For the guys, Crying and being openly emotional is 100% okay <3

1- Guys are VERY rarely taught that it is okay to be open with their emotions when growing up

2- They are also led to believe in society that if they do open up emotionally that it makes them weak

3- A crying guy is apparently equivalent to weakness and not a concern that you should approach and try to support

For the guys, Crying and being openly emotional is 100% okay <3
For the guys, Crying and being openly emotional is 100% okay <3

I want to make it as blunt as possible in the beginning of the post, it is 100% okay to be emotional, it is 100% okay to cry, there is nothing wrong with crying, it is natural, if you are upset, don't hold it in and cause mental stress, let it out, you will feel much better if you open up, or at least you will feel more relieved to be able to release those feelings instead of letting them build up inside.

I understand that society has caused a big scar on guys, making them believe a LOT that it is expected of them to not be this emotionally upset, but I want to make it as clear as possible for the guys that this is 100,000,000% INCORRECT and that you should be more open with your emotions.

Something I want to stress for the girls is something I grew up hearing ALL the time which is this-

"Be gentle" and "Don't be spiteful"

These two quotes are what are heard every time when I play with my sister.

While I agree that fundamentally you should be gentle with PEOPLE and not be spiteful towards PEOPLE, the quote has been rigged and changed to say you should be more gentle with girls and not be spiteful to them, this has led to my sister and other girls I know to believe they can be aggressive towards guys and then expect that they won't be hurt equally for what they did.

A list of things I have experienced and seen girls do both to other guys and myself are-

Pinching,Usually pinching would be a slightly painful experience, but when they have those nasty sharp nails of theirs, they can leave marks, sometimes even cut the skin.

Slapping, slapping is a thing that hurts at first but starts to fade after a bit, not too bad depending on where they do it.

Kicking, for some reason girls kick guys and then get confused to why the guy kicks them back, thinking guys aren't allowed to inflict ANY damage on them which is legit bullshit.

Scratching, this actually hurts a LOT, scratches are probably the most painful I have had on the entire list, because they go deep in the skin, they last a long time and the pain doesn't fade as fast.

Guys, if a girl hurts you, defend yourself, don't believe in this rule, it is a lie, start by telling them to leave you alone and if they continue to hurt you physically then you have every right to hurt them equally, just because they are girls does not mean they are exempt from being hurt.

Girls, DON'T grow up believing you are allowed to do this, it is a terrible thing to be taught, I understand it isn't always your fault but the fault of the ones who raised you, but use common knowledge that is "If someone hit me, I would hit them back"

So now apply that to what logically would happen if you hit a guy, it would make LESS sense to hit a guy and not have them hit you, we aren't target practice or some punch bag, we have feelings and when you hit or kick or pinch or scratch us it F***ING HURTS, so think before you act.

Other things I need to mention is how fast girls seem to be to trying the kick to the balls, I understand if you are doing it to protect yourself from someone who is trying to take advantage of you or something but it isn't okay to just go about doing it if a guy is arguing with you or you got agitated by him.

The rule is,


So don't hit a guy unless you are prepared to be hit back, otherwise you are just scum in my eyes.

The excuses I have heard in my time are-

-"I'm a girl so you can't hit me" So apparently a entire gender decides if you get hit

-"Girls are fragile so you can't hit us" I agree, they are typically more fragile, but if that is so, why are they going about using all their strength to hurt people who are stronger than them?

-"Guys are supposed to be able to take it" This one is just utter shit, not a single leg to stand on.

-"I didn't hit you that hard" I don't care, you hit me so you get hit back, and you can't decide on the amount of damage you did to someone else by saying you didn't hit them that hard, if I were to punch a toddler with about 10% of my strength and they go flying across the room, would it be fair to escape punishment for me to say "Well I didn't hit them that hard"

For the guys, Crying and being openly emotional is 100% okay <3

You know what happens to girls who hit guys?

Others say the guy deserved it, other girls cheer for them and the guy who got hit is not pitied.

You know what happens to a guy that hits a girl?

He is called a woman beater, he is shunned by girls and guys, no-one asks if the hit he did was for defensive reasons or if it was because the woman hit him.

I don't want to seem aggressive or make the post solely about girls and their behaviours towards guys but I had to get it off my chest, which is just another part of opening up emotionally like the post says.

This is NOT the behaviour of ALL girls, I have met and do know ones that agree that it is completely out of order to hit a guy and then make excuses to why you can't be hit back, some of them even say that if they ever hit a guy they would feel bad if they weren't hit back.

I know girls who have even encouraged me during growing up and telling me that if I ever get hit by a girl, I should defend myself, I respect them a lot and we are all good friends, they have never once hurt me.

I think all my stress on that has been extinguished.

I have a strong feeling that this will get a lot of hate but who cares, it's the truth and I am willing to shoulder that hate if it brings light to the facts.

Thanks for reading


For the guys, Crying and being openly emotional is 100% okay <3
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  • Aysen
    I don't understand the concept and idea in society wanting to portray all men, being unable to be weakened by emotions. Sure, people love to see a confident man who's logical enough to understand that emotions can distract their mind of what's important but we're not meant to function as robots with no emotions. While women tend to be more emotional than men in general, men too can suffer from emotional stress and a need to cry is necessary to avoid mental damage to the brain as you stated earlier!

    Crying is not a weakness; it's an emotion we embrace when we feel grief, defeated, neglected and/or hopeless. When we allow our emotions to be used as an excuse not to do something, that's being weak. When we use these emotions to release our mind from being bottled up too much, that's healthy and should be encouraged. You're right; gender shouldn't matter here when it comes to tears and being emotionally vulnerable because I'm very certain we'll all be stranded in situations where we feel powerless and need to vent out in tears to feel better emotionally.

    I'm also in an agreement with you in which if a man is aggressively assaulted or being attacked by a woman, they should give them a warning first then the right to strike back if they aren't willing to listen a second time. Most people would be reasonable enough not to resort to violence to get their point across but to the few that don't, self-defense is necessary to avoid further injury. We can't let pride get in the way of what's more important; our physical and mental health.

    I cry when needed and my girlfriend/family appreciate it when I don't suppress my emotions. It feels good to lift the burden of stress and grief off your shoulders, even if your eyes burn briefly and you feel more tired afterwards. If no one could express themselves freely, they'd end up becoming bitter emotionally in the long run. Like you, I encourage not only men but women to be emotionally open as much as possible! The sooner we allow ourselves to be expressive in a time of need, the better off we'll be.

    Great MyTake and I hope more people will be able to read it!
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    • I always love how much time you spend to write such wonderfully detailed opinions, they are almost like an art. As a person who writes stories, the format you make for your writing and the perfect gaps in your paragraphs is just great.

      I genuinely got so shocked when I was getting so many opinions on this post in only 3 hours, the post appears to be very popular, at the same time I suppose part of me was prepared for a lot of negativity so when I got so many guys supporting the views I was very happy :)

      Keep up the great writing! <3

    • Aysen

      Thank you so much! I'm happy I can provide content you're looking for! I can understand why men crying and being emotional vulnerable is considered unacceptable to a few but most of us have empathy and only want the best for others around us. It is a relief to know people care about men having emotions and feelings; that they aren't stone bricks emotionally.

      Your MHO is greatly appreciated in every way :)

    • You are most welcome and you deserve it in every way, you have my respects :)

  • JakeMist86
    Yup, sounds about right. I do think however that men are expected to show some emotional duress, just not the same ones. We are not expected to show sadness and tears, but rage and fury. I would say that we are allotted "masculine feels" and society says that they are okay... I do think that showing a range of emotions is a sign of strength and I fully support it! And yes I do cry on occasion.
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    • That was an amazingly described comment, I thank you for the time you put in to write this :)

Most Helpful Girls

  • Floyal
    To me, it's so much better when a boy shows me same emotion like girls do. You don't have to hide the fact you have emotions. Talking about how you feel makes things better too so I agree :)
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    • Exactly, it seems just so wrong of people to say guys shouldn't show those emotions, so thank you <3

    • It's also funny how women will never day this outright, they juts expect men to know everything about what they want without communicating it

  • Annie12234
    Love your MyTake😍 💯 okay ❤️ for guys 🌹 I agree with you everything about what you said 👏🏼👍🏼
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  • Shafaq_Mahnoor96
    It's 100% okay for a guy to do all that stuff, and that Includes crying aswell. People are Just being silly by saying that guys shouldn't cry. Both genders are equally allowed to express emotions. Aside from that it's really unhealthy not to express emotions and to Instead keep them bottled up Inside. You get way more relief by releasing all the pain. Crying also relieves stress and calms you down, you feel good after releasing pent up tension. If a guy was to be crying Infront of me I would not call him a weakling and make fun of how much "Less of a man he is", I would Instead comfort him and stay by his side when things are rough for him. These Idiots are Just putting all this pressure on boys and men. People Just say that type of nonesense because we've all been lead to believe that "Men should be strong" and so "Crying is weak". And that is not at all true, this saying proves it wrong:

    Hopefully it is clear now ❤
    • Oh wow... This is beautiful, you really get it, 100% you understand... Please continue to spread your knowledge to the people you know and help this rumour get buried <3

    • My pleasure, if something is bothering you or you want to talk more Just PM me anytime...😊

  • dystopian_saga
    the older generation had it 9 out of 10 beat into them, no one was going to raise a sissy " Your not soft" "your not a little bitch foo, suck that shyt up" "you want a fcken dress since you want to cry like a girl" . at a young age they got hard quick because they had to, and even then at some point they cried even if it was just a tear.

    men who had a one parent home and were raised by their mothers who also had to be their dads had same thing just not as harshly in some cases. you could be sad a mother understands men get upset can get frustrated too but in new age terms "conceal don't feel don't let it show."
    because mom isn't always going to be their to protect you and if you show what can be perceived as weakness to the outside world people will take advantage.
    but having emotions didn't make you less of a man.

    now a days though... I would assume that this is another thing the world has to get accustom to. As a female they're times I get pissed and I just start to cry... even when I don't want too. so why can't a man have those types of responses? men go through crap to whether it be pure joy that moves them to tears or frustration. it happens,
    if Pixar's INSIDE OUT taught us anything is not having emotional responses never ends well, but everyone responds different.

    having had a abusive relationship my opinion can be warped af but it's how I see it.

    if he's hitting on you because the sun set in the east and you decide
    your going to finally hit a guy back be prepared to get hit with the force of Mjölnir because since you got crazy he will **in my experience** not hold back

    there is also situations where a female is the one putting hands on her guy /friend and he gets tired. decides to push her or hold her down, and then she/they have reacted like he stone cold stunnered her ass and told everyone who would listen how he "put his hands on her" leaving out the part where was going at him like Goku possessed her. now he's branded a women beater. but that's not how it's suppose to go anymore now a days everyone involved is going to jail and both sexes are being charged for domestic violence. so pick your battle I guess
    • I was a little concerned at the beginning, but I believed your comment was going somewhere important, so I read through it all, I deeply appreciate you sharing the abusive relationship part, that must have been difficult.

      Your description at the end talking about a woman putting her hands on a guy like she is possessed by goku and getting hit by the force of Mjolnir made me chuckle a bit so thank you :)

      It is correct that now women are also being jailed for violent behaviour towards men and women, which I appreciate, but as you rightly mentioned, men do get branded the name of a woman beater should the woman so much as even spread the rumour that he did so.

      Good comment :)

    • yea I don't like being to rough, cause I can drone on so comedic relief helps at times. that situation was on me so it is what it was.
      I knew girls like that in school I don't know why people I hung around dated girls like that but when I sen it I always intervened, n let them know "they can't hit a bitch but I can't " your not getting my homie caught up, but not everyone seen it that way and that does suck but hopefully they have someone.

  • Estaroze
    Mmmm personaly, I feel uncomfortable when a person cries. Man or woman doesn't matter.
    I do everything to comfort her/him to make it stop. Crying means too much to me since I rarely cry and my ego collapses when I cry. So, I feel like the person is depressed to death when he/she cries and I must do everything to make him/her feel ok.
    So, crying is kind of my weakness.. I don't want men or women to do it often..
    • I see where you are coming from and I just want to say I am happy that you make an effort to calm down those who are crying even when it is something that makes you uncomfortable, thank you for commenting :)

    • Estaroze

      Thanks for MHO cuttie

    • Estaroze

      *cutie :)

  • HuskerCAR2567
    I've been dealing with depression all my life so far. My major impact on life right now is not being with my little girl. She's four and about to be five. I miss her so much. The pain of not being with her is torment. My Ex wife put an proyection order against me and had put my little girl on it as well. I am not a violent person at all. I do not like harming living animals nor anyone else. Whenever there would be a bug in my home. I would catch it and set it free outside. Just about every night that goes by, I cry. Just this last Sunday, I about lost my mind because my little girl wasn't by me. I really wanted to break the law by going to where my daughter lives and beg to see her. I know that I can't because then I would never be able to see her at all. My feelings are all iver the place. Anger, frustration, confusion and being depressed. My court hearing is coming up soon. I've been attending therapy for depression and Anger Management just so that I can see my daughter. I let go of all my feelings this past weekend. I believe I cried with frustration for two hour's. I talked with a really good friend about it and it felt good to do so.
    • My man, I really need to do an in depth reply for this one eh? <3

      I appreciate you for being open and saying this, having depression your whole life and all the way to 41, that is severe in my opinion, I truly hope the therapy helps with it <3

      You mentioned the anger management but I believe that this is a type that doesn't link with aggressive behaviour as such but perhaps easily gets stressed in situations and kind of fast to get in arguments?

      With your Ex-wife putting a protection order on you against her and the daughter, I really think it is in your best interest to not go there, at least with a court hearing you have a chance to see her again :)

      When you said that you cry about not getting to see her, I almost felt like crying too, to know how emotional you are for the sake of your daughter is truly a loving and just beautiful thing.

      I would certainly suggest you continue relying on your friends for handling the emotional times, and also to have a person to open up and talk with.

      I really hope the court hearing goes well and you get to see your daughter again, wish her a happy birthday from me <3

    • I graduated Anger Management today! So, this last week of October will be the setting up Supervision visitations with my daughter! So far, this week has been hard but positive. I joined this site just so I can let go of thing's that haunt me and been holding on.

    • Oh my god! OH.. MY.. GOD!!!




  • unluckyplant710
    Dude four girlfriends have tried to kill me or have me arrested. What I have learned is to never help any women in distress. I am always cleared but always the first suspect. I have had to have semen time dated to prove my innocence. I have never purposely harmed a women and have had the shit beaten out of me because I would not defend myself. The double standard I have witnessed in my life is sickening.
    • That is genuinely sickening just to imagine, I find it just so unfair for those things to happen, I feel really sorry for you and as men, we shouldn't have to experience things like these yet we do, I hope one day there will be a time when this stuff doesn't happen to guys :'(

    • Right but it's like poor us. Like no one cares. Women get away with acting atrocious and police have such a ridiculous double standard it's disgusting.

    • Exactly :'( if it continues, there will be even more men with emotional issues if it isn't tackled.

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  • R_ūshī
    Great my take haha.

    Personally I find it reassuring and somewhat attractive when a guy is open and honest about his emotions with me.

    I'm not into the 'Macho man' image that society tries to idealise.
    • That is great, I am glad you like guys who are emotionally open :)

  • Someguynamedbob
    But it’s not, you cry and women leave, you show emotion or express your true feelings and your girlfriend dumps you, you seek help for your suicidal thoughts and your closest friends stop talking to you, been down that path before, men in this society are forced not to show emotion or we get abandoned by everybody we care about
    • Would you not say that if they abandon you, they were not real friends and not the right partner? If they are not willing to help you in those times, how can they call you a friend?

    • Ya well then ain’t nobody in the world got a true friend by that logic

  • Corerue
    It's completely okay. We all have good and bad days. Anyone who says that isn't true is an ass.

    Plain and simple. Man up, let it go, grow thick skin. All have their place. But if a man is crying you bet they are at their lowest. So if you have a shred of decency have some empathy and be there for them to vent or just be there as a good person should be.
  • SexyAshh
    I disagree. It does make you appear weak. Never seen my father show any emotion, if i saw a guy act any different im disgusted and they will never get a next date
    • Depends on what they cry about. You can't simply judge an emotional man like that.

    • Kaazsz

      Wow your dad didn’t cry. Because he was a weak man. A real man can cry in front of people. It takes real strength to be vulnerable with other people. Only weak men hide their emotions. Your perspective and your vagina are lying to you to your own detriment.

    • Kaazsz

      But many women feel the same. Because culture has conditioned a belief system that crying is feminine and feminine is weakness. Our sexual drive operates off of our beliefs and cultural training.

      This is why people aim to change that belief system and perspective. It’s a conservative perspective that is damaging and creates mental illness.

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  • AuroraRoseat
    Don't agree about hitting back unless if she has a weapon or you're disabled. Why do you think so many men get arrested in such cases? The man is likely stronger than the woman so unless if his life is threatened or he is at a severe disadvantage, then there isn't a reason.

    So if you get arrested for doing it, then I would think the law is justified.
    • Janncis

      There isn't reason? How about she just assaulted him? Point why they get charged is when they do much more damage than she did to him, as a fact judges tend to believe woman more than man.

      Point is dont want to get fist flying in your face, dont assault other people.

    • That’s not a reason when he would be able to defend himself. That’s why they get arrested. It’s asinine otherwise.

    • Janncis

      So being assaulted in not reason to hit someone in deffence? What are you smoking? Those who got arrested probably beated assaultee to much thus becoming assaultee them selves. One hit medium hit should be enaught for self defence against a lot weaker human.

      Depending on situation from you can trow around two to five punches/kicks before fist will fly in your face.

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  • EmeraldGreen190
    No it’s not. A man should be emotionally strong. Women are the more emotional gender. We shouldn’t confuse genders. My father is tough and strong and so is brother.
    • Being emotional every now and then in healthy though.

    • @Supernatural_fanatic A man’s role is to provide and protect which means he needs to be in control of his emotions. I wouldn’t feel safe with a man who cries. I’ve never seen my brother cry. He’s happily married to a good woman and has a son. And I know my nephew will grow up to be a strong man too.

    • Kisiel2003

      In modern society where its easy to gain food and survive gender dont have a role. Men should be strong but not always and the key word us should we can't decide for everyone how they must be alike if someone fells better when he's more emotional there's nothing bad about it at all

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  • Not much to say but I agree, guys shouldn't be restricted emotionally, crying or being emotional isn't a girly thing, it's a human thing
  • Kisiel2003
    I hate this view in society tgat emotions are reserved for woman the thing is men rarely share emotions public cause of other men and stereotypes. If men share emotions they seem weak to other men so they are trying to hide those emotions to look more masculine and its not good
    • You hit the nail on the head, I am glad that at 16 you have somewhat freed yourself of this stereotype, I respect that :)

    • Kisiel2003

      Thanks a lot I aprecciate it also you reminded me of watching again noragami ^^

    • No problem :) and as a person who has re-watched it a lot, I recommend watching it again for how good it is! :)

  • EleanorRigby
    I find guys who cry over something that's an actual problem weirdly attractive, not sure why, I guess because it's unusual to see someone who's usually tougher show their vulnerable side and it makes me feel protective.

    • That feels kind of nice, to know there are people out there who are like you.
      My girl friends who I am closest to and trust most, they are like you and it really makes you feel like you have a real friend who genuinely cares about your feelings instead of one who is "Tolerating you"

  • Amy_Theo
    Two things.
    1. Crying, openly emoting and just emoting in general is not only healthy but are the signs of a sound, mentally healthy person. Don't believe me? Science will back me up.
    2. It is NOT okay for ANYONE to harm ANYONE in ANY FORM or kind. Defending yourself is one thing and giving back what you get is something else. Let's try not to confuse the two. I understand that a lot of people hit someone right back because they know that no one will care/believe/do anything to help. I do understand that. But that doesn't make it okay for us to raise our hand against another. Not just because that makes us the same as the person who raised their hand against us first but because by hitting someone back we're unconsciously giving off the idea that beating someone up is okay if it is "justifiable". Hurting someone is NOT okay. There are no ifs or unless or buts. It's just wrong.

    On a different note, thank you for addressing the issue. It's a well written piece. I wish you the best~
  • MrKinktastic
    Oh I ball my eyes out at all kinds of movies... and the odd commercial. I’m definitely a sappy fucker if you dig even a little bit :p
    • And I am proud of you for opening up and saying it, stay true to yourself and never change yourself, I like people who are like that, I find it sweet :)

    • I’m a pretty open book and wear my heart on my sleeve generally. I don’t really have much I feel I need to prove these days so don’t mind. It is a bit embarrassing to cry/feel vulnerable in public though.

    • I love that quote, "I wear my heart on my sleeve" I have heard it before and it just sounds both respectful, loving, kind and just overall honest <3

      I never or very rarely feel like I have to prove things to people and I can understand why it may be embarrassing to cry in public considering how many people seem to look at you when you cry, having that many eyes would cause a bit of discomfort ^_^

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  • nightdrot
    Not sure of the point of this piece. It started as an argument that it is okay for men to cry and seems to end up as a jab at women by a man with a chip on its shoulder. The former is true but is perhaps a bit more respected than is healthy for a sensible society. The latter just seems too general to be regarded as anything other than simply vindictive.

    For the record, in all my life I don't recall ever being hit/pinched/whatever by a woman. Unless you count getting a spanking from my mother when I was really little. As to my sister and I, we had arguments, but to the best of my recollection they never became fist fights.

    Moreover, one woman hurt me more than words will ever express when she aborted by child without telling me. Yet in my darkest hour, when I blamed myself for having failed as a man to protect my baby, another woman came along and held me and wiped away my tears and has shown me more love - and given me three little gifts who call me "Daddy" - than I ever thought I could know or deserve.

    Put simply, it is not about gender, it is about character. Some people have it, some don't. Much depending on how well they were raised and what they were taught. The number of chromosomes not really being a factor.

    Moreover, yes, men can cry. I cried when I was told I would never get to hold the baby I thought I was going to hold. Indeed to this day it can still bring a tear to my eye and I only hope that some day I will hold him or her and will be able to say how sorry I am that I failed. I cried when my three children were born. It was a miracle and a gift from a woman I love and who loves me more than I will ever earn.

    However, the problem at the moment is not that men cry too little, but that spewing one's emotions all over the floor in public has become the norm. The society is a wash in an ethic that says that our feelings are their own justification. That "doing your own thing" is the highest virtue.

    Too often we are told - and I intend no offense - that it is okay to cry. Too little is it asked if such tears are justified or are mere self-indulgence. Treating one's feelings as more important than one's thoughts.

    The result is a whinny, self-indulgent and self-pitying culture where everyone has a right to everything and is easily offended by anything. Moreover, this then conducing to a culture where self-sacrifice and concern for the other is at a discount.

    There are moments when I have cried, and in those moments I have never been more grateful to feel my gfd's arms around me and to hear her reassurances that she loves me and cares for me and will be with me through my hardest moments.

    However, I owe her my strength. I owe her the reassurance that I will protect her and our children and care for them. I cannot be going to pieces because it is "100% okay" to cry and be openly emotional.

    Indeed it is, but those moments should be private and rare and in proportion to their cause. It is what we owe to those we love and it is what we owe to a society that grows increasingly at once maudlin and irritable as all come to believe that the expression of their feelings is a right and the highest virtue. Indeed, such open expression of our feelings merely gets us on each other's nerves.

    The problem in society is not too little expression of emotion but far too much. Mostly at the expense of thought and self-discipline. It leads to no good end.

    There are moments when I need to shed tears, but nothing demands that they be a public spectacle. To the contrary, what makes those moments special and to be cherished is that I share them in the privacy of the arms of the woman I love. Anything more public is simply exhibitionism to satisfy the prurient who experience their shallow feelings in the genuine feelings of others.
  • outthere
    Sometimes i need to be not okay. I trynot to make a spectical but i won't put up a front either. Thank you for this post. I hope it makes more people aware that us guys feel things too, and that out doesn't make us any less or weaker.
    • Respect to you man and I am thankful that you liked this post. Continue staying honest with emotions and I too hope people become more aware :)

  • Ria23
    it really is, do not hide your emotions just because you have been told to 'be a man', that is utter bullshit and should have been binned long time ago, but yeaa, for the guys out there just know that it is ok to cry, it is okay to show that your hurt, it is ok to be sad, you are human just like everybody else on the planet, it is normal we all do those things, it doesn't mean your soft or weak or 'feminine' it just simply shows that your a perfectly sane and normal human being.
    - The ladies actually like that!
    Lovely Question by the way, i loved answering it
    Pleaseeee, can you answer my question please?
    • Amazing comment! loved reading it, what might your question be? :)

    • Ria23

      it's on my page, it's the one where i was asking about opening up.

  • dazgur_vorzchek
    You're right about what you said. It's a confusing thing for me to understand equality when women can emotionally and physically abuse men, but not vice versa. So all that shit about equality is just for the asshole women's advantage.
  • OfDeath
    For the guys, Crying and being openly emotional is 100% okay &lt;3
  • MementoMori_
    It's not okay. Don't be fooled into thinking it is. She will tell you it is, but she doesn't mean it. She is just testing you to see if you are a wimp. As soon as you cry she will dump you like an old pair of socks.

    Men don't cry (unless maybe they are homosexuals).
  • DevilsAdvocator
    It isn't, and it never will be. Deal with it. Only women are humanized; men are dehumanized from birth, and increasingly so the older they become, to the extent where any and every female will mourn a dead rat in the gutter more than they will a dead man who sacrificed his life to save theirs. That's just how it is.
  • Unit1
    This is a very noble message, that i agree with but in practice unfortunately this works against you (as a man). Man caves exist for a reason.

    Women really dislike it if we are doing it and are our natural selves with normal human emotions. If you don't believe me, you can always try it and see for yourself but i think you already know it's really not beneficial to a woman's attraction towards you.

    However the good news is that we can use crying as a shit test for women. Just be ready to get dumped within 30 days, so you won't be too disappointed. Best case scenario - you'll be surprised to find out she's the right woman. Worst case? None. You simply lost someone, who obviously did not care about you. Which is a good thing - to find out the truth.

    That's right. Weaponize their own weapon. A taste of their own medicine.
    (And be single again and again)
    • Woah... That was amazing bro, I want to thank you for saying it is noble, during reading this I actually felt like I was being spoke to by royalty :D but thank you, your opinion and explanation was just great! :)

    • Unit1

      Anytime brodda! Gotta reveal who are the snakes/bitches and who are genuine, so might as well get on with it. Better no love than fake love. There will be room for true love. ;)

      Play them like they play you. It is a win-win.

    • You truly deserve a medal, and that Editor title proves that! :)

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  • Burtonfan
    So much pain inside... it only leaks out during movies and sappy comericals.
    I'm not crying You're crying!!!
    • It's okay man, you want to cry, cry because I respect men who are willing to cry, it is becoming a difficult thing to do in public but it shouldn't be.

    • Burtonfan

      In public? Never. I work in construction. Lol.

    • Well, if you ever hurt yourself during construction, like dropping a tool on your foot or accidentally getting a cut on your body, there's no need to hold back those tears.

      But I hope you stay safe and continue to have good days :)

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  • Pros-Cons
    Yea I sometimes cry thinking about someone passes away, when they are not😒😒. You can call me crazy if you want, but sometimes i thought of it when trying to sleep.
    • That isn't crazy, that is typically linked with insecurities, that isn't a crazy thing it just means you are worried about those people, even if you may not know exactly how much you care <3

  • Jackieboi
    I dont agree. You come off as weak and wimpy, unstable at best. And few gals like that, even fewer for long term. And its especially noticeable if its in feont of someone that doesn't know you that well. A few years into a relationship, friendly or romantic, and it doesn't have that effect of coming off as being weak.
  • alice55
    In my country both men and women are shamed for crying and being emotional.
    • Boppy

      I noticed that in the u. s. state where I went to college (Pennsylvania).
      What country are you from?

    • @Boppy She's from France, I am from Britain.

      I never knew France had that kind of social construct, they never seem like that when you see them on TV in the news, it always appears like they are actually rather openly emotional people?

  • Straight_Shooter
    It's not that crying makes you weak, but being unable to control your emotions and allowing them to affect your ability to perform IS weak.
    • Your argument is understandable, but if that is the case, wouldn't people say girls are weak as well when they cry instead of being supportive and comforting them?

      I see where you are coming from, you mean in that when you have emotions that you are incapable or not in full control of, they can lead to you not being able to do things in a efficient way.

      That could be said for any emotion though, people don't call it weak when someone is too angry and loses their composure, people say the person has anger issues, but no-one calls them weak.

      It only seems to be considered weak when it is an emotion that leads the person into being vulnerable, therefore being overly angry which is another unstable emotion, it is making you vulnerable but not as much as if you were sad, or confused or riddled with anxiety etc.

    • Crying openly shows vulnerability which is why many consider it weak for a man to cry. I stand by my original assertion that the inability to control your emotions, ANY emotion, to the point that your performance is degraded is weak.

  • deadman69
    Well i tried to show emotions... ended up losing everything I ever had...
    • I'm so sorry :'(

      But please, don't let those experiences seize your emotions, it is only human to be emotional, you shouldn't hide those emotions for someone who refuses to stay by you because of your emotions.

      If you lost actual items because of your emotions, don't hide them, keep them open but learn from your experiences and protect the things you want, but don't shut off your emotions as a defence.

  • hey_stranger
    Naw this is adorable kiss me guys 😂😅 but love a bit a of emotions just my only comfort thing is hugs
  • casanova411
    Well you can be who you are but women will leave you if you show too much weakness.
    • If they leave you for crying, they weren't the one, because if they can't stay and support you when you are emotional, how are they your true partner?

    • well thats true i guess but they are all the same it seems.

    • I feel you will find a partner who supports you in both emotional states and non emotional, it's just a matter of searching :)

  • Sufferesin2000
    I dont feel comfortable showing happiness, or telling what i feel, i hate criying , i feel like a looser , i haven't cried like in 14 years. When someone is criying near me i can't stand it i leave asp
  • NorthwestRider
    We can cry and have feelings

    I cry much more than my fiancée does
    • And there is nothing wrong with that, it is just another emotion that everyone has and one that people should respect instead of linking it with weakness.

  • Sandy787
    I agree with you, live would be easier for all of us, if guys would be urged to asc as the tough guy.
  • Browneye57
    TLDR - but from what I can see you've been fed a complete line of bullshit by the FI. And believed it!!!
    You pull this crap with any woman and you'll be toast. I guarantee it.
  • hahahmm
    You’re not female so crying doesn’t benefit you in the long run. Eons of male experience is not wrong. You aren’t so special that you know better than all of your ancestors
    • I essentially agree with the statement but I can't cry if I want to. I'm almost unable to cry. I have experienced depression and ups and downs but even if I'm devastated I can't or do not cry. Almost wish I could.

    • Linda625


  • Shamalien
    I agree with the sentiment behind this, and the vast majority of what you said, really everything you said actually, but I have to add something.


    Beware how you will be perceived. It's sad and I hate to say this, but girls do dry up for emotional guys. Their maternal side activates, and you may confuse that as 'she likes you' but trust me, it's not 'in that way'. A guy can be emotional, sure, but really pick your battles on that one eh? Save it for when you really need it.

    We do need to hold it in sometimes and be the strong ones, so that others can cry on our shoulder. That is the burden of being a man, it's not just society.
    • I liked this description, the way you agreed but then made a well thought out and kind way of saying why you think it can be somewhat dangerous for us to show our emotions.

      You were making no aggressive commentary at all and I like it when people behave like that in their opinios :)

    • Shamalien

      Reasonable begets reasonable

  • Of course it is okay. Emotions are for males and females, not just females.
  • name_is_eric
    Never let anyone see you cry. That is the path to glory and strength.
  • armleg
    As someone who has opened up to people, you must be wary of the response. People aren't just going to validate you and then shut up, if you're acting like a dick head people WILL tell you. Always be respectful of what people are trying to say to you even if you don't agree.
  • elite665
    Ok listen guys can show emotion ONLY to people who will care no stranger or someone you barely know is coming to your aid if your a guy so you should only show emotion around family relationship partners or friends
  • Mrblooo
    No not 100% openly if u mean doing it in public like doing it at the mall hell no I would even recognize u as my friend that's some silly shit but with your girlfriend or boyfriend alone in there room or apt than yeah its cool but I'm not saying its not kool cause a person that can cry is stronger than someone that can't
  • Lord Jesus cried at times, and there are none as strong as He, and if my Lord, who is called "The Lion of Judah" and "King of Kings and Lord of Lords" cried, then that is all I need to know to know it is fine for men to cry.

    I think people need to drop the whole "men are supposed to be emotional rocks" mentality and accept the fact men are human as well, I know some guys simply do not cry, but there are women like that too, it is a personality trait, so trying to make it seem like all men are supposed to be that way is ridiculous.
  • Truthatanycost
    Men not crying is not just social conditioning, it's also biology. Testosterone inhibits the process and a mans tear ducts are much larger than a females.

    ''Research indicates that testosterone helps raise the threshold between emotional stimulus and the shedding of tears. ''

    ''One hormone in tears is prolactin, a lactation catalyst. Just as it helps to produce milk, prolactin also aids in tear production. By the time women reach 18, they have 50 percent to 60 percent higher levels of prolactin in their bloodstream than men do.''

    People need to stop pretending that men and women are the same...
  • I use my emotions like a rhetorical device to communicate. This allows me not only to express an emotion, but to communicate it. Nobody has any benefit if a person just expresses themselves, communication is far more effective.
  • dbr1987
    This feminist society wants men to cry, appear weak. If a men cries a female instantly loses all sexual attraction to the man. Biology does not lie, can't argue with science
  • Kaazsz
    @unluckyplant710 I understand how you feel. We as men are trained to suppress our emotions. It actually can become physically, psychologically, and emotionally impossible to express your emotions, even when nobody is around to judge you. It’s good that you found some kind of outlet. Often the pain of physical exercise and sometimes extreme exercise can help you cope.

    But that does not make it right, or make you more of a man. It would be better if you were able to release those emotions and cope in a more proper manner. This is basic psychology. One could go to therapy and a therapist could help you along with these things.

    To fear going to a therapist is your weakness speaking. To believe you’re stronger for not being able to cry is a delusion.
    • Kaazsz

      Whoops guess I fucked up the reply lol

  • blondfrog
    I'll pass. It's okay until a woman sees you crying then uses it as ammunition against you for the rest of your life.
  • HumenExperiment
    This happens so much so it becomes a part of us, crying is attempting to be strong and bottle emotions for too long, so knowing this if we cry we've reached our peak in comparison to other males and lets be real here, people are always comparing us, we're the most replacable thing on the planet to society, from wars to relationships to even being someones son, so crying or having to tell others about our emotions is like saying yeah we're weaker than x guy, and that is something we'll never get back, and we will never be comfortable with crying, now or even after it happens once

    We also prefer peoples raw reaction an example: being in a relationship and not being sexually compatible isn't something you mend with a man, at that point emotionally its over, because we know people are selfish and we don't like to change people, I think that would hurt any guy if they actually have their heart out there, solution to that, is to just not have your heart out there.