He stays after class with me?

This semester i've been staying in class after 6th period so i can fin everything in chem so i don't have much to do at home. My partner and friends notice and asked why, and i told them my reason. This guy, who i talk to a lot and like him, he heard us and he never stays after. Usually people don't. But recently he has been staying after the class ended and looks over at my table.

Is he doing this because i am? Cause i know girls do this, so i don't if guys do.

Only this one time, when we were really really late in class, i told him and my friend i was leaving but he said wait 2 times, and he walked with me even though i knew he wasn't done and rushed.

The thing is, other times he will talk to me and we will mess around but he won't ask me what im doing tonight (he did once tho but its cause we were alone) or personal questions. Is it because there's other people and the teacher?


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  • ask him for a coffee and ask him for study help.. so from this get close and ask his desire for you


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  • I think he likes you... You should totally ask him!

    • haha i wish, but i chicken out. So many people listening to our convo

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  • He wants you, no doubt

    • I hope so, cause he treats me differently and talks to me a lot, but we still don't have each others number :/

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    • i know. But it's so awk and the convo about phones disappear cause we are so into our small talk, haha

    • Yeah, get his #

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