I screwed up and boyfriend won't talk to me...can I get him to forgive me?

OK, so my boyfriend and I have been together 5 years.

We went out with friends on Saturday night and we both ended up in a drunken state. The pair of us was arguing with bouncers and I ended up KO'd on the floor when the bouncer pushed me away from the entrance. They barred me for jumping over the railings to a smoking area; I didn't even see the gate at the time to be honest. I don't know why we decided to argue the point with the bouncers, we were about to leave!

When I came round I put the blame on my boyfriend and humiliated him in front of friends.

My boyfriend and I left and went to my house and he called me all the nastiest things you can think of and started breaking things he made at work for me (he’s a joiner) because he thought I’d hid his house keys. I hid in the bedroom as I knew he was angry and didn’t want to make the situation any worse considering I was the reason for his anger. He found his keys and left, I have not seen him since and he won’t answer any of my calls.

I know I have messed up and seriously hurt his pride. I completely take responsibility for my actions; being drunk isn’t an excuse. I fear I have ruined everything on one drunken night out. Other than this, we have worked very hard on our relationship and we have been happy.

It's not a regular occurrence for me to behave like this, if fact I’ve never humiliated him in this way before. But I should mention that when we first we first got together I had a binge drinking problem, we broke up and I didn't see him for over a year. Looking back I don't blame him. I grew up, got help and changed my life. Maybe my actions on Saturday have hit a nerve and sent him back to square one with me?

I text him yesterday asking him to answer his phone, told him I hated the way things were and that I missed him. He text back telling me that I am messed up; he can’t handle it and doesn’t deserve it. I responded by saying is this really the end for us? He didn’t reply and he hasn’t changed Facebook status to single.

I haven’t yet apologized, I don’t think doing it by text is appropriate, it will just end up misconstrued. I want to apologize to his face or at least on the phone so he knows I am sincere and regret my actions. Unfortunately right now he won’t answer his phone and I don’t think turning up unannounced will go down well, it will probably make him angrier. But I am also worried that my lack of apology might ruin any chance of reconciliation.

Is he just angry? Do I give him time and space? Would you forgive me? Do I just apologize via text? Call it quits?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated, apologies for the essay.

Thank you.

I screwed up and boyfriend won't talk to me...can I get him to forgive me?
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