Why do men get angry that you dont want to just hookup with them?

I know I can't blame everyone else and that maybe there's something wrong with me, but I'm not a man so I am not sure how they perceive women or 'pick' them for it. I heard that men think that some girls are wife material and some are to mess around with.

Well, I was kind to this guy, seen as outgoing and attractive. I was 19 at the time and I remember he invited me to hang out with his friends when school started back. We all did, and now that I think of it one of his friends used code for they would 'f' me. So we hung out, he never took me to somewhere one on one and i would visit him at the dorms if I was seeing a friend. he tried 4 times to get me to stay over and looked sad or pissed when I left. We made out once and he asked for me to 'suck his dick' and I said no I didn't do that.

Id never had sex or anything. But I have dark skin and I'm 'exotic' or what men wouldn't associate with kind I guess and curvy, and I know because of racism men make out girls to be that way, I hate it. I haven't had a boyfriend, I'm 20 now and after the guy never would hang out with me and still didn't talk to me, treated me worse, and so i told him not to talk to me anymore, it turned out somewhere in the middle he got a girlfriend but she likes him even though he tries to check me out in front of her to make her jealouse. He is upset that I dont want to talk to him and I askedhim to stop speaking to me, not even say hi to me. He still tries to tell me hi a year later and looks upset at me.

I felt bad after everything and gave a guy a bj, and then the next day he asked me too again. And i told him i was tired and maybe another time and i think we moved to fast, and what he was up to and then he asked if i had a friend? and seemed upset at me even though i told him that was my second time doing that?

I will not give a bj again, this is the second time I have done it and men have been disrespectful and mean and Im not sure why Im being treated like this. Im damned either way
Why do men get angry that you dont want to just hookup with them?
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