all kinds of things with women that if an ugly guy tried it would be called 'sexual assault.

    So yes, creepy is only if you express interest and she isn't interested... just like rape is when you have consent... but don't call her back.

    • Well I'm a Republican, so no trace of Feminist propaganda here

      If your commit sexual assault, you are a sex offender, no matter how attractive you are. If you're attractive, then it's even worse because you're stooping that low even though you have other options

    • Kas19

      Just wanted to add, you can be a Republican and a feminist.

    • @Kas19
      No you can't. They're different political parties

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  • Bandit74
    "Women do not call guys creeps for being ugly"

    They definitely do.
    And even when it is supposedly based on behavior, looks still factor into the equation. How a person looks has a huge impact on how they are perceived which means what might be perceived as acceptable for an attractive guy to do or say would be labeled as creepy if an average or unnatractive guy were to do/say.
    • No looks don't matter. Creepy behavior is creep whether a guy is attractive or not

    • Bandit74

      I really don't think that's true. I mean sure if you're talking about extreme behavior then its probably creepy regardless of how the guy looks, but when it comes to more subtle stuff unnatractive guys are a lot more likely to be considered creepy compared to attractive guys.

    • Whether or not an unattractive guy is more likely to be called a creep is not the same as saying girls call guys creeps for being ugly. If he is unattractive approaching girls above his league, then he falls into one of the categories I outlined. He is not being called a creep based on attractiveness alone, so to say he's being called a creep for being ugly is incorrect. And even hot guys can be creeps

  • Lightning8
    Calling a guy a creep for something he's not even aware is creepy just because a girl feels that way, is like calling a girl a slut for her fashion or the number of guys she is just friends with.
    • Well-said.

    • Now he's aware he's being creepy because he understands that his negative view towards women is his main fault, and that he needs to respect women if he doesn't want to be called a creep

    • I didn't read the whole take, but I feel like most guys respect women. This just seems like common sense. A guy also doesn't have to have a negative view towards women either to be seen as a creep. It often may not strike a man how women can be really mean until they're really mean to him. And this often happens in traumatic fashion for him, at a time when he put women or a particular woman on a pedastol, giving her plenty respect, openness, honesty, positivity and benefit of the doubt. Leaving out things like romance, love and attraction, the man has felt like nothing he gave was reciprocated out of decency. And that is certainly hurtful.

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  • esotericstory
    Your advice rests on the premises that a man must go out of his way (literally 20 to 30 feet) to not make a woman feel uncomfortable. Instead, he should make her feel safe. I will politely decline this advice. I see no benefit in changing myself according to the terms set by women. That's being called a doormat, and that's worse than a creep if you ask me.
    • Commenting on all of my previous MyTakes is not "politely declining" anything. Grow up

      Yes you need to make women feel safe. That is your job as a male

    • lol no. I decide which woman will enjoy my protection! Not women.

    • Then you deserve to be called a creep

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  • FýrdracaDócincel
    "If someone called you a creep, chances are you deserved it"

    Lol Thanks for the laugh.
    Have a nice day.

  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Wow look at that personal space. Why wouldn't it be creepy if it was vise versa? I mean girls who go near me and even touch me I can't even complain because it's "normal". And what about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSnWGs_siqw
    • Notice how everyone stopped talking or glaring at that guy when he slapped her for being a "creep"?

    • Please read MyTake before commenting. Any literate person will be able to see where I addressed that issue

    • I did read but your only focusing that issue if it's women. What about vise versa?

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  • SkipStop
    From a woman's point of a view, a "Creep" is an unattractive guy. That's it.
    • Wrong. Please ready MyTake before commenting. Any literate person will be able to read where I addressed this issue

    • SkipStop

      I did read it. I'm just telling you the truth.

    • I told you the truth. You are wrong. You are not a woman, so you can't determine what women think

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  • Thatsamazing
    While I think there's a lot of good content in here, especially about respect and feelings of safety, I disagree with your underlying premise of why females call males "creepy"-- they usually use the word creepy because it makes them feel powerful and they like looking down on guys that they aren't attracted to, because it makes THEM feel more attractive. I believe that is a powerful factor not being considered here. That is what I have seen in conversations I hear amongst girls I know personally.
    • The power factor is different than what you think it is. Since men are bigger and more muscular than women, we are at a disadvantage if a creep follows us to our car at night. It's that power dynamic that makes us call a guy a creep

    • Okay... sure, that would be a logical thing to be concerned about, sure. But again, I have seen online hundreds of times, and even in person dozens of times, girls don't just refer to guys that way in that context, or even for remotely aimed at that reason. A lot of the time they just refer to guys as creeps or creepy basically just to do it, because they think it's funny or something or makes them feel superior. It's no different than when a guy (or another girl) calls a girl a slut when he has no evidence even remotely that she is, or may be, a slut-- he/she does it in order to feel superior and powerful. When I said "it makes them feel powerful," what I perhaps should have said instead is "it makes them feel superior," because that's what I really meant.

  • CasaNorba
    this is total nonsense, if a women called you a "creep" there is a major possibility that you just dont meet her expectations. nothing to do with behaviour
    • Being creepy is entirely behavioral. If you were simply inadequate, she would tell you so

    • CasaNorba

      you did not invent the word so is not up to you to decide if its just "behavioral" or not. either way action speaks louder than words cause I see women call men creep nowadays just for not appearing pleasant to them in looks, talking a certain all the way to being a total different race/skin color than them so dont get me started on this one sis.

      "If you were simply inadequate, she would tell you so"

      nope they usually dont just tell you. they will also insult you, become hostile, falsely cry for help, send thugs after you, and worst of all send authority after you

    • Incorrect. You didn't invent the word, so you dont get to say how women use it. Guys who get called creepy are creeps

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  • Randomawkwardness
    I do take looks into account when it comes to whether I find someone creepy or not. Over texting, sending really weird pictures and finding my profile on other social media within a day of talking is what I consider to be creepy.
  • CT_CD
    "Women do not call guys creeps for being ugly"

    They do
  • hellacray
    I wasn't called a creep, but I was given a wtf stare when I asked a girl out.

    And I would consider myself to be weirdly fun. Cause hey I want to be myself.

    But it's because women seem to get creeped out easily that I usually refrain from asking them out. Unless I think she's really cute.
    • bailey11

      Well that's a given. The problem with a lot of guys is: they only ask cute girls out. If girls you ask out aren't considered cute, they may wonder why you're asking them out because maybe they don't get asked out a lot.
      If more guys asked out a women whether she was cute or not, it might not be so foreign to the girl and you wouldn't get a wtf stare. Just sayin'.

    • hellacray

      Are you stupid? You do realize I'm talking about strangers right?

      Why would I ask a girl out that I don't find attractive?

      I mean if I have no standards I might as well ask out every girl I see.

      That totally won't be creepy at all.

    • Hellacray, why such a fucking offensive reply. "Are you stupid?" Check yourself man

  • Browneye57
    TLDR. For your age group EVERYTHING is CREEPY. For gods sakes.
    • Not true at all. Part of your problem is thinking you know everything about people my age. That is not the case and your hostile view towards other people is the reason for your problems in life

    • That's funny... I don't have problems in life. But based on this, you surely do. How ironic is that?

    • You're divorced, that's a huge problem

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  • kespethdude
    In Boston, you just have to be an only child with sutism and mental illness to be considered a creep. They are EXTREMELY ableist and a bunch of bullies here. And also, it totally IS about looks, in Boston, anyway.
  • shyapples2
    I was agreeing with you until you brought up “leagues” which are an imaginary social construct created by extreme insecurity
    • Yeah I dunno about that man. Leagues definitely exist. I'm not going to get a supermodel. Just isn't going to happen. Why? Because I'm not attractive enough. Hence, I'm out of her league, or she's out of mine, or whatever. It's pretty simple.

    • Attractiveness is subjective, there are no groups of people that can only date within unless you create it in your mind

    • Attractiveness is objection. Attraction is subjective. Movie stars are famous because they're more attractive than everyone else. Even "ugly" movie starts still have the facial symmetry and golden proportions to make it

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  • Kaneki05
    When a person calls me a creep i reply "i am not a creep i am creepy there is a difference".

    Tbh i don't get how so much men can be creeps, but they are it annoys me when i get a message from a guy thinking i am girl and they have bad English most of the time and send weird comments.
  • HereIbe
    So, you're saying that licking a girl's eyeball isn't just another way to say "Hello."?
    • ROFLMAO! Absolutely not. But you get a point because I actually just had a conversation with my boyfriend how licking eyeballs would be weird

  • goaded
    If your first reaction to seeing a woman is "I wonder if she'll sleep with me?", you're going to come across as creepy. They can pick it up a mile away. Concentrate on something else.
    • bailey11

      But do you still feel that way?
      Men wouldn't like it if a woman's first reaction to seeing a man is "I wonder how rich he is?" Women don't like to be thought of as "I wonder if she's f*ckable?" which a lot of guys do think.

    • goaded

      @bailey11 I don't feel that way any more. Once you've been with a few women and got over the "putting them on a pedestal" phase, you realise that they are just people who are just as likely to disappoint you as are to disappoint them. What you're looking for is someone you can get along with without pretending to be someone you're not (even if you both have to make adjustments).

  • BeMuse
    I didn’t read that but I’ll just assume it’s bullshit based on the title and that distance image. For example I’ve touched a women on the shoulder from behind that I’ve never met and said something funny and they giggled and were flirty and we had a good conversation. I don’t think everyone can get away with that nor do I think I can get away with it with every women. People react differently to different people. There is definitely a lot of prejudice in first impressions and a lot of a first impression is based on physical appearance. If you think think someone is scary or repulsive you might feel uncomfortable if they are walking on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street just zoned out stairing into the distance while they walk home from work or something. Creepy is all in your head, based on your own judgments.
    • I didn't read your comment but I'll assume it's bullshit based on your rudeness and myopic mind

    • BeMuse

      I don’t care. You’re trash anyway.

  • monkeynutts
    I could not read all that, I thought a few of your references were interesting, considering you spoke of Jordan Peterson. I guess everybody can be inappropriate sometimes. And success with ladies could take time and practice for some.
  • John_Doesnt
    Women call me a creep because I run up to every table and say "Hello, my name is Ninooo!"
  • Emilie_kkk
    I dont agree with ur ugly thing, 90% of the time girls call someone a creep is bc he is ugly. I know lots of girls who have literally agreed if a guy hadn't been ugly they wouldn't think he was creepy
  • Chthou95
    Sadly, a lot of girls do call guys creepy just for being ugly. And then women wonder why a lot of guys don't approach them anymore
    • Please read MyTake before commenting. Any literate person will be able to see where I debunked your false claim. We don't want creeps to approach us, so we're glad you don't. We prefer real men

    • Chthou95

      You're ignorant to think women don't do that. I've seen a guy get called a weirdo just being unattractive to the girl. And how would you know what a real man is? Please womesplain lol

    • A real man goes after the things he wants and respects people

      If I were ignorant, I wouldn't have addressed this topic or explained why that is a non-issue

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  • PeterB1517
    This is a good article, but common use of this term, "creepy" is offensive as women are won't to do and be.
  • MarkTheory
    Women call too many things creepy these days. For example, approaching a girl (while giving her space) is seen as creepy if they don't like you. I fortunately never really been called creepy but yea.
  • Giggletr0n
    Yeah... they don't! I actually, a long with MANY other men, know how to not act like a love sick virgin with societal issues.
  • agermanguy
    I've never been called creepy. Then again I've never been called anything by a girl, guess I'm just unremarkable. A gay guy once told me I'm sexy tho.
  • dy8alexUk
    Women who call guys creepy Are creepy themselves and have creepy issues brain dead number 1
  • Liam_Hayden
    I guess if I GAF what others thought this stuff would bother me.
  • Robertcw
    Isn’t this all just a long way of saying non-conformists make you uncomfortable?

    I think creep should be translated into the phrase ‘made me uncomfortable.’

    So, ‘he made me feel uncomfortable.’

    Although I do find it mildly funny how even the slightest bit of discomfort can set off alarm bells. It’s like, okay, you can’t handle being uncomfortable? (That’s what I’m thinking anyway).

    But yeah, whatever.

    I have long since suspected that being a non-conformist sabatoges opportunities with women. I find it ridiculous that dressing differently disqualifies people.
    • No. My boyfriend is a non-comformist and I'm fine with that. But he makes every effort for me to feel safe and secure, therefore he's not creepy

      The definition of a creep is "Someone who causes a feeling of fear or unease". So yes, making a girl feel uncomfortable is creeping her out, by definition

      You can think it's ridiculous or the greatest thing since sliced bread, but your opinion on it won't change what does or doesn't qualify as creepy. If you're fine with being called a creep, then I guess you wouldn't have a problem. What I'm pointing out here is that guys who complain about being called a creep need to understand why they're being called such

    • Robertcw

      Well that makes sense. But don’t you think you should grow up a little and learn that not everyone is going to make you feel comfortable?

      Yeah so someone offended you, okay, fuck them. No need to flip out and lose your marbles about mild discomfort. I think women should learn how to move on rather than get so worked up on this concept.

      But that’s good to know that being non-conformist Isn’t an immediate death sentence.

    • I am mature enough to different between making someone comfortable and making someone uneasy. Fear and unease are independent of comfort. From my standpoint, it is the guys who get worked up about it, not women. We don't call you creeps to offend you; we call you creeps because something about you or your body language makes us fearful or uneasy

      So yes, making someone uncomfortable can be creepy, but not always. I can make you uncomfortable by bringing up a crush you have, but that isn't necessarily creepy. Kind of like how a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle isn't a square; creeping a girl out makes her feel uncomfortable, but making a girl feel uncomfortable isn't creepy

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  • Under_Maps_OF_twigs
    There is no such thing as a 'guy'. We are men.

    I agree with 9 of your 12 points.
    • bailey11

      And when a man calls a woman a girl, he should be calling her a woman.

    • @bailey11
      Exactly. It pisses me off when they refer to themselves as girls. Makes them seem irresponsible. Imagine if a woman said I am dating this nice boy.

    • bailey11

      I hardly ever hear women call themselves girls. But I sure do hear a lot of men call women girls.

  • NYCQuestions1976
    In one of the pictures: "Write a letter to yourself." That's creepy. 😂😂😂
  • ForbesMagazine
    The only answer to this is question is that you're unattractive.
  • l am not a creep every one likes me as l am up front and very honest
  • WhereAmI
    Soooo... trade in the panel van? 😂
    • My family had an astro van growing up lol. So he'll yeah because they're creepy

  • lsjr16
    Some girls think I am creepy cause I am quiet and look sad sometimes but it is cause I am thinking
    • bailey11

      I don't think women would think a guy is creepy because he's quiet. It's when he starts talking and he says creepy stuff and acts creepy, that's when a woman thinks a guy is creepy. Sad is definitely not creepy and I'm pretty sure most women know the difference.

    • @bailey11
      Yes. Most of the time we feel bad for guys who look sad. If you don't talk a lot, then you're just shy. Being shy is fine and won't cause a girl to feel creeped out

  • BlackDawn
    Fucking love this!
  • Good take
  • j9jj99jnn
    no you got it all wrong. All ugly guys are creepy
    • bailey11

      Looks don't matter. There are a lot of good looking guys who can be creepy, too.

    • dianagirl

      I subscribe to the definition written in the book "Woman to Women", free from archive. org. It's a person's actions that can be ugly. Not their looks.

  • _Frosty_
    Sometimes I say creepy things
  • namelessyoungold
    Also dick pics. No one wants them.
  • Anonymous
    Men can find other men creepy, too.
  • Anonymous
    We call guys creepy when they act creepy.
  • Anonymous
    Good take. I agree with almost everything
  • Anonymous
    It's not really just being ugly, I don't think people really say that, and it's not just making someone uncomfortable. It's being ugly and making them comfortable. That's why it's stated that handsome guys would get away with many things less attractive guys would.

    But on that note, I didn't see anything about interpretation. Many things women call creepy can just as easily be her issue. That's the thing about social cues and all that stuff, it's subjective and fluid, but we only give priority to women's interpretation of events: If he made her feel comfortable then he *must* be in the wrong for some reason -- as if you're entitled to go through life completely immune to any discomfort.

    Sorry but I can't take you seriously when I don't see you having any understand of alternative interpretations and being on the other side of that. It's not even like the advice is completely wrong it's just sort of ignorant, close-minded and rude. I also have a problem with people speaking with any kind of authority of the social realm, when really it's something fluid and messy, you don't actually get to know what other people are thinking or feeling, so making assumptions about the specific nature of things inherently subjective just irks me.