Real men can do these five things


Real men can do these five things

Real men can do these five things

I'm well known for my criticism towards guys about their masculinity and what they should not do in order to be a Real Man. This however, is a list of five features I honestly feel a Real Mature Man must own, be or do:

Be a Protector

Real men can do these five things

When push comes to shove every man should be able to defend his wife, children and honor. He shouldn't be afraid to stand up to other men or be aggressive. A Real Man has spent enough time in a ring, dojo, or shooting range to ensure a deescalating and strong presence if needed, in order to protect himself and his loved one's from danger.

Be a Provider

Real men can do these five things

Earning money isn’t the most important thing on the planet, but you should be able to earn enough to feed your family and yourself. Money doesn’t measure a man, but there are so many ways to make money today that every guy should have a grasp on how to do it to a degree.

Real men can do these five things

I even know guys that cut lumber for extra money to support their families. Work is work and originally it was only a man's job to earn a living for a household. #GotoWork

Own a Suit / Tie a Tie

Real men can do these five things

“Every man should own a suit” is the most tired advice in the world. The big thing is really just to know what to wear for a given occasion and not look awkward while wearing it.

Real men can do these five things

The art of tying a tie will come in handy more often than you probably expect. Wither it be for a job interview or social occasion this is a skill all men should know how to do. Plus, women love a man in a suit and tie. We find it sexy and masculine.

Know Basic Auto Work

Real men can do these five things

Self-reliance is ideal for a Real Man. The more you can do on your own without having to call someone else to help you, the better off you are. Men should be able to do basic car maintenance like changing the oil and breaks.

Real men can do these five things

Knowing simple things about cars like how to change a flat will save yourself when you’re out on some lonely stretch of highway alone, and will come in handy when helping a damsel in distress.

Be Monogamous

Real men can do these five things

Manliness is too often ranked by how many random women a dude can get to sleep with him. But one of the things that separates man from the animals is the ability and desire to focus his romantic energies on only one woman at a time.

Real men can do these five things

Being a lover and romancer is something that makes us human, rather than just another disgusting animal. Real Men are not ashamed to love a woman or to express his love for her.

Hate on Hater's and try to understand that no matter what.....

Real men can do these five things


Real men can do these five things
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Most Helpful Girls

  • First, can we not say "real men", it just sounds silly to me. Like, real men as apposed to fake plastic ones in the store front of Macy's? I mean, I really don't like when people use that term.

    Second, it's equally silly to say a man has to own a suit, why? What if they don't live a life where you ever need to wear a suit, then it just sits in your closet and suits aren't cheap to just buy it to have it sit there.

    My dad has never owned a suit, he's always had nice dress pants, a nice dress shirt, a sports coat and does have ties but my parents have never lived a life where a fancy suit is required. And, if he did buy one he probably bought it for special occasion and then it just (as I said above) sat in the closet. Honestly, what is that point of that?

    Third, also silly is to make it seem like a guy isn't fulfilling his guy requirements by not liking auto repair. There many different types of guys, there's sports guys, tech guys, car guys. There's guys who like working with tools and doing hard labor jobs, such as construction and all that goes with that but not liking one of those things does not lessen your value as a man, it's just simply not your thing.

    Not all guys have to know how to do auto repair, my dad probably knows your basics but he doesn't know enough about cars to go fix one. Now, ask him a question about painting, dry walling, electrical work, plumbing and all the different things that go with it and he can help you with that. So, not all men are equal nor do they have to have auto repair skills to be a "real man", that's just absurd.

    I'm not sure if this was real or satire because on here you never know but either way, it's silly and not a good message to send to men when they already question every little thing they do or don't do in this day and age to start with.
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  • Nicolette777
    This ‘real man’ bullshit annoys me. Yes- that’s every woman’s dream man. But, even men who don’t know how to fix a car are ‘real’ men because they exist! No hate
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    • Wowgirl30q

      None taken

    • I feel bad now. In all fairness, your article was very well written and put perfectly into words what women want

    • Wowgirl30q

      Well thank you Ms I'm absolutely fine with agreeing to disagreeing with friends 🌺

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Bluemax
    Checked them all except the brakes. My dad did it himself, but he didn't get around to teaching me.

    As for anyone who throws the first punch over a matter of honor, that is just fucking stupid. It may be hot to many, but it is just childish. The way to go is to make your character and reputation so great that it's impossible to smear it.
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    • Bluemax

      by the way, my brother can't do many of those things. He is disabled. Is he not a real man?

    • Wowgirl30q

      Im disabled ❤️. Special circumstances

    • Bluemax

      Do you mind if I ask what's your disability?

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  • coachTanthony
    Oh wow... I really like this a lot. I wonder how many young men out there don't know how to tie a tie.

    You have basically just explained what "Real Women" are attracted too!

    Nice job!
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    • Wowgirl30q

      Thank you so much. You should write Real Women. You of anyone would do it well and tasteful😊

    • Your welcome. That is an idea!

    • Or you could write a Take about how to tie a tie.👔
      And maybe what each of them is good for, like casual, formal, work etc... 😉

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  • Kitkat200
    Friendly reminder that you don't need to do/be any of these things to be a "real man"
    Quick breakdown because there's a lot to digest here:

    1."be a protecter:"
    Girl, from what? We're civilized now! Other people? That's your job too! Look out for each other!!

    2. "Be a provider"
    For some men this isn't possible! Our society is quite abelist and for circumstances that are none of our business, some men can't provide, AND THATS OKAY.
    Stay at home Dads are just as "manly" as someone who works in construction.
    As a basic life skill it is important to know how to make money to support yourself, but it doesn't make you any more or less of a man

    3. Own a suit/ tie a tie
    Suits are expensive, and ties look complicated. Again you don't need to do either to be "a real man" in fact you don't need to do anything to be a real man! Are you a man? Do you exist? Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 you're a real man!!!
    I will say, suits are fucking hot tho. Not gonna complain if you wear one, but it's your choice :)

    4. Know basic auto work
    Ughhh. UGHHH.
    I got 2 responses for this one
    1: every car owner should know basic auto work
    2: that's what mechanics are for
    "Self reliance is ideal for a real man" hell nah, self reliance is ideal for everyone! But it's not always possible and DOESN'T MAKE YOU ANY LESS OF A MAN

    And 5. Be monogamous
    Well, yeah please, unless you discuss with your partner, this is obvious, for everyone!

    To the poster: pleeeeasee think about how you would feel if you came across a post about 5 things real women can do and it was about housework and caring for children. You are not a "real" man/woman only if you conform to the traditional gender roles :(
    If this is what you want in a man that's one thing but to suggest any man that doesn't fit into this is anything less than someone who does is kinda messed up

    To any men reading this: remember that you ARE a real man, and the concept is bs anyways.

    With love,
    -a slightly peeved feminist ♥️
    • Ranude2011

      You're the type of feminist thats overshadowed by the feminazis. We need more of you in this world

    • joeblow123


      Feminist or humanist? I would say the latter.

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    That would be ideal, indeed, to have all these virtues packaged into one man but these are "traditional values" only a few care to posses because many others believe women are no longer worth it.
    • Wowgirl30q

      Good thing there's a few left. Thank you Mrs. DeVour❤️ lovely as always

    • I am all of the above. But many women take it for granted.

  • bente2
    Nah. There is no such thing as “real men” or “real women”. You’re just a human, and all that should be required is you’re able to take care of yourself and any children you might have. Taking care of responsibilities
    • I can do all of the above.

    • bente2

      @chicano1313 congrats my man. And what do you do that makes you happy?

    • Levin

      Agreed with this. Polarised conceptions are increasingly antiquated. In actually, we are indeed humans, and both genders should embrace aspects of both 'divine masculinity' and 'divine femininity'.

      I think I will tack this onto my own answer also.

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  • reptocarl
    Disagree. I don’t own a coat, dress pants, dress shirt or tie. I don’t know how to tie one and don’t want to know. My career path never required one and if one ever was required it wasn’t a job I’d ever do anyway. Same goes for events. Several things more important than a fucking tie is real men aren’t afraid to cry, real men always tell the truth, real men take responsibility for their actions and real men pay their court ordered child support
    • I bet if her man cries, she would leave him in a heartbeat

    • reptocarl

      @NorthwestRider her priorities are a little off

    • Wowgirl30q

      Well I know you are a weapons fan so that's a big bonus point.

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  • RonnyBR
    i personally disagree 90% what you said,
    1) it is important to be able to defend your family, perhaps by learning martial arts, but "being aggressive" is the worst answer against evil, because who is bad knows well who and when to attack, maybe you can be an MMA champion, but respond with violence can lead you to take a stab or worse, a bullet in the head, fighting in the street is not like fighting in the ring
    2) you should be able to earn enough to feed your family and yourself, is true, but it is not always possible in certain cases
    3) Own a Suit / Tie a Tie, this is a big bullshit (if you don't like to dress elegantly and hate formality?)
    4) Self-reliance is ideal for a Real Man, i thought, ye, thats's right, but when you talked about the car, i said, oh no, here's another bullshit
    5) focus his romantic energies on only one woman at a time, this is the biggest bullshit, cause there are different cultures when a man or a woman can have more tha none partner, so this opinion is classist

    NOW I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW (HOW IT SHOULD BE A REAL WOMAN) I want write a similar post about real women XD
    • Ya owning a suit and being able to tie a tie is kind of over the top (idek how to tie a tie)

  • JustAnotherSoul
    I don't think these "make a real man"... They are just some qualities... I am a woman and can do all of these things... I can protect myself, I've been practicing boxing for a couple years now... I can provide for myself, and I'm successful in my career, the suit and tie one its kinda irrelevant... Each one with their style... I can change a tire, do some basics repairs and build things... My father died if cancer 15 years ago... My mother its a very soft ans sensitive person... She never dated anyone after his death... So i took on the role... I never had a man do these things for me and i don't think I'd like if my partner would... A man is also a human being... They are allowed to have weakness and should feel comfortable and safe with their partner... Not feel like they have to be a soldier all the time... When my dad got sick... Mom took on 2 jobs to provide for us... because if this kind of mentality he started feeling useless... He ignored the doctors advice and started working... At the point of diagnosis the doctors gave him 4 years... He was gone in less than 6 months... Because he overworked himself... From my partner i want equity... in my opinion a good man should be able to let his guard down around his family... I want a man who is not ashamed to help me with "womanly" chores like washing dishes or help with the cleaning... Somone who let me take care some "dirty work" if he can't... Somone with whom il work together as a team... And somone i can have conversations with... We are not in the stone age anymore...
    • dontknow12

      Have you competed in the ring before?

    • Practice boxing huh? That's sexy

      Also why do people keep mentioning it's not these mentalities are going away any time soon

      And no a man should never EVER show his weakness

      Why because human beings will tear him apart

      And yes everyone needs to act like a soldier every time , you may live in society but remember it's just a jungle with concrete

  • LesterJester
    Well that's a pretty low bar set, cuz I cover all of the above... But in contrast, what exactly do you think are the basics a woman should provide or be able to do in order to be considered a "Real Woman?"

    Or would you suggest that women shouldn't be put in such a position to have some basic stereotypical traits because it's sexist?
  • MaxDeez
    I dont know but i think to each his/her own. There were times when cars did not exist and your only suit was your birthday suit. There were times when none of the items on your checklist were reality. Yet we evolved and became this shit here.. some people can not fight physically but can win a mental war or one fought with drones for instance and it matters none how many ufc fighters you pile up, they will all be dead. Your list is actually only able to even exist in your mind or anyone's for that matter due to the fact that at some point humanity for the most part decided to play nice and follow rules which our animal instincts reject whole heatedly at times leading to "crime" and violence. But thats just us being us. Can i fight? I think so, but would i rather body a threat from a distance than have a wrestling match? Of course, im not interested in becoming a gladiator. Men dress the way women find attractive to get pussy, for the most part so get over yourself and get a barbie with her pet Ken so they can play dress up and tie ties. Thats not a manly thing nor does it define anyone. Albert Einstein and i won't mention others but all of them, up to bill gates and whoever else is not a fighter, but a genius rather, and im sure owns lots of ties with expensive suits, but i bet you wouldn't fall for those guys in highschool or college until you felt a pulsating tremor in your panties glancing through Forbes and coming across their networth. You would say a giraffe or a llama was a real man or better yet a gorilla, a male gorilla would fuck any one of us up. A female gorilla might beat the shit out of the male and the king of the jungle is nothing but a lazy cat who lets women do the fighting hunting and raising cubs. He eats first and talks the most shit. So what are you really saying? by the way im high as shit so you can never out philosophise me. Im Smokerates and i get my drugs from rafiki the lion king's chimp or whatever he is all i know is his shits legit.
  • Danny_dan92
    I can do all and am all of those things except for being a provider.

    unless you're talking about providing love.

    cause I don't have money, but I got a huge heart
    • Haha I'm I fell short o 1 too

    • Wowgirl30q

      Anyone can cut wood or bus a table including me. Love is important as well but it doesn't pay bills

    • true

  • sejla
    1. Protector. Yes I think a man should have his woman's back. It doesn't have to get physical but if someone says something bad about his wife or girlfriend he should defend her.

    I don't think a man should defend his SO if she is really wrong. Then he needs to be honest and tell her he thinks she is wrong.

    2. Provider. I'd like if a man could attempt to pay his own bills. If things get rough he knows how to cut back.

    I'd rather have a man who has only a couch, a dining room table and a bed and is paying all his bills than a man who over extends himself but still wants look like he has it all together.

    3. Suits. i just love suits even though I know for men they can be a pain in the a** to wear. Just get one good one. 4. Knows Basic Auto Repair. It would be nice.

    If he doesn't know how to do it I'd like him to be willing to call someone who does and get it fixed ASAP or give me a road side assistance plan or device or just answer my call when I'm frustrated on the side of the road in the wilderness. I'm adult and I can handle things but I want some kindness.

    5.. Monogamy. It's the only way I want to live.

    Real men who aren't monogamous are honest about it. They don't try to manipulate women and let them know up front how they are so the woman can make a conscious decision whether she wants to be with that man or not.

    Post Note: Don't let preconceived ideas of what a real man should be get in the way of seeing a diamond in the rough.
    • sejla

      For those men who really hate suits I'm telling you for some women suits are just eye catchers. It isn't all about the woman being materialistic. I'm the last materialistic person in the world but a man in a suit can take my breath away. Maybe it goes back to when men wore suits all the time even if they were a school teacher or if they worked non suit jobs they'd wear a suit on their off time like to church or somewhere.

    • sejla

      least not last

  • blackrose_
    Well.. no
    Real men are the people who have a penis
    Now, if you are talking about how men should act and what they should do that’s a different thing
    Anyways, everyone should be themselves and do whatever they want as long as they don’t act illegal
  • Dantiger45
    Nothing wrong with men being masculine. There is some truth to what you say however it would seem there are very few women up to job... Also, this a very simplistic sexist viewpoint... it's like saying that women should stay in the kitchen and just be a baby making factory on demand... There's way more too it than that!!!
    • Thank god someone realises how sexist a viewpoint this is!

  • RickPen
    The underlying theme seems to be that you want a man to be self-sufficient, as well as sufficient for you, while looking good to your standards.
    Are you able to bring any of those desired skills to the table?
    1. Why does a man need to be a protector? Are you incapable of protecting yourself, or the things you love? If not, you need to learn, and get over your sexism that men need to fight (but fighting is also called toxic masculinity).

    2. Same logic as #1. Are you incapable of providing for yourself or your loved ones? Are you of the same ideology that women are to stay at home and complain about their working men?

    3. I can agree with this to a point, but owning a suit is almost never necessary unless the man works in an office, attending a funeral, or trying to interview for a job. Maybe a sales man? There are times to impress, so I don't wholly agree or disagree. It's a social expectation, to be sure, and not an actual need.

    4. Why does the man need to know basic auto work? Is the woman incapable? What if he simply doesn't understand it? As one who has professionally worked on cars, I can say that I find women unattractive if they're unwilling to learn basic auto maintenance. To date, I have never met a woman who really knew anything, or cared to learn, about cars. They talk as though they do; but they won't follow through, and that's a failure to me.

    5. If the man is monogamous... is the woman? Of course, most of us want monogamy. Interestingly, I've met one guy who cheated on his girlfriend. I've met probably a dozen girls who think it's OK to cheat on their boyfriend or husband, and that ideal seems to worsen once a women gets older, and bored. Heck, I've been cheated on by a girl, too, among other (worse) things.

    I think your post smacks of idealism, and naivety. I had a fiance' once who thought similarly to you. I worked a 90 hour work week while she sat at home, complaining how I wasn't around. While that one didn't cheat, I was forever broke, and called a deadbeat when I was injured from work, and couldn't even walk. So she left me. Real supportive, ya know. But, in talking with other females, they thought she made the right decision. Why would anyone want to stay with "a broken man." That's a whole lot of sexism, and clearly shows that men are *not* valued. We don't even have bodily autonomy at birth! The USA has no respect for men, but loves to bash them, and any supposed "patriarchy." Speaking as a "privileged" male who has never been given a single thing, I find the whole modern idea of a man as unattainable, and illogical.
  • ShortCircuit
    A few things:

    1. Adult males are "men". That is simply what they technically are. A man's manhood is not determined by how useful he is to other people. Nobody and nothing can strip a man of his manhood. A man is a man, by fact. None of these 5 things determine manhood. That said, some of them determine whether someone is a good partner.

    2. "Be a protector." This is right. A good partner protects his--OR HER--partner. Women are less physically capable of protecting their partners, yes, but being a good partner still requires them to put forth their best effort of physical protection, as well as defending their partner's honor, integrity, etc.

    3. Nobody should be the sole "provider". Both partners should contribute to the household equally. They could of course contribute in different ways, for instance, both partners could work full time, or one could work full time while the other was a stay at home parent. Both are legitimate arrangements. As long as the contribution is equal. And if the contribution is equal, then there is technically no "provision", and no "provider".

    4. Owning a certain type of professional attire has nothing to do with being a good partner. Suits became associated with contributing to a household because pretty much any profession required an individual to wear them... you know, back in ancient times. This is not the case today. There are plenty of well-paying professions that don't require formal attire. And if the position pays well enough to allow that partner to contribute their fair share, then that's all that matters.

    5. There is no reason for a partner be required to know a specific skill in order to be a good partner. Everyone has one skill they specialize in, which they perform in exchange for universal currency, that they then use to buy the services of people who specialize in other things. That's like... the entire point of society. If one individual makes $50k, and saves $5k/yr by knowing basic auto work, while another individual makes $55k/yr and uses $5k to pay for a mechanic--then both are equally good partners.

    6. Yes, a good partner is a monogamous partner. No complaints there.
  • Shark_61695
    I never expected to fit so many descriptions of a real man.
    I'm not afraid to stand up and protect - I expect to be beaten to a pulp but I can pretend to be a strong presence and attempt to deescalate.
    I have marketable skills and can earn a decent wage (if I could find a job within commuting distance).
    I own a suit and feel comfortable wearing it. I can also tie my own tie after years of practice at school.
    I can do basic diy and emergency car repairs, whether it is changing a tire or a plug. I can also follow instructions and maintain a permanent connection to the internet so I can do more complicated tasks even if I have never done them before.
    Monogamy is one up from my entire life, the only question is how much 'romantic energy' I possess as I've never had the opportunity.

    I don't identify as a 'real' man, I can only pretend to be when the situation requires.
    I have no violence training or experience (except as a victim).
    I currently don't work due to nervous breakdowns last time I did (it's complicated). My grandad was a farmer so when I was young, we helped on the farm so I can do most of the tasks involved, playing with the chainsaw was fun :)
    At high school we had to wear a blazer and tie, plenty of time to get used to it and tying a tie. I don't believe in suits these days and tend to hide in my clothing.
    Basic mechanical skills come from an ability to follow instructions and having to apply them in practice, I try to be entirely self reliant.
    Monogamy is easy an easy concept when the whole world of dating is a foreign country.

    I can also cook and bake, do housework, sew (badly, it's much easier with a sewing machine), prefer wine/cocktails to beer/cider. Someone mentioned being seen and not heard, that's definitely me. Does this make me a real woman?
  • Taylor_C
    How abour being able to protect himself and his loved ones from GOVERNMENT?
    • Wowgirl30q

      That would fall into protector I would think. Good point

    • Taylor_C

      Like protecting from taxes.

  • Rob19777
    5 things a REAL WOMAN should do
    1. Cook 2. Clean and do the laundry and vacuum 3. Stay loyal and faithful no branch swinging/monkey branching 4. Raise children 5. Dress without looking like a slut or like they just crawled out of bed 6. Have manners and NOT be rude or disrespectful or mean 7. Take responsibility for their actions 8. Not be big fat slobs and keep in shape 9. Quit the constant bitching and nagging 10. Quit looking for egoboosts and shoulders to cry on from emotional tampon men
    • Lol this one is totally true I especially agree with 3,5,6,7, and 9

    • Amel33323

      I m not sure if any woman can quit on nagging and bitching honestly but i agree on the rest

  • Luckily my man ticks all those qualities listed above. Whenever he's in his uniform (suit & tie basically) I can't help thinking how handsome he looks in them ❤️
    • Wowgirl30q

      Sounds like a great guy for a great girl...

  • akihon
    Oh wow, this is a list of the things that one woman finds attractive, and then labels it as something that with authority every single woman wants from a man, at the same time ignoring that if she herself is then stating as she clearly is that a man is only a man if he meets this list of five things then by all and any accounts any man real or otherwise has more than every right to dictate what makes a real woman. And just for shits and giggles lets draw up a little list of our own. This list is frankly poor though as I can do all of those and more, they aren't anything that makes a man a real man they are just arbitrary things pulled out of somebody's brain fart. Here's a list of what makes a real woman.

    Do you really want that.
    1 Can Cook
    2 Can clean
    3 Does her share of the housework, not expects it all to be done for her
    4 Stays faithful
    5 Honesty
    6 Does not play games
    7 Will not expect a man to protect her
    8 Learns to fix her own damn car
    9 Does not dress like a slut
    11 Space for other men, real or fictional, to add their thoughts on what makes a woman a real woman
  • sagevalentineee
    Even if there is such thing as a 'real' man, I think half the things you highlighted do not embody what I would think of when I think of men. No offence.

    Be a protector. Okay this is the one I do understand. I'm pretty sure all girls like the safe feeling that comes with being around men, and to my knowledge men don't mind puffing their chest a bit. So I'll agree with you here.

    Be a provider. I can agree with this too... to an extent.

    Own a suit / tie a tie. Whilst I agree that men look delicious in suits... you play to much in to the James bond stereotype. It's not necessary as a MAN to wear a suit.

    Know basic autowork. This is the one that confuses me the most. Saying a man has to know basic autowork is like my boyfriend telling me that the deal breaker in our relationship is that I cannot knit him a cashmere sweater of perfection. So stereotypical!

    Monogamy. I actually don't think sleeping with multiple woman is a sign of masculinity. In the roman times, being weak for sexual desire was considered not manly. But it's up to the individual.
  • FireTigress
    Nice post. Cleanly separates the desirable from everyone else.

    My take.
    1) Protector. One doesn't need to be aggressive or even own a gun to be a protector. What good is a too aggressive fool who spends more time in the hospital or jail? What good is someone who cowers under the bed when he doesn't have a gun? Not much.

    It's about presence. Authoritative figure. Knowing when to stand up, not to be pushed around, and actually possess a spine (or balls). My brother's only 5'9" but even 6'3" ex gang members in the corrections unit he was working in thought twice about fighting him. The conversation went like this: gang member - hey boss wanna fight, brother - sure, come on tough guy let's go.

    2) Provider. This covers more than money or putting food on the table. Only boys & immature men think that's all this means.
    To be a provider means taking care of your family. Of being there for your son's baseball game, for your daughter's ballet practice instead of passed out on the lawn with your mouth hanging up trying to catch flies. Stuff like that. Being responsible for your family.

    3) Tying a tie. Has more to do than wearing a suit.
    Tying a tie isn't easy. It can be frustrating. A man is capable of tying a tie implies that he has the patience & the perseverance to continue until he succeeds. A clip on tie is a lazy man's way. Not wearing a tie implies the guy may be the sort to give up easily.

    4) Auto work, home renovations, etc.
    It sort of connects with #3. And also reliability.

    5) Truth be told women with high self respect/esteem don't like men that sleep around. Their self confidence & esteem just don't let them lower their standards to such degree that this behaviour is acceptable and thus such men aren't desirable.
    So yes decent / respectable women are more likely to seek out a guy who doesn't sleep around & remains faithful to his previous dates / her than anyone else.
  • Why the fuck does no one ever mention that a real man has good control over his sexuality? That's one thing forgotten by many of us and a lot of men who left us with valuable wisdom in past have talked about its importance.
    • please expand on this more

    • Boppy

      @manmeat good control over his sexuality = he always remembers to say "no homo"

    • @manmeat little to no porn/masturbation. Focusing on women/relationships in the right timing. There is nothing to boast about being a horny beast. A real strong man is one who can take that beast in him. It is a huge wastage of energy that could be used elsewhere. It's sad to see where men have come today. Pouring a crap load of money on watching a cam model strip on screen, being worried about their penis size out of thousands of other things to worry about, centering entire life on women yet cheating on their wives when they actually get a loyal partner... Disaster.

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  • Sensmind
    I have absolutely no problem with your premise, it may differ from mine but I always believe that there is nothing wrong with many people trying to do the right thing, what I don't like to see is the conflict that ensues when people from different approaches become blinkered like if you get any haters. My approach is often can we not look at the overall picture maybe help each other or even compromise on a different right route.
    Your points, what is a real man - Many have different opinions maybe variations of the same theme
    (1) When faced with aggression a man should be looked to protect his wife or family depending on the situation, having a gun in the house if needed (honestly probably not needed where I am) - Maybe I am lucky but I reckon that would only count for one or two times in my life where I would need to "Stand Up" for myself but compared that to the hundred of thousands of times that my SO or family would need my emotional support, I know which one would be my priority (Again not taking away from either optic)
    (2) I see the man as part of the family unit - I would not put the onus for financial or domestic security on either partner - If the woman can earn more great, let the man take up the domestic slack - The unit itself decides who does what
    (3) I suppose you are right in the sense of job interview and occasions but it probably would not be the first thing that comes to my mind.
    (4) I am probably at fault here but I have always lived in areas with good public transport so never learnt to drive and probably don't know the first thing about cars.
    (5) 100% agree with you on this.
    My main takeaway from this is you are probably from a background that the necessity of the 5 things the way you described is very important and anyone from or near that background will agree a lot while others might not BUT OUR BIG 5 THINGS might not seem so important to you.
    So in conclusion very good take when taken in context, maybe take the time to apply your own version in your own mind to Wow's 5 points rather than want to attack her.
  • Femdomina
    I don't like men in suits & ties (I prefer guys who wear casual clothes).
    and I can protect myself (I practice martial arts).
    Auto work is not that important (We can always call auto mechanic to repair the car).
    I work and make my own money, I don't need a provider (I'm not a gold digger).
    The only thing we both agree on is - I like men who are monogamous.
  • filemonrunner
    The "When push comes to shove every man should be able to defend his wife, children and honor. "
    and "basic auto work" are both just silly. It's good to know how to fight but you can be sure there is no one in the world who can protect alone him self from rest of the world. In the end there is always someone or someone x number of someone who will beat you. And - the basic auto works? Maybe 20 years ago but now with car filled with electronics there is not that much you can do. Also - why only car? There is tons of stuff one should also be able to do and you probably will learn it at some point of time. But that will not be a 20-22 years old kid. But someone who lived a bit more probably he is a father already and just had to deal with the stuff so he learned it.

    It surprises me where do you people get that shit really. And it's always man has to be like this like that. And what woman should be able to do? Well it seems she should be pretty and that is all. Most woman don't even want more kids than like 1-2. Just useless lumps of meat with high expectations.

    You want your man to be able to defend you but if someone asked you you will say you are a pacifist. You want to be defended but you probably have opinion kids should not be punished and they should be protected from stress. How is supposed someone raised like that become your lovely man. Do you think you someone can become strong without failures, stress and pain? Well no.

    Really just sick of reading/hearing the same shit over and over again. *real guys should be like that*. Just be happy your beloved one will have 2-3 points of your real man list because chances are like 99,1% you are probably also not a real woman, probably you have 20% of what makes a real woman. get the fuck out you fucking imposter. lol.
    • Don’t take it to seriously it’s just a generalization

  • glutendan
    Why do women act like their perfect wishlist is supposed to be fulfilled by men.

    1.) Fighting (which I used to do) is generally useless in the context of defence. If you're actually concerned BUY A GUN, you will never be able to fend off a group of guys with your fists and honestly if you aren't aware you'll probably get hit in the head with something before you can even think of a fight. Also it's absolutely brutal on your joints. This is a stupid point from a woman who doesn't know any better.

    2.) Yes I think people understand jobs are important if they intend on not being homeless, kind of a no brainer but I assume the woman is going to do more than spend her days getting manicures, or is he gonna do everything for the princess?

    3.) Seriously just stupid, so I'm a fake man one day but if I go to the mall the next and but a suit I'm now a real man? You couldn't come up with something slightly more sensible?

    4.) Basic car work like changing the oil or breaks is a nice skill my dad taught me but again it's really not that useful, many people will do it for you cheap and fast, and you dont have to deal with any clean up, again you have no fucking idea what you're talking about.

    5.) This is the only sensible one on the list and I would think it's pretty obvious considering that's the vast majority of people in general.

    How the fuck did you even come up with these ideas and think it's actually of any merit?
  • wynn-ing
    I cannot agree on anything here.
    I read the title and that did it for me.

    There are no such thing as "real men". And there are no such thing as "real women" either.
    You exist? You're real. Then it's a matter of your own identity. At the most basic level, you are a living thing. You are a human. What more divisions do we need?

    You are not to be restricted by ideas of what is the "best" you can be or what makes the "best" of your "kind". You can achieve your potential and be the best you can be. And that is to be human and not inhumane.

    Be whoever you want to be but always strive to be the best of yourself you can.
    That's good enough. I appreciate that.
    • Rob19777

      Wow very well said.

    • wynn-ing

      @Rob19777 Thank you!

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  • madgoat
    How about: "real men" have their own moral compass, think for themselves, and don't need their behaviour defined and dictated to them.
    • BINGO! Men do not need another listacle written by women to tell us how to be a "real man".

  • MannMitAntworten
    Own a suit/tie a tie and the monogamous thing both gave me a chuckle...

    The suit thing. I own several and have been tying my own tie since I was 8. Wearing a suit is the only attire I have ever been criticized for wearing by the opposite sex - by complete strangers even - because apparently suits for a small minority of women represent a symbol of some sort of power or oppression to some women. Strangest damn thing.

    Monogamy... this one gave me a bigger chuckle because in my personal experience and observations, it's women who largely have a problem with monogamy. The down side to having women friends - who are open with you - is that they share all their indiscretions with you as well. Simply put, they have a boyfriend, and four other little boyfriends on the side because they are keeping their options open, "just in case". Further you also learn the lengths women go to to conceal one from another. I'll just say I understand why the Soviets employed women as spies against the West. Women are far more talented at lying, concealing, and carrying on multiple liaisons than men could ever dream to be as witnessed first hand through some of the women I know. It is far more prevalent than men could ever imagine or that women care to admit to.
    • Bonus... with regard to being providers. Times being what they are and with women becoming more self ascribed "independent", this is becoming more and more an individual preference from one woman to the next. Why else would the "house husband" phenomenon (of which my younger brother numbers - we are complete opposites) be on the rise?

      Finally, basic auto upkeep. Most men anymore couldn't tell you the difference between a closed and a boxed end wrench. That aside, both men and women alike would be better served and save themselves a lot of money if they figured out basic home repair. Which, when a cousin by marriage shared of a minor plumbing issue at their home I told her how easy the fix was. Her response, "God, it would be so nice to have a man who knew how to fix things around the house..." She said this out of my cousin who she married. At least he can afford a plumber I suppose. At any rate, home repair knowledge would be more useful than basic auto maintenance. Especially with auto warranties requiring specific details in order for them to be honored.

      Okay, stepping off my soapbox now...

  • godfatherfan
    Well you had me almost agreeing. Sorry, but WTF does knowing anything about cars have to do with a relationship? esp nowadays where everything is computerized. I happen to know how to replace breaks, but not much else. That is why you pay others to do it. However, I can put a computer together from a bunch of parts if I had to. Can a car mechanic do that?
  • DOGMA1954
    I am not a real man, but just a man. I grew up in a area that placed ideas into male and females to have roles in life. Men worked to provide for the families and we should. Yes, sometimes its hard to make ends meet at times and the woman in your life may need to help, but dont think she doesn't notice and respect you for what you do. Protecting your family is a full time job. It could be anything that could cause physical or emotional harm. Its or responsibility to find out what it is and act accordingly. Basic auto skills is a must, but I will have to admit they build the damn things now where you can do a few things and the rest you have to put them in the shop. I dont own a suit, but from time to time I have rented a suit or tucks to look my very best for what ever even my wife likes to go to. Being monogamous with someone is the only way I have ever been. I would only date one person at a time in order to see who this person was and them the same. Jumping into bed from one person to another is not only unsafe health wise, but damaging emotionally to everyone. That brings me to love and romance. All women want to have romance. It is part of who they are. When a woman sees that your being romantic, she finds you more attractive and begins to really care for you. A card, a flower, a text or phone call to see how her day is going means so much to her. It shows that you really care even if its small things, because you took the time to do it. Women dont want a yes man. She will respect you for standing your ground on some subjects, but dont be a dick. Tell her why you feel that way and help her to understand. Men by nature are not into communication. We make sounds, point and have eye contact with each other and understand what is going on around us. Women on the other hand need communication, so we need to sit down sometime and express what is going on until everyone is on the same page.
  • jamesgoldman
    1. I can do... between family and a few associates from the good to the shady, I learnt a lot from throwing a decent punch to efficient body disposal
    2. I am self-employed and know enough at least attempt to trade in anything legal
    3. I own a suit and 4 ties (looking to buy a Hermes or a Brioni tie next year)... I love my suit but unfortunately my day to day stuff rarely requires it (I also own cufflinks, a tie bar and some collar studs as well as an as yet unused by me at least top hat)
    4. I don't drive and don't have plans to learn so this one is a bit pointless not to mention other than changing a wheel most things need a mechanic on modern cars to do anything as it is all electronic... that makes me want to learn to drive so I could buy a Spitfire or E-type Jaguar
    5. Haven't failed it so far in life and love is far better than carnal desires... rather be single than fall in the current dating minefield say give it 7-8 years and things might be more settled unless the jocks are looking for their 2nd wife by that point
  • Hydrogen
    I'm 23 and people think I am mentally challenged person when I say that I wish I was born when suits were normal everyday wear 😏 I feel 400% more confident in a suit or classy shirt than in casual clothes people wear. Class is casual for me. I was born in the wrong age and now society hates me for it 🤷‍♂️
  • Poppykate
    There are several things I don’t like about article.
    1. Modern women aren’t Disney Princesses that need to be rescued! We don’t need (or want) a protector! Particularly a man who uses his fists to solve problems. A ‘real man’ (I hate this term) will keep his cool under pressure and remove himself from dangerous situations, rather than stay and fight pointless fights.

    2. These things are also things, a woman should know how to do! We are no longer damsels in distress!
    • You would be surprised that many women want all these stuffs

      Also there are times where you just have to use your fists

  • Abbyiscool
    I find it ironic how a woman is telling a man how he should behave or what he should do to be considered a "real man". Shouldn't women be protectors too? Shouldn't we strive to provide for our families? Shouldn't we be able to change a tire? Takes like this are honestly pathetic and incredibly toxic. Let men be whatever they want, don't enforcer your archaic views on them
  • fashionguy17
    Ah... look! Another take of a WOMAN explaining what a REAL MAN is! Women don't know what a real man is, because they aren't men. Just as a man cannot explain what a REAL WOMAN is because isn't a woman.
    • Dude dont bother. She is writing ridiculous my takes like this every few days. In one of her takes she even wrote that men with clinical depression shouldn't treat it with medications doctor gave them because they can give ED problems and can't satisfy women as women would like. Pure nonsense and ignorance but hey at least she is funny.

    • @ScottSummers oh god that depression take is heinous O, o

  • Liam_Hayden
    I agree, although on the Know Basic Auto Work I would be forgiving of people who do not want to deal with modern brake systems. They can a royal pain in the derriere.
  • Real men don't let bullshit ideas on what they're "supposed" to be or do in order to be a man, affect how they live their lives.
  • ShadowofRegret
    I think you hit a nerve with the one for monogamy for a good number of the guys on here.

    Seriously, loyalty in a relationship isn't hard if you actually love someone, if you can't keep yourself from going after others, then you're probably not really in love in the first place.
  • Zweihander
    Oh I'm so sorry I was never fortunate enough to grow up with a car or parents that made an effort to teach me how to drive/provide a car for me. I guess I'm just not allowed to be a real man for another 5 years until I can afford to have a car.
  • AmIhandsomeorugly
    Never let a woman to explain what a REAL MAN İS. And never listen to a woman who explains what A REAL MAN İS.

    Women are dangerous crreatures and they manipulate almost everything and change its meaning. For example you said " When push comes to shove every man should be able to defend his wife, children and honor. He shouldn't be afraid to stand up to other men or be aggressive."

    THİS sentences promote extreme misandry and sexism towards men. Why men should be agressive towards other mens? What is your nonsense reason?

    Why men should protect their women? And why men should be agressive toward other mens? There are a lot of manipulation and misandry going on here. Men should be polite to other men. So stop bullshitting about men.

    You can not tell men HOW TO BE A REAL MAN. İts not your business. Take out your nose from our jobs.

    İn the first sentence you directly showed your misandry. I expected with this my take, you changed your ideas. But its not. There are still misandry going on.

    The best REAL MAN is a MGTOW man who destroy feminism and misandry.
  • MannySimms
    Well, maybe.

    Be a protector? Nah; buy a gun and learn to use it.

    Be a provider? Nope. Get a job.

    Own a suit? That's just wrong.

    Auto repair? How about YOU learn about firing order, etc?

    Monogamy? Not part of God's plan.

    I'm for equality, period. If one can physically and mentally perform a task, gender should not enter the equation. Equal pay for all; something they haven't learned in the USA.
  • AynonOMouse
    Only if the "real woman" knows her place, does what he says, and doesn't question his authority on anything. :)
    If she doesn't want to do that then she shouldn't have the same old style expectations of him either. Unless she is a hypocrite, which I am certain is the case.
  • Dav1ss
    Good take really I'd be interested in a gender reversal of the same
  • Belgie
    Real women should
    1) Know how to make a sandwich, especially when you least expect it.
    2) Find all your jokes hilarious
    3) Not speak so much as single women do.
    4) Give a man time alone or to be with his friends
    5) Say what they want, instead of relying on men's non-existent psychic abilities.
  • startingfitness
    tbh its not as bad as I expected. but I will just say a few points in addition to the main point which is that most women today, are not even close to DESERVING such a man. that should be it, but just a few more things.

    1) its always good to know how to fight. but, every man who has ever fought knows, you aren't gonna win every time. not only that, if you escalate a situation into a fight , you or your partner might die.
    every man needs to learn how to deescalate the situation , especially when out with family.
    fighting should be the last option.
    2) regarding autowork- its a good skill to know, but for a lot of people its too time consuming to learn and if you don't practise it regularly you might forget it.
    if you don't know car mechanics, then as an alternative just make sure to always have a plan B. if you are travelling by car somewhere, always remember to have an option or two open in case the car fails on you. could be a friend in the area who is free, could be a mechanic or service who can reach you fast, could be alternative transportation that you have looked up which you can get to. Actually having a plan b is good even if you do know how to repair/fix a car.
  • Maraneva
    Protection: I do box and used to be a black belt in karate years back. I can definitely pack a punch if there's no way out. So check.
    Providing ability: Getting a pretty okay income so should be fine. Check.
    Suit and tie: Check
    Auto basics: Check. I used to get scolded for reeking of engine oil when I was a kid lol.
    Monogamy: It's my plan all along though I haven't gotten a girl to experience it with yet
  • Jaximus-Lion
    We call : Old fashioned gentlemen ... We still around, i do all what you mentioned in the list and even more. Wish you could see the satisfied look on my wife's face, but at the same time the times has changed and so does people. Many adults (men and women) can't even cook for them selves now days, seeing my self capable to take care of me and my family makes me feel good and i like it, that makes me want to do more.
  • livingthelife19
    This should have been titled how to be a gentleman. I would estimate less than 20% of men under the age of 35 actually know how to do these things. How many men don't know the value of Trust, commitment and compromise in a relationship. There is more to life than going around having sex with whoever throws themself at you. I can't think of too many of my friends that possess all 5 qualities here. Well written post for sure.
  • Moonchild714
    Interesting, I do like these qualities in a Man. Although the Tie thing I find it sexy to tie a Man's Tie. The Protector part for me we bith have that covered. But for the next few months I'm laid up so I am hapoy knowing he can protect us but I also sleep with my weapon cocked and loaded...