When a guy buys you food what does this mean?

This guy that I know ( were not really good friends we are just acquaintances becoming friends I guess) and he has driven me home twice now from our leadership class. The first time he did he asked if I had eaten. I said "no", and he offered to buy me something to eat. "I said no, no its okay" but he insisted and told me I could get whatever I wanted. Him and his younger sister got something as well which overall makes it seem like nothing.

The second time he picked me up to take me to leadership class he did the same thing.. but this time he asked me if I ate and when I said no he bought me something again.. of course I said he didn't need to do it but his sister interjected and said he just got paid its okay! Him and his sister didn't get anything though he only got me something to eat. he went out of his way to get me something to eat even though we were late to our class.
after class on the way home It was sort of quiet and he asked if I was okay like twice even though I said I was all right. Then he asked if I finished the food he bought me in a very serious tone. I don't know maybe I'm over thinking it. Men what is your reasoning behind doing this? I hope he's not interested because Im not i want to make sure I dont lead him on. Though it is a sweet gesture.

ps. When we first met he bombarded me with a whole bunch of questions I guess to get to know me and then randomly asked if I had a boyfriend. :S
  • I would only do that to a girl I really liked and wanted to date.
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  • I would do that to any girl doesn't mean I like her.
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  • I based on the things you said voted A. But I do have a few female friends I would also do this for just as a friendly gesture. Too soon to honestly know for sure , but if I had to make a guess it would be A


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  • He likes you and and from what you wrote he is a creeper and weird don't lead him on

  • it means he fed you


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