We chat everyday, does he like me?

Ok, we got to know with each other because of work three months ago. His city is far from mine. Our first meet was short in a hurry in his city because of business trip. But he gave me a very good impression. And about one more month later, he made a business trip to my city and we had therefore the actual contact with each other. He stayed for 4 days. First 3 days were all for business, the last day we had got a chance that only we two together to tour my city. It was a fantastic time. We talked a lot about our experience, personal interests and we found something in common. We really had fun together. And both of us were single. He took very well care of me, very gentle and sweet. We had lots of eye contacts and also a little body contacts which I thought he might have a feeling on me.

And after he left my city, we started chatting online with each other. From the day he left, he sent me messages every single day. But we seldom flirted with each other. He just cared about my daily life, the most used question he sent to me is “How about your day?” “what are you doing?” and on weekends, he would text me too. And he sent me “good night” and “good morning” very often, almost everyday, even when we did not have a conversation before. And all the conversations of a new day were mostly started by him.

He once told me that I’m special and he really enjoys talking with me. But that’s all, he didn’t say anything more over about our chatting or his feelings to me. I gave hint to him that I care lot about him, but I do not know if he could understand.

We had chatted for each other for about one month, I really like him, but because of the long distance, we just can’t hang out or have a date. He will come to my city two months later because of business.

I’m so confused about him, is there a possibility that he also like me or have feelings on me? Or he just treats as a good friend? Should I make a next move or just wait when we meet next time?
We chat everyday, does he like me?
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