Shy guy hasn't texted back in 2 weeks. Should I confront him and why is he doing this?

1 year ago he gave me his number because we had to do a project together. Months later I texted him a bit but his replies were short and he would text back an hr or more later. He never texts first. His friend who we had the same class with would tell me the shy guy is ripped. The shy guy would do is put his head down/smile. Once his friend whispered to him, Tell her you play hockey. The shy guy doesn't talk to me. I tried to but he sounds bored or doesn't know what to say. With other girls he sounds much different. That whole year I was the only one in class he would go for help/get answers from.

Senior year his friends would mention me jokingly to him when I'm around. The shy guy would say, I don't like her, she's weird, no, or shut up. Once his friend and him saw me in the halls. The friend nudged him, pointed at me and gave me a wtf face. The shy guy looked at me then looked away. His face was blank. One time in class his friends and him were doing an art project as a group. I asked, Wow who came up with this design? His friend said, The master (shy guy's name). His friends somewhat laughed. 2 months ago a girl that he doesn't know asked about me. He said, Why do so many people think that I like her? All we did was a project together. She's overreacting.

2 weeks ago I told him that I like him. He looked at his phone then back at me. He had a half smile and said "sure alright, bye" and left.

He texted me on the same day, "Hey sorry about walking off earlier, I'm pretty shy." I asked "why are you shy?" I also texted "Tbh I thought that you wanted to ignore me lol". He didn't text back. Days later I sent him a long text of the real reason why I wanted to tell him which was that "I had a feeling your friends knew. I'm sorry that I like you and that I asked why you're shy". I told him that I thought he was embarrassed and it was my fault. I also said if there's anything you want to admit to me, I'm here. He STILL didn't text back.
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Shy guy hasn't texted back in 2 weeks. Should I confront him and why is he doing this?
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