Do you care when your boyfriend likes other girl's pictures? Guys.. what does this mean?

Alright, quick breakdown. I'm currently with a guy and things seem to be going great. We are so alike in so many ways and the chemistry is phenomenal. Seeing as we both have busy full time Mon-Fri jobs we don't see each other during the week, but we spend every weekend together, ALL weekend.

How we met? He liked my picture on Facebook. Yes. A picture from a few months back - I clicked on his profile and saw he was cute sand had a lot in common so I added him (not something I usually do). We ended up hitting it off and have been inseparable ever since. Oh - by the way, I was dating another guy at the time and ended up leaving him for this one.

Anyways - we talk ALL day every day... and I mean we don't even go 30 seconds without responding to each other, so I know I have his full attention all day. Not a doubt in my mind he genuinely likes me, as we both show obvious interest.

But one thing does bother me, I always see him like other girls' pictures on Instagram, but never mine? I even posted a picture WITH him on the weekend and he hasn't even liked that. But I see that he will like other girl's selfies and what not and it somewhat bothers me. Im 21 and he's 25.

PS - we aren't "officially dating" yet... kind of in the awkward "we're together but not official" stage. He's told me before he doesn't mind me posting pictures with him because "he has nothing to hide", so then why can you like other girls IG posts but not mine? Besides, I can openly admit I'm a pretty girl... not like he has any reason to hide me.

Guys, does this mean anything? Am I overreacting? I think it just freaks me out a bit because the reason WE met is due to him liking my picture. I just took it upon myself to add him to see who he was, and it flourished. Since liking MY picture worked, what if he's doing it to try and get other girl's attention too?

And ladies, do you care if your boyfriend likes pictures of another girl? Selfies, most specifically.

You are overreacting.
I'd be concerned.
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Do you care when your boyfriend likes other girl's pictures? Guys.. what does this mean?
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