How to get a woman if you are an Incel

How to get a woman if you are an Incel

Ok, so here is a PSA for Incels.

Instead of whining about your 'unfair' lot in life, here's something you can do about it.

Women need to feel protected. It is basic biology. We are extremely vulnerable - especially during pregnancy - so we are biologically wired to gravitate towards men with a capacity to protect us and our children from greater threats.

Why do women often like 'bad boys'? Because they know bad boys can fuck up other men. At a primal level, this feels like protection.

If you are not blessed with good looks or strong musculature, that's ok. While I suggest you work on that to the best of your ability, you need to look to other ways of providing her protection.

If you are financially well off, this will help. So if you can't protect her physically, at least you have the financial means to protect her in other ways. You can buy a house in a secure neighborhood, and so on.

If you are unable to earn a large amount of money, then hone your ingenuity or creativity. Artists, creatives and so on - even ones who are not classically good looking or rich - are often attractive to women. This is because we know a man who is strong in his purpose and who can think creatively can protect us through his novel thinking.

A great example of a man who has classical Incel features, yet who is definitely not an Incel due to his chosen path in life, is Andrew Henderson of Nomad Capitalist. I bet this guy struggled to get chicks when he was younger. Now he would have his pick of women. Not because he is physically superior (he's definitely not), but because he has used his ingenuity to build a very clever business model for himself. He can protect a woman well, despite not being naturally genetically blessed. As a result, he becomes attractive to women.

Incels, please. Stop your misogyny and woman-hating. There are ways to get what you want and need, regardless of what you may or may not have been blessed with in life.

You can become loved and respected by women. But only if you lay off the vitriol and start applying yourself to something worthwhile.

Wish you success.

How to get a woman if you are an Incel
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  • Fineold
    It really isn't that hard if you're determined. If young guys just did what their grandfathers did, minus some archaic beliefs about race and sexual orientation, they wouldn't have a problem landing a woman. I mean, what were our grandmothers looking for in a man? Essentially the same thing young women today look for. Provision, protection, and persistence. Our grandfathers didn't sit around pissing in their beer because they weren't good looking enough or didn't have a big cock or that women wouldn't just throw themselves at them for no good reason. They took the initiative, worked hard, and made sure they were tough enough to defend a woman should the occasion arise. They would go after a girl usually when they were very young and somehow they managed to hang on to them for 50 years. That is no accident. In those days men knew they had to do the pursuing and that they had to have something to offer. And they knew that burden awaited them and they accepted it. All our grandmothers were looking for was a man to take care of them. That's it. The same thing young women today look for.
    I have a 21 year old daughter. She's currently living with a young man and they're talking marriage. He's blue collar but earns pretty good money, and she's in school studying for a career and working part time. So far I like what I see from him. He's a good kid and works hard. But I've already told him that if he doesn't take care of her, then I'm gonna take care of him. I told him that it'll be at least another 25 years before I won't be able to break his neck. He understands I think. She gets mad at me for intimidating him, but if I'm handing over the job of protecting her to him, I want to make sure it's done right. And my father-in-law did the same thing to me. For god's sakes he showed me his gun collection when I went to his house the first time I met him when going to see my late wife. Maybe he was just assing around, maybe he wasn't. But I got the message.
    I'm rambling now but the point is, if you want a girl, you gotta go out and get her, and you gotta have things to offer or you're gonna be jerking off to porn and whining on the internet your whole life.
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    • BRAVO! THIS IS WISDOM. Thank you. Guys, please read this and follow his man's advice. He is 100% correct and knows what he is talking about. Women need the exact thing they've always needed - minus the archaic beliefs.

      Do you ever wonder why women in the past were so sweet, and made cookies and washed her husband's clothes, and didn't argue and had a delicious hot meal for him every night? Because he was paying her bills! He was guarding the perimeter of their home, literally and metaphorically. He was taking care of her. So it was natural for her to take care of him!

      Love your story about the guns! A good lesson, and you obviously took it seriously. Wish you and your family all the best :)

  • Lliam
    So true. Really good MyTake, NicoletteXO.

    When it comes to being of value, I would also suggest:
    Learn how to be a gentleman and treat women with respect. You don't have to be a bad ass to make a woman feel like a lady. Certain classical stars come to mind. Cary Grant wasn't studly, Alan Ladd was 5'6", Humphrey Bogart wasn't handsome, yet their film personas were idolized by women

    Carry yourself with confidence with erect posture. Look people in the eye. Being suave, but not fake or smarmy, shows that you are self confident, like yourself, and don't need anyone's approval. Nobody likes someone who doesn't like their self. Women feel safe and protected around someone who is self confident. They may be intrigued by a less than studly-looking guy who seems so sure of himself.

    Have a witty sense of humor. It displays intellect. And intellect is another trait like creativity and ingenuity that doesn't require brawn or wealth.

    Don't dump your woes and insecurities on a woman. Be a man.

    Lastly, you actually need to like women, not just as objects for gratifying you sexual desires. They are not inferior to men. Just like men, each woman has her strengths, weaknesses, insecurities, hopes, dreams, and values. She doesn't NEED you. She wants a man she can look up to, count on, and respect. And if you don't respect women, they won't respect you.
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    • Oh, this is just a wonderful response :) Thank you Lliam. It's very refreshing. I concur with everything you've said, and you've articulated some important nuances.


      Simply by the way you articulate yourself, I can tell you are a high quality man. Bless you!

    • Lliam

      Thank you, Nicolette. 😊☺️

    • This here💯

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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Why do people think they speak for their whole gender... You can only say what you want as a woman... Just being a woman doesn't make you an authority on all women.. Not all women need men to financially support them to feel protected... Not all women want "bad boys".. who fyi usually bail at the first sign of trouble cuz that bad boy image is usually fake cuz that's what men think women want. Some of what you said in this take is WHY some men think the way they do about women these days...
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    • Honey, you clearly didn't read my piece properly - I never claimed all women need men to financially support them to feel protected. Go write your own piece if you have something legitimately enlightening to contribute to this conversation. Otherwise, don't throw a reactive tanty about something you didn't even bother to read properly. Jesus Christ.

    • 'Women need to feel protected. It is basic biology. We are extremely vulnerable - especially during pregnancy - so we are biologically wired to gravitate towards men with a capacity to protect us "
      No, some women just want to be loved
      Why do women often like 'bad boys'? Because they know bad boys can fuck up other men."
      That's so not always the case both that women often like bad boys or that they can fuck up other men.
      "If you are financially well off, this will help."...
      Money means nothing if they're a man of poor character..
      What didn't I read? Just because I disagree with the way you're portraying women here don't mean I didn't read it... @Lliam answer nailed it better than this mytake, just saying

    • Ok... this is very annoying because you are jumping all over the place.

      One of your initial gripes with my piece was, to quote you: "Not all women need men to financially support them to feel protected".

      In response I said - "I never claimed all women need men to financially support them to feel protected".

      Then you cut and pasted a bunch of my quotes - as follows:
      'Women need to feel protected. It is basic biology. We are extremely vulnerable - especially during pregnancy - so we are biologically wired to gravitate towards men with a capacity to protect us "
      "Why do women often like 'bad boys'? Because they know bad boys can fuck up other men."
      "If you are financially well off, this will help."...

      None of these quotes claims that "all women need men to financially support them to feel protected". So I'm not sure what you think you've proven. Newsflash: nothing.

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  • LavenderLuna
    I think it’s more about attitude than how well they can protect women. And not all women want the same thing.
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    • Yeah, you are 19. When you're older you'll understand more about this.

    • I’m old enough to understand not all women are the same, but somehow you don’t seem to get that

    • Look, at a superficial level I agree with you that not all women want the same thing. But at a macro level, we do actually need the same things. The word 'protection' may be something that doesn't resonate for you. Another word could be safety. That said, when I was your age I wouldn't have put much credence in either of these words either. There are reasons why they become apparent as you mature. In no way am I suggesting you are 'immature' in any derisive way whatsoever. Simply that with life experience, things become apparent. Of course, you are perfectly entitled to your perspective no matter what age you are :)

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  • InventorofWarp
    I didn't really read all of this but I will agree with people who say that most incels have terrible mentality and it's what leads to them being the way they are. Granted, I know tons of man-whore assholes who think similarly and still get laid constantly but I assume it's either, A: Prostitutes, B: Pity, or C: Simply not quality women. Which are as rare to find as quality men these days.

    Personality, still a virgin at 24, I don't identify as an incel. Mostly because, A: I chose my path in life and want to wait for the right woman and still do, still have my purity ring. And, B: Yes, it's true that women in school never gave me a second glance and constantly called me ugly or grease or whatever and I've never really had anyone who wanted to just get to know me or found me attractive or had a crush on me. But, frankly I just tend to simply not think about it too much (that's not me saying it doesn't bother me and remain an insecurity, I just control it). And I can say I've never cheated on or with anyone.
    Maybe I'm not attractive, I dunno, you can check my posts and see my photos. But the mentality is everything.
    If you're a positive-attitude upbeat kind of person who is constantly trying new things and learning new skills and improving yourself then, honestly, that should be your focus. Not sex or what you don't get from women, and then you can realize like "hah, there's nary a woman who'd deserve me and I get to have me".
    • I saw your pics. Physically, you're certainly attractive enough! There are plenty of men who are way less attractive than you who have partners. I think you will age quite well too :)

      I think your first great move is not identifying as an incel, even though you are a virgin! Good to keep your psychological distance from that community, it's very toxic.

      Just out of curiosity, why do you have a purity ring? Is it because it makes being a virgin easier to accept?

      Overall, I think you sound like a lovely guy, and you have a great heart. Have you ever considered getting dating coaching?

    • Well, let's hope you're right on all of that. So far I've aged better than the vast majority of guys I know which tends to make me happy since the majority of men feel the need to boast of sexual conquests seemingly to try and cut me down. But... I still have my hair and possess the best physique of any of my "friends".
      None are as heavily tattooed as I am either, which I've noticed tends to attract a lot of attention but unfortunately also leads women to assume I'm sort of player or easy lay. Being touched by someone I didn't solicit just makes me feel terrible like I'm not a person and has nearly brought me to tears on occasion.
      I still can't seem to fathom why some of the biggest douchebags who have cheated and need to lie about their "skills" and stuff seemingly just to compete with me end up with girlfriends and I don't but, like I said, I just think about how fucking unhappy those women will end up with them and focus on finding my eventual wife. Unlike those men I'm actually secure in who I am and every skill and talent I have I worked for and earned, no need to lie about it.

      Out of curiosity, why are you concerned with my reasoning behind having a purity ring? Frankly In don't really feel the need to explain it and it's something from my childhood that proves just how long I've been dreaming of my girl and will hopefully let her know that once she puts hers on she'll never have to worry about me and where my heart lies, even when I'm miles from where she is.

      What would dating coaching do for me? Better question, why should I require dating in my life?

    • Ok calm down. You are getting very defensive. I'm not your enemy. I've only showed support to you, so no need to get spiky. First, I asked because it seems that you feel upset that you can't get a partner - so there is some part of you that clearly wants intimacy. Having not had sex at your age is a deviation from the norm - and it can come with a lot of baggage / issues / resentment / fear / uncertainty and so on. It just seems like having a purity ring might provide a panacea and a rationale for a situation that actually you are not ok with underneath it all. That's my reading. I'm not saying I'm correct. That's why I asked you. If you don't want to explain after being asked with genuine interest, I'll have to stick with my intuition.

      Also, the fact that you were almost brought to tears over someone touching you in an unsolicited way indicates trauma/ paranoia around touch. (Caveat: I am assuming this happened clothed, if not, that's different and please disregard what I said). This could definitely feed into why you are having difficulty.

      And I'm not here to justify why dating coaching would be a good idea. I think it's clear - you want to have a partner and you don't. It's not your looks - they're fine. So it's something to do with your behaviour/ energy/ approach. Almost everyone could benefit from coaching in some area of their lives - it's nothing to be ashamed of or resistant to.

      And you ask why you should require dating in your life? Ummm... because you want a partner. And you won't get one unless you know how to interact with women and learn how to date. Pretty obviously.

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  • MrOracle
    Unlike women, the vast majority of whom have high value automatically just by going through puberty and being fertile, men start off their teen and adult lives with very little inherent social value (with a few exceptions - the few men fortunate enough to have really good looks, incredible talent, or who come from wealth and status), so most men have to work - both hard and smart - to create value for ourselves.

    This doesn't just mean working to build a career - though that's a part of it - but also to build YOURSELF. It means working on your looks and style (you might BE a geek, but you don't have to dress like one or have a 9-year-old's haircut), and it means working on your confidence when it comes to talking to other people. It may be unfair that some of these things seem to come naturally to others but not you, but that's irrelevant - no one said that life was fair. But the vast majority of men who call themselves "incels" are not being honest with themselves. They are INVOLUNTARILY celibate only to the extent that they're not willing to change their thinking and to put in some serious effort to change themselves - to dress differently, look after their appearance a bit, and most importantly, to TALK to other people on a regular basis and to use people's reactions to those conversations to constantly improve. If you know that your chances with women will improve if you make changes, but you aren't willing to make those changes, then you are really VOLUNTARILY celibate, because you are choosing a path that you know women don't respond well to.

    Sure, there's a small percentage of men who ARE literally incels and probably won't be able to do anything about it - they just aren't capable of making changes - but for most to self-apply that term to themselves, it's really that they're unwilling to do the work or make it thei priority. They want to get women without doing any work to earn them, and that's never been a good path to success.
    • Bluemax

      To these I might add they must learn that rejection is the norm. I spent my 20s with a guy who looked like young Tom Cruise, another who looked like young Peter Gallagher, and one who... well he didn't closely resemble any celeb but women thought he was hot. Even with them, they got rejected about 75% of the time.

      I've something to say about unwilling to do the work. I agree with you to some extent, but I've something to add. That will have to wait.

    • Reminds me of a quote someone told me, it is:

      "men have to create their value, women have to protect their value"

    • MrOracle

      @moviedude714 That's correct (at least, for the vast majority of people who weren't born rich or exceptionally good-looking).

      Women have high value automatically simply by being young (because it's assumed she's fertile), and so women maximize their outcomes by maintaining that value (i. e., not sleeping around, and perhaps most importantly by not having children with some other man) and by attracting a high-quality man while her own value is still high (generally meaning she's still in her 20s).

      Men are born with essentially zero value and must WORK to build value if they hope to ever have any. Men who want value have to work virtually every day of their lives to get it and to maintain it. Guys who are lazy or otherwise unwilling to work will generally have low value, and that's their own fault.

  • Rangers
    Bad guys are usually the weakest of all men and they'll abandon you in a heartbeat if things get scary, just like how they fuck other girls on your bed when you're not there, loyalty is a silly concept to them, so he forewarned.
    While I'm with someone, I'll still stand that women generally deserve the hate they get, so direct it properly because in that sea of 4,000,0000,000 women, there's one good woman there, so don't direct your hate at her.
    • Everyone, here is a wonderful example of VICTIM MENTALITY.

  • Nik1hil
    So true...
    Have any one of these..
    1) physically strong to protect her..
    2) money to buy her a safe place and comfortable life..
    3) if you cannot have above two.. At least have strong social connections with 10 strong people in your society.. People in police and military and doctors..

    Girls want to feel safe..
    Safe & loved makes them stay.. 😉
    Passion and devotion making a roller coaster of emotions makes them happy 😉
    • You seem to be one of only a very few sane men on this site! 100% correct. You get it. I have no doubt you will be blessed with wonderful and fulfilling connections and relationships with women. Warm wishes to you from Australia xx

    • Nik1hil

      Thanks you..
      But relationships are a lot of pain and since I have understood a lot about women.. I don't feel bad about being single anymore..

      There is a lot to learn.. And I am all ears.. With my brain open letting women carve and shape it the way they would prefer it..

    • I think the essence of a good relationship is not that there will never be pain... but that you are willing to work together through the pain and the joy. Through all the shades of life. You seem to have a great heart and a humble spirit. I am sure you will find that special connection when the time is right. And in the meantime, enjoy the single life! xox

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  • Slartybartfast
    As a divorced guy, I'd say if you can just stop thinking about women and get on with your life you'll be much happier.

    It's actually not better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.

    Guys in western society are better off single and the most likely result of getting into a relationship with a women is that you'll lose your money, your home and possibly your will to live.
    • Seriously. I've been divorced. I didn't ask him for shit. I got on with my life, and stopped whingeing. You should too.

    • LoveIsFake

      Women are favored in western culture. Anyways if you have money you never get married

    • @LoveIsFake all I hear is "wah wah wah I'm going to wallow in victimhood mentality". Grow up, or enjoy your perpetual inceldom and aloneness. Such a self-defeating attitude.

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  • EternallyCorrect
    Good points but mostly a waste of time. They don’t feel like they should have to do anything to get women. They think that all women are trash anyway, so in their minds they’d be working hard to get trash women, which would be pointless. They’d rather talk to each other about how shitty women are.
    • Yep. Sadly it seems most are probably lost causes. Exhibit A, this Hanmakev lunatic below. What a chambering example of incel mentality.

    • *charming

  • Celtero
    Incel is a myth. Any man can save up 50$ and buy a cheap hooker to experience all that womankind has to offer.
    • Your attitude reveals you will never know diddly squat about what womankind has to offer.

    • Celtero

      And what would that be?

    • Also, your attitude proves the existence of Incels.

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  • Bluemax
    Well put.

    I might add to this that they can try improving their appearance. Many people are capable of doing this.
    • For sure. And thank you.

    • Bluemax

      I was reading your comments on McCheeta's mytake. I would have replied to it except he has blocked me. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind reading a response I wrote to yet another incel question. What do you say?

    • Blocked eh? Interesting. Yes, sure - post away.

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  • MCheetah
    I started off writing a response to you. But it became too big and long to handle (that's what she said!) So I made it a MyTake response to your MyTake. I'll say I appreciate you, a woman, writing a non-attacking article towards incels though, and not beating sad depressed lonely men when they're already down. So thank you for being polite and kind to them.

    A response to NicoletteXO's "How To Get A Woman If You Are An Incel"
    • Cool - thanks MCheetah :) I look forward to reading your piece.

      Honestly though - I have been on this site for I think less than a week and I am already sick of it. You approach people with kindness and a good heart and mostly all you get is the most appalling trolling. Like, I've never seen worse trolls anywhere else ever. I am shocked that these kinds of beings even exist. Makes me reconsider the state of the human race. I certainly won't be going out of my way to assist the incel community ever again.

    • MCheetah

      Don't take it personally. Ignore the anons (they're the trolls) and block anyone if they get too mean and rude to you. Believe me, I've been on Quora, Reddit, and other sites, and GAG is one of the better ones. A million times better than Reddit.

    • I don't take it personally. I am just amazed that there exists such a large proportion of people who exhibit literally psychopathic tendencies. I liken it to a group of people drowning in an ocean. Some of them are yelling at ladies in boats for assistance. Analogously, with the MyTake, out of compassion, I rowed my boat over and tried to offer assistance to people who claimed they were suffering and in need. Instead of someone jumping on the boat and being like "thanks!", the drowning masses spew nonsense and curse words at me, stab the arm that is reaching to assist them and make complaints about how shitty the boat is. Like, ok then, drown if you prefer. But what makes no sense to me is complaining about women in this context. It's literally group mental illness. No excuses. It's astoundingly shocking and disgusting. If you say it's worse on Reddit etc, I just have no words.

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  • t-8900
    I've been single for my entire life and I'm 6'3 and about to be 32 years old. I guess I'm too ugly and poor.
    • From your photo your looks are fine! You'd do better if you lost a bit of weight, but even if you didn't you are definitely not ugly. There are plenty of women who'd find you physically attractive exactly as you are now, and many more if you lost that extra weight. So it's not your looks. Do you have purpose/ ambition in life? That would tilt the needle. And what is it that's causing you to be poor do you think?

    • t-8900

      This is a photo from 2 years ago. I lost 30 lbs and am on Keto. I am working out 4 days a week. I'm poor because I am disabled. BUT I am going back to school for Human Resources Management with Colorado Christian University. It should propel me from what i currently have to a 53K prospect that when fully cultivated can get me to 130K in a 10 year time period.

    • Hey - congratulations on the weight loss with keto. Good for you! I'd say you'd be looking really attractive by now.

      What is your disability and how does it make you poor? Genuine question :)

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  • LoveIsFake
    But why is it men should offer all these things to a women when all she can offer is used pussy. Women aren't even in their gender role any more so why do men need to still provide for you financially and be the protector and act their gender role?
    Oh and just because someone is a bad boy doesn't mean they can fuck a man up. There can be a good guy that knows how to fight and fuck up a bad boy. Bad boy doesn't mean he can fight or stand up for himself. Ordinarily a bad boy was someone who goes against society and the norm.
    • If you truly think all a woman can offer is "used pussy" you deserve to be alone. Get your attitude and your head checked. This is a disgusting and profoundly wrong understanding of life, which guarantees your perpetual unhappiness.

    • LoveIsFake

      Women definitely don't like cooking. Tell a woman to go cook and she will say that's sexist. So why say that men need to provide protection and financial support, that's sexist. A woman is capable of protecting herself and winning money to get a house.

    • False and wrong. I love cooking. I'm great at it. But why would you "TELL a woman to cook"? That just an asshole attitude. You don't need to tell her what to do or boss her around like a lunatic. If you are paying her bills, the vast majority of women will delight in cooking for you and looking after you. It is perfectly natural. Yes, of course many women are capable of earning money - and many men are capable of cooking. But the whole point of being in a relationship is to work as a team so both people are better off. For the majority of women, they would prefer to do most or all of the housework/ cooking, assuming the man pays most or all of the bills. The problem is, A-holes like you won't offer that support, but are still whingeing that a woman won't cook. No. She just doesn't want to do your job AND her job. Again, check your attitude.

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  • RolandCuthbert
    Well, their hatred for women only goes so far. They will have sex with one in a minute.
    • Except the problem is no woman will have sex with them, because of their attitude to life.

  • moviedude714
    Reminds me of a long post I read and it was written by a woman and I'm glad even she admitted that women are a bit more complicated and harder to attract than men are
  • grega239
    I can be protective. Im 180 cm, skinny and a collection of blades ( we have strict gun laws and guns are expensive).

    I could buy a small house.

    I don't hate women. I do however find it annoying that they ask for help with things they could do themselves.
    No vitriol here. Im a closed book.

    So, wheres my girlfriend?
    • Ok, so you have some of the basics covered, that's good :) And well done for getting your finances in order at a young age - that's a great achievement.

      However, when you say "where's my girlfriend" you say this as if she's just going to knock on your door. How often do you pursue women? In what context?

    • grega239

      I said that because you kinda wrote it in a way that would seem that a woman would come knocking.

      I stopped trying to pursue women because i never get past friendship.

      So what am i missing?

    • Hmmm... well, perhaps I should have prefaced my post with a disclaimer. Which is that you need to pursue women, or at least make some moves, on top of having your shit together as I explained in my post. I thought this would be obvious, but apparently not. No matter how awesome you are, you'll need to make some moves so she knows you are interested. I'd suggest getting some dating coaching. I have someone really awesome I could recommend if you like. He's male, but one of the few dating coaches on earth that really knows what he's talking about. Most dating coaches are just pick-up artists, which won't help you achieve a healthy relationship.

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  • Nakedmikee
    The fact u think womens prefernces towards you are encoded in their dna is why you can't get laid
    • Your sentence is not coherent.

    • yofuknutz

      Mike please put your clothes back on and get out of the Sun I told you about going on these websites go get yourself a fishing pole and Walkabout

  • KrakenAttackin
    So, you are saying women are only good for sex? You are trying to teach men who have female friends but who haven't extracted any value from a woman?
  • Rachelspiks
    Yes, we need to feel protected - from the Incels!
    • After my recent experiences with the ones here, I have to agree! I was all up for compassion and lending a hand to downtrodden guys, but their disgusting insistence on throwing slurs and vitriol in the face of goodwill has had me change my tune. I'll stick with decent men and incels can enjoy their misery alone.

    • Rangers

      What I've seen the most is women being attacked by their romantic partner, who are by definition, not incels. So you need protection from bad romantic partners, by the way stop hitting the good Samaritan who steps in when your boyfriend is hitting you next time, it makes people not want to step in as much

    • @Rangers Your comment is not really relevant, because those women are not eligible to be in a relationship with you, so don't bother focusing on them romantically. They are already in a relationship with someone else. If they have chosen to be in an abusive relationship long-term, then they are also unhinged, so avoid them!! (I'm not talking about someone who is in need after a completely unexpected violent incident, but a woman who sticks around to be beaten for years). Sounds like you have had a shitty experience that you need to go to therapy for. You sound very bitter. Maybe legitimately so, but still. Yeah, it would suck to try to help someone who repays your kindness with violence, but that has nothing to do with "most women".

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  • CreamySeed
    Men want pussy, women want protection. Sums up the essence of human reproduction
    • Women also want D, and men want to be nurtured :)

  • Sketti2021
  • kstout6
    I'd rather be a Volcel.
  • Iron_Man
    Take a lecture class
  • Chthou95
    This take sounds like satire
    • Are you an incel? If not, move along.

    • Chthou95

      Newsflash I can still give my opinion without being an incel

    • If you haven't got something more worthwhile to contribute, move along.

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  • EnglishEuropean
    And I would add, don't be a douchebag.
  • fred_durst
    you are right ,, money solve all the problem
  • ChocoBat
    Incel violence 🤘
  • yyyuuuiii
  • Anonymous
    Noble intended and noble performed. Just the usual incels really had to show up here and crap all over the comments section 😂😂😂 doing what they're usually doing. They cannot be helped. It's like giving a beggar money so he can buy some more beer instead of using it to apply for a job.
    Well done.
    • Oh, lady. You nailed it! Absolutely. Lesson learned: NEVER HELP AN INCEL. So sad, I was all open heart here. There were a small percentage of reasonable respondents. Mostly though, it's clear to me that they both desire and encourage their own misery. Fuck that, it's horrible energy to be around.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. Well at least it helped someone I see, so it was worth posting still.
      But the lesson we can take away from here is that on the big picture not very much will change. I mean that's fine and all. We can then decide how to invest our time.

    • For sure.

  • Anonymous
    ok that picture is just creepy and freightening and will give anyone nightmares
  • Anonymous
    None of this shit works. If you're not a strong masculine tough guy then you're not gonna get a woman unless you have money and then in that case you'll just be dating a gold digger. You could've saved everyone trouble by saying that all guys who struggle with women should be big strong and jacked badasses who need to know how to fight unless they want to pay for a woman's services.
    • You've totally misread this and twisted what I said into your narrow version of reality. Enjoy your crusty tank sock all alone. That's what your mentality will result in. No pity. You're insisting on choosing that mindset.

    • *Wank sock!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah because that's what often happens. Have you ever seen a dominant masculine man who's physically strong and assertive struggle with women? I personally never have. Everyone that I know of can get girls. I see a lot of weak looking passive men who can't get girls though.

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  • Anonymous
    My advice is to avoid women. Today's women contribute anything and sex is freely available. Don't get them pregnant and dont get an STD from the whores. Never fall for the lie of commitment because that is the signal of a lazy women looking for you to support her.
    • Move along troll

    • Anonymous

      prove me wrong. women want to be independent, so go and be independent and stop sucking off males

    • With that shitty attitude, enjoy a long life of lonely, microwaved meals and bitterness, chump.

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  • Anonymous
    Any guy can get a girl. I see poor and ugly guys with girls. Girls like bad boys more because they are respected by other men.
    • Totally. Seems like you've been downvoted by incels who can't swallow the truth.

  • Anonymous
    Ok understandable. But since all points are about women's biological instincts , women shouldn't complain when men cheat on them or leave them while. being pregnant. As men are wired to spread as much as they can. In animal kingdom most male are actually leave the female after mating and sometimes kill newborn kids.
    • I think you have a point about taking account of both men's and women's biological instincts. In aristocratic circles, men always took very good financial care of his wife (or wives in some cultures). Affairs were discreetly happening all the time, both for the husbands and the wives. People didn't worry about it too much, and it worked ok. I think in modern times we have an opportunity to be more forthright and moral about this. For instance, if my husband was paying my bills and was otherwise loving and respectful, I honestly have no problem with him sleeping with other women. If it truly would give him joy, I'd encourage it! It wouldn't need to be cheating, or an affair. It's just called ethical non monogamy.

  • Anonymous
    I got a wife just because I'm cute and I have a good sense of humor and I fuck good.
    I never had to "Protect her" we live in Canada.
    • I'm willing to bet you make her feel safe. And if someone was actually threatening her, you wouldn't just walk away.

    • Anonymous

      I do, but I'm only like 5'7, 140 lbs.
      I'm not the big, tall, musclular guy, but I never needed it to get women.
      I use my charm, my sweetness and my kissing skills to love them.
      I use my brain to protect them. I don't put her in bad situations to begin with.

    • Did you actually read the article? I mentioned that there are many ways a guy can provide a woman the experience of protection. It's not just about musculature or size. Ingenuity (as you put it, 'your brain') can be an important part. Why do guys have to get so recalcitrant and reactive on this site? I swear, most don't even read things before they are ready to argue or case slurs.

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  • Anonymous
    This is bullshit.
  • Anonymous
    You sound like a guy, why pose as a female on gag?
    • You sound like a dickhead. Oh wait, that's because you are.

    • Anonymous

      How original… try harder

    • That's ok - you have already received the tryhard award for today.

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  • Anonymous
    Thank you for confirming women are all about a man's money. I mean, we all knew that already, but it is refreshing to see a woman with the honesty to admit it for a change.
    • Um... no, that's not what I said. I said we need protection - for a higher purpose. Which is the survival of our (and the man's) children. Protection can be provided in multiple ways - one of which is via money. You have read this in a very reductive manner.