How to break up with a scorpio man?

- i've been dating him over the past 8 months
- he's fake to me all time, and I'm tired of not seeing who I'm really dating.. I was giving him time to open up, really connect with me, but he always puts this barrier.. I can't 'reach him'. Neither he shows interest in really connecting with me. Totally 'superficial' conversations, only.
- still looks at other girls.. when I'm *not looking* and once and compliment them... in front of me! .
- shows discomfort if I try to share a problem with him (which I rarely did).
- shows me affection only on his time
- After an arguments he tells me im the only one ( knowing that thats not how i really feel)

he's with me, I'm becoming aware of that, not because he truly cares - bc he doesn't show spontaneous true feelings / caring gestures - but because I'm a good 'asset' to him becuase he is in study mode everyday and im the only one there that shows him i care.

Once I almost broke up with him because I wasn't feeling wanted, and he got really upset, made this hole speech... possessive.. couldn't "stand to loose me". and for some time 'corrected' his behaviour.. but little.
But now I'm tired of feeling like an asset to him, not a person and a real girlfriend that he loves. And I want to break up with him.

How can i do really do it , becuase when i. Really hurt he just takes it as a joke and he never takes me serious , and says he wnats to be with me.. What is the best way to let him go?

Best advice you can give, please! Thank you!
How to break up with a scorpio man?
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