My best guy friend won't talk to me anymore and I don't know why?

So my guy friend lets call him A hasn't been talking to me recently and has been kind of ignoring me and I don't know why.
We always told each other our darkest secrets and we would always text each other everyday and he would always call me the most beautiful girl in the world and stuff like that and say I should date someone. 5 months ago I left for California just to visit and I just came back a month ago and i know that we kind of drifted apart and I get that but I kept texting him and texting him asking him if he's mad at me and if he wanted to hang out and he just kept ignoring me (I know this cause it said read for all the text messages) so I was asking my other friends to talk to him cause I'm not in school right now so I don't see him so my friend who's a girl texted me the one day and said that A wasn't mad at me he just has a personal problem to deal with and A told her but not me, I don't know why he feels like he can't tell me considering I'm better friends with him (trying to say that in the least conceded, jealous way). A won't ever text me like he used to he just ignores me? Please tell me what I did wrong why he won't talk to me or if I'm just making this all up?
My best guy friend won't talk to me anymore and I don't know why?
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