Bitter Incel Rage

Bitter Incel Rage

Bitter Incel Rage

Incels Today

The Incels exist today primarily as an online subculture. They are full of Bitter Incel Rage, espousing male supremacy and committing acts of violence and hate against people who seem to have an easier time finding love and acceptance then they do, mainly from women.

They are bitter, cranky, violent virgin's, that blame vaginas or (lack of vagina) for all their life problems. Gross!

Bitter Incel Rage

Elliot Rodger

In 2014, Elliot Rodger killed seven people and injured 14 others in Isla Vista, California, striking back at those who would not permit him into their social circles. In a series of videos and a 141-page manifesto,

Bitter Incel Rage

Elliot Rodger blamed popular young women for "his loneliness and the fact that he was still a virgin. Omg, are you kidding me?🤣🤣🤣nothing to do with him being a loser or having poor me syndrome.

Bitter Incel Rage

In his writing, Rodger described himself as “the supreme gentleman” and fantasized about his retribution for the perceived wrongs that he suffered at the hands of popular and beautiful people.

He wanted revenge also from all the women he had been rejected by or felt rejected by, throughout his life.

Bitter Incel Rage

Incel Slang

This a perfect example of an Incel Mr. Rodger's is as a whole. He is an example of one to the point that his names is now used by Incel culture, as some slang word to promote some kinda Sideways Weirdo Incel Power. A Chad is anouther weird slang word used by Incels.

( What the ✓uck is A Chad??? )

Bitter Incel Rage

Today actually Elliot Rodger is not simply the name of a notorious mass murderer; No, No, No in the language of freak Incels, it is also a verb, as in “the guy went Elliot Rodger” or “Pulled a E.R on somebody".

Bitter Incel Rage

So, basically he went bitter, bat shit, vagina hating, virgin crazy on somebody. If the Incels had a leader or a founder it would probably have been Elliot Rodger.

Bitter Incel Rage

Beware The Angry Losers

​Recently designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The first instances of Incel-inspired violence date back nearly three decades, today’s Incel community has become more extremist and violent through cross-population with other online hate groups.

Bitter Incel Rage

Dorky or Dangerous

Left unchecked, angry isolated Incels will remain in the margins of mainstream society, smoldering with resentment against those who have denied them the affection and satisfaction they feel they deserve.

Bitter Incel Rage


Look out for the Weirdo Incel hate group people, crawling around online. We all know that Incels are among us all the time. They are alone /lonely, untouched/horny, and pissed off/bitchy. Look out for or should I say Beware their Bitter Incel Rage...

Bitter Incel Rage

Thanks for reading everyone,,,,and please remember that,,,,,

#WowGirlRocks #girlaskguys
#WowGirlRocks #girlaskguys


Bitter Incel Rage
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Most Helpful Girls

  • btbc92
    To tell you the truth, I felt sorry for Roger as I have seen what such women do to men and some guys who do the same to me. I feel that people really need to stop bullying others and hurting them for being different. It just sounds like to me by him being a sensitive person he snapped and gone mentally ill. I believe he said that the girls mocked him, and that drove him to do what he did. I don't believe anybody owes anybody sex, etc. But people chose premarital sex instead of doing it God's way. Women sleep with whoever they want, many whom are unfaithful. The trash guys who don't believe in that, and then it breaks down into two types of guys like girls:

    1. The ones who learn that it's not their fault all the time about how they are treated.
    2. The one who becomes like him and goes on a rage of revenge.

    One thing I can agree with some of them is the hypocrite of people. I have seen it, and it's disgusting. The society is to blame I'm afraid. Not always them. Nobody asked to be born. Nobody asked to be asking for love, nobody asked to be without family, friends, parents. Nobody asked to be bullied, raped, abused, etc. Nobody. And yet we do. I will not say what they do is right. A crime is a crime. But the biggest crime is those who take pleasure in hurting others who didn't ask to be hurt. The world tells you we need sex, porn, etc. We do it. Those who can't are seen as the scourge of society. That's why I trust the Bible more than I trust people. And here is my message to both sexes about such people, as I got crapped on all my life equally. Just thank God I didn't snap like they did:

    Ladies: Be NICE to men. You don't have to have sex with them. You don't have to date them. You don't have to even be friends if you're not comfortable. But it gives you no RIGHT to mock them. Bully them, Harrass them, or play games. You can't do anything if they just lash out at you. But remember, somebody, hurt them before you did. But don't be a hypocrite. If they feel entitled to sex, can you blame them if you're having premarital sex also? To pick who you want sex with, but then judge them for not getting any? It's wrong either way. But be in their shoes, before it happens to you maybe.

    Gentlemen: Be NICE to women! The same rule applies to you as well. Don't mock and shame women for being single and not having anybody if you don't really KNOW THEM. You don't know their pain, their wants, and desires either. If you keep playing games, you will be at fault for the breakdown of their minds. You can't do anything about 'crazy', but remember they are human too.

    The point of the message people is we can't blame everyone who are incel if we don't look at our lifestyle choices and how we treat others also. If we want to prevent more incel or rapes, etc. we have to change what we want to promote. And if that means getting rid of porn, etc. So be it. It needs to happen anyway. There is a good reason why in ancient times they didn't HAVE all of this going on. Those who were caught raping women were charged and killed. Those who had premarital sex was stoned to death. Sadly spousal rape and abuse went on to where it did. But you had fewer people single. Now we have an all-time high. Something is wrong here. They need understanding. Not judgment. Or were the ones fueling their hate.
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    • cth96190

      Pornography is a masturbation aid.
      It is the only form of sexual release that lonely men have.
      If you take that away, you can expect a lot of angry men who have blue balls and a lot more hostility toward women.

    • btbc92

      @cth96190 Porn is why so many are angry and why the OP made the point about what they do. That's why Roger ended up the way he ended up. Blue balls are the cause of a lack of proper control. Most men don't have it if they never masturbated. It is a simple matter of not treating females like sex objects. And think sex is everything or the end of the world if they don't have it. I am by myself and never have I ever gone crazy over it. And I am certain me not being a man makes no difference. I know men who don't masturbate, alone, etc, or was alone once, and don't have that issue either.

    • btbc92

      The point is, not everybody is meant to be in sexual relationships and not everybody is called to it. People are being taught wrong about love, sex, marriage, relationships, etc, and are primarily sex-driven. Those same guys who masturbate to porn end up destroying themselves and sex lives. Most women hate it. That's we tell you to stop, but you keep doing it. And then want to know why we don't want sex or leave you for another guy or want a divorce. A man has to learn to form relationships with women no different than how it was when we were children. People have forgotten the importance of it and this is why it got worse. This is why many women have 0 respect for men, and now us innocent people are either victims or caught in the middle. Many can survive without sexual exposure. And it's a lie to assume they can't. He was conditioned as all of us were, and that's why it's a big problem.

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  • Flower7
    I have encounter a lot of that behavior. That's one of the main things that makes this site so toxic. I actually never even heard of incels or MGTOW before joining G@G. But all of that seems to run rampant in this online community for some reason. I'm not sure why this site attracts so much of that, but there are a lot of them here.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Lliam
    I don't understand the Incel, MGTOW things at all.

    From my limited perspective, MGTOWs seem to suffer from lack of nurturing. They never learned how to be men. Their thing is all about bonding with men and learning how to be a manly man. Many might be closet homosexuals.

    Incels just seem to be losers. A lot of sociopaths and narcissists. They expect the women they want to give them what they want even though they, themselves, have nothing to offer but pain and danger. They lust after sex but they hate women. They are so sick in the head that they don't recognize how toxic they are and, therefore, are incapable or unwilling to do the self reflection and work necessary to become healthy. Short of that, they will never be attractive to the opposite sex.

    Short story: I had girlfriends from the time I was 16 but I had no intention of settling down or starting a family. I was too self-centered, too into having fun, and I knew I was too immature to raise kids, so I eventually moved on from all my relationships.

    I went through a dry spell for over five years, from my late 20s through my early 30s, because a job changed my life in a way that I no longer recognized myself. I no longer fit in with the kind of people I had fit in with before and I didn't think I fit in with the kind of people I knew at my job. I gained weight. I didn't want the kind of girl who would want me for a partner.

    But I didn't want to stay that way so I got it together, lost weight and got back in shape. In the meantime, I also did a lot of self reflection and inner work because, by my mid-30s, I was finally thinking about finding a life partner and settling down. Without having done that inner work, I would never have met the right woman or recognized her as the right women, and she wouldn't have been attracted to me. I've been married to her now for almost 24 years and we couldn't be happier. She's my partner for life.
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  • SpiritBear
    You don't really have to worry about incels tbvh. They spout their hate online because like many of people, it adds anonymity. They will rarely say it IRL. And if you ever meet one, you won't talk to him due to how socially isolated they are, and should one talk to you, you'll end up being able to tell that they're an incel a lot of the time.
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  • MrOracle
    The majority of men have always struggled to get laid, but the majority of those would eventually be successful. What's changed is that Boomer parents, and then Gen X parents, increasingly taught their kids that they were "special" and "deserved the best" and rarely told their kids "no" and almost never taught their kids that they had to WORK for the things they wanted. With so many divorced parents, they would often buy their kids toys or clothes or cars or video games or whatever they asked for to win their favor, and so a lot of kids grew up with a very entitled attitude and were unwilling to work or change to get what they wanted.

    And many of these kids were guys who were socially awkward and/or perhaps not the best looking guys - in other words, the kinds of guys who have always struggled to get laid - but instead of working hard to overcome their negatives, many of them now just rage that they aren't being given what they want like they always have been before. Their entitlement, built over years by their parents, extended to girls and sex, and they are confused and frustrated and angry when they can't get what they want, and doubly so when they see other, more attractive/popular guys getting those girls when they can't, and soon, some of them will find their way to Incel groups and decide to adopt Incel as their "badge of honor." It's sad and ridiculous, but it's also potentially dangerous.

    This is exactly why kids need to be taught to work for things, and why they need to learn sportsmanship - which includes learning how to be both a good winner and a good loser. The "participation trophy" concept is completely wrong and leads to the kind of entitlement that leads to problems like Incels.

    There have always been a small number of genuine Incels - guys who are just so unfortunate, either physically or socially, that they could not attract women - but the majority of self-identified Incels today certainly have the potential to attract women, but it would require them to work to improve themselves and to make changes to make themselves more attractive - and they find that unacceptable, because they believe they are entitled to the very best, and are only interested in the hottest girls, and believe they "deserve" them. That's so twisted and wrong, but it's the logical end result of parents who have spoiled and entitled their children rather than teaching them how the real world works.
    • Bluemax

      Very interesting. I suspect you're right about most of this.

      Very serious question though. What do you think the odds are that they'll seek to change their ways if the only thing that's offered to them is name calling? Frankly, for a large section of GAG, that seems to be the only solution they have to offer.

    • Bluemax

      Are you familiar with the concept of learned hopelessness?

    • MrOracle

      While GaG could offer some valuable information and perspective to people looking to actually learn, it isn't likely to help those who are convinced that they are victims - and frankly, GaG is under no obligation to do so.

      This is just one of many examples of the logical conclusions of victim culture, and in all cases, it does more harm to the "victims" and either does nothing to solve the root problem or, more often, makes it worse.

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  • hellionthesagereborn
    I don't care. All these "incels" are just men who were unfortunate enough to think women were honest when they gave them dating advice or told them what they wanted. They were deprived of a masculine perspective that would have informed them that women do not want these things, that they are lying and that would have saved them years of trying to find some one to love them only to get rejected again and again specifically because they were trying to be everything women told them they wanted them to be rather then what women actually wanted.

    This is why no man should ever put pussy on a pedestal, women are fickle and emotional and they are never honest. This is why you bitch and moan about these kinds of men but turn around and bitch and moan about men who don't buy into your bullshit at the same time, you want a masculine man but you also want a man who is going to put your pussy on a pedestal and you simply can't have both. Any man who would pander to a woman in the hopes of convincing her to love him isn't a man, he is a bitch, period.
  • OlderAndWiser
    Sometimes, I can understand the thinking that leads people astray in various wrong directions, but this is something I just can't comprehend.

    With the MGTOW movement, it is so obvious that they are the fox complaining about sour grapes. With this group, nothing is obvious except hate.
    • Better sour grapes than burn the whole tree to the ground

  • hellacray
    Did you actually take your time to research this or are you bashing them just because?

    If you actually look into incels are more likely to take their own lives than to go on a shooting spree like Elliot Roger.

    I know he's now like the poster child for incels, but just FYI not all of them are like that.

    Same how not all Muslims are terrorist or all black people are gang bangers.

    in my opinion incels are just sad... Not even the funny kind of sad like other groups.
    • WowwGirl

      No I didn't say they where

    • WowwGirl

      I researched I didn't know about their little club

    • hellacray

      It started as a little club... And not sure if you know the person that founded the whole incel thing was a woman.

  • CasaNorba
    wow you dedicated a whole mytake to the incel community, hallelujah!

    you must really admire their doing if you really took the time and energy to write a 500+ word article on them. you know is cause of people like you who again dedicate so much time and energy to them that they are getting so much popularity.

    do people like you people ever learned?
    • WowwGirl

      I don't read catty replys from men though 😊

    • CasaNorba

      you still did though, otherwise you wouldn't of known if it was "catty" or not

  • Fairyluna
    I didn't know about Elliot Rodger... that is scary af. I feel like incels exist because they are so mentally isolated from the real world that they forget there might be women just like them who can't get laid or maybe who feel bad about themselves too. Like, we are all humans, creating these invisible walls and socials contructs does nothing for them or mankind.
  • Dchrls78104
    Say the word "Incel" and I think "false entitlement". I'm a virgin, I've never so much as dated or kissed a girl; but I don't go snapping and biting at women or men or killing people for that! The violent Incels remind me of some young men in my country; they would not get a job to earn their living, but seem to be angered by the fact that the government would not hear their cries and employ them. A few days ago some of these were heard threatening police officers here...
  • blondfrog
    Have met women like this too, but yeah. Hey I am a loser when it comes to finding a female partner but I can safely say I am not bitter. I don't go around and placing blame on women. You have to count your blessings in life and just go you know? Not everybody is going to even have sex in their life and you have to accept that. If you really wanna meet an influx of these type of guys just go on reddit. Most people won't find love either.
  • Massageman
    Originating from Chicago, a Chad, is derogatory slang for a young, urban, American man, typically single, and in his 20s or early 30s.
  • cth96190
    Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
    With the exception of a very few individuals, incels are not violent.
    I can think of only four who have done harm to anyone else, out of millions of incels.
    The person who an incel is most likely to kill is themselves.
    I have read of incels who have had themselves castrated, to remove the longing for women. They saw it as the only way to stop the pain, short of suicide.
    Elliot Roger killed six people (three of whom were his male flatmates), not seven.
    As a mass killer, he was incredibly incompetent.
    Incels do not set out to hate women. On the contrary, they want so much to give love to a woman that their failure to do so destroys them mentally.
    What you have written, WowGirlRocks, is the standard lie that Feminists have put about for the past five years (roughly).
    The lie has been repeated so often that people have begun to believe it, even though the evidence (for example the body count) says otherwise.
    Of course incels become angry and bitter when they see women choose men who are what Elliot Roger described as 'brutes'.
    Until I was 30, I was a borderline incel.
    The two relationships that I had were with girls who tore my heart out in ways that could be used for soap opera scripts.
    I was so lonely and heartbroken that I wanted to die, especially when I saw a female whom I desired in the company of a male who was my intellectual, economic and aesthetic inferior.
    I could accept losing to a better man, but not to a knuckle dragging borderline retard.
    The demonstrated female group preference for such 'brutes' cannot help but give lonely men an unflattering opinion of the female cognitive process.
    This is not a 'fault' of women, it is simply how women have been wired. Women are hard wired to be attracted sexually to something that I was not. It was a simple as that. About age 30, I accepted that I was not what was wanted and walked away. It was like trying to sell coffee when the customer base wanted tea. The project was not going to be successful.
    As for the Southern Poverty Law Centre declaring incels to be terrorists, the SPLC was created by and remains a nest of Communist Jews who are dedicated to the destruction of the USA and the extermination of white people. The SPLC could be described as Antifa with law degrees.
    • When you say women are attracted sexually to "brutes", what kind of actions and things would you describe a "brute" does? Because I don't necessarily have a qualm about being kind of a bad person myself.

    • cth96190

      That was the word that Elliot Roger used.
      What I have observed is a demonstrated female preference for low IQ sociopaths who look as though they are homeless.
      Watch a few episodes of Jerry Springer, Mauri Povich and Steve Wilkos.
      Dirtbags who treat women like shit and have no prospects past minimum wage, or welfare and a prison cell, are what what make a lot of women wet.
      What you see on those shows is not confined to the USA.
      Here in Australia, all that you have to do is change the accents.

  • Hans222
    Gosh, I'm starting to get afraid for hidden incels now :o
  • Bluemax
    The incels you mention are indeed dangerous.

    The thing is, I strongly suspect that the bitter, angry incels that one encounters online are the minority. Based on the incels I know personally (which include some females), the majority seem to be harmless. I suspect the angry bitter incels online are a very vocal minority.
  • I'm not sure where I fit in 🤔 but I'm not exactly a virgin by choice... Where does that put me on the scale... I'm not sure 🤔 at least I know I'm not mean or angry about it... But I suppose I am a little bitter, after hearing the ocean of girls guy choices when I can't even go on a date with any one girl let alone a bad date. I'd like the opportunity to have one bad date over none 😞
  • JackSmy
    You realize that these are a TINY, and perverted MINORITY of men, and that the VAST MAJORITY of men are not like these twisted, self-righteous fcks, right?
  • ItsTheNephilim
    Dang... All this because they ain't getting da pussy? That's some next level butthurt.

    It certainly seems dangerous the way you have described it; their bitterness is taken too far. I'm sure not majority of them like are that.
  • Anpu23
    There have always been bitter angry people who can't get laid. This is hardly a new phenomenon, but the internet has given them a voice and a platform. It's a problem, and a dangerous situation. They feed on each other and create a very closed bubble. Hmmm... Any ideas for a solution? I like sex robots... That gives them an outlet.
  • AndrewMG
    I'm going to repeat an answer I gave previously because I think it's relevant to this question/take.

    Anyone that thinks the world owes them anything that is within there capabilities then I consider them weak
    No one owes anyone a living
    No one owes anyone a relationship
    No one owes anyone a profession

    If something is within your capabilities that you don't achieve you need to look inwards
    If something is outside your capabilities that you don't achieve you need to look outwards

    Conclusion being I take responsibility for who I am... both the good points and the flaws.

    I'm who I am because of my personal actions... whether that's truthful/untrustworthy strong/weak positive/negative it's a true reflection of who I am.
  • IHateBeingaMan
    the late Elliot Rodger is easily, without question, the mascot, symbol, poster boy for the incel community, even though he wasn't the first incel to commit a massacre, he just became the most widely well known one, and at the same time, it's a reminder that i highly doubt there will ever be a female version or female equivalent to Elliot Rodger.
  • worldscolide
    I honestly feel sorry for incels. I pity them if you get my meaning. A lot of their issues are on them.. Their own fault.
  • Chthou95
    You know how you help incels? Stop vilifying them & making them feel like even bigger outcast. Mentally these guys are damaged & the last thing you want to do to a mentally unstable person is make them feel like these monsters to society. Society is not perfect either & it has it's fucked up issues i don't want to be a part of. Listening is all it takes ti help someone
  • NerdInDenial
    The SPLC is not a reliable source; they'll say anyone who is not a part of their agenda is "dangerous." Currently, you're more likely to get shot in a BLM protest than by an Incel.
  • Barbaric
    Incels are the result of the emasculation of Western men.
    • beefy40

      That and the breaking up of encouraging healthy relationships. More women have been hurt, murder and raped by players then incels.

    • No. Being a reactionary will only make you more incel. Stop it. lol

    • Barbaric


      Bollocks, I'm not an incel.

  • Totally agree. And I don’t know how to change it. There’s nothing stopping these guys from getting dates except their 24/7 online incel community telling them they won’t get dates.
  • UncleJessieRabbit
    I just think "incel" turned into yet another label to create more division and hatred among people, and to shut down those who are non-violent but want to talk about being rejected, and may even have some legitimate points to speak.

    I just can't see most parts of this take as credible.
  • ThisDudeHere
    Some MGTOWs may be incels at heart but overall, MGTOWs aren't incels.
    • I think the difference between MGTOW and incel is in the mindset, so OP is both right and wrong in different ways.

  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Wow, laying on the bias thick I see.

    Do some research next time. You sound like a flat-earther.
  • alance99
    I hope everybody remain safe from such predators in our society.
    Thanks for posting about this important topic.
    Nice Mytake
    #wowgirlrocks 😊😊
  • Nadim171
    Well, I live in a county where having sex before marriage outside of religious regulations is harder than owning a rocketship. 99% of unmarried people are virgins.
    • N192K001

      Considering all the related issues (pressuring of girls into sex, the using of people for sex, S. T. D.-infections, unwanted pregnancies, pregnancy-scares, over-sexualization of even innocent things, etc.) all over G@G & the rest of the Internet, I count that a good thing. If only virtue & self-restraint ruled supreme across nations!

    • Nadim171

      That is not true. When people are sexually repressed and shamed for even talking about sex this leads to more and more rape. Because men cannot hold themselves anymore they'd use prostitutes who often have STDs or rape.

      Sex is a normal human instinct. If not for sex you wouldn't exist.

  • startingfitness
    I find it bizarre that the solution to this problem , from women seems to be, to make fun of them? This refelcts very poor on your problem-solving skills.
    problems dont go away by making fun of them. This is something that everyone should have learned in kindergarten.

    People like elliot are the exceptìon, that is true. But that doesn't mean that other incels can't be dangerous to women. And there are many other mwn who aren't mwn who hold similar dislike for women. Maybe you should start looking at why. And consider that incels are mostly a western problem.
  • cvmslayer
    I do believe that a good amount of incels truly can’t find woman no matter how many times they approach. It really is only about looks sometimes according to first hand experience.
  • nameloading
    Incels are the people who fell through the cracks in society.
  • Mehzmeh
    Lol. I didn't know that was a thing. It's not funny that he did that. But it's funny these weirdos blame girls for their problems. Lol
  • esotericstory
    You know Elliot Rodger's murders could be prevented if he received the correct diagnosis but no doctor wanted to give him one. Despite being suspected of having bi-polar disorder he received no diagnosis. He was never eligible for medication nor treatment due to lack of diagnosis. His parents were wealthy, they could afford all the medication, therapy and medical care their son needed. No diagnosis could be made due to lacking health resources for males. Elliot Rodger showed signs of mental illness since childhood, all this time doctors made no diagnosis.
  • cgehr783
    Did they ever think to improve themselves until they became dateable? For intelligent people they sure are irrational and foolish.
  • Liam_Hayden
    InCels in my experience are just whiny guys with absurd expectations. Like the one who comes on here repeatedly moaning about how he's fat and depressed and no attractive women want him. Duh. "Hi, Miss Rich Super Model, I'm 300 lbs with 40% body fat, lazy, work the graveyard shift at the Taco Bell Drive-Thru. I'm depressed and live in my mama's basement. Why don't you swoon when I walk by?" That is the attitude and they get frustrated because they live like losers and expect women who are not losers to date them.
    Or they are average guys but they make no real effort, get rejected once or twice, and now complain about all women. Waaaahhhh. Toughen up Buttercup. Rejection is part of life.
  • beefy40
    More women have been hurt, murdered and raped by players then incels.
  • Tstrbrainer
    No, not all incels are toxic.
    Some are sweet too
  • Vacaburra
    Ermmm the lack of sympathy for people who are misfits doesn't make you so much better.
  • In_Trance
    100% accurate. Well done
    Great my take 😁😎👍
  • skeetskeetskeet
    Go figure 1st comment was one
  • rapfan107
    That's very interesting
  • OlderThanILook
    Interesting take
  • 1828avaava1828
    That was kind of a scary read!! Love ya girlie
  • moviedude714
    Interesting perspective
  • Dmitry912
    that scooby doo pic 🤣
  • Browneye57
    Just. Ignore. The. Weirdos.
    • JimboGB

      I agree with your sentiments but you still got to keep an eye 👁️ on them 😆

    wow, that's quite psychopathic
  • backdoorman
    Incels are just the male counterpart to feminists.
    • No, the actual male counterpart to feminists would be MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way).
      "Incel" isn't even a stated platform or philosophy at all, it is a mental/emotional state.

    • @UncleJessieRabbit Feminism today in nothing more than a mental/emotional state, and is indeed the female equivalent of Incels. I stand by my statement.

  • jestergent
    I didn't understand the scoobydoo picture.
    • WowwGirl

      Me either I just like Scooby Doo honestly