This cute guy keeps looking/staring at me? help?

hi! so there's a boy (code name: cute older boy) in my school and he's two year older so i don't have any classes with him (except for lunch) but when i see him in the halls (~4 times a day) he always sneaks like 2 second peeks at me. i pretend not to notice because i'm kind of really awkward I don't know what to do
but i also see him in lunch everyday and he and his friend both look at me there. i'll be talking to my two friends (both guys by the way. but not like intimidating, more like nerdy) and i'll see cute older boy looking at me for a few seconds and then eventually his friend will start looking at me! i've even seen his friend point at me twice while they were talking about something and I don't know what that means. also one day as we were waiting to be released from the cafeteria cute older boys friend was like craning his neck to look for something behind him or wtv (they were in front of us w/ quite a few people inbetween) and eventually he started looking at me for like 5-10 seconds and i had no idea what to do like what
okay and then on Friday (yesterday) i spoke to cute older boys friend while we were on our way to our next class but it was only like a 20 second convo but cute older boy that stares at me was looking at me with a smile on his face the whole time? i know this is a lot of info but im just trying to make sure i include everything because im desperate here

tl;dr: cute older boy and his friend look at me in the hallways and during lunch. cute boys friend also pointed at me like twice and looked for me in a crowd of like 30+ people. also while having a convo with cute older boys friend, cute older boy looked at me with a smile on his face the whole time.

i really wanna talk to him or become at least friends but i don't wanna strike a conversation nor do i know how :c thank you for reading my terrible question lmao


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  • Sounds like "cute older boy" likes you heaps and has a crush on you.

    • Do you like either of these guys back?

    • i have a massive crush on cute older boy lmao but it's so sad i mean i don't even know what his name is sigh
      i just noticed it one day and i was like "hey he's really cute" but then i noticed him and his friend looking at me and everything and sigh
      thank you for your response, I do appreciate it! c:

    • Well you should talk to cute older boy or flirt with him.

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