What do guys think of when they stare at there crush?

My crush constantly stares at me. Why does he do this? What is he thinking about?


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  • He got boner. Looking in to eyes can hypnotize to take off attention from surounding and you will sleep with him willingly. But by now he is training

    • should look back at him when he stares. do you think he likes me when he does this?

    • I think he like when see something good. maybe he want you to come closer. you could put your palm on his lap

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  • "god, i would love to be with her" "shall i ask her out?"

    • do you think he likes me if he stares at me? do you imagine being in a relationship with her

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    • You're a troll aren't you? i dont waste my time on trolls.

    • whats a troll?

  • "How can I impregnate her?"

    • do boys really think about sexual things when they look at girls?

    • ... ... ... ... No.

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