Should I hit him up first or give up?

I've been talking to this guy for a couple weeks and we text everyday but there's breaks in between of course. Sometimes he replies quickly and other times not but I do the same. Anyways, last week I replied to his text and he didn't reply for 3 days so I just said hey and he answered within minutes and the next day he sent me a morning text and we talked all day while he was in school too. Since then we have talked everyday as usual but again he replied to my message and I replied back, now its been 3 days again. Basically I don't want to seem desperate, I like him a lot and he always seems interested in talking. We both kinda "take turns" texting first so its not just him or me. So I'm thinking I should just let him be but at the same time I wanna text him even though I know I have a feeling he's prob losing interest. He has started college again recently but I dont think that's why. What would you do? I don't know if he's playing games or just simply is bored with me.
If you wanna talk to him, hit him up
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Wait for him, if he doesn't reply just forget him
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+1 y
Well about to try and text people lol let's see what happens
+1 y
Actually never mind everyone, just noticed he unfollowed my Instagram lol May sound very silly but to me that means he's not interested anymore, forget that. Thanks everyone for your answers :)
Should I hit him up first or give up?
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