My ex boyfriend has been blowing up my phone but doesn't want back with me?

My ex boyfriend and I were together only 7 months but it was an intense 7 months. He broke up with me because of my behaviour whilst drunk, he was totally justified and it's something I really need to work on. The break up has been a bit messy, I basically begged and begged but he's pretty strong and although he's upset he said he's sticking with his decision.

I have tried to go no contact but he always texts and I have no will power or desire to ignore him. Last night I went out with friends and left my phone at home. My ex is on holiday and had been drinking last night, when I got home I had 4 missed calls and 6 texts, the texts were basically accusing me of going out and hooking up with random guys, he said he thought I'd have more respect for myself and he wondered who I'd wake up beside. I have no clue where he got this idea. I facetimed him and told him to calm down, we had a really nice chat and it was great speaking to him with no drama and no talk of our relationship.

He text me this morning saying it was nice speaking to me but he had one question and asked again if I had been with anyone since we split up as he'd rather I told him than someone else. Once again I said I hadn't.

He's made it clear that he doesn't want to get back together so why does he keep texting? Why does he care whether I've slept with someone? I don't want to cut this guy out of my life for ever but right now I'm still in love with him and I don't know how I can move on when we are still in contact.

What should I do?
My ex boyfriend has been blowing up my phone but doesn't want back with me?
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