Things Guys Say Just To Get In Your Pants


Things Guys Say Just To Get In Your Pants

#wowgirlRocks #girlsaskguys
#wowgirlRocks #girlsaskguys

Men do and say a lot of crazy things in order to get sex from girls. Here are some things guys will tell girls just to get in their pants. Though many of these phrases come out as genuine they are really just avenues for guy's to make it to Vagina Lane/Pussy Blvd.


1. You're Beautiful

Obviously the guy could be telling the truth on this one. All women are beautiful in one way or another. However, he might be complimenting you in order to soften you up, so you agree to have sex with him. All women want to be told they are beautiful and a smart guy will know this and happily feed your ego.


2. You're Not Like Other Girls.

Sometimes, men rely on your pride and your sense of competition with other women to get in your pants. In this line the guy is separating you from "other girls" to make you feel confident and unique as a individual.


3. Talks Of The Future

Be wary of the kind of guys who are all too willing to talk about the future before you have even got to know them. He is probably just saying the things that he thinks you want to hear, so he can get into your pants of course! He is just saying these things to make you think he's ambitious and not just a simple slut.


4. Compliments Your Intelligence

Since you’re so used to men just going on and on about your looks, it’s refreshing when a man points out that you’re quick-witted, and intelligent. If you stopped your ego from getting away from you for just a moment, you’d realize there is no way this man could really know that you’re quick-witted or intelligent in only the short amount of time you have spent with him.

He just knows that if he doesn’t mention your body, you’re more likely to give it to him.

#girlsaskguys #wowgirl
#girlsaskguys #wowgirl

5. We Could Be Good Together

The phrase sounds like we could be good together as a couple, and that’s what he hopes you hear. But actually what he really means is that you two you could be good together in bed not in a relationship.

#Wowwgirl #girlsaskguys
#Wowwgirl #girlsaskguys

Thank you for reading everyone who did.. and remember,,,,


Things Guys Say Just To Get In Your Pants
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  • loveslongnails
    LOL Funny take. I like it, wowgirl. Guess I'm "not like other guys" because the only thing I've said in that grouping is the "equivalent" of "you're beautiful". I don't actually say "you're beautiful" because it's overused.

    And I don't say "you're not like other girls" because I find most girls ARE like other girls. LOL. Complimenting a woman's intelligence is not going to come up until I know if she really is, or not. That's going to take a little while, usually !
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  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    Excellent myTake, thank you for sharing!
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  • coachTanthony
    I’m great at full body massage 😉
  • Siren777
    Omg!!! You're amazing. Great discussion topic. Here are my few... because you know some men (the ones in question) will bring the moon and stars to get into your pants. You're 💯 correct all of these they use to soften you up. I've heard it all haha...
    1. You're so different. So unique I haven't met anyone like you. - poppycocks to me🤣
    2. I love you (& I am like errrh we just met yesterday🤦🏻‍♀️)
    3. I only want you. - meanwhile he flirts with everyone everywhere. It's pretty obvious blatant even online. 🤣
    4. You're the only one for me. With tears, please don't believe tears. Not even I cry.🙄😭
    5. I love your style, you're so classy and a real woman. I cannot get enough of you.
    6. You are everything I have ever wanted. I can see having a family with you. Major red flag if you hardly know him.
    7. No girl comes close to you, you're the baddest - exactly boy, no girl would ever so stop telling me things I already know.
    There is the one with the comparison to make you feel special.
    There are many more... but these are the bs you would hear.
    • WowwGirl

      Nice glad to see you understand ❤️

  • Tdieseler
    Literally anything a guy says to a woman these days is some way to get into her pants. Thats why i stick to my strict "ignore" policy.
    you can say "Hello" to a woman and she assumes you are trying to get into her pants. Frankly, its very irritating to me. can't hold a decent conversation with women anymore.
    • WowwGirl

      Well women are strange my dear. Just glad I don't have to jack with them

    • Tdieseler

      strange huh... thats a nice way of saying crazy...

    • WowwGirl

      It is buddy did you see @johnsmithjs comment above?

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  • Lliam
    Some of those are transparent and actually creepy. "You're not like other girls" gives the impression that he can see into her soul or something. What does it even mean?

    "Talk of the future" is a ploy to make her think he believes in love at first sight or is into commitment.

    There is truth in this MyTake, but it's also kind of cynical. I mean, what CAN a guy say to a girl that would tell her that he thinks she is attractive and that he is interested in her?
    And why would a guy show interest in a woman in the first place if he wasn't physically attracted to her, to meet new friend? Possibly. But sex is in the equation. Guys are attracted to women because of their physical female qualities.

    When a guy approaches a woman, she can naturally assume that he wouldn't mind fucking her. She can either take that to mean that all men are pigs, or she can have similar attraction to men. Why shouldn't she be complimented by the fact that he finds her fuckable? She can play the game and find out what kind of guy he really is without immediately surrendering her body to him.

    It seems like saying "We could be good together" is the same as saying "I'll bet sex together would be great." It's actually kind of honest. She can either go for it or not.

    "You're beautiful", or some variation like "You look lovely" is normal It seems perfectly acceptable to compliment a woman's looks. That's how it's done.

    "Intelligence". I think of the part in beauty contests where they ask the young women questions. Who actually gives a fuck about their answers. All that matters is the sound of her voice, her poise, and her facial expressions. It's a beauty contest. People are there to judge her looks, not her intellect.

    It's absolutely true that that people aren't just pieces of meat. But the idea that a woman's physical attractiveness isn't a factor is bullshit. The idea was promoted by radical feminist types and ugly women. Some men and women got the message, though. Some women are now sensitive about being judged by their looks, even initially. And some dumb guys have gotten gun shy about mentioning women's looks. That's where you get guys complimenting a woman's intellect before they even know her.. It's a transparent appeal to her vanity.

    So the question is, how does a guy go about engaging with a woman that he is attracted to? I think it's perfectly honest to say that she looks good. Beyond that, engage in conversation/reparte. Be charming. Ask her questions. Show interest in her as a person. Judge by her body language if she seems interested. If all you want to do is fuck her, just be honest. Don't use slimy tactics to conceal your motives.
  • Floppy2112
    Be weary of cheesy magazine trash articles like that. When I was young, I decide to read a bunch of lady magazines talking about what woman like and how they want men to approach them and all that. I studied it, I practiced it, I released it on the world and I crashed and burned in epic fashion.
    I learned the hard way, that all that bullshit in those magazines were pure bullshit. No woman I was interested responded to anything those magazines said they would. If I was lucky I would get a 'That's nice' and an eye roll. I came off like a complete wilting pussy. I could close a pussy faster than a mouse trap, with that advice.
    The people in hookup culture play those games. And God forbid we tell you your beautiful. What are we supposed to say? Any creativity is going to be some version of that anyway. Are you going to take a compliment like, 'Wow, you're really unique' as a gaslight for male whoredom? What are we supposed to say, 'Wow, you're just as boring and shallow as the rest of the girls, but I am really horny right now and you will do!' Is that better?
    If we think your smart, we are not allowed to express it? Again, rephrasing may be creative, but the message is the same. 'Hey dumbass, jump on my dick and lock the door on your way out!'

    So if a guy cannot tell you you are pretty, smart, unique, or potentially interested in a relationship with you, what are we supposed to say or do? Just wait to maybe be picked out of an imaginary line up that will never happen?

    These type of articles are poison. If we like you and your female, there is a good chance we, at some level want to screw you. That doesn't mean that we cannot co-exist otherwise and if you don't want compliments what do you want them to say?

    Sounds like somebody unpleasant has been hounding you. I am sorry about that, but mag-rags aren't telling you the truth either. 100% of voluntary relationships started with some sort of compliment, usually from the man. I made that stat up, but you get the point. This idiot, took the normalest behavior and added a nefarious framing device around it. Appreciate compliments, do not deride them, that's how you get MGTOW movements started. If we cannot even be nice to you, then we just jack-off, give up and move on and everybody gets to die alone as the prize.
    • I agree with you 100%. Sure, there can be guys who will say some of these things just to get in a girl's pants, but I personally think if he compliments you on your intelligence and knows you already good enough to make that judgement, then he is genuine. I think most guys actually mean it when they give a girl a compliment. Context also matters. The more specific, the better, because that means he's paying attention to you.
      I think if a guy really just wants one thing, it's quite obvious. F boys are not as subtle as they think they are and their overall demeanor is usually very telling. Like if a random guy at a party tells me "you're beautiful", of course I will not take it as seriously as when it's coming from someone who I already know and he's telling me this in a sober state and in a non-sexual situation.
      Sometimes it's not either black or white.
      A guy can genuinely like you, but still not want a serious relationship due to other reasons outside of your control. But that doesn't necessarily mean that he only wants you for your body. He still can be attracted to your looks as well as your personality and care about you.
      I want to believe that most everyday "guy next door" type of men don't have ill intentions and if they didn't like you, they wouldn't make the effort to compliment you. Sure, some are desperate, others are a bit creepy, but I think those guys are pretty easy to recognize. Like if our conversations are always just very shallow and he's very vague about everything or just radiates a weird energy.
      If it's just a normal guy who seems friendly, I'd just appreciate the compliment for what it is. If I like him back, that's cool, then I can decide if I want to get to know him better and start from there and if I'm not interested in him, then I'll just say "no thank you" if he ever asks me to meet up with him.

  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Nice take...
    Very true... Another one is*You ruined all women for me (could be really hot to hear but not coming from a fuckboy lol)
  • friendzoned4life
    Okay shut up we men aren't allowed to say anything anymore.

    However we are expected to always make the first move.

    Then if we don't look like lets say channing tatum. We are considerd creeps or u even consider it sexual assault when we try wo make a move.

    And then you keep asking where all the good men went.

    We are tired, we gave up.

    Cause what is the point we can't even say anything anymore
  • EmmaMary
    What more could one add @WowwGirl you're absolutely spot on as usual! ❤
  • ShaTTeredMasterpeace
    Lol this is gold. Compliments on intelligence while obviously thinking we're stupid enough to not see what it really is. Gotta love it!
  • TheSpaceGnome
    A lot of guys will say those things when they want more than just sex and are actually looking for a commited relationship and actually do think the girl is special/compatible.
    I really do not advise using one liners as a measurement tool of fidelity or intent.
  • alance99
    Nice Mytake and i totally agree with all the points you have mentioned, guys who manipulate girls for sex have poor upbringing according to me and some take it seriously the above points and it sometimes affect their mental health which is worse
  • 0112358
    I think the more you're in a conservative area, the more guys will feed those sorts of lines.

    Everything i hear from guys who hook up a lot is... almost the flip side. Basically the sort of girls who hook up fast will NOT hook up fast if you act like you're relationship minded.

    So right from the start they're talking about being 'cool', 'not wanting to tie each other down', 'having a good time' being 'relaxed' and 'mature'.

    These are all code for 'fuck buddies only'.
  • razelove
    Two and three are legit BS lines, the others can be genuine. Points 1 and 5 especially stick out as what gets you turned onto someone else in the first place. I don't know about other guys, but you generally pick up on whether a woman is beautiful and feels good to be around pretty swiftly.

    As far as intelligence, there are a lot of circumstances where you could notice that swiftly. Granted none of them are from Tinder or a bar/club though.
  • Avicenna
    All of the above are indeed things guys say to get in a woman’s pants. That said, a guy who is genuinely interested and very excited about the prospect of a relationship with her will also say those very things much of the time. And even guys interested in a long term relationship want sex.

    It’s also often the case that the guy just looking for sex won’t even go to the trouble of making much of an effort to even flatter or woo her.
  • blondfrog
    Wow its like you went inside all of our minds and penises. Yep you speak from experience. Guys have to say that to get her into bed. It's like a horny survival tactic lol.
    • WowwGirl

      Thank you for that and I do speak from experience

    • blondfrog

      If we were to be more upfront would there be woman who would still want a hook up? In my experience that has only happened to me once. I think that's a rare thing and that's why men feel the need to lie just so we can get her in bed.

    • WowwGirl

      I think yes some would

  • Massageman
    "Didn't I just see a giant spider crawl into your pants?"
    • innerman

      Now thats what a real man says... we dnt gat the time to lie about your beauty or make false future. plans 🤪

    • WowwGirl

      I hope not

    • innerman

      You prefer someone lie to you just to get in your pants or you want someone real

  • Philyouup
    Men of honest intentions say these same things. I say endeavor not to bed anyone until you know you like them, this goes for everyone. there are always going to be fuckwits.

    my favorite thing i hear guys say. “i’ll get blue balls” biggest bullshit line ever. he can always wank it , to prevent it, if it was a real thing, and it’s not... If he says this, getting inside your pants is his only goal.
  • Jjpayne
    Sadly it sounds like normal things any guy would say to a girl... It's sad it has to come down to not bringing up any form of compliments while on a date😞
  • MasterOfReality
    Have you ever gotten, “I’m dying... And this is the last time I’ll be able to,...”
  • worldscolide
    You forgot one... "I love you" Some guys throw that one around too.
    • WowwGirl

      I have dozens I just wrote five but thank you that's a good one

    • Right!! Im not kidding. When i was growing up i heard guys i was associated with use that so damn often.. Its why i refused to say those words unless i meant it.

  • Mehzmeh
    Very true. But I am usually more straight forward. Even if I want to just bang her. Lol. Because a lot of girls can see through complements. Lol
  • Mofunfour20
    Guys will say single moms are attractive even though no Man wants to be in second place because her child is her number one priority. If women were more honest with themselves they wouldn't be sold a dream
  • Dragonpurple
    The craziest one I ever heard, was when a guy said to this really good looking girl, something along the lines of... your so smart, good looking and intelligent and you have a great personality and body. Your body is too beautiful to be covered by clothing, you should share it with the world. Mankind would thank you for this, you should be on display in a museum or something like that.

    I'm sure I got some phrasing wrong but I personally thought he was crazy.
  • Shoichiro
    First of all, #WowgirldoesnotRock.

    Second, you are just eliminating many of the convenient ways to start conversation. How would you expect a guy to speak to you if he wasn't trying to get into your pants? I genuinely want to hear your response.
    • WowwGirl

      In the Midwest we talk to everyone

    • Shoichiro

      You didn't answer my question.

      How would you expect a guy to speak if he was NOT trying to have sex but had other reasons to be interested in you?

    • Shoichiro

      @Diaforos22 In other words, there are many guys in your friendzone. Is there even a way someone that wanted to be your potential partner could approach you? And is it wrong for them to attempt this?

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  • purplepoppy
    If a guy asks anything more than "whats the time please" he's looking to bone you.
  • SirJohn42
    Thanks for sharing this. I dont say what I dont mean. I dont say things to get laid either. Im no loser I am who I am. Say whats on my heart. I love to flirt and compliment women.
    Yes Women are Beautiful but not all of them are good human beings. I believe everyone has something to offer in this world. But not everyone uses their potential. Not everyone has a kind heart or soul.
  • Belgie
    Also add "You friends told me I'd be good for you."
    Or the flip "My friends think you'd be good for me."

    Some people put stock in what others think.
  • K-I-S-S
    Guys will say anything to get into womens pants.

    Most guys also would be interested in most women, most of the time. We just don't act on it, if we are not single or for some other reasons.
  • Orangeandturquoise
    And... So what? Or rather, what should one say instead?
  • OlderAndWiser
    So which of these tricks do you recommend? JK, I am still enjoying monogamy!
  • ChrisMaster69
    Really good Take.

    and so accurate, admittedly there are others.

    There are also the really shit ones playing off emotions, especially insecurities, such as

    sibling rivalry - you are much nicer than your sister (or brother etc)

    parental controls - I really can’t believe they are that strict with you even at 20

    friend dynamics - it must be a tight pain Rachel always getting a guy, with everyone passing you by.

    Esme tend to do decent things as well.

    The big one is of course,

    “look, let’s be serious, of course I don’t just want to get in your pants”
  • Djaay
    Buried treasure is never found in shallow waters. Everything I seek within a woman isn't in her pants. Although , a woman's essence regarding her intimacy certainly is a great additional part of the package.
  • johnsmithjs
    Here's one you missed - $150 and hour or $500 plus dinner and breakfast for the evening. The problem probably lies with you and how you pick the men you date. Good luck with your choices you sound like a nightmare.
  • nawtee_me
    Wowgirl does rock... Yes I did read the whole thing and for the most part agree with you. But just a not all girls fit into any one category neither do all men. I do give girls compliments but not to get into their pants but when they deserve them. Maybe because I would rather a long term relationship than a one night stand.
  • bamesjond0069
    Butter her up and watch her melt... you got it. But all these things are both genuine and fake. A man who actually thinks these things about you would say them as well as a faker. Thats why the faker copies it. I've literally heard girls say if he says this stuff to run because he just wants sex... smh at that stupidity.
    • WowwGirl

      Finally we agree. Men butter up too sir. Trust me

    • But you dont need to butter men up for sex if you're cute.

    • WowwGirl

      You're right I don't 🔥

  • Bklynbadboy12
    All of y'all women are too much I see y'all male bashing and of course wowgirl start it as usual 😂
    • WowwGirl

      I'm the straw that stirs the drink

    • I know your gonna get a spanking if you don't stop it 😂

  • AndrewMG
    Oh we just forget all the stages and see if we're compatible, now if we're not compatible after all those stage's then we'll be ok lol
  • Dalton57
    I feel a bit sad because I meant it when I've said those things.

    If I meet someone and I really want to have fun with them I usually figure out a way to tell them outright. It's important to me that we are on the same page. It's also a hell of a lot more fun that way.

    Trying to trick a women into having sex with you is such a loser's game. No respect for that.

    If I just need sex it's cheaper, more fun and more satisfying to go to a club/bar to meet women I can pay for that. A lot less work and a lot less sleazy and degrading than spending all night and money trying to finesse/beg someone into the sack.

    What a loser!
  • TheWombRaider
    I say shit like ME and you got 2 things in common...
    1. You love me. and 2. I love me... Things to get women bed.. should be Make her Laugh by all means... That is the KEY
  • JamieLoves
    I’ve “Never “done any of these.
    If the girl I’m with doesn’t feel the same, then I’m not interested. It’s actually been the other way around. Girls that I’m with, if they’ve wanted sex just asked me or made it obvious that she wanted sex.

    I’ve even turned one of the most beautiful girls down at a party. She was my best friends sister. I really wanted her. She was so beautiful, that she’d only use Vaseline on her eyelashes and would be accused of wearing too much makeup!

    Back to what I was saying. She walked up to me at this party and said, I really want to sleep with you ( she had been drinking). I said, no... you can’t have me now. You’ll have to wait until you haven’t been drinking.
  • LemiaOfTheCodes
    If i talk about "the future" its not to get in someone pants, its more to engage what she wants in the future.
  • bulletbob555
    Once was told from a woman that I was interested in oh you just want to fuck me. My reply was no I also want to go down on you and play with your ditties. I felt honesty is the best policy
  • CallmeTheKnight
    I mean, if you give him sex, you clearly wanted it too...
  • BlackCatBone
    Number one rule:
    Every guy is a liar and a horndog until proven otherwise.
  • Leavesbound
    To me the goal of dating is to find a wife. Part of being married does include sex. But if the only reason a guy is saying and doing these things is to get into a girl's pants then perhaps he could simply buy a pair then he could get into them any time he wants. One of my ex's liked to dress me up in her clothes and sometimes that can be fun but I get the impression you meant that as a metaphor. Of course we want sex with girls. Girls are gorgeous wonderful creatures. But I would prefer to have all the other things that go along with having a girlfriend and not just the part of her that lies between the legs.
  • XavierSteele
    I have heard a lot of cheesy lines through the years. Lol
  • joeldalton
    And girls come back with "I don't normally do this..."
    • Exactly 😂 I mean who the fuck cares? Reject if you want to reject! It's like, people are just people 😂

  • hannahjo022
    Compliments the way you look and physical characteristics. Also acting like the "nice guy".
  • Bella9191
    Depends on lots of factors
    - how desperate the guy is to be laid/ does he have options or rarely any options
    - how intelligent he is
    - how manipulative he is/ willingness to potentially hurt you to get what he wants

    However, there are ways to prevent any of the above from affecting you
    - having a health sense of self esteem/ not being desperate for validation and attention, aka willing to believe anything you hear because you want it to be true
    -having your own life so you aren’t bored and ignore red flags
  • Nikola321
    Well I mean you are right, but a guy could also say all that wanting a more serious relationship, and not just sex.