What does it mean when a guy feeds you his sundae with his spoon while you are driving?

A man I have a VERY friendly relationship with (hooked up 4 times) and work with daily constantly touches me, smiles at me, bumps onto me on purpose, teases me, gets jealous about another man sending me flowers, stalks my Facebook page, needs to know what's going on in my life and we use to text daily for hours... I mean he use to tell everything he was doing, send me pictures of his meals and kids etc. but tells me he does not want to date me (I'm not officially divorced yet for the record) and has kissed me the first two times we had sex but now won't kiss me because he says it's too personal. ( second time we had sex and we were kissing he said "what are you doing to me?" Like he was falling in love but then got scared and backed off of kissing me). The other day he wanted me to pick him up from his vasectomy which I did and we went and got groceries so he had food in his house, picked up his medications and we got Carmel cashew sundaes which I couldn't eat mine because I was driving so he spoon feed me his. He also invited me in for dinner, acted like he wanted me to stay but I had to get going. The next day he invited me over for a movie because he was laid up. I took my phone into the bathroom and he texted me "if you are taking dirty pictures you can do that out here... took your phone in weird" (he is very nosey so I didn't want him looking through my phone while I was in the bathroom) but then he was texting someone the rest of the night. He slaps my ass at work playfully and grabs my boobs when he can. I've met his Mom, his kids and his best friend. There is tons more but he claims he doesn't want to date me. What does this all mean?
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I've also named his penis and he liked it. he refers to it as that name.
What does it mean when a guy feeds you his sundae with his spoon while you are driving?
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