How to tell if a shy guy is interested in you/finds you attractive?

I'm in University and I've been crushing on this guy for a while. We have a few mutual friends but have only introduced ourselves a few times, no real conversations. A friend of mine said he's more on the shy side, but he obvisoult he isn't this way with people he knows, naturally. One time we were alone waiting for class to start and I asked him a question, he answered but the convo didn't really go anywhere and we just sat doing our own thing. When class started a girl he isn't friends with sat beside him and he asked her the exact same question I asked him earlier and they easily had a conversation. In my head I was like woww why couldn't you just do that with me it took so much effort for me to fight through my anxiety smh. Another time we were in a different class I was sitting behind him and his friends in that class were already sitting beside him. He looked backed but purposely looked pass to behind me. I checked to see if there was a girl behind me but it was all boys. Basically every time I'm around him I feel like he's trying to not make eye contact with me. I can also sometimes feel him looking at me but only when I'm not looking or he thinks I'm not looking. In the same class he looked past me I asked a guy sitting beside me a question and he looked back at me. Another time a couple people were sitting between us and my guy friend complimented my sweater and from the corner of my eye I saw the he (the guy I like) looked over at us. Man I don't know if I'm being delusional or what, I'm just confused. So what do you guys think? How do shy guys act around girls they like?
I just kinda feel like he's avoiding me somehow? Srry this was so long hah
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Ok so I was able to get over my anxiety and start a conversation with him, I just made myself think I didn't like him like he was just another person haha. I spoke to him during one of my classes and then later that day he came up and spoke to me again! I feel like he was just waiting for an opportunity/for me to hopefully break the ice haha. So ya for all the girls who are confused JUST GO FOR IT! Wasting time is lame :p
How to tell if a shy guy is interested in you/finds you attractive?
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