What are your honest thoughts on MGTOW?

The only MGTOW guys I’ve encountered both online and in real life have been complete jerks towards me, UNPROVOKED.

My honest thoughts... I don’t understand 😂
But I would like to because I’m just curious.
On the surface they just seem like depressed, bitter af souls who act like the world is coming to an end.

(I think?) They believe women run everything and it’s not fair and it’s causing problems for men that the world ignores. A lot of this has to do with dating and marriage. Some seem to prefer the days when everyone was forced to play into gender roles, a time when men were on top.

I SOMEWHAT agree but honestly... in my opinion it’s just the beautiful karma of life. Men were kings but now it’s the women’s turn. It may be unfair or unjust but that’s simply how life balances itself. At one point, men were being too extreme and damn near abusive. You can’t really expect the tables not to turn EVENTUALLY. It’s human nature.
No need in complaining about it.

These MGTOW followers object to the sexual liberation of females because apparently it’s preventing guys from getting married...
Thing is, marriage is still an option. Be gay 😂
They believe women have it better in court cuz the rulings are usually in their favor.
My rebuttal: MEN developed the constitution and they make up the majority of judges, because women only take up about 23%, give or take. So... I think for the most part it’s just men turning against men and has little to do with women and feminism.

They have this idea that all women want is sex and rich husbands with ten feet long penises.
I agree there are women like that but honestly I have yet to be introduced to one 😂
I think average women just either want a good career or love no matter the form it may come in.

These men are upset cuz their old privileges have been stripped down and taken away.

But again, I could be wrong so enlighten me.
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Just to save myself some time, who would like MHO
What are your honest thoughts on MGTOW?
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