What are your thoughts on the MGTOW lifestyle?

I'm actually intrigued by this lifestyle. It provides some home for men who are unwanted by women, that they can find other ways of being content, and don't need a woman to be happy in their lives. I don't see anything wrong with that. Yeah, there are some bad apples among MGTOW, but they're just giving a bad name to this lifestyle.

What should a man do if he has a lot of love within him, but women think that his love is not worthy of reciprocating? It is MUCH more difficult for men to find a woman, than the other way round because women are way too passive and men need to put in all the efforts to 'earn' the love and affection of a woman. And in spite of their best efforts, they are still rejected for whatever reasons.

The basic human need to love and be loved, has now become satisfiable only for a privileged few. And when men aren't part of this privileged club, it does make sense for them to be a part of MGTOW rather than waste their life trying over and over again to win a woman's love, and be left disappointed anyway.

You may believe that men who can't get a woman have some fault within themselves, but it's not always true. There are a lot of men who are reasonably good looking, have a good sense of humor, pleasing personality, and also decent education and job, yet women never consider these men ad potential dating material. And MGTOW gives a ray of hope for such man to lead happy lives, without depending on a woman's presence in their lives.

So what are your views about this? Both men and women can answer.
What are your thoughts on the MGTOW lifestyle?
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